The Path to Prague: Why it all started at the end of the Colonel

pink slip

The journey to the infamous Prague Incident began way before Chuck downloaded Intersect 2.0. It actually started when Orion took out the original Intersect. There was a scene that foreshadowed the upcoming turmoil for Chuck and Sarah. A change was coming and they didn’t even know it was happening. This article will be about the connection between Chuck vs the Colonial through Chuck vs The Pink Slip, and why at the train station Chuck had already made the tough decision that would ultimately create distance between the two.

Sarah reaches for Chuck's hand

In the beginning of the Colonial, we see Chuck and Sarah on the run. The mission was to rescue Stephen J. Bartowski, which leads to a dead end because unbeknownst to them the hideout was underground. They check into a hotel. Sarah once again shows wiliness to share a bed with Chuck. Sometimes that Chuck was still uncomfortable with especially when she is only in her underwear. It is quite comical to see Chuck make notion to sleep on the floor.  The next morning the most magical moment happen for the both of them. It is not the kissing session they engage in. It is more about Sarah reaching for Chuck’s hand. The first sign of intimacy from Sarah.

It was a positive sign that Sarah has shown some feelings towards Chuck, and it was well received by him. However, the problem is much like other times work gets in the way. This time Casey interrupts the festivities. Casey arrests the two of them and brings them back to Castle. Meanwhile. Orion signals Chuck to come back at 12 because of Roark planning to create a intersect army.

2 beds

We have another intimate moment from Chuck and Sarah. A simple expression of feelings inside a holding cell. This was the beginning of Sarah starting to want to pursue a relationship with Chuck. Sarah’s eyes have nothing but love in them now and she is beginning to not be afraid of showing them to Chuck, which Chuck is beginning to see as well.

Chuck Bartowski: For whatever it’s worth, if I have to spend the rest of my days in a dark windowless room, I can’t think of a better person to spend it with.

Sarah Walker: Not really how this works.

Chuck Bartowski: What? We can’t request a cozy little two-bed two-bath cell?

Sarah Walker: Two-bed?

Sarah Walker is opening her heart to Chuck for the first time. However, once they get back to Barstow, Chuck’s father was rescued, while Chuck went to stop Roark from accomplishing his evil plot, and in the meantime, Orion tells Chuck to look at the screen. Chuck does and it wipes out the Intersect, which everyone is happy right?

Not really let me show you.  I have watched this episode many times, and I never notice the back of them. The explosion happens as Orion is saying

Orion: Its out son, you’re free.

Everything goes up in smoke

Chuck and Sarah’s dreams are blown up. Sarah realizing that she will never see Chuck anymore and Chuck not having the Intersect means he loses Sarah. The only way to fix this would be if the government asked Chuck to join the agency as an analysis. However, Chuck turns them down much to the chagrin from Sarah.  She saw it as an opportunity to still be with Chuck.

Already beginning to miss Chuck

Throw in the General telling Sarah that she will be working with Bryce on the new Intersect Project and that she was leaving in the morning made Sarah depressed. You can tell in her eyes that she is lost for words. Her world is being turned upside down and for the first time in her life Sarah does not want to leave an assignment. Most importantly she does not want to leave Chuck.

In my view, the season two finale was when we begin to see Sarah expressing her desire for Chuck and falling in love with him. The presence of Bryce didn’t even deter her feelings anymore. Which is when we get to another key scene that also leads us to the decision made in Prague.

Hearing Sarah has to leave with bryce in the morning

Chuck’s eyes as Sarah tell him that she was leaving in the morning and with Bryce was something Chuck was not expecting to hear after he requested to go on a vacation with him. This is where Chuck made a mistake. He didn’t express how he wanted to not only go on a vacation with Sarah, but he wanted her in his life. It almost seemed like a vacation was the easier thing to say, which in reality was something that was always wrong with Chuck and Sarah. Their unwillingness to acknowledge what they were feeling and tell the other was what was holding them back. It was not like the love was not there. The eyes tell you everything especially for Sarah, who watches Chuck walk away from her saying

Chuck: Thanks for coming, it’s good for the cover.

For Chuck we have begun to see the frustration take its toll even for a man that knew how to keep his cool, but what he doesn’t see is the pain in Sarah eyes. Her eyes wet with tears because she was not there on an assignment she was at Elle’s Wedding as his date and so much wants to tell him that she wanted to be with him.

When they get to the reception, Sarah offers Chuck a chance to dance, and while dancing Sarah eyes tell the story. Closed and enjoying the moment. It is a feeling of being where she wants to be. There is nothing like it. She has never felt this way before.

Sarah wanting to dance

Sarah loves being in Chucks arms

What I find beautiful about the look Sarah has on her face was a transition look. As she comes into his arms she has proclaim herself as his girlfriend. It has not been spoken yet, but Sarah has happiness, love and most importantly has Chuck in her arms. In his arms she wants to stay.

Chuck Bartowski: You belong out there. Save the world. I’m just – I’m just not that guy.

Sarah Walker: How many times do you have to be a hero to realize that you *are* that guy?

Chuck Bartowski: But I want more Sarah. I want a life. I want a real life.

Sarah Walker: Chuck, I don’t want to save the world. I want –

Sarah was going to tell him that she was not going to leave, and want to stay and see how they feel about each other. This was a big step for Sarah because she refused orders and told Bryce she was not coming.

As the path continues, Chuck is thinking about how he was losing Sarah to Bryce and the CIA. There is only one thing he can do, which is when given the choice this time. He downloaded the Intersect 2.0. For Chuck it was about being able to be with Sarah, and he needed to enter her world in order to do it, but Chuck never gave Sarah a chance to explain her side. Like he will say to Sarah in Chuck vs the Other Guy.  I never asked you an important question.

Intersect 2

As good as it was for Chuck to download the new intersect, Sarah was not happy about it. She didn’t want him to be a part of this world. In her eyes, the normal life he was living was what she wanted, and by him deciding to enter her world, she was losing that chance.

The feelings were there, but the fact that they did not communicate it to each other was where the problem really was. This of course until Sarah decided to take action. She asked Chuck to run with her and unfortunately for Sarah, even Chuck was capable of letting her down. He did what she did for the last two years.

He chose duty over her.  He explained that he did it for the sake of helping others and for the chance to be with Sarah because he loved her, but he never listened to what she was saying. Look at what she told him

Sarah Walker: We could run? You and me. We go now and never look back.

Chuck Bartowski: Are you serious?

Sarah Walker: I have some money saved up. I’d have to get us some new identities. Create an escape route. For now go to the training facility in Prague. Then meet me in the Nadrazzi Train Station in 3 weeks time at 7:00. And then I can figure out the rest later.

Chuck Bartowski: What are you saying?

Sarah Walker: I’m saying I want to be a real person again, with you. That’s what you want, right? I mean this is it, Chuck. Will you run away with me?

She is not asking him to join her world..She is telling him I want out and start a life with you. She explained to him the downside of being a spy.  How every city is a new mission and new Identity, soon you will lose yourself.

Chuck Bartowski: [Thinks about it] Yeah.

The nerd in him was telling him something else. Sarah Walker was telling him that she was ready, and it flow right over his head.

Finally, we arrived at Prague. Sarah is waiting for Chuck, which he arrives, but he is not the same Chuck that told his father that he loved her. He came as Agent Walker.  Three simple words that would pay the way for the entire season 3

Sarah Walker: this is simple. This is a real life… We have to go Chuck… Are you coming?

Chuck Bartowski: [Long pause, Chuck let’s go of Sarah’s hand] I can’t. I’m sorry.

Chuck said I can’t, something she told Chuck for two years now has turned against her. The road that followed really began four weeks prior to Prague. WE just didn’t notice.

Everything goes up in smoke


  1. Too bad we can’t get all of the comments from last night loaded on here.

    So….. After reading your post I offer this based on last night’s tweets. The Prague issue and issues afterward lead us to Shaw. Prague was a major setback for Sarah. She lost someone she cared deeply for and thought he cared for her She lost her best last chance at having a normal life; a life she has longed for.

    After Prague, we now see Chuck has become a grungy, withdrawn, Buy More cheese ball eating fiend after flunking out of spy school and losing the best thing that had ever happened to him. Ellie and Awesome tell chuck to call Sarah. When he does she does not answer but upon seeing who was calling tosses her phone into the swimming pool. The look she gave as she turned to walk away was that of loss and pain; deep hurt.

    Later, we find Chuck has caught up with Casey in Castle. As Casey is speaking with Sarah on the phone Chuck is trying to get any info he can. Casey is not cooperating. After he hangs up with Sarah, Casey does ask Chuck, “What happened between you and Walker?” Chuck replies, “Something I’ve got to fix.” Chuck still cares. He knows he screwed up big time.

    We now see that Chuck has weaseled himself into Casey and Sarah’s mission to which he was not invited. Sarah, upon seeing Chuck for the first time since Prague, approaches Chuck and in a low key taken back kind of way asks, “What are you doing here Chuck?” As Chuck is explaining that he is just there to help Sarah suddenly tells him to kiss her. He is confused. She repeats herself, “Kiss me.” Chuck lays a big romantic kiss on her and she promptly slaps him knocking him to the floor. She tells the goon that she is meeting, “The ex. He has problems letting go.”

    Moments later we find the team in the kitchen. As Chuck pleads his case with Sarah she cannot make eye contact with him. She tells Casey to get him out of here. There is no doubt that she is still hurting.

    The point that I am trying to make here is she did not deserve to be treated the way Chuck treated her. He left her devastated standing on a train platform. All of her weeks of planning and dreams gone in an instant. Chuck basically tears Sarah’s heart out and stomps it on the train platform. I do not believe that was his intention but that is what happened.

    This is what left her vulnerable and susceptible to the charms on one Daniel Shaw. She was heart broken and wanted something she had only had a taste of. Shaw was OK and a straight forward guy. He was only human and she was hurting and very attractive. What guy wouldn’t take that opportunity? Shaw turned once he saw Sarah’s red test. Again, only human and who wouldn’t want a little revenge on your wife’s killer?

    As far as the Tiffany Earrings go, and oversight? A gaff? Writer error? A WTF is she thinking moment. They were Tiffany Earrings. Maybe Sarah just appreciated really expensive jewelry. Is does seem a little bizarre that she would be wearing them especially after the guy that gave them to her tried to kill her. She did take them off after Casey called her in them. I am still thinking rebound romance with Shaw. She was trying to get back what she had or wanted to have with Chuck.

    That brings me to my next inane question. If Shaw was dead why did he still have a well maintained very expensive apartment? Who the hell was paying the rent and utilities? In the real world it would have already been cleaned out and rented to someone else.

    • What Sarah was offering Chuck in Prague was an illusion… and leaving being a spy was exactly the opposite of what she encouraged him to do in The Ring. Running away was untenable, especially given Chuck’s all important relationship with Ellie and Morgan ( and even his father ). Sarah knew this, but somehow forgot ? Did she also forget what both the CIA and the Ring could be capable of in trying to find them….given that they both knew of Chuck’s family !! Imagine the danger to everyone in Chuck’s family if he disappeared.
      Plus, Chuck had tried for how many episodes to make it right, only to be constantly shut down by Sarah !! She always brought these heart breaks on herself … Chuck was ALWAYS the one to either let her know how he felt, or try to let her know. She certainly seemed more intent on making Chuck jump through hoops than she ever did with Shaw.

      • You are right and about the family and the danger and the CIA and the Ring trying to track them down. Maybe she was acting on impulse. From your prospective it doesn’t appear neither of them thought it through. In Prague, did Chuck mention anything about family or was it he just wanted to be a spy?

      • Gary,

        its not an illusion it would of worked for a few weeks and they would of went back. Like in Honeymooners. As I said to JD the real problem with Prague and the main problem overall they didn’t communicate their feelings. They danced around it but never said what they did in American Hero and The Other Guy.

        Its funny how Prague was a disaster by the writers, what is more appalling is twisting I can’t to being with another woman. Its a slap in the face to Sarah who was READY to commit to Chuck. She chose him over Bryce on the beach. She chose him over the agency in the colonel. She went looking for his dad and stay with him when he did meet his father.

        see that scene is so important when Chuck finds his dad. because in Chuck vs The Marlin she didn’t go in with him when he asked her after Ellie said yes to devon. I find it very rewarding to Watch Sarah right by his side. we are def. post day 564 btw.

        Sarah also throughout the first two years together made a lot of moves that indirectly or directly showed her desire to be with him. She rejected not him, but trying to prevent a bunkering or termination which did happen.

        Chuck on the other hand used his jealousy of Bryce and his nerdiness as a ploy in pursuing Sarah like he did Jill and Lou. Hannah was so bad that I hate that more than Shaw and Sarah.

        but hey you know I am a Sarah Sympathizer so I am biased by nature. I just see Prague more as the main problem for Charah lack of communication. Once Sarah said in Tic Tac about her concerns of him changing to Chuck being the first to say I love you Sarah…Always have did My Chuck surface. But wait she already did say my Chuck. When she told Longshore he’s My Guy.

        Once they communicated they got together damned the agency, bryce shaw and anyone else.

    • I like your take on the issue about Ellie and Morgan, but I won’t touch that because Ellie is my least favorite character, in fact I wish she would of been sent to Africa to stay. Nothing against Sarah Lancaster she was great, but the character its self makes me slam my hand on the table saying “Oh Shut up, Ellie. Chuck doesn’t have to tell you everything.”

