The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Chuck Bartowski Part II

Overview of the Bad Side of Chuck

When I first thought of this three part series, I began to wonder about the bad side of Chuck, and I realize there are not that many negative aspects of Chuck. However, the bad qualities are significant ones.  The first  bad trait would be the obvious over reliance on the Intersect, and the other would be his inability to see that Sarah truly loved the regular Chuck Bartowski.

It is important to understand that this article will not be about the skill sets or the other various functions of the Intersect. This will be more about the connection between Sarah, the Intersect, and Chuck’s insecure nature.  Grant it! If Chuck never was sent the intersect,  Chuck and Sarah would of never met, but it is not the reason she fell in love with him. It was his charm and willingness to help others despite himself. For example, nearly blowing himself up in order to save Morgan. A rather noble attribute

The spy world was all Sarah knew and it was taking its toll on her. She became a stone cold killer that let orders run her life, but not Chuck,  he did not allow protocol to change who he was. However, he did not listen to her when she said “you’re Chuck Bartowski and you do that all on your own.” The problem was Chuck never believed it could be that way. So, we begin here.

Chuck’s lack of self confidence

After losing the Intersect Sarah asks Chuck, “These treatments… the experiments…promise me you are not doing this for me or us? ” These are the kind of concerns that are often in Sarah’s mind, but for Chuck it was a constant struggle. He countered with “No, I am doing it for the team…just never been a spy without the intersect and much like being a spy.” Sarah later says, “You don’t need the intersect to do great things. You’re great on your own.” However, Chuck does not listen.

Your Chuck Bartowski and that is good enough
You don’t need the Intersect

The nerd in him won’t allow it. A beautiful woman telling her boyfriend that he was great was not registering, and it was not just Sarah. Casey would also tell him

Casey would coach Chuck by saying things like “Before the intersect…you were smart.” Encouragement was not the problem. Even the unlikely of people, Volkoff claimed he would of never found Orion’s secret base if it wasn’t for Chuck.

When Morgan had the intersect in Season 5, Chuck would claim that he missed having the intersect because it made  missions easier, but it was not the intersect, who saved them from Bale. Not to mention taking down Fulcrum, The Ring, Volkoff Industries and Quinn.

He would orchestra plans that would produce better results than 20 years of work by the CIA and NSA. Something that truly was amazing to watch, yet despite all that he still felt that the intersect was imperative for succeeding on missions.

Some of his finest work came when situations were at their worst, and during these hectic moments he still manage to keep  composure. For example, when he was going to be thrown off the balcony in Tango, he quickly came up with a plan to avoid being killed and maintain his cover by revealing little. This was his first field mission and the best part was he impressed Casey and Sarah. You must be wondering how this relates with Sarah.

The next part of this article will go in great detail on that subject.

Chuck Bartowski: Sarah, I told Ellie I’d quit after we stopped the Ring – and I meant it. I can’t lie to her. Think you can love a regular guy?

Sarah Walker: Well, I fell in love with a regular guy.

The quote came from the closing moments of Chuck vs the Ring II, and it was the first time she said it bluntly, but she has been saying it the whole time. She could not tell him she fell in love with him, but she would tell Chuck many times that the regular guy is who she was into. In Chuck vs the First Date, Sarah told Chuck.

You can have anything you want“I have seen you in action.., I am not just talking about the bomb defusing or diamond stealing. You can be anything…have anything you want.

He heard the occupational part, but what about the have anything you want?  For a man who was technical savvy, he lack the skill set in reading between the lines of how Sarah spoke. She nonchalantly confessed her interest in him.

She says it again,

In Tic Tac,

Sarah: I thought you had changed.

Chuck: What do you mean?

 Sarah: Look, I know that you wanna be the perfect spy and I know what it means to you and what you sacrificed to get there. But, please don’t lose that guy that I met three years ago. Don’t give up on the things that make you great.

Chuck: I’ll always be that guy.

