The Jealousy of Sarah Walker: Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker: Part 2

Why Sarah was going to be the only Woman for Chuck



When thinking about the next part in studying  Sarah Walker, it was obvious and difficult to figure out. While looking for articles on the subject of jealousy, it was clear what the next theme should be about Sarah Walker’s jealousy. There are two questions that should be examined.

There are two questions:

1. Could Sarah’s  jealousy be only about Chuck? or was there something more behind it?

2.  Was Sarah’s Jealousy more generalized than specific?

Chuck belonged to Sarah or Chuck belonged to nobody. The fire displayed representative Chuck belonging to her and not to anyone else. Despite her Agent persona, her heart believed in the former.

How Jealousy was formed

If you recall from Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker, Chuck in the beginning was not really interested in Sarah, you can tell by the lack of willing to call her.  in fact, it was Morgan putting him on the spot that made him go out with her. However, for Chuck and Sarah things all changed with one simple line “I can be your very own baggage handler”

Whether Chuck intended to say it or not was always amusing to figure out, and judging from his expression maybe not, but what was more encouraging was how Sarah looked. She was probing him, looking for answers about his alliance with Bryce, but after hearing the line about baggage things all turned from assignment to a date. From leaving in the morning to staying for good. Sarah didn’t need to be just a superspy with Chuck, she can be both a spy and a normal woman. This is why you get expression like this one from Sarah.
Not sure Chuck is a threatSarah was not sure if Chuck was a threat, but showing up at her hotel room with flowers and innocence showed her something she has not seen ever in her life. Something she wanted and can have. The only problem was she was a spy and he was an asset. There can’t be any possibility of a relationship right? Or could there be?

The creation of a cover relationship was ideal for her, and as she was working with him, she grew more attracted to him and his lifestyle. How does jealousy play into this? First, we need to see the early signs of it, and there were two scenes from Chuck vs the Wookie, where the sheer signs of jealousy were forming.

The first was after finding out Chuck was with Carina the night before, and the other was on the mission, Carina’s hands and whispering into Chuck’s ear, was something that she did not appreciate. It may be Jealous of Carina flriting with Chuckbusiness related, but otherwise jealousy was written all over this. Jealousy until Chuck was where he was supposed to be, at her hotel room.He brought her s vegetarian pizza with no olives to discuss what happen, and  all was forgiven. The pizza was the kind of thoughtfulness that Sarah was growing accustom too.

The very reaction Sarah the girlfriend would give her cover boyfriend. Chuck noticing how she likes her pizza. Everything about this assignment was awakening the desire to be normal, which also scared her. Chuck was taking the time to get to know the real Sarah Walker, and with no motive behind it.

Sarah appreciates Chuck paying attention to herChuck is breaking the walls around Sarah's heart

Never before in her life has someone taken an interest in the real Sarah Walker. Not even Agent Walker can come up with an answer to protect the “cover” Jealousy no, but scenes like this show how much Chuck made an impact on her life. It fuels the jealousy as a result.

While Chuck continued his education on what a spy’s life was like, how could he fully grasp the concept of being a spy, when he gets mixed messages from Sarah. Is an Agent supposed to be doing this?

The first physical touchIt is hard for him to understand the difference between cover and real feelings. Sarah does it because she wants to do it and protect her cover. at the same time There are no questions about motive here. The opportunity to touch him, while maintaining cover for Sarah the girlfriend, What happened next was also something to ponder, which even Chuck called her out on.

Sarah was waiting in his room. Agent Walker still had work to do, and when Chuck asks her why were you Love being close with Chuckwaiting for me in my room? Would there be any harm cover wise giving the picture in front of Ellie and Devon? For an Agent no, but for normal Sarah Walker there was not another place better than Chuck’s room.

