First Class vs Fear of Death

no chuck your notSarah not happy Chuck going on a mission alone


The next part of comparing storylines would be two of my favorite episodes, which are First Class and Fear of Death are similar because Chuck goes on missions by himself. Once with the intersect and the other without the supercomputer, and both situations have two very different sides of Sarah Walker.

The other thing I love was how two outsiders both claiming Chuck can be a great spy, but Casey and Sarah hold him back. The most notable  Sarah. The truth was She did not want to see Chuck hurt, and him flying solo without her was too much even for her agent persona.

The difference was the two sides of Sarah, In First Class, we have Agent Walker present, and in Fear of Death, Sarah Walker the girlfriend has taken over. Two similar stories, but very different Sarah Walkers. This also showcases the talent of Yvonne. Her character’s development really has changed in season 4. She loved Chuck in Season 3, but she was still upset over what happen in Prague, and in season 4 Chuck and Sarah have become one. We begin with First Class, Shaw forces Chuck to leave the van and go on his first mission.

Shaw says the problem with the team is themDaniel Shaw organized a team meeting, and the focus was to figure out why Team Bartowski at times seemed dysfunctional, and his conclusions   he found was Sarah and Casey held back Chuck, and this point of the story, I agreed.

Chuck was always undermined by his team. No matter if he proved that he was smart enough to decrypt a microchip or rewire a ring phone just by looking at the phone’s schematics, This was awesome spy work, but both Sarah and Casey said he was not ready.

Shaw made it is his mission to train and see what Chuck was capable of.  He asked Chuck to speak with him alone.Shaw sees potential in Chuck

Chuck learned his mission objective and would be traveling to Paris. His mission was to secure the key for a lock box that obtaining ring Intel.  We will eventually learn that the box belonged to his wife.  However, while packing for his mission Sarah voices her opinion on the matter.


Agent Walker’s plea

Sarah not happy Chuck goig on a mission aloneSarah: Listen, I know you want this to work and you want to impress Shaw, but this is crazy

Chuck: Ok, fine, the nunchakus are a little crazy…You weren’t supposed to see those, but Shaw an honest to god, real life special agent for the CIA Thinks that I am ready. He thinks that I can do it, and I want to prove that he’s not wrong about me.

Sarah:  I am not saying that you can’t do this, but please…..please just don’t go now. Okay? You need more time.

Shaw: He’s going

What we have here is a balance of Agent Walker and Sarah the girlfriend, who was use to going on missions with Chuck. Her facial expressions are pleas from a jilted girlfriend, Chuck’s safety was still her concern and it showed .   It was Agent Walker presence that sparked the tone of the plea and also the walls around her heart also were trying to prevent feelings being the cause for concern, which was much different in comparison to her plea in Fear of death, look at the difference in tone.

One unhappy camper
You, put the man I love in danger…where I can’t protect him

We also get a very defensive agent when it comes to finding out Chuck was sent on an mid air mission., and with two ring operatives to boot. Something that made Sarah a very unhappy partner.

Hey Heather Chandler, this is what Sarah looks like when she is upset

Sarah Walker the Girlfriend

In Chuck vs the Fear of Death, Agent Rye iwas trying to get the Intersect working again, and his theory was Fear of Death would lift the psychological rock that prevented the intersect from working.  Remember Mary used a suppression devise to prevent Chuck from following Alexi and, Agent Rye, like Shaw needed Chuck to do this mission on his own.

The difference at this stage of the story, Sarah is Chuck’s girlfriend, thus we get a very different kind of plea.

Sarah: General, Chuck can’t go on a mission without the intersect that’s insane.

Here is the first line of the scene, So, to Sarah Chuck was not ready when he did have the Intersect, and that was crazy, but this is worse right? because he had no Intersect this time.

Further in the scene, General Beckmann says there was a perfect mission for Agent Rye’s therapy. A perfect fear for your life mission for  intersectless Chuck. How does Sarah response?

Sarah: This is not great, this is crazy.

Agent Rye: Agent Walker, this is what Chuck Wants, Right Chuck?

Chuck: Whatever it takes to get the Intersect back working, General

After listening to Chuck’s response we get a look from Sarah that we don’t often get in front of the General and Casey, one of concern and visibly upset. This is defiantly not Agent Walker we got in First Class.

So, how does she handle knowing Chuck was going with Agent Rye alone to find out about the diamonds? Not good,

Chuck: Sarah, the only way I will be able to flash if there is no safety net.

Sarah: Yes, But Chuck then there is no safety net

Chuck Don'tbefore getting ready to go pack, Sarah stops Chuck with a Sarah the girlfriend plea.

Chuck: Wish me luck!

Sarah: Chuck don’t, don’t be a hero, just come home safe to me, Ok?