He has changed already. The guy she met three years ago was not the same one in Tic Tac. He had downloaded the intersect 2.0 and was in transition to become the spy the government was going to get in 2003 before Bryce put a stop to it. The very guy she met, who did not have knowledge of having the intersect in his head. The man she witness help a little ballerina and defuse a bomb using internet porn. A regular guy did all that. All the intersect did was make him flash on who, what, and where the bomb was and who it was meant for. it didn’t tell him how to defuse it.

They thought we could connect
I liked you…It made it harder

There have been other moments where Sarah told Chuck that she liked him from the start. Remember in Nacho Sampler, she said “They thought we could connect…You were sweet…I liked you…it made it harder.”   How did Chuck respond?

Chuck: Why?

And remember what happened in the pilot on their first date,

Chuck: I was thinking “either she’s a cannibal, or she’s really not that funny,” and I was pulling for cannibal ’cause I’d never met one before…

Sarah: Uh, not a cannibal, but I did just come out of a long relationship, so I may come with baggage.

Chuck: Well, I could be your very own baggage handler.

first date
I can be your own baggage handler

[Sarah smiles and looks surprised by the pickup line]

Chuck: So, the guy..the ex is the reason why you move here from?

Sarah: Uhh…yeah…after I realized that all of my friends were his friends and everything about Washington reminded me of Bruce…I needed a change…A big one

Chuck: uhhh.. Bruce…you give me crap about being Chuck, and you went out with a Bruce…that’s nice really nice..thats real good.

[after Sarah laughs]

Sarah: What about you, what skeletons do you have in your closet… any secrets? Any women?

Chuck: Yeah…yeah actually back at college there was one…but that’s all over now and the restraining order is very specific

Sarah: I like you Chuck

What I love about Chuck’s baggage handler line was the look he gave. He thought out loud, and both of their expressions were classic. Unintentional pick up line huh Mr. Bartowski. It should be gratifying that Sarah love it. Her eyes said so. The charms working full throttle.  It concluded  with “I like you” from Sarah. Agent Walker was trying to be professional and probe Chuck, but she could not resist his charms. Thus, turning what was a cover date into a real one. Sarah Walker’s heart was beginning to open for Bartowski.

This was the scene where Zachery and Yvonne really showed the world what we were getting ourselves into. They both mastered the scene and brought it to life. I felt like I was actually seeing Chuck and Sarah and not two actors performing. This chemistry they showcased was just the beginning.

As much as Sarah told him she liked him…Chuck still did not believe in himself that she would actually have feelings for him…and this really was bad because if he knew sooner maybe he does not break up with her on three different occasions and pursue women that clearly Sarah was better than. Her personality and looks make those three women seem like child’s play to be honest.

Sarah knew when to challenge Chuck and when to loosen the grip. She was protective, but willing to let Chuck evolve. Something his sister could take queue from Sarah, but we will leave Ellie for another time . All in all no matter what Sarah did before and after the relationship commenced did Chuck ever feel like he deserved her and truth be told either did Sarah

Sarah: When you get those secrets out of your head and you live the life you always’ll forget all about me .”

Chuck: I seriously doubt that

Sarah would of not forgotten Chuck either. her struggle to hold back her tears proved otherwise

Sometimes Morgan puts things into perspective as in Phase Three, this and the other scene where Sarah tells Chuck that she wants to marry him are  the most emotional driven scenes by far before watching Sarah’s mind get erased. I won’t watch or read anything about Chuck vs Sarah because of how intense that episode is for me, but still I see nothing but pure emotion come our of Sarah very nice work Yvonne, it looked very authentic.

Its not the reason I love Chuck
But, Its not the reason I love Chuck

[Shows Morgan a piece of paper she found in Chuck’s shirt pocket]

Sarah:  Do you know what this is?

Morgan:  No…No never seen it before

Sarah: I really miss him

Morgan: Fine I give..Its Chuck’s proposal plan

Sarah: Chuck was planning on proposing ?

Morgan: Yeah

[Morgan explains the plan to Sarah]

Sarah Walker: When was he planning on doing this?

Morgan Grimes: I don’t know. I mean, since he lost the Intersect, the proposal plan got put on hold.

