Help Fund I Want My Nerd HQ Campaign

Nerd HQ

The Stakes are much Higher

To All Chuckaholics,

As some of you are aware, last week Zachery Levi started a fundraiser for his company The Nerd Machine.  the funding would be for this year’s Nerd HQ event. the event would be free, and also give a chance for celebrities and fans to interact, and the best part is there will be no charge to attend the event. All Zach wants is 5 dollars for the ultimate goal of one million dollars. The other importance of the event would be all proceeds and contributions will be for charity.  I will provide a link to Operation Smile, so all of you can see what Operation Smile is all about.

It should also be noted that some of us can’t make the event, but don’t be discouraged because the events will be streamed live on the internet for everyone to see. This year’s funderraiser however has become so much more than just The Nerd HQ, read very carefully to the following statement. If the one million dollars than there will never be a chance for a Chuck Movie.

For all of you that want more Chuck, Sarah, Jeffster, Casey, Morgan. it is simple donate $5.00, and we are headed in the right direction.

We all need to thank the people of Veronica Mars to inspire our Nerd Leader to pursue bringing back Chuck. All of the cast has said they will be willing to do it, so like before it is up to us fans to get it done. Don’t take my word for it.

Zachery Levi said last night on Facebook, and to paraphrase if we do not get one million dollars for both Operation Smile and Nerd HQ, it would be hard press for him to go ask the powers that be to sign off on a movie that costs at least 5 million dollars to make, so right now $ 5.00 can get all Chuckaholics what we been wanting for two years, a movie or even better a 6th season.

So, donate and we can see Charah again……To help navigate I provided a link below to the donation page. Again, all he wants is $5.00, we have 36 days left, all that is 200,000 people does not seem like a bad request.

Here is an example of what happens at a Nerd HQ event.

Here are the  web addresses

The Nerd Machine:

I Want My Nerd HQ Campaign:

Operation Smile:


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