  Chuck: Why, were you waiting in my room, anyway? Sarah: Well I wanted to surprise you. Um. Uh, it’s us at Comic –Con. What do you think? [Sarah hands him the picture frame] Chuck: It’s…it’s great, but we never actually been to Comic-Con, Have We? Wow, we… actually look like a real couple Sarah: Well, we are a real couple, just a different kind of couple. Chuck: That we are

Different kind of couple always seemed artificial in its context. Did Agent Walker answer as a girlfriend or was the answer tongue and cheek.

flirtingThe touch was simple by nature and harmless, but Chuck was upset and called her out on the bug being placed in the frame. This scene also said a lot about Sarah, she is listening to him as Agent Walker and looking at the basket as Sarah the girlfriend. Whether the picture was real or not, it was the first gift she gave him and he threw it away, she knew she was caught and what was worse in her heart she wanted to make things right. After Chuck saved the day, Sarah saved him from his sister, and offered something real.

Sorry for the bug in the photofirst real pictureChuck: What are you doing?
Sarah: I wanted to give you a new photo of us and I figured it should be something real

The further we go the more the eyes tell you the truth, something real was happening Sarah and it’s your heart beginning to love, Chuck was becoming that special person you described to Dr. Dreyfus. Every time she is with Chuck, she’s with her Chuck.

The Sandwich Maker

Sarah Walker really never had to worry about losing Chuck Like Bryce, she was with him both professionally and personally. Sarah was Chuck’s teacher for the spy world and Chuck was teaching Sarah about being normal. Unfortunately, for Sarah the first storm was about to occur.

Not only was he paying attention to what kind of pizza she liked. He also noticed the clothing she was wearing. Her excitement about how he remembered the colors of a sweater made her feel good.
However, is it possible that Sarah misread the situation? There is no natural flow to the way he placed the sushi order. He seems distance even to want to make body contact out by the curb. Maybe the cover was beginning to wear on him but for different reasons.

Chuck knew their relationship was not real and seeking something real was on his mind. Enter Lou, Rachel Bilson was a terrible choose for the first potential love interest. Hannah would have been better suited for here, and Lou’s foul language and home wrecking plot was really a character flaw. Furthermore, none of the potential love interest were  as classy as Sarah.Not too thrilled Chuck is talking to another woman

When Sarah first met Lou she didn’t feel threaten by her, She was more concern why Chuck wasn’t saying she was his girlfriend, They have been together for three months now, and cover or not he was struggling to call her his girlfriend,  The jealousy has started, and unlike with Carina, who was not going to be around to cause trouble, Sarah saw the sandwich, and realized that she does not want to share Chuck with anyone. Agent Walker’s cover was going to be changing now because the feelings she could control was beginning to develop more. If this was too much for her, what happened next would put her closer to doing something about it.

These feelings she had were all new. She was use to people like Bryce, who were spies and understood the life she lived, but not Chuck. He didn’t let the spy world dictate his life, and the opportunity for something real stood him in the face, and he went for it. All Sarah kept repeating was  for cover, and Chuck understood that, but did Sarah? Is the truth starting to set in?

Sarah seeing Chuck with another womanSarah watching Chuck with Lou in the parking lot generated something that all her spy training could not prepare her for. Real girlfriend jealousy. An assignment has compromised her because she was letting it. Sarah was a just like Casey, Langston Graham’s enforcer, but watching Chuck with another woman sparked feelings that were suppressed due to duty and childhood upbringing. She was unprepared for this.

How Does Sarah Respond?

There really is only one way for her to respond. What was supposed to be a cover sleep over become so much more for Sarah. She attemtped to remind Chuck on what he had already, but still Agent Walker will prevent Sarah the girlfriend from pursuing what she wants. A misdirection was the plan, but Chuck turned the tables on this one, and Sarah’s first night in Chuck’s bed was filled with this a cover anymore

Her plan backfired on her, and the only way to counter was to act like Agent Walker. She reminded Chuck that sleeping over was only for “cover,” however, as Roan once said, Lady Doth protested too much. The truth was Sarah did not like seeing Chuck with another woman, and the choice of clothes was intended to make Chuck notice, things start to settle once they both hear Ellie fight with Devon.

Sarah knows there is something wrong and at least she wanted to talk about it.