Sarah Walker: Why? Did he think I wouldn’t want to marry him without the Intersect? Is that how I made him feel?

Morgan Grimes: No. No! Chuck knew that – Chuck knows that you love him, Sarah, okay? It’s just, you’re kind of a big fish, you know? And to a regular guy with no supercomputer in his brain, I gotta think that’s pretty intimidating.

Sarah Walker: But that’s not the reason why I love Chuck. I want to spend the rest of my life with Chuck –*with* or *without* the Intersect.

 Morgan Grimes: That’s fantastic! That’s great. Yeah, and he knows that right? Because you told him?… Oh.

Most would say Sarah is partially to blame because she never told him out right. Not true…She may have not said the words Chuck needed to hear, but she showed and used words that wouldn’t get the both of them in trouble with the job and lose sight of protecting him. Whatever the case may be, she was in love with Chuck and attempted to tell Chuck in many ways. He didn’t listen…in closing that is what makes him bad at not paying attention to his partner/girlfriend/wife.

Next week we will get into the final part of the Good, Bad and  the Ugly side of Chuck and there really is two big ugly issues for me. They are worse than the bad side of Chuck…I will show why Hannah and the Omen Virus was the worse of Chuck Bartowski.



  1. Sorry, but your grammar is atrocious. I recommend taking a course on that if you’re going to continue writing articles. The content was good, it was just hard to read. For example, “Grant it!” is not a phrase, nor should it end in a period or exclamation. The term is “GRANTED” followed by a comma. “Would/could/should OF” are not correct, it’s would/could/should HAVE. There were also tons of incorrect words (“orchestra” should have been orchestrate, etc.) And incorrect punctuation.

  2. It always kind of bothered me how Chuck never realized that Sarah loves him for him. The intersect has pretty much no function outside of missions, yet time and time again Sarah would come to his aid even if it risked her job and her life. She was already a great operative and didn’t need an intersect to further her career. In chuck versus the first kill and chuck versus the colonel, she committed treason just to protect him. She’s also worked to help him get rid of it when that was what he wanted. She also wanted to run away with him in Prague. There are various examples, as you mentioned and there’s really no point in going through all of them. I just find can’t understand how Chuck has any doubts about how Sarah feels about him after Chuck vs The Colonel. Their story line constantly has Sarah making sacrifices to be with Chuck and honestly, it would have been nice if he’s granted some of what she wanted, like eloping.

  3. I completely agree, Chuck missed the simple signs and leading tone’s Sarah used to say how into him she was. But at the same time, especially season 1-2, she would always refer to their relationship as a cover, so you could understand why Chuck would look elsewhere for a real relationship.

    In regards to season 4, when Chuck still has doubts, while Sarah has said how much she loves him, I can see Chuck’s thinking, and although we never hear him say it, you can see the concern. Sarah has always gone for the Bryce Larkin/Daniel Shaw types, and with the intersect from a spy standpoint Chuck is right there at that level. I thought at the end of Season 2, when Beckman offered him an analyst job, Sarah should have spoken to Chuck about it, because she was obviously disappointed he didn’t consider it. At that point, he no longer had the intersect, and as far as Chuck knew, Sarah was leaving. Sarah never told Chuck she had changed her mind and was staying.

    Chuck had never known Sarah without the intersect, because they had never spoken about it, I can see Chuck’s concern, would Sarah still be interested if he no longer had the intersect, was Chuck without the intersect still be enough. We as the viewers know she would be, but Chuck a guy who likes to ‘talk about anything’ never brought it up, so to me it says he did have it in the back of his mind. Remember even when Chuck had stopped working for the CIA (between S3 and S4), he still had the intersect.

    • You are right Sarah didnt say anything, but Sarah couldnt say anything. See after the Ballerina Sarah broke a spy rule dont plant roots which she did the minute she told Graham i can fix it. Fix what the computer was broken,

      you also are right about the cover but in reality Sarah was covering her own feelings . Sarah gave him many signs shecwas into them but her fear of being a real girl she used her fear as a cause to throw Chuck off. This is y Chuck vs The Truth is when Sarah realised it was going to be tougher for her.

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