Operation Bring Back Chuck

This message is to all fellow Chuck fans, I am writing to you all as a passionate fan with a vision of creating a loud enough voice for WB to hear our plea. As a fan, I see all these television shows getting movies. Series restarts and some have turned to Netflix as a way to air new episodes, but what about us. Why hasn’t WB listen, read or even watched the pleas of Chuck fans? Why are we being ignored?
Introducing Operation Bring Back Chuck, we as fans have the most powerful weapon. It’s not money and fame. It’s not connections in WB or NBC, It’s our voice,

Chuck’s Fan Base

The fan base was strong during the years Chuck was on NBC. Chris Fedak and Josh Swartz created a show everyone loved. Whether you were a man, woman or child, the ability to sit down and watch a show that included the best romance, awesome action scenes, and Jeffster.

We were treated to a great selection of music from emotional scenes to Church wedding delay tactics. It was all fun and enjoyable. Personally for me, I never heard of groups like Freighted Rabbit or The National, the show gave these alternative bands a platform to showcase their respective musical talents. If you polled the fans you would probably would find out most of them have playlists on ITunes with the music from the show.

If you took the time to look at the number of YouTube view stats of all Chuck videos. There will be over 100,000 views minimum. Some as high as 500,000. It tells you that people are still watching. There are also articles on the internet that projected numbers better now than when the show aired with regards to Podcast subscriptions.

This has all happened ever since Chuck became available on Netflix. I myself had begun watching the show through Netflix, and I feel bad I didn’t want it live. Ever since the show debuted the show’s popularity has increased and it is not a secret on social

media what the fans post on their walls. #I Miss Chuck is the common post.

More Chuck and Sarah Moments

While the show was about the spy world. Most fans wanted to watch the show for two people. Chuck and Sarah played by Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski, acting and chemistry brought the two characters alive. It was like we were not watching a television show. Instead we were watching a reality television. A relationship that went through each stage of relationship, but what do the writers/creators decide to do?

They end the show with a cliffhanger, does Sarah get her memories back? Why should the fans that have stood by the show have to wonder the two most important figures of the show will resume their relationship? My theory is the writers were not thrilled that the romance high jacked the overall theme of the show, thus, the creation of the first trapezoid which the fans hated. Follow by Chuck getting kidnapped, Victoria poisoning Sarah the night before her wedding, but the worst part was deleting Sarah’s memories

There was more focus at times on Morgan and Chuck maintaining their friendship than Sarah and Chuck actually having a decent relationship. In fact, they took more time bringing Morgan’s memories back than what we finished with Sarah. The number of episodes that Sarah and Chuck actually had a decent relationship were three episodes in a row.

This is why fans are crying for more. They want more Charah moments and a real conclusion. A conclusion like we got with the Pink Slip. As bad as Season 3 was for some, at least we culminated the journey with a “Your still my Chuck” Yet, we have to wonder if Sarah got her memories back.

We can read fan fiction, watch fan made videos, but it does not satisfy the hunger for more Charah moments, this is not even about seeing them in a house with kids, or out of the spy life. This is about rectifying the mistake of the finale. There are fans out there that are happy with the way the show ended, and that is fine everyone has different opinions on things.

There is Still Stories to be Told

I would understand if Chuck was cancelled because the story became stale. I would even be happy with season 5 ending with Chuck vs the Baby, but it was not. Personally, the series ended when Sarah put on the glasses. While I understand the need for her to do it, I just don’t understand why the writers chose to leave a powerful character like Quinn for the end,

It is sort of like why the Dexter writers leave Dr. Vogel for the end of the series. Impact characters are wasted when they have been a part of the story since day one, but introduced at the end.

The story of Chuck still had a lot of mystery to it. For example, what did Orion/ Mary know about Volkoff? How devious was Langston Graham? The whole Omaha operation could be explored as well.
The writers completely ignored the conspiracy angle they went with at the end of Season 4. Decker claimed that Fulcrum, The Ring, Bryce, Shaw and Chuck were all apart of some big conspiracy, yet we learn that Shaw was behind it. It was poorly done, thus the need to explain that story would also be nice.
Another story would be Casey actually settling down with Verbanski or Illsa and finally what happens with Alex and Morgan, There is still a lot of questions rather than answers and for me that is worth a 2 hour movie or another 20 episode season.