Sarah: are you ok? Is there something you want to talk about? (She knows it’s about Lou)
Chuck: What exactly are the rules with our…like, you know…our thing?
Sarah: What do you mean? (She wants to confirm what she saw in the park lot)
Chuck: What do I…? What do I mean? I mean hypothetically speaking are we allowed to see other people? [If you see Sarah’s look, as the words are coming out of Chuck’s mouth…it’s a face of confirmation of where Chuck was headed]
Sarah: [Her expression matches the words] Uh…well our cover is boyfriend/girlfriend, [In full Agent Walker form] so, tactically, that would be challenging [in girlfriend form] Plus prospective date would have to endure a rigorous vetting process to determine her motivation.
Chuck: Wouldn’t her motivation be love?
Sarah: Ideally, but you’re a very important piece of intelligence, and you have to be handled with extreme care [Sarah expression does not match with her words…No Chuck your off the market]
Chuck: Well, that sounds very nice.
Sarah: Chuck, I don’t have to be a spy to piece together the clues here. You’re interested in that Lou girl, aren’t you? {Sarah put Chuck on the spot.]
Chuck: Well, I

This was the scene that really began the theory of Sarah Walker positioning herself to be the only woman Chuck would end up with. She is nonchalantly telling Chuck, while maintaining her handler persona that he was not going to be able to see other woman. Who was going to conduct the rigorous vetting process? Sarah? A fly on the wall would be nice for that occasion. If this was difficult for Sarah, Nothing prepared her for the asset to break up with her.

Break up oneChuck: We need to break up!!!
{Sarah was expecting him to kiss her]
Sarah: What?
Chuck: You know, You know, like fake-fake break up our pretend relationship.
[Sarah is both flustered and shattered]

You can see in her face she was fighting tears, but she is losing it.

Chuck: I just can’t do this anymore. You know? The longer we go, the longer we go trying to fool people into believe that we are a real couple…the person I keep fooling the most…is me

The scene belonged to both Zachary and Yvonne. Both showed great emotion, especially Sarah. As Chuck was talking, watching Sarah look confused and hurt,  while holding back tears was masterful by Yvonne. Sarah was ready to cry, but wanted to stay tough, so Chuck didn’t see that he just compromised her and also compromised her heart.

It was understandable  what he did. He asked her under the spell of truth serum if what they had was going anywhere, and she said no…It confirmed what he originally thought back when they first met. it confirmed that what they had wouldn’t be anything more than just a cover, but what he didn’t know was Sarah had training on resisting such a truth serum, and she really did what she has been doing, lying to him and most importantly herself. The reaction in the store was not the issue. It’s the one watching Chuck with Lou again, but this time Chuck was going there for more than a sandwich.

Sarah the real girlfriend has begun to surface. The fact that across the street Chuck was having coffee with Sarah upsetanother woman, so close, and after he just broke up with her, was nightmarish for Sarah, and right there she realized Chuck meant more to her than just a cover. She has become compromised and Chuck has started the process into knocking the walls around her heart. The only thing Chuck began to threaten was her heart. Does this stop Sarah? If it was just an assignment, there wouldn’t be a need for Sarah to care, but being compromised with real emotions, the jealousy she felt towards Carina was just a sample compared to having to be on Chuck’s date with his new girlfriend albeit a mission, but she can’t handle him claiming he has a new girlfriend, but first she tried to talk him out of the break up using Agent Walker as a decoy because the Sarah Walker that shows up at the store was not Agent Walker.
She is in full fledge girlfriend mode, who just got dumped and crying was done on purpose. She wanted him to see the tears, the pain she was feeling. The cover was just a part of her plan. “Makes it easy for the cover.” What cover are you talking about Sarah?”

Sarah Walker the girlfriendreal tearsShe was letting him see the pain she was going through. Something that is a theme throughout the series and nothing more prevalent than in Chuck vs the Best Friend and Chuck vs Phase Three, the concept of Chuck being out of her life was Sarah’s worse nightmare. It had become at this point worse than losing Bryce. As mentioned earlier, Chuck has impacted her life so much, the thought of Chuck leaving her, cover or not was far worse than dealing with dangerous people, follow that up with Hearing Chuck claim Lou his girlfriend was all happening too quickly.

