Sarah Walker vs Hannah McKay

Hannah and Dexter
Dexter and Hannah McKay

After watching 8 seasons of Dexter, I thought it would be nice to add Dexter to the blog. The reason for addition has to do with the Dexter/Chuck connection. CS Lee, Mark Pellegrino, Yuri the Gobbler and most importantly Yvonne Strahovski. This piece will compare and contrast the two characters played by Yvonne.

A relationship sealed with a kiss
Sarah Walker and Chuck Bartowski

Sarah Walker and Hannah McKay are two characters that are total opposites of each other, and trying to link the two stories wouldn’t be prudent. However, when it comes to the work of Yvonne Strahovski. Let it be known, I am not claiming Chuck and Dexter are the same story, It is not, but with the upbringing of Hannah and Sarah closely related, it would be fun to see the connection

She will go on to other projects and succeed because all of her fans have faith in her acting, and after 24, the rest of the world will find out about the secret Chuck and Dexter fans already knew. No matter the case, Yvonne will always be remember as Agent Sarah Walker.

The question then is how do we compare and contrast two very different characters, and I began to ponder, drank some coffee, eat some dinner, and I realized something while laying on my pillow. The common word kept creeping at me and I wanted to avoid it, but the word normalcy came to mind.

Hannah and Sarah both had similar life styles. Sarah’s father was a con man and never around. Jack Burton often put Sarah in harm’s way to complete a con, and the same can be said about Hannah, her father was abusive and also a con man, and lucky for the two characters Dexter and Chuck are there to help her out.

Although Sarah’s father was not abusive like Hannah’s’. both fathers were not in their lives majority of the time. Hence the development of trust and relationship issues. Hannah and Sarah both get thrusted into a world early in their lives. Thus, life on the run was inevitable.

She showed remorse, but actions speak louder than expressions
She showed remorse, but actions speak louder than expressions

The difference would be Hannah embraced life of a serial killer, and Sarah’s the life of a CIA agent. Hannah accepted her desire to kill, but Sarah was trained to kill. Hannah showed regret in what she did, but once you get the taste of blood. It is hard to return to normalcy.

She dealt with both mental and sexual abuse from a psych ward, and with that developed the need to kill in order to survive. She soon would marry in order to cover her desire to kill, but that all ended when she miscarried. She was a student of her craft, and learned how to kill people and get away with it. She learned by using poison that caused heart attacks would go undetected. The blonde Poison Ivy if you will.

Sarah kills MauserConversely, Sarah killed when it was a necessity, this does not mean Sarah didn’t throw down because she did. Sarah had a heart and Chuck taught her to embrace it. Dexter tried to teach Hannah killing innocence was wrong, he tried to teach her the code, but Hannah never embraced it. She went to great lengths to protect herself even to go as far as drug his sister.

I was just trying to get your attention
I was just trying to get your attention

Sarah is no stranger to wanting to kill family members, grant it was not her control, but she threatened Ellie.
So where else does Hannah/Sarah compare? How about falling in love instantly. Like Sarah, Hannah became interested in Dexter from the outset. She became fixated by seeing how nervous she made him, but it became stronger once he showed his “Dark Passenger.”


Do what you gotta do
Do what you gotta do

Sexual tension at its best once Dexter has her on his table. Chuck never put Sarah in this position because Chuck was not that kind of guy, but when need be Chuck could pull the trigger. Chuck killed Shaw, so he thought, but he did fire the weapon. As deadly Dexter can be, he was not able to kill Hannah, and it was the very power Sarah/Hannah have over our two favorite heroes.

SO, no matter if you are a serial killer or nerd herder you will succumb to the stunning beauty and seductive personality. The goal for Hannah/Sarah is the chance at normalcy, which came very close, but the writers in both shows kept the power couple apart.

Sarah loses her memories and Hannah reads about Dexter’s  death in the paper, but unlike Chuck. Hannah gets Harrison as her reward.

Lets see if Jack Bauer can resist the Giant Blonde S

hemale/Blonde Poison Ivy



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  1. Great post! I stumbled on your post because I just tweeted Yvonne Strahovski asking if Sarah and Hannah were the same character since Hannah killed her husband and Sarah tried to kill Chuck at the end and brain damage is a serious issue.

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