Operation Bring Back Chuck may not accomplish anything in the long run, and chances of that happening is very good, but as passionate as I am for a show that was taken from the fans. It something all Chuck fans should fight for. Don’t make the mistake that we will eventually get one it just takes times. However, just think of the Sopranos fan base or the fact that Yvonne is set to blow up with 24 returning next week.
Schedules of these great performers may get too busy, and finding time would be impossible. Adan Baldwin is already signed on another show. Chuck fans the mission is simple. Bombard every social media outlet out there. Beat the drum until your ears bleed. The voice we can generate could be heard if we work together like we did when the show aired.

Tell me what you guys think?


  1. ” A conclusion like we got with the Pink Slip” .. that doesn’t even make any sense. It wasn’t any conclusion, it was a clumsy reset button because the writers wanted to continue their mindless will they / won’t they games with Chuck and Sarah.

    Yes, the finale was disgusting and disrespectful towards the fans. If there’s a movie (be realistic, extra episodes is unrealistic) it should just ignore the ending and start with Sarah’s memories already back. No need to wallow in that garbage.

    • Joe,
      . Reset or not at least we saw Sarah and Chuck get together. At least we saw her move in w/Chuck at least we saw her say I love u to Chuck. As much as the writers destroyed the ending of this series and that would be the reason for it to not come back. Season 3 was not that bad compared to season 5 as a whole

      The writers took more time on returning Mirgan’s mind but not Sarah’s its bad writing yes but we got a bwtter conclusion in season 3 than 5

      • Yes I’m not arguing against the movie, I want it to happen. And yes S3 ended better than S5… but Pink Slip was the first episode of S3 and it was awful.

      • No i am not saying pink slip was the ending I am saying pink slup was the start but the end was rewarding no? We got honeymooners follow by feeling goid I like that better than Chuck kiss me

    • W/t w/t is not an issue when we look at the rekatiinship at that point they still were not ready Charah still didnt know who they were themselves the writers took too long with wanting Chuck to have one last fling and break Sarah’s heart in the process and dont get me started w/ the red test but it still is an acceptable conclusion we saw them together not wonder if a magic kiss woukd prevail its terrible way to go out

      • I disagree, the first 11 episodes of season 3 have little or no redeeming qualities. And they were ready, in those episodes between Pink Slip and Other Guy absolutely NOTHING happened that made them “more ready” for each other.

        The writers were more interested in playing their games than caring about realistic character growth, that’s why S3 was so awful.

  2. Joe,
    First off, Season 3 is an issue for a lot of people because people can’t stand Shaw because of the lack of chemistry with Yvonne, but Shaw is not the villain here Brandon Routh did the best he can do with what was on paper. You can never blame the perform in these kind of situations.

    There are two times in season 3 I really got mad with the writers first Hannah and than The Red Test. I wrote an article about it along with the Mauser shooting, you should read it.

    Hannah I can’t forgive Chuck for because of what happen in Prague and how he confessed his feeling through a vault door, and Sarah heard it through a recording. Its not the same as face to face. secondly, he said no to Sarah in Prague after hounding her all season 2 to be with him and he loved her right? but to say no and then jump into bed with Hannah was wrong and an example of poor writing by the writers its the exact thing they did to Sarah’s character all the time.

    overall though the season is better than the whole season 5. There are three exceptions to that I do love Verbanski and excellent choice by them in Carrie Ann Moss I hate that they wasted a character like Quinn to the end of the series. Uncall for but they make it with episodes like angel de la marte and operation awesome. I am the only one in this world that likes Fake Name two reasons Chuck was starting to take charge and a very emotinal Sarah watching Hannan sitting at her table eating with her family its clearly they know what they were doing in that episode. Chuck vs The MAsk I can do with out but I can do without Broken Heart 3D and The Nemesis and the Helicopter

    We can disagree its the beauty of this site no one’s opinion is right or wrong. we engage in a debate on a show we all love. at this point a move does seem logical especially with Yvonne killing it on 24, but no surprise there

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