This expression made by Sarah was something that you can easily miss. As the words come out of Chuck’s Sarah upset and jealousmouth, “I, don’t want to get my girlfriend involved in all of this.” Sarah’s expression was Sarah the real girlfriend, but considering the circumstances, she must maintain composure. The General was watching and Casey was in the room. A task that was both a struggle and forced out the jealousy for Sarah Walker.

The blessing in disguise for Sarah was the mission for the night would be around Chuck’s date. She will be there, and sabotage his date, Furthermore, Sarah made her presence felt with her confrontation with Lo

Sarah the girlfriend using her Agent persona in attempt to intimidate Lou, Her facial expression showed her being protective of her asset and not pleased with this arrangement. She was staking her claim into Chuck.

                                                      Don't hurt him Sarah: Hey Lou, Hi
Lou: Hi, nice to see you again.
Sarah: You know, he’s a great guy
Lou: Yeah, Um…I’ve had the same opinion so far…too
Sarah: It’s not an opinion, It’s a fact…Don’t hurt him.
Lou: Okay…Wasn’t planning on it. Thanks for the heads up though.

The job was not the cause of this attack. Agent Walker did not need to confront Lou. Normally, an Agent would not take it so personal. After all it was “Just a cover” and those tears from earlier were just for selling purposes, but like Chuck said “The more we go trying to fool people into believing we are a real couple, the one I am fooling the most… is me” What really happened at the end of Chuck vs the Truth was Sarah was fooling herself in believing their relationship was only a cover  This is the very reason an agent would jump the gun on an assignment. The very reason Casey calls her out on it…and the same protest that Roan talked about it Chuck vs the Seduction. It is no longer a secret Sarah, your heart belonged to Chuck, and most importantly the man you’re watching on the monitor belonged to you, and you’re going to make it stay that way.

Sarah shows up on Chuck’s date, and nonchalantly looks at Lou, while placing her hand on his shoulder. A move a girlfriend would do. This scene was enough to tell the fan base, Sarah Walker was not going to let anything get in between her being with Chuck. Not a mission or woman. However, this won’t be the only time Sarah will deal with women attempting to woo Chuck, and she does handle the situation differently, but it still bothers her

First Date and Break Up

By the end of season one, Sarah has become conflicted. Her feelings are surfacing more and more. She wants to take it to the next level, and a cover was not working anymore for either of them. The need for touch and Nobody is going to come between me and my mandesire to kiss him was apparent. She went against orders when the government was going to take Chuck in, which Sarah showed she was ready to commit treason in order to protect Chuck’s freedom. A hero yes, but it was for selfish reasons. Any questions about her intentions can be shown in her exchange with Longshore.


 Det Conway: His cover’s blown! He’s gone!
Sarah Walker: No! I will take full responsibility! Chuck is *my* asset. My guy. Just give us more time. Please
Chuck Bartowski: I’d appreciate it. I really would.
Sarah Walker: Please don’t do this!

Clearly Sarah does not want Chuck to goEven for Agent Walker, who showed up on the helipad did not want to see Chuck gone. The eyes are that of pain because the very country she served to protect was about to take something from her that meant just as much and she was prepared to use force if need be, but thanks to the baddie, she did not have to make that decision.


Sarah’s struggle between being with Chuck and duty would only escalate over the years. Whether Bryce returning, Cole, Shaw or Chuck choosing to become a spy, Sarah was faced with a real life altering experience. She was right when she said she never felt love before, and Chuck opened the door for that. How to handle it was never needed in her training, and for her wiliness to go against the CIA was what showed significant growth.

You can have anything you wantThe new intersect was set to go online, which meant Sarah and Casey were ready to move on, and Chuck was not going to be needed anymore. So, how does Sarah express her need to stay with him, and without setting off bells and whistles? She tells him “You can have anything you want,”  but Chuck being Chuck did not listen to the hidden message, which was the problem with them to begin with.

She was happy here because she saw the smile on his face, and she just told him you can have me. You can have anything you want, Chuck. However, Chuck did not read between the lines.