      When Orion took out the intersect, if you noticed behind them an explosion. it was designed to destroy the Fulcrum base, but what it did was foreshadow on things to come.

      Whatever side you choose to side with after Prague is not the issue here. The issue is and will always be the case is communication.

      Sarah should of told him from the start she didn’t want him to be spy that she felling in love with the regular guy. She has the tendency to engage in impulsive acts that would trickle all the way to Hard Salami with their first kiss.

      Again Sarah wants to run, but run from what Renaldo said it best in Honeymooners. You can run but eventually you will be running from yourself.

      Prague was just one major disaster for everyone. Chuck;s emotions were compromised because he know he did wrong and Sarah went into a downward spiral.

      So Orion takes out the intersect gives Sarah a shot at being with Chuck the normal Chuck, but Bryce wants Chuck to work on the intersect project as an analyst Sarah looked somewhat excited until Chuck said no.

      Grant it looked like she was liking he would be spy, but she was excited for him just being an analyst.

      There is a disconnect when Chuck elected to go on a vacation with Sarah rather then say I love you Sarah stay with me. but all he saw was Bryce and he tail spinned back to nerd Chuck.

      See I hate the intersect for one thing it made Chuck become overly dependant on it. Most of the missioned he solved by using his smarts not the intersect. He didn’t need it. My issue in Prague is this

      I am fine with Chuck saying he can’t because he wanted to be a spy he wanted to join Sarah’s word. What I am not fine with is in three episodes he meets Hannah on an airplane and hooks up with her soon after.

      So all that work to prague to say Sarah was not ready no one paid attention to the beach wedding when she told Bryce she was not coming with him. and right before Orion interupted them Sarah was ready to say she wanted to stay with Chuck.

      Its easy for people to say Sarah never said anything about her feelings she did but through actions. She ran with him to find his father, wanted one bed instead of two.

      • Being an analyst ( whatever that actually is) didn’t interest Chuck at all …especially when Sarah told him she was leaving with Bryce. (and what exactly is Chuck supposed to think when Sarah springs that on him ?) How is he supposed to compete with Bryce the spy, when he is a lowly analyst ? When Chuck and Sarah are dancing, he tells her that her and Bryce are the ones who should be out there saving the world ( i.e., being spies ) and he’s just not that guy (i.e., a spy). That’s when Sarah tells him, “How many times do you have to be a hero to realize that you ARE that guy”. They are talking about the spy life, NOT about being an analyst. Sarah had told him he could be anything he wanted, she told him she has seen him in action … these all pertained to being a spy. The ONLY reason I can think of for changing Sarah’s words from the “Ring” to “Pink Slip” is that she then started to worry that he might change. That was never clarified until later, but by then it was too late… Sarah’s character had changed from the first 2 seasons, and with it, her credibility. This seems to have been the “jump the shark” moment in the series…and the viewership suffered.
        First Class was an interesting show. We have Sarah starting to show a lot of concern for Chuck being on a solo mission, but Shaw twisted it in Chuck’s mind so he thought Sarah and Casey were “holding him back”. Whether Shaw did it inadvertently or on purpose, he was driving a wedge between Chuck and Sarah. He had to have known of Chuck and Sarah’s previous relationship … he would have been privy to all the documents and reports from Casey as well as the 49B. So it’s hard to say if he was being devious in pursuing Sarah, or it was a byproduct of her & Chuck missing the signals once again. GB put Sarah with Chuck to control his emotions ( as best possible), because he listened to her. Shaw tried to push Chuck forward…to be a spy in spite of the Intersect…and his emotions. But that also meant that Shaw had to separate Sarah from Chuck…so he actually could “grow”. Chuck misinterpreted the separation as Sarah moving on, so when Hanna pursued Chuck ( once again, for being just who he was), I think he felt he may as well try to move on too. He realized fairly quickly that he couldn’t move on, so he ended it with Hanna quickly…it really was a fling. Sarah and Shaw were much deeper…when it gets to the point that Sarah was willing to share secrets she would never share with anyone else, you know it was serious. The problem is that it would have worked better as a fling as well… there was really no reason for Sarah to ever really “care” about Shaw.

      • It would have been a couple of weeks of fun and getting to know each other. That is until reality come crashing back in on them. Like you said they would have been hunted down by the CIA, NSA, and a whole alphabet full of other government agencies.

        I believe most of us would agree that while the show was originally airing no one watching gave any thought to the ramifications we’re discussing here. Everyone was living for the moment; Chuck and Sarah finally going to be together. it could have been poor writing. But on the other hand it could have been brilliant writing. It left the viewer to wonder what exactly was going to Sarah’s mind. Has she had enough of the spy life? Did she really have a master plan that would deceive everyone that came looking for them?

        Since we have the luxury of hindsight and foresight here, Monday morning quarterback if you wanna call it that, in Cliffhanger Casey gave Chuck a set of fool proof IDs. That would allow him and Sarah to totally drop off the grid. Chuck ultimately gave these to Volkoff/Winterbottom and Vivian. Is it possible Sarah had the same type of IDs in Prague?

    • My First Question is, How do we know that Shaw was tuned by the Ring before he was shown Sarah’s Red Test? with Everything that has happened in the show, and the more times I watch it. I think that Shaw might have been part of the ring way before the video was seen. take for example to CIA agent the “Captured” Chuck’s Sister.

      to answer you last question, I think the Ring was maintaining Shaw’s apartment because they were the one who know what he was up to in Paris and they were watching him, thinking that he would actually kill Sarah and that would totally destroy Chuck if that happened, which would end the intersect, which is what the ring wanted. I think Shaw was so Suave which helped Sarah drop the guard that she had put up around her heart after Chuck hurt her in Prague. Lets say that before Shaw joined team Chuck he was already part of the ring, he would have been watching the team like the spy that he was. He would know what made the team tick and the dynamic of the team. This would help him gain their trust and let him in, this would help Shaw and the ring destroy the team and the intersect from the inside .Which was the rings goal the whole time.

      • Let’s back that up a couple of steps further because that adds some fuel to the fire. How did we first meet Shaw? Wasn’t it a Ring agent that wanted Awesome, thinking he was Carmichael, to kill Shaw? Was that part of the plot to pull them in and make them start trusting Shaw no questions asked? I like your line of thinking on this.

      • totally forgot that we met Shaw before he came into castle. and that Awesome was supposed to pose as Carmichael and kill Shaw.
        But I cant remember how we actually met Shaw.

      • Chuck and Awesome work their way to the upper floor or what they discover to be a CIA building, per the Ring agent’s instructions via the exploding ear piece that Awesome is wearing. They were instructed to kill the man in the office. The man was Shaw.

        There was a previous episode where we see Beckman addressing Shaw, but we never get to see his face during that exchange.

        Based on your theory I’m now thinking Shaw shooting himself and playing dead was part of a Ring plot. How did Shaw know to have a a pill that makes you appear dead and a med kit with the antidote as well as stuff for the gunshot? And how did he know to leave the note that said “Save me”?

        And Shaw had done his research he would have known of Chuck’s fear of needles, but who better to just have hanging around to tend to counteracting the play dead pill and the self inflicted gunshot wound than one Dr Devon Woodcomb?

        That has me thinking that the Ring knew exactly who they had kidnapped.

      • I don’t know if I agree…he seemed pretty shook up when he found out Sarah killed Eve. He was just the resident expert on the Ring, having studied them for 5 years. I think that’s why the wanted “Carmichael” to kill him as part of his test.

      • But what a good cover for a double agent. he could have stayed off the CIA’s Radar as being an “expert” on the Ring, by being a double agent and being in the ring.
        Even if he was in the ring that doesn’t mean he had seen the Red Test where Sarah killed his wife.

      • Shaw really did care for Sarah before the red test. he saved her from gas while Chuck went to go get the antidote he also went into shock when he thought Sarah was killed by assassin in fake name. The one thing that puzzles me about the writers is Sam

        how in a short time frame did she tell Shaw her name was Sam, but when Chuck asked her in Wookie, she was stand offish. SMH terrible writing

      • Shaw certainly knew a lot of things before he came to Castle. He knew Sarah had disappeared in Prague. He knew she and Chuck were an item..( “We both fell in love with spies .”) But I think it all was just because he and Eve had been tracking the Ring and knew all their moves. Unfortunately, The Ring knew about them too. In Fake Name and Awesome, Shaw was the target …so I don’t think he was with them. And as Chris said, he seemed really shook up when Sarah went down in Fake Name. and when he found out Eve was Sarah’s red test. Honestly…he had plenty of opportunity to kill Sarah before he found out about the Red Test, so I think that was the point he turned.

      • How does that explain the fake dead pill, med kit, antidote, Shaw trying to convince Chuck to shot him with pin point accuracy only to have to do it himself, and finally the “Save me” note. Looks to me like he knew or more specifically was actually in on the plan. I think it got the team comfortable with him so he could gain info from them.

        He had no desire to do them harm at this point. Since losing Eve you can only surmise he has heartbroken and alone just as Sarah was after Prague. She was lonely and desiring attention, he was lonely and desiring attention. It was a boy girl thing. Fortunately Sarah and Shaw did not go all the way like Chuck and Hannah. As a side note, I think Chuck really did Hannah wrong.

        In Fake Name when Sarah went down there was no doubt Shaw was concerned. Was it because he may have lost someone he was developing feelings for or because part of the info source may be gone?

        No doubts also that seeing Sarah’s red test pushed Shaw into revenge mode.

      • I think he somehow had access to the info of the Ring…surveillance of some sort, so he knew of the plot … he was prepared.
        He may have been lonely, but it had been 5 years since Eve had been killed, so it certainly wasn’t as fresh as Sarah’s “needs”.

        BTW…they did “go all the way” …. Casey was having a lot of fun with Chuck in “The Living Dead” rubbing it in that Sarah and Shaw had all these intimate moments ( couples massage, dinner on the waterfront, shopping at Tiffany’s ) and when Sarah mentioned Shaw’s apartment, Casey said it wouldn’t be the first time she’s been there !!! Then there was the Kama Sutra book Chuck found there !! It’s odd they had to go through that painful exercise to try to find out what was going on with Shaw .. why didn’t Sarah just say, “Have you checked out his apartment?” She already knew where it was, so why did she need Chuck to flash on it ?

      • I guess what I should have said was we know Chuck and Hannah went all the way as witnessed in that awkward moment with Ellie. I imagine it was implied Sarah and Shaw may have also; although it is just implied as there is no specific evidence that points that way. Plenty of circumstances stuff like you pointed out.

        Perhaps by not mentioning Shaw’s apartment Sarah is trying to save face or some last shred of dignity. After all as soon as Casey has any ammo he just tells it like it is. She could be trying not to cause any additional friction between her and Chuck. Girlfriend mode or trying to be girlfriend mode and not agent mode?

      • JD,

        We don’t need to see the evidence of Sarah and Shaw sleeping together, but logical speaking I wouldn’t put it past her. Even Orion who hadn’t been around could tell Shaw and Sarah were lovers. However, what purpose would of came for Sarah to tell her boyfriend that she slept with Shaw and wore his earings. what good could of came from it.

      • Chuck would of had to known or at least had an idea. I can see Sarah not wanting to hurt Chuck anymore thus her silence or not being forthcoming with info. Casey on the other hand enjoyed each and every opportunity to poke at Chuck and/or Sarah every chance he could. The going over events Sarah had been involved with Shaw in gave Casey more than enough ammo to fire away; he appeared to really enjoy trying to embarrass Sarah in front of Chuck.

        I know nothing about really expensive jewelry. I do know Sarah had expensive tastes. Just look at the car she drove. I believe Chuck noted the “Weinerlicious paid really well.” Tiffany Earrings are expensive. I really think that is why she was still wearing them. Maybe it was an I got the earrings and you are supposed to be dead and don’t have me kinda thing. She’s a woman for cripe sake. Who knows what she was thinking. Maybe Sarah G. or another female reading this can tell us why she still had the earrings.

      • I agree with you Gary on this one. As I think about it, it seemed far fetched to believe that as good a spy Shaw was not finding out who pulled the trigger in 5 years seems to be bad practise plus Shaw didn’t work on the intersect project until he came to burbank

      • Where did the Ring get video of Sarah’s red test? Who actually ordered Eve be the target in Sarah’s red test? How did Shaw know to be overly prepared and have a save me note ready for Chuck. I’ll have to rewatch again but when Chuck first met Shaw in the office, did Shaw call Chuck by name? I still smell a rat.

      • She never denied anything that Casey said about her and Shaw, and looked quite perturbed that Casey would bring that stuff up.

