Chuck vs The Truth

Normally, when it comes to episode articles. The focus would be on the overall episode, but really this episode was more about Sarah Walker’s development. The question of how does a superspy handle her cover boyfriend wanting to be with someone real? Chuck wanting to seek a real relationship, and you can’t fault him for that. Especially when Sarah has not shown any interest, and why should she? She was never taught the emotions and feelings she was learning.

We can talk about the other stuff, how this was Harry Tang’s last episode before CS LEE goes off to join the cast of Dexter.  We can talk about Ellie getting poisoned, but all that is not as important as Sarah learning her cover as Chuck’s girlfriend had indeed become a cover for her not Chuck.

The truth was a very good title for this episode because it was truth for both Chuck and Sarah. It was 7 episodes of flirting and misunderstanding, but no mistake about it this episode is the start of the series long romance between our favorite couple.

ooks like she has begun to like ChuckA lot of people, claim this scene to be where Sarah falls in love. I am not one of those people because I find it hard to believe with everything that transpired the day before with Bryce Larkin. Sarah Falling in love here would be shallow on her part. Unless she never was in love with Bryce? I often have said she may have been attracted, fell for him, but there is a difference in falling in love and her Day 564 entry of her V-Log..

So, getting back to The Truth, Sarah Walker was able to establish a personal and professional relationship with Chuck, and he was eating out of her hand. Chemistry was forming and a need for each other was strong, but not enough to pursue anything. Plus Sarah had nothing to fear.

In the beginning of the episode, we find Chuck and Sarah discussing strategy for their double date with Devon/Ellie, Sarah seemed please when Chuck described a sweater she wore. Here is her response. Sarah: Oh, you like that one?

if Sarah was only his handler and their were no feelings behind it, a reaction like this would not come unless she wears clothing for Chuck to notice and much to her delight he does. However, for Chuck the words cover keep coming out of Sarah’s mouth.


and here

WE have to do it

Sarah: Come here. I just wanted to know if we were set for tonight’s mission.

Chuck: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I mean, It’s you know, been a while I slept with someone. No- no- not slept with someone.. Its actually been a while since I have done either one….

Sarah: Chuck, listen, I know this is kind of uncomfortable Its just that we have to do it. I mean not, not do it

Chuck: I am fine. It’s fine…I got it

Sarah: So, we don’t blow…our cover

Chuck: I got it.

Chuck knows the mission was for cover, but still the question what could make a superspy deviate from her assignment as a handler and make that shift into real girlfriend mode? Chuck wasn’t doing anything wrong when talking with Lou, but Sarah for the first time has a real threat on her hands not professionally, but personally.

Chuck charms worked on Lou, who instantly became attracted to him, but not because he had a supercomputer in his head, but as a regular guy, Lou comes back to the Buymore, and this time she brought him a sandwich. In heat of the moment, he does not notice Sarah came into the store.

The issue here is not so much meeting Lou, Chuck was free to engage with anyone or is he. Sarah introduces herself as Chuck’s girlfriend. Did she say girlfriend to protect the cover? or was she protecting what was hers already?Not too thrilled Chuck is talking to another woman

Yvonne’s facial expressions are masterfully done, you can see her start to develop real feelings as this girl before her has caught the eye of her man. She may claim it was for cover, her eyes and concerned look on her face tell the story. She does not need to say a word. Poor Chuck, you can see he feels trapped in this fake relationship, and sadly so does his counterpart.   Surpised and concerned

Team Bartowski go on mission and things are normal. Sarah may have been composed in the Buymore, but things drastically changed in the shopping mall’s parking lot. After discussing the mission, Chuck runs off to talk to Lou.

Sarah seeing Chuck with another womanAll of Sarah’s training never taught her how to handle being compromised emotionally and the barrier around her heart have crumbled to the point where she was beginning to feel normal woman emotions. It was foreign to her and the problem was she didn’t know that Chuck was beginning to get tired of the charade.

Sarah began the day with Chuck eating out of her hand now she has to compete with another woman. Something she has never had to do. Bryce was her partner and Boyfriend. Chuck was just an asset she claimed as her boyfriend, but could not make it official because of protocol.  Chuck couldn’t not understand this nor should he, but Sarah had to do something to win back Chuck’s affection.

As Sarah sees Chuck dancing to the music, she has a smirk on her face and while she is savoring in the moment. Look at the firsts here. She is spending the night for the first time in Chuck’s bed. However, the first time does not go so smoothly.

Again Sarah uses the words for cover, and this time Chuck becomes testy. He calls her out on it and asked the question Sarah was waiting for, but was hoping he wouldn’t ask.

Chuck: What are the rules of our thing.

Sarah: What do you mean?

Chuck are we aloud to see other people.

Sarah could of said yes, it was just a cover right? wrong

She said their cover was boyfriend/girlfriend so it would be tactfully Challenging plus she would have to go through a rigorous spinning process to determine her motivation. He was an important piece of intelligence and he needed to be handled with care.

In other words, no Chuck you can’t see other people. Sarah was his girlfriend and there is nothing you can do. However, there is something Chuck can do.

As Team Bartowski make the save, the team gets poisoned. They find the antidote and before Sarah drinks it. Chuck asked her what they had between them was going anywhere.

Sarah said no. The truth is however she was lying.

She had training to withstand such a truth serum.

Casey: While you were infected did you say anything to compromise yourself.

Sarah: No, if I wasn’t train to withstand the truth serum, I might have.

So a full day of hearing this was just for cover and getting a shot at a real relationship there was only one problem for Chuck, the Truth was the fake relationship had to go.

I love the song for this scene because a lot of the times in Chuck. The song would say what the characters were thinking. The lyric my heart is reeling as Chuck said the words “We need to break up”

What is fantastic about this scene is as Chuck leans in Sarah looks like she was expecting Chuck to kiss her, but as she hears the words she melts and struggles to hold back her tears. The tough superspy had been crushed.

Her heart was truly reeling and what is worse she can see Chuck inside Lou’s shop. Her heart has feelings for the first time in her life. These feelings she develop she will admit later. She never felt this way before. All Sarah could think of was the next mission, but at this point in the story watching Chuck with someone else was worse than the news Bryce was killed.

The truth was from here on out Sarah’s feelings would slowly overcome her until Day 564 Sarah will struggle with trying to maintain professionalism but the need to keep Chuck close.

Her biggest fears are Chuck being bunkered, being reassigned or even death. Chuck was her life now and now she was watching him with another woman.  The truth really hurts….







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