Kissing Chuck

The first kiss A relationship sealed with a kiss

After everything that transpired with Lou, and death staring them in the face. Sarah did what she was holding back. She kissed him, and not a peck like Chuck did. She lunged for him and with passion. It is more than just a kiss, it means for the first time Sarah showed the thoughts that were going on in her mind and heart.passionate kiss

From the time he broke up with her and the whole date fiasco, she just could not fathom not being able to express her feelings anymore. There was only so much the heart can take. Not only did she fear the government finding out, another woman, but now death were in between her and what she wanted most. The very feeling she got on their “second date” the need for intimacy from him. Her feelings have developed enough now for the need to kiss him.Sarah is looking very happySarah has fire in those eyesOn their “second date,” Sarah looked comfortable being with Chuck, her eyes are filled with happiness and a fire we haven’t seen. A fire that burned from the beginning the fuel that would lead her to be jealous of anyone else kissing him. Once she felt Chuck’s lips in “Chuck vs the Imported Hard Salami”, anyone else that kissed his lips caused the jealousy she already had to grow more.
It may be a mission, but Sarah was not comfortable watching Sasha kiss him. Her shocked eyes said as much, and especially when an ex comes to town, but more on that shortly.

Sarah did not like seeing thisThe jealousy she has been developing caused her to forget she was on mission and Sarah the real girlfriend joined the party. Her boyfriend’s lips are on another woman’s and there is nothing she can do. The roles reversed on Sarah Walker, in which she stepped into the shoes of Chuck, and saw it from his perspective. However, as much as kissing Sasha caused a brief stir nothing could prepare them for the return of Chuck’s ex Jill Roberts.

The Second Break up

Before diving into the whole Jill Roberts portion of the tale. We should take a look at four key scenes in the development of young Sarah Walker. Four scenes that would change Sarah Walker from being Just Agent Walker to allowing Sarah the girlfriend to play a role in her life. Agent Walker tried so hard to bottle those feelings she knew it could kill her. In fact, it’s the very feelings that caused Bryce to talk to Chuck about it.
The first scene would take place at her hotel room, Bryce and Chuck are getting dressed for the mission and out comes Sarah. She asked the question “How do I look, guys” The question was tainted, she said guys, but it was more directed at Chuck.

Sarah the Girlfriend exposed herself even in front of Bryce

Sarah: How do I look [she looked directly at Chuck]
Chuck: Good, good real good…red’s really not my color, so, or salmon or whatever that is

What was interesting about this scene was how jerky Chuck can be. He did not notice how Sarah was looking for complement from him not Bryce. He didn’t hear Sarah tell Bryce earlier that they should keep the Andersons strictly a cover. In other words, back off Bryce, I am interested in someone else. The very reason the red dress was on, she was totally into Chuck by now, and the presence of Bryce was not phasing her. The three scenes really took a toll on her, much more than the comment about the dress,

We have to understand something about this scene. This was not Chuck doing this, He only listened to what Bryce said. He allowed him to influence him in doing the right thing, However, the words still hurt Sarah.

Both Agent Walker and Sarah the real girlfriend felt this one. “You will never be normal” Those words rattled through her very being, not the break up. She has been through that already. The man she loved said she was not normal. The very reason she loved him. The normalcy she desired, yet he thinks of her as not normal. Sarah holding back her tears really showed how much Sarah has come.

These are four scenes that play significant roles in the development of Sarah Walker. The break up scene goes down as one of the major ones of the series. However, they both did not want to break up. Bryce did this one.

He really is sweetDespite their growing feelings for each other, and misunderstandings. There was definitely a friendship established. A bond that was becoming mutual feelings. Chuck and Sarah have always been there for each other. The next two scenes are prime examples of what they meant to each other. After helping Sarah through her past at Bad Guy High, Chuck was given a chance to ask Sarah about her past.


Sarah Walker: Okay, fine, I’ll answer one question about my past. You’ve earned that much.
Chuck Bartowski: …No thanks… I don’t need to know more about who you were. ‘Cause as much as you don’t think so, I know who you are: a girl I’d like to share a cheeseburger with… Should I get a knife? I’ll get a knife.
Like Chuck was there for her, Sarah returns the favor by helping him get his degree from Stanford. These scenes are the type of scenes that show the chemistry, bond and love that was developing between the two. Sarah was living like a normal girl, and Chuck had a purpose in her life. The purpose would turn to be a flaw that Chuck will never get rid of. The idea the she was only with him because of the Intersect was his own insecurities.