        The reason we know exactly what Chuck does, but not Sarah, is because the story is about Chuck. What he does ( like having a fling) is important to the story. What the supporting cast does of a personal nature is not part of the story UNLESS it affects Chuck. I know this perturbs Chris, who sees everything as though perched on Sarah / Yvonne’s halo 😉 but whether Sarah slept with Shaw or not is not important to Chuck’s story… the fact that she is “with” him affects him, not what she does when she’s “with” him. It is not farfetched to think that 2 attractive 30-ish single people, who engage in couple’s massages, shop for Tiffany earrings and stay together in his apartment are not having sex !! LOL

        As for Chuck and Hanna, remember that Sarah had let Chuck know loud and clear that they wouldn’t be getting back together. Every time Sarah showed the signs of “caring” for Chuck again, Shaw made it out to be that she was being over-protective and not letting him grow. So if someone as attractive as Hanna, who has a very similar interest in computers, comes along, then why wouldn’t you take a shot? We know from Sarah’s expressions that it hurts her, but she doesn’t really give Chuck any choice but to move on with his life. So Chuck tries to …. but he realizes that as attracted as he is to Hanna, it doesn’t feel right. It was unfortunate that he only realized it after he slept with her, but I think sex is ( usually) the deepest form of intimacy between 2 relatively new individuals, and perhaps Chuck was thinking this would verify that she was maybe the one to help him get over Sarah. The spark wasn’t there, though. He comes off as a pretty bad guy for breaking up with her, but since he didn’t have any prospect of getting back with Sarah, and there was no one else waiting in the wings, he could have milked the sexual relationship for a lot longer. To his credit, he took his lumps and did the right thing ( as usual).

      • Gary,

        I never claim that Sarah is innocent. I have mentioned many times that I didn’t like what she did with Bryce in nemesis. nor did I like how she handled the Suburban situation. i find it to be very mean for Sarah to show up at a sleep over where she is wearing sexy lingerie to then turn it around and say its a cover.

        i didn’t like her reaction in Subway when she saw Shaw was a live, but your right Shaw was single and so was Sarah. Where does it say that Sarah can’t have a relationship of her own. i find it foolish to think as good looking as Sarah was and the personality she had not to make a man fall for her.

        Shaw seemed to affect her until he killed Orion and his performance at the CIA facility, when she clocked him

      • there was another casey line in Subway that was awesome. Casey: I don’t know when it happened but our boy became a man…He is thinking like a real spy. You picked a good one Walker, Finally

      • I think at the time of all this material coming out about Sarah and Shaw falls into the realm of Sarah and Bryce. While Chuck gets jealousy with each thing Casey said. He should be reminded that Sarah was sitting next to him. Again, Sarah chose Chuck. No matter if Shaw slept with Sarah has no baring here.The last time i check they weren’t together so if Sarah slept with Shaw, it seemed like Sarah didn’t do anything wrong. Much like Chuck sleeping with Hannah.

        To Sarah’s credit she did take them off after Casey pointed it out. Most women would still wear Tiffany’s jewelry despite who they are with.

        If the viewer expected Chuck and Sarah to get back together just like that after what happened in Prague, it would be even worse story telling. Time heals all wounds but if the time constantly gets poked with a stick how can it heal. With each jerky move Chuck made Sarah was witnessing her Chuck disappear. Not until Sarah pointed out in Tic Tac did things start to reverse. Sarah spoke up, she said

        Sarah Walker: Look, I know that you want to be the perfect spy. And I know what you sacrificed to get there. But *please* don’t lose that guy I met three years ago. Don’t give up on the things that make you great.
        [Sarah offers Chuck a weapon. Chuck pushes the gun back to Sarah]
        Chuck Bartowski: I’ll always be that guy.

        Than Chuck speaks his mind in the Final exam,

        Sarah Walker: The final part of your mission is to kill him.
        Chuck Bartowski: Are you being serious right now? Are you kidding me? Kill him here? Now? I can’t do that!
        Sarah Walker: Then you won’t become a spy.
        Chuck Bartowski: But then… we couldn’t…
        Sarah Walker: No. Probably not.
        Chuck Bartowski: Sarah, when all this started, I didn’t think I had a chance of ever becoming a real spy. But if – if I can’t do this then – then -then what’ll I be?
        Sarah Walker: Then you’ll be Chuck, and there’s nothing wrong with that… That’s all I can say. I’m sorry. The rest is your decision.

        Sarah for the first time said how normal Chuck was great. meanwhile Chuck talked about how he wouldn’t be hear if it wasn’t for her. Its slow but they are talking

        than American Hero

        Chuck Bartowski: Look, I don’t want to pester you Sarah. Or become some – some nuisance you can’t avoid. I’ve seen Morgan go that route far too many times to count. And since I’ve already given the fancy eloquent version of this speech before, I’m going to be blunt and honest: I love you… One more time because it feels really nice to say, I love you. I feel like I’ve been bottling this up forever. I love you.

        And then we know what happen in Other Guy

        Chuck Bartowski: But earlier on in my… drunken haze… I realzed I hadn’t asked you a really important question. I’d like to ask you now if that’s okay. Just once for the record… Sarah, do you love me?
        [Long pause]
        Chuck Bartowski: Wow. I’m, uh, in my underwear. I’m sitting in my underwear holding a plastic guitar. There’s a very good chance I’m making a complete fool of myself, isn’t there?
        Sarah Walker: Yes.
        Chuck Bartowski: I should probably put some pants on.
        Sarah Walker: No, Chuck… Yes.
        Chuck Bartowski: What?… uh, What?
        Sarah Walker: Chuck, I fell for you a long *long* time ago. After you fixed my phone, and before you started diffusing bombs with viruses. So, yes.
        [Sarah chuckles]
        Sarah Walker: Yes

        so it took time about 9 episodes for them to finally talk about their feelings. never before had they took the time to discuss them like adults. no one to stop them, and they are speaking honestly.

        Sarah started it and finished it but Chuck telling her I love you first washed the nasty taste from Prague for me. He manned up and told her I love you. Now I know Sarah doesn’t say it until three episodes later, but we know she did. Its amazing what communication can do.

      • Well put. If there is and argument to make I am not seeing it at the moment. I really liked how this show/series flowed. They kept adding elements in just the right amounts to keep things interesting. I think we all agree that we disagree on some of these elements and that is ok. This show, in the romance area, closely emulated real life. It was far better than any reality show.

        What I found appealing was how they made the romance story work while all the other bizarre stuff was taking place around it. It had its ups and downs but everyone one watching was pulling for them to get it together. I would have liked to see a few more episodes of how they developed as a married couple.

        I have to go back to a comment I believe Gary made earlier, these posts are becoming as confusing as Twitter was and kinda hard to keep up with but, referring to Other Guy where Sarah said “Shut up and kiss me,” and Goodbye where she said “Kiss me,” leaving us to wonder. The story wasn’t complete at Other Guy. Getting married they came full circle. The writers needed to find a way to give several episodes of married life and simply fade away. Ending the show on the beach where it all started with Sarah saying “kiss me,” would have been an excellent ending if it were not for the circumstances that put them on the beach that evening.

        Screwing up Sarah’s memory and pitting them again each other in Chuck versus Sarah was….. inexcusable….. pathetic….. pick a word, I can’t put my finger on one perfect word that actually describes exactly what it was. It left me feeling empty, lost, and depressed, among other psychological things. It left too many questions and unresolved issues to end with “Kiss me.”

        I’d really like to see more Chuck fans jump into this discussion and hear how they felt.

      • Jeez Chris…he told her loved her in The Three Words. And what “jerky acts” are you talking about? Sarah was hurt, and a lot of it was her own fault because she wasn’t clear on what she wanted Chuck to do. He said he did the spy thing for her and because of her, and because he loved her … and that was his truth. Running away was an impulsive move by Sarah …she hadn’t even fully planned it out. Whether Chuck realized that or not, becoming a spy was, in HIS mind, the only real way he could show Sarah he loved her and they could actually be together. ( Remember…this was all borne out in subsequent episodes … especially the Honeymooners where Sarah found out she really DID want to be a spy, as well as being with Chuck).

        As for being just “Chuck”, Sarah may like that, but please remember the potential that Chuck had to do anything he wanted …going back to working at the Buy More may have been good enough for Sarah’s version of Chuck, but it was never Chuck’s destiny. This was a highly intelligent individual who had his life ripped away from him in College, and lost his way. He was the perfect person to have the Intersect …and coming from 2 parents that were spies, why couldn’t his destiny be a spy? As he proved later on, he doesn’t have to kill people to be an effective spy.

        And you keep saying Sarah was being poked….Chuck needs to talk things out, and Sarah constantly shut him out. Yes she was hurt, but not talking about that with Chuck was not going to solve the problem, especially when he told her he loved her.

      • Gary,

        Blatantly lying to Ellie is not a jerky move? or breaking up with Hannah at the restuarant were Hannah’s parents are sitting a few feet away. This a jerky move again. While i understand what he did to manoosh he was an asset,but Chuck should of remembered how Sarah treated him as an asset.

        Its amazing for a man that was so uptight about lady feelings Casey was the one who brought them back together. “you should put the kid to rest, he deserves that much.” or telling the truth about killing the mole. honestly Charah didn’t get together with out the help of Casey.

        Chuck may have not done the poking himself, but I feel its more about the spy life in general. I think her heart and mind was so done with the spy life that she didn’t even win one solo fight until Tic Tac when she took out 5 guys She got her beautiful dairy air handed to her by Angie Harmon. Allowed an Assassin to put a gun to her head. It seemed the break up didn’t go over so well .

      • Gary,

        I think your missing my point, There was a lot of problems with Season 3 with the writing, but take that out of the equation for a second. with what we had. Sarah hurt because Chuck chose to better himself. it was selfish of Sarah to expect Chuck to run with her. to expect things to be normal after that is being foolhearty. To be honest there are plenty of women out there that would of left Chuck after that, but Chuck being the intersect there was no chance for Sarah to leave. Not with him flashing again. So, GB put the team back together again. follow by Sarah requesting a transfer she was looking to run now from Chuck and Burbank. ala run from Bryce and Washington. it seems to me that when the fire was starting to get scortching Sarah wanted to run. Sounds like the life of a con man’s daughter. she didn’t hear Chuck say I love much until Carina played the tape for her It mended the fences somewhat, but Sarah is not ready o get back with Chuck because it still hurt. Chuck was still focused on being a spy. So there was no time for a chance to get back together.

        Throw in Shaw and hannah now in the picture we have two lovers headed on that one last fling before ultimately getting back together. i can’t stand Sarah’s reaction to the Red Test. I thought when I saw it that if it was what it took for Chuck to become a spy then its what he had to do. She should of known better. Its why I love Shaw so much he pushed Chuck to be the spy the Intersect 2.0 was supposed to be. however, I agree with you the intersect was best suited for someone like Chuck because of his ability to use morality in his judgment something the CIA doesn’t like, but Sarah enjoy most about Chuck. By watching him tran Manoosh or almost kill the ring agent its not what she knew he was. The change she didn’t like was him losing sight on the things that make him great. he didn’t use a gun but having that choke hold scared her. its why she fled to Washington, but something tells me that when two people are soulmates. they don’t venture far for long.

      • Lying to Ellie was part of being a spy… Ellie really wasn’t supposed to know. Plus chuck knew it would upset her. Breaking up with Hanna when he realized he still loved Sarah and wasn’t going to be getting over her was really an act of chivalry … like I said, he knew he was wrong to have the affair, and he ended it quickly. There is never a reason to continue seeing someone who isn’t “The One.” Bad timing with the parents ? Yeah, but it would have really been a charade.
        AND…Sarah heard him say “I love you” when she opened the vault door. When Carina gave her the tape, she saw the whole conversation / confession. Since it is Chuck speaking the words, how is it different? He wasn’t making it up !!!

    • “This is what left her vulnerable and susceptible to the charms on one Daniel Shaw.”

      What charms? Shaw butted heads with Sarah in 3×4, belittled her as the daughter of a con man and brushed off her objections about his handling of Chuck’s solo mission in 3×5, groped her (a sexual crime) in 3×7, took advantage of her emotional distress in 3×8, almost blew up Chuck in 3×9, manipulated her to proctor Chuck’s red test in 3×11 only to ask her afterwards if she was still in love with Chuck and later toast to a fresh start with no Burbank, no baggage (Chuck), ignored her pleas to not pursue his suicide mission in 3×12 and, for good measure, tried to kill her twice in 3×13. All the while, she behaved like an abused puppy dog around him. What happened to the Sarah who told Roan in 2×2 that some women like men who can take a backseat?

      Shaw’s relationship with Sarah is a textbook example of an abusive relationship. Any self-respecting woman should watch their relationship in horror.

      “As far as the Tiffany Earrings go, and oversight? A gaff? Writer error? A WTF is she thinking moment.”

      Casey’s interrogation scene should have never aired. It’s chock-full (or chuck-full) of character incongruity and retroactivity continuity errors. Almost all the events mentioned in that conversation contradict what we actually see in previous episodes. The scene is even pointless because nothing important comes out of it.

      • Its a show not real life. The writers are allow to create conflict and to be honest religious and political views are not wanted on this site when it comes to the love of Chuck. I don’t mind debates, but if we are going to comment based of that on a tv show makes no sense to me.

  2. Two points are important…when Chuck told her he wasn’t joining the CIA (Chuck Vs. The Ring) because he’s not that guy, Sarah told him was that guy ! Then 3 weeks later, he is joining the CIA and going to their training facility, and she tells him not to go.( Chuck Vs. The Pink Slip) He even says that he can finally do something important in his life. Certainly a turnaround for Sarah, and for no important reason… probably poor writing. He does mention in Chuck Vs. The Three Words that he did it because of her encouragement and because he loves her…all of which was true.
    The situation in Prague was hampered by them not having any time together. All Chuck told her is that the CIA told him he can make a difference. The other things, about leaving family behind ( for good), the danger it placed Ellie, Devon and Morgan in, is based solely on what went on in previous seasons. Why Sarah never tweaked to the actual consequences of “running away” is beyond me….once again, poor writing. And even the “running away” sounds so innocuous … this would have to have been a “disappear off the face of the earth” scenario ….running away with the Intersect 2.0 wouldn’t leave the CIA, NSA or The Ring in a very charitable mood !
    We do have to remember that the writing was sketchy in Season 3 for the same reason as Season 5 …. short time frame to try to establish a storyline. Neither one worked particularly well

    • How many of these issues can be attributed to poor writing; or are we overlooking something; or making more out of something than there actually is? Everything can’t be perfect and there will be the occasional continuity error.

