Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami

Sarah Walker the girlfriendWe are at the midway point of our review of season one, Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami is an explosive episode. A lot of character development and surprises that will impact the rest of the series as a whole, and finally someone from the dead make their return.
Why was Imported Hard Salami so important to the overall series? Well, Sarah Walker showcases a jealous streak in this episode that not even Casey can ignore, but before that scene. Let’s begin at the top.

Sarah Walker

The beginning of the episode has Sarah walking into the Buymore, and this scene is one of Sarah’s best and the reason has to do with her expression and while it was designed to sell the break up, Sarah’s expression is very real. Sarah was in pain because she doesn’t want to break up with Chuck, she is telling the truth when she said “the beak up was not a good idea, but based on the job being an issue for her still this was as far as she can go without compromising the situation.

Chuck was also good here, he stood by his decision he made in Chuck vs the Truth, and it showed he had a backbone until the tears came. Sarah facing a situation that she clearly is not happy about personally still has to work with Chuck professionally and it gets tougher for her.

While on his date with Lou, Chuck flashes on Lou’s ex-boyfriend Stavros Demitrios General Beckman being Beckman makes Chuck go on a date with a bug so they can listen in on Stavros and find out when a package was being delivered and this package definitely is a bomb. During the debriefing you can see some of Yvonne’s best work.

Sarah upset and jealous
He called her his girlfriend. Staying professional will be very difficult.

While trying to maintain professionalism and not getting caught by both Casey and Beckman, hearing the words “I don’t want to get my girlfriend involved in this” struck Sarah hard. She is upset and she can’t take it out on Chuck, so she does what anyone woman would do confront the problem. When she spots Lou outside of the Weinerlicious She can’t help herself and threatens her.

Sarah has to be on Chuck’s date and listen, when I mentioned Casey above starting to realize Sarah’s feeling we get them here. Sarah is noticeably bothered and jealous that her boyfriend is inside the club with another woman. She is on a mission but that’s not going to stop her from jumping the gun.

Chuck on a date without SarahCasey: Same bit with you
Sarah: What’s that supposed to mean?
Casey: Want me to spell it out for you…fine…You fall for the guys you work with. First Bryce, now our boy Chuck.
Sarah: Bryce was a mistake and I haven’t falling for Chuck.

Short time later, Sarah is in the club interfering with Chuck’s date, which she does apologize, but again Chuck has a backbone developing with Sarah.

Sarah: Its hard to have a real relationship in this kind of work
Chuck: It’s hard to have a fake one too.
Sarah is caught and Chuck is not letting her off the hook this time, and Sarah notices it and relinquishes
Sarah: If it’s any constellation, I never thought our time together was work.

Even though her pride is hurt, Chuck’s happiness does matter to her.
Sarah and Casey learn about where the package was headed and head to the dock to intercept the package. They only find a camera because the Demitrios were on to Team Bartowski and the tip they learned on Chuck’s date was compromised

Sarah and Casey pissed about the mishap discuss the situation with Chuck, and tell Chuck they thought it was Lou who tip off Stavros, which upset Chuck. They brought him along to Stavros’s club and Lou showed up at the club, but Chuck does not believe she is a criminal.
Chuck soon learned that the only Lou was guilty of was smuggling deli meats from Europe, However, Sarah was not pleased with Chuck going after Lou and wanted to follow, but Casey stopped her first attempt, meanwhile Chuck took off his watch because he didn’t want anyone to hear Lou incriminate herself. This time Sarah goes in.
Unfortunately, Stavros knew Team Bartowski would show up and was prepared. He captured Sarah and Chuck.

Sarah finally showing effects of Lou and ChuckWith everything that transpired, Sarah was reaching a breaking point the joisting between being professional and seeking a personal life forced her to do things out of character professionally entering the club prematurely or going after Chuck when the ear wig malfunctioned. The only reason she did this was because she was falling in love, and love makes even the toughest spy do things out of character.

The very reason Sarah again put in the position of seeing Chuck get blown up and having to choose between being an agent or giving in to her desire. The answer is passion. This is short lived however because as Chuck and Sarah finish kissing, the surprise of the season is revealed.


There will be a future article in which I will discuss the kiss, and it is important for me to wait until then because it will be compared and contrasted to the “Magical Kiss”

MY Thoughts On Imported Hard Salami

This episode was one of the better episodes of season one. It also is the final episode of Lou. I didn’t like the choice or writing for this character. I would have preferred Hannah here because she is better suited for Chuck than Lou. I also felt Lou really wasn’t a threat to Sarah. I mean look at the two.

Bryce returning is not a shock as much as Sarah’s reaction in the next episode. More on that later.



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