Sarah’s ex left town and now comes Chuck’s ex Jill Roberts. She instantly tried to connect with Chuck, and he was not happy about it. “She broke my heart, she took my confidence, I lost my mojo.” However, Sarah had to put duty before her own feelings. The mission was for Chuck to reconnect with Jill and find out what her boss was planning. Both Chuck and Sarah were not happy about doing this, but duty called.

Chcuk and JillWhile Chuck and Jill are conversing, Sarah becomes visibly upset. She can hear what they are talking about and her jealousy was beginning to kick in. The only good thing was she had to maintain professional, but this was becoming more and more of a difficulty.

For Sarah, it is hard to watch Chuck on a date with someone. Especially with someone from his past. A past that she has a connection with. The link was Bryce Larkin, and as much as that was on her mind hearing Jill say “I am glad, because I like this Chuck Bartowski better.” From a distance, we can see Sarah suffering through yet another woman trying to woo Chuck.

After the date, Jill learned that everything Chuck said was a facade, and left Chuck outside the restaurant. This would make Chuck want to apologize, and he ends up at Jill’s hotel. Sarah was both startled by his spontaneous arrival and eagerness to go up and plant the faulty bug. Sarah face showed concern and knew why he came, but like with Lou confirmation was prevalent.

Again, Sarah had to listen in on Chuck conversing with another woman, but this time it hurts more because Jill was different. She was smarter and familiar with the regular Chuck Bartowski. The very Chuck Bartowski she has grown to love. Sarah has a threat here, but duty has her in a tough predicament and there was nothing she can do to stop it.

This scene was another example of Chuck being jerky. He seemed to forget that Sarah was listening in, and perceives to act like Sarah doesn’t exist. Cover or not Sarah has been with him for two years, and they have done a lot together. He should know what it felt like with his experience with Bryce. It does not help that Sarah never spoke about her feelings, but it still was a jerk move by Chuck. This scene showed how clueless Chuck was.

Why is he offering to go
Sarah’s wondering why Chuck is here.

Sarah listening to Chuck say I am not over you jill

Chuck: It’s the lying yet well-meaning fool, who rented a Ferrari last night.
Jill: I don’t want to talk to you, Chuck
Chuck: Ok, well than I will do all the talking, I know this will come as a complete shock, but I am here to do something crazy and tell you the truth. I still work at the Buymore, and, uh, I still live with my sister, I am still have no idea what I am doing with my life. I guess I just wanted you to think I was someone special, so…in order to accomplish that I went out and got a new suit and rented a car that I clearly have no idea how to drive, because from the second I saw you again, I knew I haven’t gotten over you yet, Jill
Jill: Really, you haven’t gotten over me?
Sarah’s face told how much she did not enjoy this mission. The threat of Jill was confirmed, and Sarah was forced to sit in the van and wonder. Her boyfriend was not over his ex. Did Chuck forget Sarah was listening? Or did he not care? Sarah really was tested with this one, and to make matters worse she finds out Jill Kissed him, as discussed earlier, after Hard Salami, Sarah was not down with other women kissing Chuck.

The jealousy that comes from this was not the kiss, but how Chuck acted after it. It would be silly of Sarah to not believe it would happen, but what did bother her much like “you will never be normal” hurt more than actually breaking up, the same can be said about the kiss. When Chuck returns, Sarah forgot she was on mission, and her “What happen?” was more of wanting to know what happen between him and Jill until Casey spoke. Her face showed an anxiety.


Not thrilled Jill kissed ChuckSarah: Why, are you smiling like that?
Chuck: She kissed me, no spy stuff, no lies, just me

At this point, Sarah’s heart came up to her throat. This would be the second time Chuck hurt her feelings, and for his inability to see what his words were doing. It is Sarah’s fault for not speaking up, but hearing in two months, “You will never be normal” and “No spy stuff, no lies, just me” It no longer was about Jill, it was about the two lives they were living.