      I have to assume that we all watched the show in its entirety and in doing so initially we did without second guessing the writing staff. Netflix and DVD are great. We can now go back and watch as many times as we want. This is when we start picking up the originally unnoticeable gaffs.

      I think everyone will agree that the show was well written to the point that it drew us in; well written with few exceptions. I agree with Gary that the numbers started to fall after Prague. I myself like Pink Slip as it was a powerful episode. I guess much can be said that the constant ups and downs became too much for many viewers.

      Prague, like it or not, had to happen. The premises of Chuck and Sarah being together was the draw. Without that premise there was no show. If Chuck had of left with Sarah, where could the writers have gone with the story line? Again agreeing with Gary, it was not a tenable situation. The Secret and the Agent that had done such good work now branded as turncoats being chased to the ends of the Earth. That wouldn’t work.

      If anything the writers may have played this angle one too many times. In this case it was a pivotal moment in the show. Chuck actually had to fight like hell to win Sarah back. While season 3 was all over the place the one thing it did was provide a great set up for season 4. I really liked season 4.

      Christopher, that should have allowed you a couple more rounds of Jameson. Lol

      • Sometimes the writers try to be too clever…and they get caught in a trap. I know I stopped watching it on the network after Pink Slip … it really did lose something. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but the fun part seemed to be taken out of it. Seeing Sarah as miserable certainly doesn’t help. It was actually kind of a depressing set of circumstances …and it lasted for 13 weeks until we got to a resolution. Season 4 was very well written and acted, but the viewership never came back … only half of what they got in the first 2 seasons….

      • Which is the very reason why I prefer this story compared to the final four of the series. We got My Chuck and they became a couple.

        If the series ended there would people complained? with the last scene you saw as Shut up and kiss me or do you still prefer Chuck, Kiss me and being left to wonder?

        but ur right it hurts me seeing Sarah depressed and going with the motions you know she never won a one on one fight in that season. Love and a broken heart would do that, it eats away at you

      • No one should have that kind of depression. But I think that was the carrot being dangled from the stick for us to all continue chasing. The on again off again romance was defiantly off. We all wanted to see it fixed. And eventually it was. But as Gary mentioned elsewhere, viewership was suffering.

      • Sad someone couldn’t step in and stop the downward spiral. I really liked watching this play out. Chuck trying to win her back and Yvonne giving Sarah every emotion imaginable.

        I think Yvonne was flawless in her performances while this was going on. That’s why it is disappointing to me that the show was crashing and burning. Regardless of the writing the whole cast continued to put their heart and souls in it.

      • Actually, JD The Board of Directors cut me off so I have been reading with just the two drinks. a lot of what we talk about here are just opinions the writers wrote the story they way CF and JS wanted. What we saw was their interpretation of the story.

        We may agree or disagree its still one of the best story ever told on television. Prague the final kiss whatever we debate its because the writers did what they wanted.

        We are in essence just talking about our favorite show what I think happened in a particular scene may be seen different from your point of view.

      • Yes… there’s a little thing that is very prevalent in (one of )my world(s) called confirmation bias. It is something that scientists work very hard at avoiding. It is the tendency to look for things in research that prove your original idea, rather than look at the raw data presented before you. I try to do that on these boards, because I would always be beating the drum for Sarah otherwise. I find Chuck a bit annoying at times … such as in the Beefcake episodes….could he BE anymore of a little girl in those shows ??!!! But I truly believe they changed Sarah in Season 3, and the more I watched it, the more I saw that it seemed to be mostly “her” fault due to that change of heart we got between the 2 seasons. Yes, it ended up with a broken heart…but Chuck DID try to fix it by explaining why he made that decision. I’m still trying to figure out why Sarah would talk that out a bit … I thought they had been trying to communicate a bit more ….

      • Gary,

        They really haven’t communicated at all even when together. but lets think about it for minute.

        Sarah first admission of feelings was to casey when she said having feelings. she also confirmed it by almost sleeping with the guy. then she told Cole, I don’t cheat on my cover bf. Jack Burton as you pointed out once was the first one to use the words love. having feels doesn’t necessarily mean love. but its something like it. hard to explain.

        The one thing I give a lot of credit to Chuck is his ability to not be afraid to let Sarah know what he is thinking. “Did you really kiss me for me or was my lips the most convenient lips around?”

        or we need to break up, I just can’t do this anymore the more we go around trying to fool people into thinking we are a real couple.

        I like that side of Chuck, I like the one who argue with Sarah that he wanted her to believe in him even when he was wrong those are the Chuck versions I like. What I don’t like is giving the Omen virus to the baddies, Its breaking up with Sarah and expecting her to wait around for ever.

        its complaining when he saw Sarah, who was working wink at Lon

        Sarah lying about Bryce and Mauser was no big deal in my view she thought she was protecting him he lied to her about searching for his mom and orion.

        Communication is funny because what is the degree of communication are we talking about. They kissed three times. spent a night in the suburbs, which Sarah was loving. She liked playing Martha Stewart, They were communicating in that episode.

        When he had the problem in The Tooth, He elected to take on the Africans himself. I find him going on his own to be idiotic at times.

        The only times I agreed with it was to save his dad in The Dream Job, and when he took down Volkoff. both times we got the mature take charge Chuck. not little girl lost his lamb whinner.

      • While I like to complain about the writing being bad in Season 3, what I really mean is the story arc was bad, and the writers had to take some liberties to make the arc fit. I will admit there were some brilliant small stories fit in, and as usual, some scenes paid homage to great scenes from movies and TV of the past. One brilliant piece of writing from the Prague scene is Sarah coming to Chuck as he approached her at the station, and saying “Here is your new passport, and your name is now Hector Calderone”. Later, in the conversation when she is trying to dissuade Chuck from going to the training facility, she says that nothing is real there, that what they have right here ( as she takes his hand) IS real. That is quite an interesting juxtaposition of phrases !! It goes to show that Sarah’s “normal” is still world’s apart from Chuck’s. After all, she was quite used to always being on the run and changing her name…but that was also the spy life/con artist life that she wanted to change …she always seemed to pine for Chuck’s type of normal. Maybe it was a tip of the hat to Chuck when, in earlier Season 2, he said, “Sarah Walker….you will never be normal.”
        While we are talking about good writing, other great episodes were the Tic Tac and The Beard. Other than the fact that Shaw wasn’t heavily involved in either of these episodes, the human interest part of these shows was really well done. (We also got to see Sarah still fighting for “her Chuck”.) I know Lauren LeFranc was one of the writers for the Tic Tac…also The Honeymooners. She was interviewed towards the end on Season 3 and was asked if they would have changed anything about Season 3 once they got to see it as a whole, and the audience reaction to it. She felt that the Shaw/Sarah story should have been changed, but the idea was to have Chuck prove what he would do for Sarah so they could get back together. She just felt it wasn’t done as well as it could have been.

  3. She didn’t have anything like that … only the fake passports. She also told Chuck that she would figure the rest out later….. not really the best laid plan !!
    The other thing to remember is that Pink Slip aired probably 8 months after The Ring, so much of what Sarah had said to Chuck about ” You ARE that guy”, would have been forgotten…unless you were really paying attention. My point about all of this is that the writers wrote Sarah’s character to be a bit different in S3, obviously to set up Prague and subsequently her “heartbreak” and a change in her character. I have a feeling viewers didn’t like it, because the series started to tank with this storyline….it lost over 20% of its already dwindling viewership as soon as Shaw came into the picture, and it never recovered those viewers. Sarah changing (regardless of whether it was before or after Prague, and for whatever reason) resulted in viewers leaving the show, because it no longer was about their slow burn love affair. Chuck “rejecting” Sarah (which wasn’t really the case…since we know it was a miscommunication about what Sarah really wanted Chuck to do, and why) and her resulting aloofness caused viewers …who would have to wait a week, and some episodes, a month, to hope for some reconciliation, obviously turned off too many viewers….so the breakup in Prague was obviously when the show jumped the shark….people just couldn’t believe they would grow apart after all they had been through.

    • Gary,

      could it be the kind of normalcy Sarah was use to was running. We covered her past relationships with men in particular her father who was always on the run. The CIA taught her how to run and disappear. thus, what she was doing with Chuck was her normalcy. Would they get far is not the question because they tried to run together in Honeymooners and soon found themselves back in Burbank.

      Running is funny because when they ran in colonel we saw them almost have sex, and the first real intimate moment together. what happened next Casey showed up. In Honeymooners Chuck needed a walker after walker was done with him, and Casey showed up. it only makes you wonder if GB would of sent Casey to find them.

      it is also funny as I think about it. In the pilot Chuck said there is no way I can run right. she said not from us. So the concept of running was pretty much out the window

      • Finally !!!

        Sarah’s reaction to run was what she had been taught to do. Changing names and passports was common in the spy life. If she wanted Chuck’s “normal” ( and she did), this was not going to be accomplished by running in Prague. Like I said, Shaw knew about the train ticket, and Chuck would have been under even closer surveillance. Call it impulsive, call it stupid, call it whatever you want, but it wasn’t going to work. That’s why I said Chuck actually made the right decision based on what he thought Sarah wanted….before she made this rash decision to run. It doesn’t look like he actually had figured out that running was a bad idea, but becoming a spy seemed to be the best decision he could make for him and Sarah at the time.

      • Chuck made the correct decision that kept them out of trouble not based on any notion that running would cause them trouble. Yes it was impulsive but the correct decision was made for a different reason. Sarah had a major internal conflict she is having a fight. As you noted her perception and knowledge of normal may not necessarily be normal as we “normal” people see or know it to be.

  4. Gary that was a lot of information I drank two glasses of Jamison before I was finish. just kidding….

    Ok, I know you can’t see Sarah position in the whole matter and that is fine, but I will go over with it again.

    From the time Take off your watch to Prague we have a seen a transformation in Sarah. She is not acting lke an agent. She is acting like an inexperienced woman coping with emotions. She almost had sex with Chuck in Barstow, and once they shared that intimate moment. Sarah was different. Who knows how long she had been wanting to do that in bed with him.

    She defyed the agency at that point. roadblock one crossed. Roadblock two was the return of Bryce we follow that with a no from Sarah to Larkin which if you can see her face can tell you there was no doubt she wanted to stay. again she was ready to let Chuck know her feelings, but Orion told her the ring took Larkin.

    We know what happens. Sarah asked Chuck to meet her at the train station at this point she must of felt she was never going to get her chance to be with Chuck. in that span Gary, when did she reject him other than telling him what her orders was from GB. They ordered her to work on the Intersect Project. Sarah was still working as a spy no? so what choice did she have to tell Chuck that she was leaving. She wasn’t there as his cover girlfriend she wanted to be there.

    you can tell by the way she touched him “you look like a real spy.” its not how or what she said its the body language that went with it Sarah is torn. When Chuck downloaded 2.0 she now was fearing that he would go off on his own missions and what not leaving Burbank, which for two years was also Sarah’s home.

    A woman that put her heart and trust into Chuck, who she thought would never break her heart like Jack Burton, Bryce Larkin or Langston Graham using her as his person gopher.

    Chuck never did that if anything he was there for her through the return of her dad to old pals from school, Chuck was there. Sarah returned the favor by getting him his degree and stood up for him while Ellie was ranking on him

    Sarah also got upset when Chuck went off on his own to find Orion its not how or what she said its. her look afterwards like a girlfriend left in the dark rather then an agent because there is a different response when she is in agent mode.

    so when she sees Chuck at the train station, she is excited maybe for a brief time but she wants to run with him for a little while to have achance at normalcy with him. Something she has been seeking since she met him. The thing is she thought Chuck was willing too.

    except right away she kissed him, and he didn’t kiss back. Sarah has experience in that capacity and knew instantly that was not the kiss she was expecting. Rejecting him, how was she rejecting him when the minute she sees him kissed him.

    What signs was she giving that she was not into it.

    he explains what the CIA wants from him and she is honest with him. Its not as simple as he made it. this what they had was simple it it was real. but he said I can’t

    How does a woman who has had bad experience with men in her life. no experience in having a normal life Chuck countered with wanting to be a spy because he thinks thats what she wants.

    The significance of this is tremendous in grand scheme of things this was just the spark of events that just added more fuel to the fire and why because they never talked about their feelings. everything was always one sided Agent Vs the NErd

    • I liked the idea of going through episodes. Maybe we should start our own rewatch event. That would allow us and anyone else that wants to join in a chance to freshly go through the dialogue and visual cues. I’m in no way an expert on Chuck as you guys surely watched it from the beginning. I did not. Some of the things being mentioned have me running back and forth on Netflix trying to figure out what I missed. Thoughts?

      I think all the things being noted here, all valid points, would have better prospective going through them episode by episode. We could properly beat each other up over Prague as we go.