Ok, I get it, we have two different situation with regards to where Chuck and Sarah are during these two episodes, but are we really? Sure, they are a couple in Chuck vs the Fear of Death, but Sarah still thinks Chuck is no good enough to be spy.

She clearly said that in front of everyone, and what is worse is Sarah is on the other side of the world and can’t do nothing about it. Except get on a supersonic jet that will get her to Switzerland.  The problem is unlike Hugo Panzer, Baddie the Belgium was not the kind of guy you leave to chance. She was able to help on the plane, but read the chilling words from Baddie.

one serious bad manBaddie the Belgium: Pursue Agent Carmichael, and we will kill him slowly, there will be no further warning.

Sarah was so close, yet so far from stopping her worse fear, and for 5 days lives without the man she loves. Bad news for the bad guys who took Chuck, this is what life is like for Sarah without Chuck, and her biggest fear of all.

Life with out chuckI am going to go fine Chuck

A woman’s life was turned upside down, and you can tell in her eyes she is lost without him.. which leads to an emotion we don’t get to see too often out of both Sarah Walker the girlfriend and Agent Walker A scene that is by far the best scene ever for both Sarah and the acting of one Yvonne Strahovski.

I want to marry you

Tell me what you guys think of these two episodes, leave a comment


  1. Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact was a amusement account it.
    Look advanced to more added agreeable from you! By the way, how could we communicate?

    • I am glad you liked what the article was about. When writing an article I try to mix both something to laugh while staying focus on the point. Good story tellers know when to incorporate funny stuff. welcome to Chuckaholics

    • The reality is Chuck used a lot of what I call recycled storylines. At the top of this site, we have section called The Arcs of Chuck. A submenu called scene comparisons takes two scenes and compares various characters in each scene. For example, we can see Sarah Walker growth in Fear of Death as more of a girlfriend feel than her counterpart in First Class.

      We here deem Sarah Walker in First Class as Agent Walker because of tone, demeanor and attitude. Whereas Sarah in Fear of Death was concerned and worried for her boyfriend. “Don’t, don’t be a hero, just come home safe to me.” where as in FC, “I am not saying you can’t do this, but you need more time.”

      What did you think of the scenes?

      • I think you’d have to admit there are many iterations of Agent Walker, as well as a few iterations of Sarah Walker.
        There’s pre-Chuck / pre-baby Agent Walker, there’s handler Agent Walker, there’s the Agent Walker that Sarah Walker hides behind, and there’s the Agent Walker that focuses on mission / greater good. Even Sarah Walker is very different with Bryce, Chuck, Shaw, etc. Different levels of focus on herself…..

      • Agreed Gary,

        Sarah has some variations that really are interesting to see. I just finished watched in the first two episodes of S1 and I can say, How can we say she is in love with Chuck, when she goes crazy on him for distrusting her in Helicopter, and also it’s really hard to tell in the pilot when she does. I know she said she fell between fixing the phone and defusing a bomb using a computer virus, but we really don’t see Sarah’s feelings for Chuck until the beach scene and than again in Tango, What do you think?

  2. I think we see some of the indication that she “fell for him” at the date. Ballerina piqued her interest in the guy as more than just some Bryce Larkin protege. The baggage handler comment, along with other humorous lines on the date certainly broke down her defense somewhat. (Imagine someone like Bryce or Cole or Shaw actually wanting to get to know her. Sarah actually had to steer that conversation back to him by asking about previous secrets and women). When she said, ” I like you, Chuck”, I’m pretty sure she meant it.

    We also talk a lot about recycling the story lines, but I like to think of it as mirroring a previous incident to highlight either the growth of the characters, or the contradictory nature of the characters.

    I really like how G Walter Bush puts the dynamic of S1 and S2 into the perspective of who’s in the driver’s seat. I’ve only read the first half of the book ( not even ) and I’m impressed with the focus on the characters in a totally unbiased way. He writes about the metaphors within the storyline, placing the characters as secondary to the story. And I like what his perspective is regarding Sarah’s struggle … probably because his views are very similar to mine, no doubt. For instance, he emphasizes the fact that Sarah struggles with leaving the spy world behind to pursue a “normal” life with Chuck, or actually pulling Chuck into the spy world with her. I know you don’t think Sarah wanted Chuck to be a spy, but he presents a pretty compelling list of quotes from Sarah that are pretty hard to ignore. I think I’ve made the same arguments here many times.

    Can’t wait to finish up reading it ….

    • Yes, the Fish out of water is a nice way to put it. Sarah really does have a hard time entering Chuck’s world.

      because of the book, I went back to S1 to see it from his perspective really cool stuff

      • And, of course, given his take on S1 & 2, he has a tough time reconciling Sarah’s actions in S3. If he can’t figure out what was happening in S3 with his metaphor based analysis, I guess we really must chalk S3 up to some weird anomaly of the story writing…

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