The Best of Team Bartowski

Team Bartowski has very memorable moments. Some of the classic scenes come from the group on solo missions and some when they work together, but without a doubt Team Bartowski together were a force to be wrecking with. The operation was responsible for taking down the bad guys that the CIA could not bring down. Chuck, Sarah and Casey, three very different personalities  The very skills set each provided made the group formidable and yet dysfunctional. No matter the case they got the job done, and that was all the government cared about.

Whether you love Chuck, Sarah or Casey or even when they were together. These scenes will have , fight scenes and mission sequences. from all three or by themselves. No matter the case Team Bartowski will be feature in this section

Chuckaholic has added a new section to the site called The Best of Team Bartowski, Scenes compiled to showcase the best this team offered over the course of 91 episodes. These scenes are has a group and some are solo missions where TB united later on in the mission. Whatever the case maybe the best of Team Bartowski has to offer.

Please understand that the scenes are made for entertainment purpose and are not for the purposes of making money or distributing in any way.

Enjoy the memories and spread the word that Chuckaholics will be the home of all things Chuck

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