    • I’ll go point by point.
      First…something happened between Sarah telling Chuck he WAS that guy(The Ring) and telling him not to be a spy (Pink Slip). We never found out what it was … but even telling him he looked like a real spy …C’mon…she wanted him to be a spy in “The Ring” !! Why the change in heart ? Perhaps she was worried he would change, but that was never explained. Fearing he’d go off on his own missions, etc…where does that come from ? That was never mentioned in any of the episodes ! She said there was always another mission…that nothing is real in the spy world.

      Normalcy with Chuck ?? C’mon again !!! Listen to the language in that exchange….”Here is your fake passport and your name will be…” This is REAL? This is NORMAL? I’ll figure the rest out later ? This was a poor plan …. but that is the writer’s fault. Chuck was right to reject it for so many reason’s, but mostly because it was actually a no win situation for him. And think of the ramifications for both of them if they really did try to go underground !! Hell…Shaw even knew that she bought the train tickets in Prague and questioned where she went for those few days !! There was no way they could ever escape, so thank God Chuck actually made the right decision !!

      And I said Chuck rejected Sarah at the train station, not she rejected him. (read carefully, Grasshopper !) Afterwards, whenever Chuck tried to explain what happened and why he made the decision he did, Sarah shut him down. She only found out what really happened in the next episode..The Three Words. And even though he actually did everything because of her and for her, she wouldn’t even thaw a bit.

      And you’re right…Chuck thought that Sarah wanted him to be a spy …which is why he did what he did. And Sarah DID want him to be a spy….right up to some weird point in the Pink Slip during a little flashback.

      • A woman scorned; she can’t be barging with. She can’t be reasoned with. She doesn’t feel pity, remorse, or fear. And she absolutely will not stop, ever, until you’re dead.

        Oh wait…. that’s a Terminator. My bad. But that will still apply. Even though Sarah, Walker not Conner, may have set herself up for this devastating let down, she is still going to feel pain and hurt. So much so that we get to see her become cold and heartless toward Chuck. Did she deserve what happened? I don’t think so. But like I said in another post, something like this had/needed to happen to keep things going.

  5. Hey…interesting fact about Season 3. Pink Slip and the Three Words were aired together on a Sunday night 2 hour premiere in January, 2010. Angel de la Muerte was broadcast the next evening in the original timeslot. Originally, the Season wasn’t supposed to start until after the Olympics on March 1, 2010. That would have been over 10 months after Chuck Vs. The Ring. The original Season 3 was 13 episodes, with an option for 9 more. NBC ordered only 6 more after the first 13 had been set.
    No wonder the writers felt they could make some changes to the characters !!!

    • That is a long time. Did they think everyone would simply forget what happened and the writers could take greater leeway with what they were writing? That does kind of help explain away some of the drastic changes that you guys have been noting. It still doesn’t make it right.

      What is up with NBC running short seasons? I used to really like NBC. Oddly most of shows I like, with with few exceptions, NBC has axed. By my estimates there should have been at least 104 episode of Chuck; 26 x 4 seasons. They knew in May 2011 they were not going to renew a full 5th season so we got 13 episodes there. That brings a total of 117 episodes. We now have syndication.

      So we had the writers strike shortened 1st season; show never fully developed and attracting viewers and possibly lost viewers. The Olympics shortened 3rd season. And the NBC bail out on the 5th season. Plus the writers new going into the fifth season knew this will be the last season. And that ending was the best they could come up with?

      No show should be allowed to end with open ended issues leaving us all hanging like that. No fan deserves anything like we have here. Season ender, great. Series ender, it blows.

      • Anyone see Yvonne’s picture at the beach of a pink rainbow? Her comment was “Good things are coming.” It looked eerily similar to “The Beach” …..perhaps some good news is in the offing ???? LOL

      • Saw it this morning. I Tweeted back that I can’t wait to see what she is into. The beach….. we can only hope. There are several comments that people have posted on her sites and referring to good things coming as; Sarah Walker, more Chuck, a Chuck Movie. Guess we will have to hold our breath and wait.

        Would be nice that the letters and emails I gave been sending to Warner Bros actually did something for the cause.

    • There was a lot of problems scheduling wise for the show. The constant threat of cancellation and strikes and olympics it was hard for the show to generate a real following because of it. moving from mondays to fridays was a disaster because no one is home on friday nights . Mondays they competed with Monday night Football and Monday night Raw. As well as How I met your mother a lot of competition for the demographics they tried to get into.

      They killed off actors for them to come back to life later, but Orion stayed dead lol. All these through in continuity issues like Casey calling his mother in Santa Claus its just seems like they showed inexperience in what they were doing.

      They didn’t have a theme song until Chuck vs The Tango. They cut the wrong stars like Anna and Harry Tang, but kept Shaw on too long and brought him back in season 5 after claiming he was a part of the conspiracy. Throw in leaving an impactful character like Quinn for the end was terrible for me.

      I love impactful bad guys and like him or not Quinn did a lot of damage.

      I just feel despite all these problems we list we still got an amazing 91 episodes that told a great story. Could we done without with some of the scenes or stories sure, but the fact is we are only talking about a short portion of the story. When we talk about Prague we are talking about a issue that ultimately helped bring them together.

  6. Prague was crap. It required two completely new characters to make it happen which then required fans to buy into a totally false premise in order to make the story that came afterwards work. S3’s story never got off the ground because Prague never gave it a chance.

    Explaining Prague towards the end of next episode (where it doesn’t belong) only makes Chuck look like a bigger doofus, and Sarah “expressions” watching the video can then be taken 72 different ways.

    The only reason it ties to Colonel in any way is because of the false flashbacks within the episode. Not because of anything that happened in Colonel.

    If you want to relate a later episode ruining and earlier one:
    – Fake Name as it relates horribly to Wookie
    – Goodbye as it relates to any other.

    • No arguments on Goodbye it blew no questions asked. C vs S and Goodbye should have been part of S3, great season enders but sucked gutter water as far as any way to end a series.

      Not sure if I follow your line of thinking with Fake Name ruining Wookie. I’m a little slow this evening so you need to spell it out for me. Lol.

    • CM,

      It sounds like you have a lot of hostility towards the show. If it makes you feel that passionate about season 3 all power to you.

      However, not everyone has the same sentiments. We can talk about how bad writing is or the production for that matter, but that will bore people. Everyone has an opinion on Prague, but lets leave the technical aspect out of it alone. Not everyone is interested in discussing that. We don’t want to discourage others in discussing Prague.

  7. I don’t know Chris …those ARE opinions. They’re well stated and it’s important to remember that this is, after all, a fictional story. So the storytelling / writing aspects are important. You yourself often relate an episode that comes much later to a “present” storyline. That’s all well and good when you’ve seen the whole series, but it is often just an afterthought of the writers. For instance, do you really think that Baby was planned as an episode before the pilot aired? These technical glitches and storytelling faux pas are part of the character of the show….some for better, some for worse. For my part, I wholeheartedly agree with CM’s analysis. Prague stunk, and it stinks worse every time I see it. I appreciate those opinions that say the opposite….I mean, I’m OK with the finale, where most aren’t.

    • I on the other hand liked the premise behind Prague. The viewer wanted to see these two together. I don’t believe it was ever a matter if but when.

      What kept it interesting was the many different ways the when kept changing. Something as simple as Casey or GB interrupting a conversation Chuck and Sarah were trying to have to something more complex such as Lou, Hannah, Bryce, or Shaw.

      The coup de Gras, IMO, was Prague. This pushed them further apart than anything else they had faced. It all came down to a culmination of all the previous missed communications issues. Neither of them knew what they really wanted. They were both reacting to what they thought each other wanted.

      In true Chuck fashion, although quite unintentionally, he crushed Sarah. Had he not of flunked spy school the outcome may have been different. He soon realized the error of his ways and had to work hard to make it right. I think this has been said somewhere before but Prague had to happen. If not Prague something along those lines had to happen.

      Chuck and Sarah were in a happy go lucky type of relationship. It was a teeter totter type of thing; make progress then lose ground. It never was really balanced; always one extreme or the other. Prague was the playground bully that knocked these two off that teeter totter and helped with some of the communications issues and them taking each other for granted.

      I still disagree with the ending. We watch them struggle through thick and thin to stay together. They look like they have made it and in two episodes the 89 previous episodes are destroyed. Great for a season ender but not a series. I would have had less trouble with them leaving us hanging with some new national or global threat that they would work on “together.” This would have been like ending Dallas leaving everyone to wonder for eternity who shot JR. But that didn’t happen did it. This ending sucked, for a series finale, if I was unclear on that.

      • Ah…but the PLI card had been played before (twice), and they didn’t need to fundamentally change the core value of the characters with the other LI’s ( Bryce, Cole, Lou and Jill). They changed Sarah and Chuck at their core for season 3, and gave no reason for it other than “poor communication”. They had to revise all that happened during the first 2 seasons…all that Sarah had worked hard to achieve “for” Chuck……
        Season 4 gave them a very different scenario for being apart…Chuck trying to be a spy without the Intersect. Sarah going deep undercover to take down Volkoff…… much better writing and arc. Season 3 was laziness, pure and simple….. I mean, how many times do you want to watch OLI’s come between the couple ?

      • As always good points. Yes, laziness played into it. Yes, S3 had its issues. Yes, some, not all, but some S3 episodes left a lot to be desired. Yes, it could have been done differently. We could theoretically armchair quarterback this thing to death.

        It was written as it was written, what happened has happened. Really no way to go back and change it. However, they could tweak it somehow with a movie, a made for TV movie or different ending, anything.

        We all enjoyed the show. And in liking the show S3 as well as the last two episodes made the show what it was and is. I guess it gives the true Chuck fan something to talk about as well as finding new and interesting people to talk with about it.

        Have I mentioned I do not care for the ending? Lol

    • Gary,

      This site is not in favor of dismissing people’s comments. I have seen too many sites do that, but if we only focus on the negative aspect of things. It may discourage people in engaging conversations. I like CM’s position on things. Its a different view of sorts, but it seems like we are rambling on 13 episodes (12 in S3 and the finale in S5) The site is trying to encourage people to want to comment. Everyone doesn’t agree with the sentiments you and CM have.

      Most specifically Prague. I thought Prague would of had a major impact if the rest of the story would of been presented better. I told you guys I love season 3 because it made Chuck into a spy we knew he can be. Casey, Bryce and Sarah all knew that Chuck was ready.

      As Casey said in Subway,

      Casey: I don’t know when it happen, but our boy became a man. He’s a spy. You picked a good one Walker, Finally.

      How much longer were fans going to be interested in a buffoon Chuck with no skills other then IT. I understand Chuck’s reasoning in choosing to be a spy first then going for Sarah, I just felt and still do that You can’t tell the woman you supposely love. The woman you told your father you had to go help because you loved her, and then when the chance came to simply say I can’t we discuss this all the time.

      Hannah and Shaw were not the issue because when they came into the story the damage was done. Charah was the reason they separated. at least we can agree that Hannah and Shaw pursued Charah not the other way around. People often complain about The Mask and Fake Name. I like Fake Name because Chuck was really good in the scene with Paulie Walnuts and Vito (Soprano reference)

      when he smashed Casey in the mouth and pulled his tooth. I love it. What I don’t like is Sam and Seeing her face when watching Chuck eating with Hannah in Sarah’s “Home” It crushed me seeing her visibly upset

  8. Chris…you keep making the same arguments that we agree on….Chuck was going to be a spy with or without Prague….it had nothing to do with Prague, it had to do with the Intersect 2.0. The ONLY way for Prague to happen was for the writers to fundamentally change Chuck and Sarah as characters. Chuck always talked about his feelings, but all of a sudden in Prague, he wouldn’t. Sarah always encouraged Chuck to be a hero, be a spy, etc., then in Prague, she doesn’t. They care very deeply for one another in season 1 and 2…no matter what. In Season 3…they don’t. By fundamentally changing the characters from seasons 1 and 2, you get what happened in Prague and then the “Oh well…we can still be friends ” bit. It doesn’t fly, because those are NOT the characters we fell in love with the first 2 seasons. All those scenarios you mention that you don’t like was because they fundamentally changed the characters. That’s the lazy writers’ way out. It’s the same with the amnesia finale….lazy writing. Come up with something original, for crying out loud !!! Volkoff, Quinn ,….stuff like that. Not the laziness of pushing them apart with OLI’s over and over, and Shaw coming back not once, but twice. Luckily they had some other characters grow while they were busy trashing Sarah and Chuck….

    • Let’s just pretend for a moment and compare with what we know from real life; but before we start another argument, yes, I know it’s fiction, make believe, not real, and throw in some lazy writing. However, as with real life, these types of things often emulate the fiction or fantasy involved in real life; ie. emotions, feelings, turmoil, conflict, etc.

      So, If these two had actually been going through what they went through for 2 years, season 1 and season 2, would it not be conceivable or remotely possible that the people changed. After all people do change over time; and still considering your theory of the character change, as appears to be the perception, could it not be given everything that’s going on in the various relationship these two had that they did in fact change?

      • People change…usually through growth. But they usually don’t change overnight unless there is some pathological condition at play. As well, you don’t usually change your innate tendencies … your patterns of what makes you an individual. Sure, we make rash decisions… so Sarah wanting to run away was a rash decision. But she was a well trained operative who doesn’t usually do risky things without things being well planned, so Prague went against her basic instincts. As well, wanting Chuck to give up being a spy was a 180º change to what she talked about…in what should have been about a 2 week period. What changed? Why? We are never given any insight in to this. And when it all gets resolved in the end, Chuck is basically who she didn’t want him to become. Even if we allow the stupidity of the Prague to carry forward, what is the difference between Chuck prior to The Final Exam and Chuck in The American Hero? Why does she accept him at that point in time? That’s the second part of season 3 I don’t like…Sarah was all over the place, and none of the decisions she made made any sense. She’s punish Chuck in one instance and then have concern for him in another, with no rhyme nor reason. That definitely wasn’t the Sarah in Seasons 1&2.

