Yvonne Strahovski is the Best Actress

While watching Yvonne’s performance on 24, I realized that Yvonne is the best actress, and it’s not even close. We often hear the names of Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, we often associate these actresses with their on screen beauty, but for some of the actresses that’s where it ends.

Yvonne’s work speaks for itself, she has mastered accents and expressions, some of her emotional scenes are enough to break even the hardcore of males down. I can’t sit through some of her work on Chuck without holding back tears, for example, Chuck vs Phase Three is an episode that showcases her emotion expressions at its best.

Realization Awakens Rampage Sarah

First, when Morgan told her about Chuck’s proposal plan, she delivers tears and flabbergast eyes when hearing she only loved Chuck because of the supercomputer in his head.  After finding out where Chuck was being held she becomes rampage Sarah. Anger and desperation emotions are on displayed. Great acting is one thing but these scenes illustrate a gift. Her expressions are natural and flawless. Especially when trying to wake Chuck. She allows the character to become alive and the scene becomes that more powerful. As the viewer, you can feel the pain and anguish, follow by relief and happiness to have Chuck back in her life.

Can any actress pull it off? Sure, but can they do it all the time. Sarah Walker portrayal is one thing, but what happens when she takes the roll as Dexter’s Hannah McKay? She still can mesmerize you with her beauty and delivery.  Yvonne’s role was a poisonous serial killer, thus, transformed from Agent Walker to Hannah with ease, and we soon see how deadly she can be. She is supposed to be a woman you despise when she tried to kill Jennifer Carpenter’s Debbie Morgan, but since we already know her as Sarah Walker it was hard to boo her. Nonetheless, her acting was great. She made you feel sorry for her situation follow by wanted to see if Dexter can killer her, but even a serial killer like Dexter falls for the trap. Her eyes and expressions does it again.

Yvonne has hit the big screen two times in I, Frankenstein and The Guilt Trip, but she had more of a significant role in I, Frankenstein, and playing the role as Dr. Terra Wade, a scientist who was able to reproduce Victor Frankenstein’s work. While the overall acting was terrible, Yvonne was still able to give a top notch performance. She can’t always carry a cast, and the fact is seeing her on any kind of screen makes this Chuck fan very happy.

On Twitter, I have often posted the comment, she is a walking fairy tale and I would like to explain my reason here. The princesses in fairy tales seems to be beautiful and kind. They stretch themselves out for the greater good and while she does not intend to make people smile. She does not ask for anything in return, she greets everyone with a smile and graciousness. Yvonne does this and more.

She is an actress and celebrity but she does not let it get to her head. She is humble much like the princesses in fairy tales, and it separates her from the rest. She has done a lot of comic con panels and never turns down fans when taking pictures with them, which is refreshing from what usually happens in Hollywood. This is why she is a walking fairy tale. This is why Chuck fans embrace her and will back her in anything she does. Yvonne, if you ever read this, you are appreciated beyond words and while we may be a small fan base. We will support you in everything you do because we love your performances.

Whatever Yvonne decides to do in the future, whether it be on the big screen or on television we know she will give her best and that’s all anyone can ask. She is the best because of her personality and her commitment in evolving into the gem that Chuck and Dexter fans already know and now 24 fans will learn.

She is the best actress because she cares about others and doesn’t ask for anything in return. She does not get into trouble like a Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian. She is the best because she is one of us.



  1. As I was saying, Yvonne is really good at what she does, and she continues to get better. But to say that she’s the best, I don’t know. There are a several good actresses out there, especially in television roles, that are very good; names like Lauren Graham, Anna Torv, Allison Janney and a few others that have proven that they should be considered in that elite bracket as well. The thing with Yvonne is that while she is to be taken very seriously, her body of work still is not one that is very large at this point in her career. I love what she does, and how she is building upon what has already been established, but I’m not ready to crown her the best just yet.

    • The claim that she is the best goes along with her craft and her off screen lifestlye.

      Do you ever hear her get into trouble or have a sex tape stole or sleeping around Hollywood. She is still young and evolving and her work with Keifer will only strengthen her demand in Hollywood.

      We have seen so many actress go by the waste side because of their off screen antics but we can’t dismiss them when we find a woman like Yvonne who is still true to herself. As she said in her NY Post article, she likes to keep her personal life to herself she is a sneakers and jeans kind of girl.

      These are the qualities for me that make her the best actress.

      • There’s no doubt that she has maintained a pretty low key reputation so far, and that lifestyle goes a long way with me as well. But, it doesn’t weigh that much in the long run. Those other actresses that I named have had fairly quiet private lives as well. Allison Janney won four emmy’s in a row for her work on West Wing. Anna Torv has already proven that she can carry a series, by herself, as she did w/Fringe. Ditto, Lauren Graham. And all of these women, like Yvonne, stay pretty much out of the limelight. Lauren Graham has a master’s degree, and is an accomplished writer now as well. I think that Yvonne has the potential to flourish, give the right material and opportunities, but she has a way to go just yet. Like I said, I have loved her in everything that I’ve seen her in, but I would like to see her do more diverse roles as well.

    • And, what makes Yvonne so good is that, in many cases she has had to rise above the written material; she certainly did it on Chuck, and again in I, Frankenstein and Killer Elite. On 24:LAD she will have to do it once again, primarily because of the subject matter, and the type of showcase 24 is. As I’ve said before, 24 is non-stop action, and usually very dark, so there isn’t a lot of light moments to find. So far, she looks good, but unless she is given the material to shine, this will be just another action showcase. I would love to see her do a light comedy somewhere down the line…..

      • so far it seems like she is type casted, and if a Chuck movie comes intuition she has pretty much signed off on that. She will forever been known as a action actress and you know what for some thats not a bad thing

        Angelina Jolie and now Jennifer Lawrence are action actresses with the occasional romantic comedy film.

        for me though I think her best performance is Hannah McKay because it showed she can be villainous if need be and her challenging Dexter was fun to watch.

      • There’s nothing wrong with action roles but if you’ve had the opportunity to see some of her work from an Australian series called Homeland, she’s a very good dramatic actress. It’s easy to type cast her, she’s beautiful and smart, but she is going to have to take a few risks and step out of the super badass girl roses and do something that maybe is not so flattering to she her full range.

      • My wife says I have rosy and colored glasses when it comes to Yvonne and the reason is I find her roles to be characters come to life and her beauty has no words in the dictionary that justifiy her beauty

      • And when are we going to get into the Dawson debate? Or are you still chickening out?

      • She is definitely gorgeous, and very talented, but I look at her overall body of work, and the choices that she makes in the roles that she chooses. She herself has said that she doesn’t want to be typecast and yet she chose to play another CIA agent. Granted it is 24, but that unto itself makes the choice questionable. As I said before, 24 is not a star making role for women, since practically every lead female on that she for eight seasons either winds up dead or crazy or the bad guy. Yvonne needs to distance herself from these kinds of role for awhile lest she not get offers to play other kinds of individuals. Great actresses have to shoot for longevity, and allow themselves to glamour themselves down to make a point that they are great and not just another pretty face. Yvonne hasn’t done that yet. Jennifer Lawrence at 22 has already diversified her roles and she is being rewarded for it. On the other end of the spectrum, Lauren Graham at 47 continues to play likeable, human, real, tv characters, and she isn’t afraid to either play her age, or herself. I like actresses who aren’t afraid to be themselves on screen. I love Yvonne, but she needs to diversify.

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