The jealousy would evolve more into being only a cover girlfriend like he was to her. The difference was Sara’s cover was of her own feelings. Chuck would later claim her as his “cover girlfriend,” Boy, have the tables have turned. After Chuck saved the day, Sarah was happy. Her hero was at again, but she was never expect to see Jill and Chuck kiss passionately, the man who said he didn’t like PDA.

someone listening in on Chuck's conversation
Sarah has an interest in this conversation

reaction to Jill and chuck kissingWhat have we discover about Sarah’s jealousy. The jealousy was not about women, the job, or even exes. It was deeper. Chuck chose normal life over being a spy or Chuck walking away from her in Prague. It’s a deeper jealousy, the very reason she had stayed and the most she wanted was normalcy.
After Jill leaves, they continue building on their friendship, and we get a series of nice moments from them. Chuck helping with her dad and Sarah helping to find his. However, Sarah finding out that Chuck was searching for Orion on his own will be the next subject of her jealousy.

I Could of Helped You

GirlfriendShe wants to help ChuckIs the computer the reason you came hereJealousy does not need to come in the form of a partner stepping out. there are many forms of jealousy and one of them happens quite often for Saran and Chuck. As much as Chuck loves Sarah, he does not include her in any of his solo missions, the most notable one to mention would be the rogue operation in finding Orion. He did not include her in it, which was bad because all Sarah ever wanted was for him to include her.
Her reaction was not like an Agent, but a girlfriend left in the dark, but it does not end there. It happens when they officially get together and even when they are married. Chuck believes that she would not help him or even try to stop him. He was probably right, but he should have gave her the option. Sarah was the only one every on his side, and finally as his wife told him her frustration.

I told you not to go out on your ownChuck Bartowski: This is my curse, Sarah. Don’t you understand? The people I love are in danger. It’s my fault. I need to fix it.
Sarah Walker: Forget about the curse. I’m going out there. Talk to Casey amd Beckman. Convince them that your plan is the right thing to do. And then we’ll go together.
After he gives up the omen virus, and his wife makes the save. She tells him how she feels.
Chuck: Your still mad
Sarah: You left without me
Sarah Walker: There is no curse, you’re not your father, Chuck. You’re not fated to be alone, or to hurt anybody. Those things happened because of the choices that people make – that *you* make.
Chuck Bartowski: You’re right. I’ll never do it again – leave without you. The Bartowski family curse ends here -and – and not with me – with us.
Sarah Walker: If you ever go out alone again just remember – I’m a trained assassin.
Chuck Bartowski: Noted.

Five years of Chuck doing things on his own nearly cost him his life several times, and being bunkered was one thing, she could figure a way to see him, but death would be the end of it. Sarah living life without him, when he was kidnap was educational for Sarah because it taught her that without Chuck she was just a spy. Funny thing is without her Chuck was just a nerd. The exception was she was ok with that,

What did we learn about Sarah’s jealousy, no matter the woman, the mission, or even exes that came in to swoop Chuck from her, Sarah was going to make it hard for him to be with anyone else. Sarah claimed him the day Lou came into the picture. It was than when she realized that the cover was just a cover for her feelings, and Chuck was not going to stand being just considered a “cover” The jealousy was a broader feeling. The apartment, His family, his bedroom, his lips were all hers and for Chuck that was how it was going to be.