        As for Chuck, they made him come off as a douchebag in Prague and when he broke up with Hanna. Chuck was always a bit naive, but he would never knowingly hurt the people he loved in S 1&2. And he would always talk things out…..he even was that way in Season 4, which drove sarah a little crazy when she presented him with the pre-nup !! Why not talk things out at the train station in Prague ??? Because, it wasn’t really the Chuck we knew beforehand.

      • It’s a major point of contention; a hot topic. I’m learning stuff from each post. It is great.

      • I’m not trying to take the monkey off the writer’s back here. Just trying to put in prospective how things appear and why things happened the way they did. I’d have to go double check the time line on how much time had elapsed, not doubting you but something just strikes me as odd.

        You kind of answered the question as to why Sarah was behaving like she was. We all have agreed that she was a train wreck be it from he father, Bryce, CIA training, Jedi mind tricks, etc. When Sarah told Chuck During their first date in Pilot that she came with baggage, I do not think that was a line. I think she was being honest, to what extent who knows, but I think after the Bryce betrayal she simply was seeking some stability. Chuck was the closest thing to normal or stable she had ever encountered.

        With all that being said, what woman actually knows what she wants? Now preface that with everything that was just said and you compound the situation exponentially.

        I like to chalk this up to a comedy of errors between to love struck individuals that never actually knew want love was before finding each other.

      • Yes, but “in real life”. if people hurt one another and lose trust in one another as much as Chuck and Sarah did during the misery arc – they never recover.

        By Other Guy they’re put together because it was supposed to be the end and there was no time left, not because the story demanded it. In fact, story wise, Chuck & Sarah getting together in 3.13 is totally undeserved. Sure it might be a great moment, but it is totally inadequate for resolving what came before.

        This makes Other Guy a reset episode – nothing more.

      • over the course of the series there was a lot of plot holes. The Pilot was filled with some. holes and that was the first episode. Chuck said his computer crashed a week ago. Meanwhile, Ellie gave him flowers for the date from the day before.

        Also In the pilot Chuck said he met Jill in an Economic class, yet, in Ala Mater Bryce was the one who introduced them. Barney Stinson would be proud of Bryce being a wingman for Chuck.

        I actually going to agree with CM here. In real life what happened in Prague would of being the end. and I felt with Shaw being around still how could they come together despite Shaw still living in Castle.

        But once the Ring showed the video. The coast was clear for a charah reunion. I also would say After everything Sarah went through with Jill Sensei was a bit of a soft landing as well.

        So you see we are supposed to forget that Jill and Chuck almost ran together, and now they are warm and caressing each other. Bad writing no, but continuity issues galore

      • I kinda side with Gary on the lazy writing thing, if I want to admit that’s what it was or not. Yes, a lack luster S3 with other factors doomed the show. I look at it at face value and just enjoy it for what it was. I don’t pick it apart unless it’s on here. Other Guy is one of my top 3 episodes, reset or not.

    • Gary,

      My argument is Prague did mean something to the story. Some may no like the road to The Other Guy, but as we agree it needed to be done.

      JD brought up something that I been thinking about since he said it. What if the role reversal of sorts The Nerd enters her world and The Agent is seeking acceptance into his, By asking to run we can assume that was being normal for Sarah.

      We can’t know for sure how long being on the run could of lasted since we saw in Colonel not long, and in Honeymooners they decide running was not ideal. but whatever the case maybe people that rip season 3 don’t realize the intention because of the love they have for Charah from season one or two.

      Remember The show should of been over after Chuck vs The Ring, but since they were getting a new season they had to add Kung fu to lure the viewer back the next year.

      If people quit because they didn’t like the direction of the show then more power to them. People like me stick around because the show meant a lot to us/ I could of stopped watching the show after Broken Heart because I didn’t like the 49B concept they came up with.

      But I am glad I stayed because The Orion Arc saved the show for me. It was then I said no matter what happens I will stick it out because its just apart of the story not the story if you understand what I mean

      • It didn’t need to be done, because they had already done it in Season 2. Bryce came back into Sarah’s life, and she was prepared to go off with him to work on the Intersect Project. She changed her mind because she was reminded of who Chuck really was (when he spent all his money on Ellie’s beach wedding). Season 3 rehashed the same story, but with different characters. Funny how they could pull Chuck and Sarah apart in The Ring, and resolve it all in one episode, but they needed a whole Season / arc to do EXACTLY the same thing in Season 3 …dragging out the inevitable for what particular reason ? Plus, they flawed the characters in order to pull them apart in season 3….there was no growth to the protagonists in season 3 …they didn’t come to any great realization that they hadn’t already come to at the end of season 2. Sarah accepted Chuck in The Other Guy for being exactly who he was at the start of season 3 … the guy she didn’t want him to become. If anything, the Honeymooners was actually a slap in the face to the fans for putting up with all that BS and then Charah recognizing that they wanted to be spies and also be together….which was the whole raison d’être for the season 3 ( The Original) plot line debacle. Fans have to now watch these 2 flawed characters, with no slow burn going on…and then they’re together just because it was “meant to be”. There were so many holes in the plot…it wasn’t at all “fun” during the spy part of the story. The only aspect of the show that was cartoonish was the Buy More, and it wasn’t enough to counterbalance the gravitas of the love story, which was the main story line throughout the series. The Final Exam was just the ultimate breakdown of the arc …. Sarah being manipulated by Shaw, and then manipulating Chuck, and then punishing him. And to have Shaw, who was in a relationship with Sarah, to ask her after the Red Test if she still loved Chuck ??? I mean…WTF !!! Why is he in a relationship with Sarah if he knows she loves Chuck ??? It just sucked the life out of the show….. it was exhausting to watch emotionally…. there was no counterbalance with the fun aspect of the show. Yvonne realized it, the show runners realized it….and the fans realized it. I understand some people are OK with it because the “ends justify the means”. But it was the beginning of the end of the series….

  9. And don’t get me started on the changes to “The Intersect !!”

    The greatest weapon US intelligence owns…..and then it’s a bit of an inconvenience in season 3

  10. I noticed YSfanphils posted something over on the Live Discussion board about Season 3 and all of early Season 3 happening because of Chuck rejecting Sarah in Prague and her ensuing mental state. I think there can be no disagreement on that is what the writers were going for …. that Sarah was emotionally eviscerated by Chuck not running away with her. That is not the bone of contention of most people who do not like Season 3 and the Shaw arc…it is the basic changes they made to both Sarah and Chuck, which would have then led to the Prague incident. As well, they completely ignored the basic premise of the show .. Chuck downloaded the most important piece of US intelligence into his brain, and Sarah being sent to handle / protect him. The writers made these very basic changes to the core premise and the core values of the characters without ANY explanation, or very inadequate explanations afterwards. That’s not how the viewer generally gets to see it. Now the show runners did try to alter how the episodes were viewed to minimize the damage the poor writing did. And, yes, everything that happens in season 3 sort of makes sense if you accept the character changes without question. I just find it really hard to ignore the basic traits of the main characters in Season 1 and Season 2 ( which drew me into the show) are totally changed for Season 3, especially since they come off as more flawed characters.

  11. So i read the article and just wanted to say what i have thought about this epidoe ever since i first saw it. First i do think sarah has every right to be mad at chuck but i dont think she handled it in the right way. Finally i think that both chuckand sarahs responses to chuck being a spy were completely justifiable. We all know sarah wanted to run away with chuck because she loved him and knew that the government would not let them be toether. While chucks point of veiw was that he loved sarah and he approached it more from a sarah and bryce perspective because he knew that if he were a spy he and sarah could be together because bryce and sarah were together, and so when they met chuck was the one who had choose whether he wanted to do things sarahs way or his way and he chose his, and i honestly agree with his choice, what man could justify having the woman he loves give up everything she loves to be with him when he could, even if she suggested it, i know i couldnt. So chuck chose i way that he thought sarah could have everything she has ever wanted aleven though it meant giving up his normal life. And yes chuck also wanted to be a spy to help people i know that but there is more to that story than just wanting to help people.

    • The government did allow them to be together, just as they allowed Sarah and Bryce to be together.
      Sarah changed her mind, but gave Chuck(or us) no reason for why she changed her mind. She stated that he would always have another mission and that he’d always have different identities as a spy. But then she offered the same thing to Chuck when she asked him to run. Only, if they ran ( really…the government wouldn’t be keeping tabs on the Intersect 2.0!!), they’d be doing exactly as they would as spies, but for selfish reasons rather than the common good. Plus Sarah had no plan. The biggest killer of the whole scene was Chuck just saying he couldn’t go with her, rather than give all his reasons he couldn’t( as he usually does.) Fundamental change in his character by the writers….no reason given.

      • Ok, I am writing a new piece on Prague, and I want everyone to see my perspective on the issue.

        When we look back at what happened in Prague, we first must look at how it was possible for it to happen before hand. What i mean is we still don’t know when Sarah started to feel contempt with wanting to pursue a real relationship with Chuck. Actions speak louder then words. I always compare the scene at the end of Marlin to that of Dream Job.

        Most people call Sarah standing outside the house, as a hero stance, but in reality its more of Sarah claiming her new personal mission. She wanted to go in the house, but the agent in her wouldn’t allow her despite Chuck inviting her. Fast forward to Dream Job, She is beside him, inside by his side like a girlfriend would do. She defied the agency by telling Chuck to take off his watch. after that we get Barstow, in the morning we see Sarah reaching for Chuck’s hand on purpose. Her desire for the intimacy and desire to be with Chuck has begun to reach its peak.

        So, let me write up the new piece and let me show you in a new article why Prague was a necessity for the story. I can’t convince the people that are dead scent on knocking the story, and they have a right to do so, but I choose to let you guys see in a article about it.

        I have a lot to say on this subject, Chuck and Sarah were not ready in Prague to be in a committed relationship because they had yet to know they were in a real one to begin with.

        But please wait for me to write my article before we comment.

      • Just so you know, I won’t be convinced Prague was necessary. But then I don’t think Chuck HAD TO become a spy either. Really when they made Chuck a spy, they gave all his good qualities to Morgan – but that’s a whole other story.

        But for just a minute, let’s say that Prague had to happen so that Chuck and Sarah could pursue a real relationship. The thing is that – OK I’ll agree that the “Chuck becoming a spy” story was adequately told (although they him a d*ck to tell it), but the “Sarah regain her humanity” story was extremely poorly told (if told at all). The problem is that at the end of the arc, they are now less ready to be in a real relationship. Chuck may be worthy of Sarah (I always thought he was) but Sarah is no longer worthy of Chuck.

        Listen, I never thought C&S needed to be together at the start of S3. Lord knows there were enough “real” reasons why they couldn’t be. But the stories of Chuck’s journey into spydom and Sarah journey to regaining her humanity would have been much more fulfilling if they had taken it together. THEN DYLM would have meant something.

        The story as presented was probably the meanest one they could have chosen.

        You see, I see S1 & S2 Chuck as a reluctant spy but a real hero he didn’t need to become a “real” spy. If he had to become a so called “real” spy to be a “real” hero to have a “real” relationship with Sarah. Then he’s not special anymore and obviously the nerd can’t get the girl.

      • CM,

        While I enjoy your comments, please refrain from using profanity. Young people could be reading these sites, and I won’t stand for foul language. If you can’t respect that then I am sorry.

        I don’t mind difference of opinion, but words like you used in this post are offensive to some people, I hope you understand.

  12. CM…+1 … and I think that’s the second part of the arc that bugs me…what did Sarah really do ( or become) in order to DESERVE to have Chuck back in her life? I mean, she constantly tested him, constantly belittled him, manipulated him, and made him make choices that were totally no win for him. She continued a relationship with a man she had no feelings for. Crap…she couldn’t even part with a pair of earrings Shaw gave her….long after Chuck and her reconciled, so she hadn’t even gained ( or regained) her humanity near the end of Season 3. The incident in Prague was totally a selfish journey for Sarah…she wanted Chuck, she wanted her “normal” life….but she NEVER asked Chuck what he wanted…..especially after constantly cajoling him into being a hero and being a spy.
    Where did she actually gain her humanity in any of Season 3? Sarah is totally forgiven because Yvonne was so adorable when she did the scene in Chuck’s apartment and said “Yes”.

    It shouldn’t have been that easy !

    • Gary and CM,

      What I find funny on television is the idea that a character must show humanity. For example, of all the things that bothered me about 24 was how they tried to make Jack human. First, with Audrey and then with Renee Walker, but the end result in order to save the country Jack had to return to his ruthless roots.

      I don’t think Sarah ever was dark not like Carina or Casey.I think some of the female baddies were more ruthless then Sarah. Could she pull the trigger sure. Sarah had a heart and its the heart inside of her that initially made her want to protect Chuck.

      As much as people criticize season 3 my wife last night said that Chuck deserved the cold shoulder Sarah gave him at the beginning of Season 3. Why would Sarah want a explanation or hear one for that matter.

      See my issue is if Sarah did to Chuck what he did to her in Prague, I feel that the world would of made Sarah into a villain

      My question is why does Chuck just a get a pass on it, Why does Sarah supposed to just accept Chuck decision and let things be. Hasn’t she done that already. The difference gentleman about this one was Sarah was acting as a girlfriend in fear of her boyfriend losing himself in the profession she knew a lot more about.

      Gary, you say Chuck was manipulated into doing what Sarah wanted. To quote Casey, its America he has a choice. He is a grown man. it didn’t stop him before in pursuing other love interest or call her out on the manipulation like in Crown Vic.

      All i am saying is Sarah had the right to be selfish in Season 3. Her vision of Chuck was the guy she met in the pilot she had said as much.

      Sarah: You have changed, Look I know what you sacrificed to get here, and you want this to work, but please don’t lose that guy I met three years ago. Don’t lose the things that make you great.

      She gave him a gun, and he refused. Yet, after watching him put the Ring agent in a chokehold and was not letting go Sarah freak out. All the things she loved about Chuck was disappearing. So, yea she was being selfish, but most people that witness the one they love change for the better or worst in some case often become selfish.

      Its human nature. Did Sarah give an explanation in how she felt in Chuck being a spy. not at once, but if she did then what story could they tell?

      • She knew he took the drug to make him lose his emotions in Tic Tac….why would she hold that against him ?

        And I feel Sarah was the one that got the free pass on Prague…. it was a stupid idea to run, it wasn’t well planned, and it was selfish. We didn’t know it at the time, but Chuck choosing to be a spy was because of Sarah and for her. Why does she get to be selfish ? She chose the spy life at first, but Chuck was forced into it…..and then chose it after.

        But tell me….what DID Sarah ever do to reconcile all the poor choices she made in Season 3 ? Chuck apologized…he broke up with Hanna when he realized it was wrong, he vowed to make it up to Sarah…he agreed to give it all up for Sarah. She did absolutely nothing ….and therefore didn’t deserve to get Chuck back.

      • Yes…and a lot of her indecision came before Prague. What I really don’t like is the argument that running was the “normal” life that Sarah wanted. In the next breath, they talk about how Chuck’s life with his family and friends is the “normal” life that Sarah wanted. They were 2 diametrically opposed lives. If people really do believe that running was a great plan, I’ll have no choice but to call Chuck, “Hector Calderone” for the rest of the discussions !

      • Maybe there is a normal normal and a Sarah normal. Sarah’s default normal was running. I think when discussing normal the distinction needs to be made between what the average person perceives as normal and Sarah’s default normal.

        Running was an ill conceived plan. Chuck made the right decision not to run but it was based on the wrong reason. Neither of them put the first thought into the long term; always on the run, no real meaningful life.

        Chuck’s decision was selfish IMO and he used Sarah’s on words and logic against her. Chuck wanted to be a spy, plain and simple.

      • I don’t think Sarah saw running as “normal” as much as she viewed it as familiar….something she was very used to. I do think the “normal” life she wanted was family, friends and a house with a red door and white picket fence…. she just didn’t know how to get there.

        And there’s no doubt that both of them were being somewhat selfish…but I think with the best of intentions on both sides. The fact that Sarah sprung the plan on Chuck, and Chuck didn’t say what he should have said, provided the Prague scenario. I don’t blame Prague on one or the other….they were both to blame. But they were both “out of character” for those assumptions to happen.

    • If we look at Sarah and Agent Walker as an old fashion scale, when we start out the scale is tipped heavily to the Agent Walker side. She is Chuck’s handler so she is going to push him to being a spy and doing things he doesn’t want to do.

      So initially Sarah was hit with how this was dumped on Chuck, how he was unhappy, scared, and wanted his normal life back. In a way Chuck had his own scale. Nerd on one side and spy on the other. Chuck starts heavily tipped toward nerd.

      As time goes on the scales start to tilt in the other direction. Agent Walker is being suppressed and we start seeing emotional Sarah emerge. Likewise with Chuck the nerd is going and the spy is becoming more pronounced.

      We need to keep in mind that Sarah has told Chuck and has led him to believe that if he is not a spy or the Intersect he has no chance being with her; maybe not by her choice but being ordered elsewhere for a new assignment. Chuck doesn’t want to lose her so he continually works to load his spy side of his scale.

      Meanwhile as Sarah’s scale continues to tip she has increasing feelings for Chuck. Remembering he didn’t ask for nor did he want the intersect she was no longer needing him to be a spy or a hero.

      Sarah’s scale reached a point where it had swung all the way to the other side. She thought she knew what she wanted. She thought she knew what Chuck wanted. She made several incorrect assumptions. Those assumptions were made with flawed information that was heavily based from miscommunication.

      Technically Sarah never asked Chuck what he wanted nor did Chuck tell Sarah what he wanted. Prague was made possible by past outdated information, assumptions and not communicating.

      • There were even a few teasers put in Season 3 that suggested Chuck was actually right. In First Class, when Chuck was trapped in the hold of the plane, he phoned Sarah to ask her what to do. Shaw told her, ” If you pick up that phone, he’ll never be a real spy.” She didn’t pick it up ….
        That may have been the first indication that Sarah was actually lying to Chuck regarding Prague.

      • She was an emotional train wreck. Chuck be a spy, Chuck be a hero, Chuck don’t be a spy. She had no clue what the wanted. This adds underlying meaning to her “baggage” comment in Pilot. Her baggage was causing her serious issues.

      • I think guys we need to distinguish what a hero is it what is spy is sarasota best in helicopter some people are born to be heroes others have to b asked I don’t think in Chuck’s case he had either or he was forced to be a spy

        Anybody could be a hero but to b a spy is something else the basis of my new prague article. Is to dive into when did the real relationship begin to blossom and I am not talking about one side interested more then the other I am talking about mutual I am ready let’s do this

        For me it is hard to tell at the end of season 2 if the both of them were ready to commit to a relationship they both never had a conversation in talking about what it would take to have a real relationship so this is what the next article is going to be about is so bare with me I will try to get it out today if not I will try tomorrow

      • Yes…and a lot of her indecision came before Prague. What I really don’t like is the argument that running was the “normal” life that Sarah wanted. In the next breath, they talk about how Chuck’s life with his family and friends is the “normal” life that Sarah wanted. They were 2 diametrically opposed lives. If people really do believe that running was a great plan, I’ll have no choice but to call Chuck, “Hector Calderone” for the rest of the discussions !

        (Reposting this in the proper discussion !)

      • Chris…can you use some punctuation when you post ? It may be the nerd in me, but I have a real hard time figuring out what you are trying to say when you run a whole paragraph together.
        The end of season 2 where Chuck downloaded Intersect 2.0 and then
        1) the CIA were now going to be training him as a “real” spy, and
        2) Sarah asking Chuck to run with her
        is very unclear. As far as Chuck knew, Sarah was going to go with Bryce. When Bryce died, was there any real conversation between Chuck and Sarah on the state of their relationship? Was it all of a sudden Sarah springing her Prague idea on Chuck? Would Chuck have been confused by Sarah all of a sudden choosing to run with him, when she had previously been going to go with Bryce? Was Sarah running to him a “backup plan” because Bryce is now dead (i.e. was Chuck a rebound?) Since Chuck never knew that Sarah chose him over Bryce BEFORE Bryce died, then it is conceivable that Chuck may have perceived Sarah running as a result of being heartbroken over the loss of Bryce.

        Just throwing that out there for discussion !! LOL

      • Gary,

        Sorry about the lack of punctuation. I had used my cell phone to post the previous comment. When I don’t have punctuation is because of the phone.


      • No problem, Chris. It’s just hard to figure out what you were getting at, but phones are notoriously tough to type on…. Especially with Auto-correct!!

  13. And the manipulation was when Shaw manipulated her into giving Chuck his Red Test…and giving him a no win choice. Really nice of her to do that to him.

    And do you really think Sarah never realized that Chuck wanted to be MORE than just a Nerd Herder at a Buy More ? Was she really that self absorbed that she never heard Chuck telling her all the things he had wanted to do with his life ?

    • No of all the people in Chuck’s life Sarah was the one that tried to pep talk Chuck.

      You can be anything you want or having anything you want. Both times Sarah was not talking about being a spy. She was saying I am also in that picture.

      Did anyone really believe if she was forced to leave town by the agency should wouldn’t want to see Chuck out. They were soul mates.

      once soul mates meet, its hard to be apart. When Ellie was ripping him in Tom Sawyer, What did Sarah do but get his degree for him.

      so of all the characters Sarah saw the potential in Chuck. See I believe Sarah fell for the image Chuck representated. The good guy with a trusting heart.

      I agree with you on the red test, this was were I questioned the writers decisions, but at the same time if i am forced to live with what was written. Sarah was doing what her boss told her to do.

      IT was her order. She protested didn’t she. In fact she said she didn’t know if she wanted him to conduct the red test. I am not saying Sarah wasn’t selfish in Season 3.

      In fact Sarah was selfish in Hard Salami, but we chalk that up to being Jealousy and made up for it by planting a kiss on him.

      I am not afraid to admit when Sarah was wrong, but we have to put ourselves in her shoes. The guy that helped the Ballerina was changing. The kiss he gave her in Prague was not the one they shared in Barstow.

      I also agree with you that running was not the answer. The reality is the relationship was not ready in Barstow or Prague, The problem was and will always be until they both got over themselves and recognize they were in a real relationship. They were never going to progress into the relationship.

      I don’t even consider The Other Guy as a real breakthrough either. Sarah still struggled with unpacking and moving in, while Chuck had to move quick. Why? in two episodes of coming together they were already moving in together.

      so here is the disconnect for me. The are crap communicators. However, they just can’t say everyone in one episode because if they did why have a 22 episode season. The relationship was built over a series of episodes.

      I just feel Shaw and Hannah get the brunt of the issues between Sarah and Chuck. I feel the problems in Prague happened long before Pink Slip.

      I don’t want to spoil my new article so after I finish Delorean and Wookie. I will spend time on this new prague article.

      • Well….if Sarah really didn’t want Chuck to become what she was afraid he was going to become, she would have done what Casey did for him in the Red Test. Casey understood Chuck better than Sarah did. And you can’t blame giving him the Red Test on obeying her boss …..c’mon…they were sleeping together. And Sarah from Season 2 never had that much trouble defying her bosses if it helped Chuck.

        I think the relationship would have worked very nicely if they had gone on a romantic vacation together. The worse thing you can do in a relationship is move too fast. It was a nice slow burn for 2 years. The nerd thing to do would be to move too fast. The proper way to move was a romantic getaway …..but Sarah shot him down.

        And speaking of that, you mention that Sarah wanted him to be an analyst on the Intersect project. Do you really think that would have been what Chuck wanted….being a minor cog in a machine in which Bryce and Sarah were back together? That would have been a VERY painful thing for Chuck to do. Plus, it’s not “hero” material. Sarah always told Chuck he could be a spy ….. saying otherwise is ignoring what was said. Yes, she also said he could “have” anything he wanted too…and yes, she was referring to herself. But always talking about being a hero, seeing him “in action”, “how many times do you have to be a hero to realize you are that guy”. Wow, Chris ….you think she WASN’T referring to being a spy with that type of dialogue ?

        Rose coloured glasses, my friend !! LOL 😉

      • Sarah is much more of a crap communicator than Chuck….except for Prague, of course. Why Chuck didn’t tell Sarah exactly how he felt in Prague was uncharacteristic, but the writers needed it to happen so they could make 13 episodes out of the arc. I really can’t think of another instance where Chuck didn’t say exactly how he feels.

        But think of Sarah ….just at the end of Season 2 and start of Season 3. Chuck asks her to go on a romantic vacation, and Sarah says, ” I’m leaving with Bryce in the morning.” Now whether the viewer knows that it’s not what Sarah really wanted or not, Sarah has made it clear that she is choosing Bryce and the spy life over Chuck. That’s pretty clear communication. And Chuck makes it pretty clear he’s disappointed. That’s actual communication…and it’s probably the reason Chuck downloads the Intersect 2.0….. Sarah telling Chuck he is “That Guy”, and also because Chuck figures Sarah will always choose a spy over a regular guy like him.

        Then take Sarah’s change of heart. She tells Chuck directly that the spy life means mission after mission, and changes of identity, so they should run. But that was a lie ….. that’s not why Sarah didn’t want Chuck to become a spy. However, SHE never told Chuck she didn’t want him to change until Tic Tac. So it was really HER lack of communication that caused the problems.

  14. Same show. Totally different stories depending on whose watching and how you interpret things.

    This is what happens when the story isn’t told clearly.

    I’m also a firm believer that those that binge watch S3 aren’t seeing the same show as those who watched on real time.

    • Exactly … you see, Chuck didn’t come across as that much of a dirtbag because we found out in short order that he chose the spy life for the greater good and so he and Sarah could be together, that he loved her, etc. Now, they did air those 2 episodes the same night as well. So Chuck seemed to be slightly redeemed. What I found odd is that not only was Sarah not blamed for being part of the problem in Prague, but she also never had to redeem herself for it. She was really given a free pass throughout Season 3 with the one big excuse….”Well, Chuck broke her heart in Prague…”

      • Binge watching allows you to quickly see Chuck’s side of things, since they are always well explained, and he always makes amends within an episode or 2. If you watch on air, it may be a week or 2…or even 3, before Chuck’s actions are explained. By then, the “misconception” of his actions has taken root, and I think you would take longer to forgive him for his mistakes.
        Sarah’s actions are never called into question on the binge watch … since you can watch 8 months of Sarah’s life in a night or 2, all her actions get explained away by , ” Well, Chuck broke her heart.”. And she is redeemed when Chuck asks DYLM and she answers ,”Yes.” When you have to wait for each episode, you have time to digest the length of time it’s been since Prague, the fact that Sarah seemed to get over it in Angel de la Muerte, etc. Her actions were all over the place…and Mask was just such a massive turnaround from her previous interactions with Shaw. People were quite upset with Sarah when the show aired…binge watchers, not so much.