  1. Hi Christopher. I said I’d comment on your articles since you asked me to read them. First, let me say that I am not a writer, but I do a lot of public speaking, so I have to write speeches about certain topics very often. I think the same rules apply.
    Since these are fictional characters you are talking about, your opinions are worth as much as anyone else’s, and there is no right or wrong. There are a few points regarding Sarah Walker vs. Agent Walker that I would dispute, but I think overall you have the gist of the relationship down pretty well. The heart of Chuck is a love story, wrapped up in an action / comedy. Drama comes from conflict, not only in the characters involved, but the viewer as well. Ethos, pathos and logos … rhetorical devices used by all writers. In order to create interesting characters, the writers have to appeal to one of those in the viewer. If they can appeal to more than one, all the better, and if they can create tension between these things, that makes for a more complex character, one the viewer may not know whether to cheer for or against. Think of the character Dexter……. a sociopath serial killer that, ethically, we should loathe(Ethos). But the fact that he only kills bad people creates a conflict for viewers in that, emotionally, we probably are happy that evil gets what’s coming to it ( pathos). This creates a logic conflict where our ethical and emotional sides don’t sync. We therefore watch the development of the character to see which of our “selves” wins out.
    Sarah can create the same type of conflict. Since she is supposed to be bereft of emotion as a spy, and especially as an assassin, it would be tough to connect with her on an emotional basis. Logically, we may form a connection..she is a CIA agent, and someone has to do the dirty work. This may then form a conflict for the viewer from the ethical side, depending on what your values are. The fact she is beautiful also complicated matters. When we find out WHY she is like she is, and that even she is conflicted with her values, we then tend to root for her.
    Chuck is the storyline, though. I would argue Chuck fell for Sarah the moment he saw her…remember the Vicky Vale phone drop. As usual, he puts the needs of others ( the little ballet dancer and her dad ) ahead of his interest in Sarah. This is probably a quick way to frame Chuck’s good qualities over his self doubt / loser qualities. I would think Sarah saw that immediately…. remember, her Dad taught her to read people as a con artist. I would think Chuck not phoning her back doesn’t stem from not liking her, but rather his self doubt that a beautiful woman would be interested in him. The show then goes into the back and forth tug of resolving these issues and growing the characters. Hindsight helps, so Sarah’s recordings shed a lot of light on the previous mindsets.
    As for your writing, Christopher, I would like to offer some hints. First, try to keep your blog shorter and more to the point. As with anything, people will take away probably 3 things before you lose them ( we call this a triad). Have a theme, use 3 things to justify that theme or thought, and then wrap it up. You are very much a “stream of consciousness” writer …. what ever comes into your head, you put it down. Writing involves a process, that very much needs editing in the end. Additionally, watch both your grammar and your use of quotations. Without punctuation, one doesn’t know if your comments are part of the quotes or not.
    Keep up the writing…practice makes perfect. Your passion obviously shines through. I will try to drop in a read what you have to say. The winter is dragging on up here in Canada. Once golf season starts, Chuck will get shoved to the back burner !!

    • Gary,

      Thank you for your words, they will be taken with consideration.

      The beautiful thing about blog sites are we can agree to disagree. I have a hard time believing that either of them were into the other right away despite what they say.Bryce being killed the day before and the whole baby situation make me think Sarah was like a piece of glass with cracks in them, and Chuck well we know the deal with that one “Have a five year plan..just can’t choose the font.” A loser is a bit harsh.

      I would not call Chuck a loser, but self doubt can be constituted as a a huge character flaw especially when Sarah tells him that there is nothing wrong with just being Chuck Bartowski.

      I also wear rosey colored glasses when it comes to Sarah because she is my favorite Character on the show. I also find Yvonne to be quit stunning

      • I think what I was getting at is that Chuck was NOT a loser, in spite of what the CIA report said. It was implied that he was kind of a loser at his birthday party. The incident with the ballet dancer endeared him to us ( and Sarah) right away. She started defending him as “charming ” and “sweet” immediately, especially after that first date. She even admitted that she fell for him after he fixed her phone, but before he started disarming bombs with computer viruses. That would imply love at first sight, since the date and the disarming of the bomb was the day after she met him.
        This was perfect timing for Sarah, as Bryce’s betrayal probably preceded the Baby by only a few days. After she gave the baby to her Mom, she was dispatched to handle Chuck that day. Hard to piece together the timeframe of when Bryce was shot, but it would seem they were the same day since Chuck was approached by Sarah the day after Bryce sent him the Intersect. There was a bit of a problem with storyline, as in “Chuck vs. The Baby”, Graham showed her a picture of Chuck and a file while she was in Washington. But in “Chuck vs The Nacho Sampler”, she had the picture of Chuck sent to her phone while she was in the Buy More. Obviously a mistake by the fact checker/continuity person on the writing staff.

        Anyway, I think the baby and Bryce did start to allow Sarah to start to question shoving her emotions into the abyss. She was ready to allow “normal” Sarah out of her cage when she met Chuck.

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