      • That is a good point looking at it like that. Plus I would imaging while the show was airing you got a couple of teasers during the week.

        I never got to see the show on the air. Although my first viewing on Netflix went through fairly quickly, I wouldn’t necessarily classify it as binge watching.

        I would have to imagine it is very difficult to try and create a believable or at least an interesting story and compress it into 42 minute segments. It does blur the time line somewhat. I also think the extended hiatus between Ring 1 on 4-27-09, S2 finale, and Pink Slip on 1-10-10, S3 premier, played into the S3 issues everyone is noting.

      • Actually people were very excited for S3. The build up to it was tremendous.

        TPTB rather “negative” PR campaign prior to it left a lot to be desired however. They knew they had a problem shortly after SDCC and could do nothing about it.

        And when the show aired and people didn’t recognize anyone and it was worse than believed, the fallout started. By Mask people had had enough.

        I think that the showrunners overpriced their payoff in Other Guy because the journey to get there, for many, wasn’t worth it for many.

  15. I think the Sarah Walker character gets prematurely tossed under the bus by the fans for the Prague incident because at this point in the show we (the viewers) don’t know the dark side of her SPY past yet. I will disagree with you Chris because I don’t think she liked being a spy. By the ring episode we know she joined the CIA at a young age to escape jail and a broken family. Now she is under constant surveillance, rules of protocol to follow, constantly berated for protecting her asset instead of training, and bound by duty to do her job or jail time, and no friends or family to talk to, but when she tries to talk to Chuck he gives her one of his well documented interruptions or the spy job interferes. What we (the viewer) don’t learn until the final exam episode is how her red test was the worst day of her life that changed her into the “unforgiving, unfriendly, and unquestioning about her orders” Langston Grahm wild card enforcer we see in season five after she loses her memory.
    Spying for Sarah is just a JOB because it’s the only thing she knows how to do, but like Chuck, we know she is just a regular person with a good heart who is stuck in a bad situation. This Q & A from season 1 Crown Vic explained her situation concisely and also changed the whole dynamic of the show for me:
    Sarah:” do you ever just want to have a normal life? Have a family, children?”
    Casey;” The choice we made to protect something bigger than ourselves IS the right choice”

    The killing part of the spy world that only SHE sees coming to the ONLY thing she cares about is what causes the knee jerk reaction of trying to run, and I think is why it is a surprise to both Chuck and the viewers. This sequence is not just a speed bump in their relationship but a PORTENT of what is to come for Chuck. Of course in the three words he explains that it is his desire AND duty, as he has learned from her, to help people but more importantly for him to fight the good fight FOR her, to PROTECT his friends, family, and HER because he loved her. CLASSIC Chuck. Then, at the end of operation awesome, while the song Bears plays and they are back at the table together smiling it is like a flower rising from a ruined landscape and we have renewed hope they will be back together. More classic Chuck.
    The rest of the “misery arc” is all about Sarah’s portent and the complete tearing down of everything a nice guy who wants to do right like Chuck holds sacred. The multiple romances were just salt into a gaping wound, and a way to show how the lies and deception that had taken over Chuck spread to EVERY aspect of his life until he hit rock bottom. This all culminates in the final exam when he (and maybe us viewers too) has to decide, ON HIS OWN, if he is ready to kill to be with the one he loves. Ironically, by the tic tac, it was Casey, who set Sarah straight in the crown vic, that gave this speech to Chuck that Sarah would eventually give too in the baby:
    Casey:” I made a decision between love and love and country a long time ago. It was the right decision for me at the time. Now you have to decide if it is the right decision for you.”
    I think the writing in this season was brilliant. Did I like what happened at times? No. But I read an article from a critic that said the uniqueness of Chuck compared to other network shows was the ability of the writers to go DEEP into the thought process of the characters. Maybe season 3 went too deep. It reminds me of a quote from a viewer who saw people lining the streets with flags for Chris Kyle’s funeral procession, ” some scenes you can put the emotions into words, but sometimes the emotion comes from so far down there are no words”. I think it was necessary, even for a comedy/action show, to show the dark side of spying, so that when they did break free of it they weren’t just moving on from the glamour life of “the cars, the guns, the women” as Morgan said to Casey at the Buy More. For those of us that survived season 3 the sacrifice made for a better appreciation and joy of season four journey to the wedding day.

    • Whether the dark side had to be explored ( and it probably did ), they had to change the characters in order to tell that part of the story. They then told the dark side, and reverted back to the original characters, more or less.

      On of the frustrating things about the series as a whole is going into these places, and then forgetting about it again for the remainder of the series. Sarah was a spy for 7 years before her Red Test, and it changed her. The whole Misery arc was based on Sarah knowing what would happen to “her Chuck” if he continued his training…he “completed” his Red Test…shot Shaw….and then it was never an issue ever again. ( That is, he could continue to work as a CIA agent without ever having to use a gun again.) Throw in the fact that he was on ” more spy missions in the first 2 seasons than most agents ever go on in a lifetime”…all without having training and having to use a gun.

      It’s just odd how they introduce a concept to drive a story arc, and then it’s never an issue ever again….

      • Tuxedo and Gary,

        First, i would be the first to tell you after the baby incident Sarah was at the crossroads in being a spy. Even more so after meeting Chuck, but when its the only life you know or for Sarah her only family its hard to just walk away from it. Sarah was good at being a spy but even an artist, who is talented at something does not for the thrill but for money or any other reason.

        Its funny she once said a spy doesn’t plant roots, yet when given the opportunity to leave Burbank it didn’t materialise for her, and its not Chuck himself that attracted her Ellie Awesome and even Morgan showed her there is another life out there. She struggled, lied to herself and others but at the end of the day when she said she was going to find herself in Goodbye, where did she end up on the beach in Burbank. Sarah found her self actualization and it was Burbank. She said so, “I been around the world and visited many places, but Burbank was the only place that felt like home.” Sarah found a man that loved her for her and accepted her for it.

        When I say Chuck wasn’t a spy, I talk about the dirty things spies have to do like sleeping with Silvia despite being in a cover marriage with Sarah. it’s funny Sarah was willing to sleep with the mark in Pink Slip to accomplish the mission, but Chuck couldn’t sleep with Carina, The Black Widow or Silvia, but Jill and Hannah he was able too.

        Sarah’s decision to run in S3 was something i think needs to be explored on a writing senses.

        As a wrestling fan, i grew up during the attitude era. cursing, women in their bra and panties and the like. the rating for wrestling then was not PG lets just put it that way. The arenas were filled because this was what the public enjoyed. However, WWE decided it was time to clean up their image, and went to a more family friendly business. The ratings dropped Attendance has decreased because of the PG rating.

        its the same for Chuck in that matter. Do you give up on something you love because they tried to change? because if they did they didn’t love the show at all. I was a Dawson Creek fan and boy the middle seasons of the series was tough to watch, but I sat through it because I was a fan. S3’s writing was poor, but its not a bad idea to reinvent yourself. Look, how much longer was the show going to last with two agents always getting the action while the star sat in a van.

        Chuck’s production crew tried their best and they failed, but thats better than what WWE is going through they refuse to change to appease the fans that don’t like the programming they are watching. WWE is dying a slow death because lets face the performers aren’t what they use to be.

        i mean we are only talking about 12 episodes out of 91 not bad if you ask me

      • The legendary Undertaker went from being the deadman wrestling fans love to a biker that didn’t work, so they returned the deadman to his natural gimmick. Same thing for Chuck, they tried to make Chuck into this jerk that wasn’t the Chuck we knew and loved from S! and S2, but at least he returned before the end of the season.

        some changes do work. John Cena;s stardom came when he turned to rap as a gimmick and Stone Cold’s transcendence to the top of the industry came after a flopped Gimmick known as the Ringmaster. So yes, Chuck risked themselves for what they did in S3, I don’t know if I am making sense at all

    • The problem with S3 is that it was all about what Sarah was thinking.

      Unfortunately, the fans never know what Sarah is thinking because she never speaks.

      The writing in S3 was atrocious.

  16. ” Even Orion who hadn’t been around could tell Shaw and Sarah were lovers. ”

    And how did he know that? Who exactly told him? Chuck lied to him repeatedly in Living Dead about everything but that’s the one detail he told him?

    Orion knowing about Shaw and Sarah is as much an exercise in sloppy writing as Casey’s interrogation scene is an exercise in character incongruity and retroactive continuity errors.

    Episodes 3×16-19 are so sloppy they are painful to watch. The worst is Living Dead.

  17. “Sarah was willing to sleep with the mark in Pink Slip to accomplish the mission”

    The writers said that she didn’t sleep with the mark in Pink Slip.

    If she had, her whole behavior in Truth would have been absurd. What, she sleeps with a mark she despises in Pink Slips for a simple courier exchange but she doesn’t sleep with the man she’s in love with in Truth in order to keep the Intersect happy and compliant and away from Lou?

  18. “Sarah was really given a free pass throughout Season 3 with the one big excuse….”Well, Chuck broke her heart in Prague…”

    She wasn’t. She was in pain because she had made herself vulnerable to Chuck and he stood her up in Prague. She was ready to quit her world, the spy life in which she excelled and that was everything she knew to be with him, only to watch him reject her offer (however impractical it was) and choose to be a spy over being with her.

    Then she watched him chose the morally challenging spy life over his own principles in 3×7-8 only to reverse that in 3×10 and flip flop again with his red test (or so she believed).

    For her, it was not just that Chuck broke her heart in Prague. He broke her heart when she saw him abandon his principles in order to be a spy in 3×5-8 and then with his red test.

  19. “It is not farfetched to think that 2 attractive 30-ish single people, who engage in couple’s massages, shop for Tiffany earrings and stay together in his apartment are not having sex !! LOL’

    Most of this stuff mentioned in the interrogation scene couldn’t have happened because it contradicts what we actually see in previous episodes.

    In 3×11, Chuck tells Casey that Sarah spent the weekend in DC, leaving with general Beckman right after she and Chuck helped Casey in Tic Tac (Shaw could wait). When she comes back, she says they were in a lot of meetings, talking about Chuck, in fact (and most likely about Sarah’s future in DC at the head of the counter-Ring task force with Shaw). Shaw and Beckman chime in and talk about Chuck’s final exam, which they had agreed upon after much deliberation. So, they were indeed in meetings.

    Now, during the interrogation scene, Casey pulls a restaurant receipt and says the expense was personal. If the expense was personal, how does Casey have Shaw’s original receipt? I understand Casey can pull Shaw’s credit card statement (if Shaw used a credit card), but the original receipt?

    Even worse, that restaurant event contradicts what Shaw says during his interrupted dinner with Sarah in 3×12, when he says, “I’m sorry… We should have done this sooner.” Well, apparently, you two just did this a couple of weekends ago in DC. How could both of you have forgotten?

    Then, how is it that Shaw, who lived in Castle from the end of 3×8 because the Ring had found out he was alive and had hired Rafe to assassinate him, roams freely around massage parlors in DC, where there are plenty of Ring agents? And when did they go to Tiffany’s and massage parlors if they were there merely for a weekend and in meetings with Beckman?

    And would Beckman, who clearly tells Chuck and Sarah at the end of 3×14 that she’s against personal entanglements between agents, fly Sarah to DC on her plane so that Sarah can have a roll in the hay with Shaw?

    And how could Shaw and Sarah be off the grid if they were in Shaw’s penthouse in downtown DC? Isn’t downtown DC the very heart of the grid?

    Now, let’s look at the timing. DC is sandwiched right between Tic Tac and Final Exam. In Tic Tac, Sarah spends a lot of time with Chuck; they connect; they risk their spy career and their lives to help Casey, something Shaw would never do and that impresses Sarah about Chuck. After the mission, when Beckman asks Sarah if she wants to fly back to DC with her, Sarah is conflicted, and is still conflicted in the taxi in DC.

    In Final Exam, right after coming back from DC, she admits to Chuck that things with Shaw are “different,” and her demeanor speaks volumes—she means “worse.” And when Chuck asks for a second chance, she leans to kiss him. She certainly does not look like a woman who’s spent the last couple of days having fun in DC at massage parlors and Tiffany’s.

    Finally, what shall we say of the earrings? How come we never see those earrings in 3×11-12, when she is with Shaw but we see them now that she’s with Chuck? Why does she never wear Chuck’s mother’s charm bracelet but wears earrings given to her by the man who drugged her and tried to kill her and who had to be shot by the man who she’s currently with? Who does that?

    And what is the purpose of the whole interrogation scene? To find out Shaw’s penthouse is in the Intersect, so that Chuck, Sarah, Orion, and Justin can get from LA to DC faster than Ellie can get from Echo Park to Bellevue Square in LA? Even though it takes 5+ hours to fly to DC from LA? And the only thing they find at Shaw’s place is his spy will, which has no significance whatsoever in the story?

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