Chuck vs The Crown Vic

We have three episode left in the first season, and after the return of Bryce, Sarah and Chuck face their first rough situation. Chuck vs The Crown Vic is one of those episodes that has everything from action to comedy with the right blend of the entire cast. Chuck has two man up moments and we are on our way.

Bryce’s Return Shakes up Sarah

Casey can feel the tension between Charah
Casey can feel the tension between Charah

Earlier in the season we watched Sarah’s jealousy of Lou’s interest in her boyfriend, the return of Bryce did a bit of a role reversal and this time Chuck is jealous, but not with Bryce but with the latest mission. The latest target was Lon Kirk, Chuck flashed on counterfeit money, which was the basis of the mission get close but not too close.Love is complicated

Sarah did make it to the briefing until the end because she still was struggling with the return of Bryce. She was visibly upset with having to make a decision and took out her frustration on Chuck.  Both Casey and Chuck notice right away she was not herself. Casey voices his concerns over Chuck and Sarah going as a couple on the mission.  However, Sarah quickly shoots it down saying its fine.

I won’t be spending much time on Morgan’s story because I find this to be the most annoying Morgan episode of the series, and he has some douses  The only part will be the end and that will be discussed than.

After the briefing, Chuck voiced his concerns about why Sarah stayed behind. Sarah insisted it was because she had a job to do. Chuck finally was reaching his limit on this whole thing and began to mature. The rest of the episode was about the two moments that clearly were positive moments in the development of Chuck.  He was happy that she stayed with him, but he can tell she was affected by the situation.                        Sarah fusrated with decision

He arrived at the hotel room for the mission, where he continues to see the pieces of the Sarah he was witnessing and the first of two man up moments  for Mr. Bartowski.

Chuck: It  should be pretty  fun right…

Sarah: Its work..

Sarah tries to fix Chuck’s bow tie but Chuck stops her.

This episode was about the development of Chuck in the sense that all episode long Sarah was being cold and rather stand offish and  she wants to resume things on her terms. Not cool Sarah, and Chuck stops it quickly. This would follow one of my favorite lines from Zachery Levi.  Charah arrived at the event and they are still clashing.

Sarah: Since when do you drink martinis

Chuck: Oh, oh I don’t, no, but Carmichael loves em.

Its funny because Sarah was being smug about Chuck getting a martini and than later after Chuck blows 100k at the tables She winks at Kirk, which caught the eye of Bartowski.  Did you really just wink at him? Did you really just lose 100,000 dollars

Funny and classic Chuck, its what makes Team Bartowski so effective and dysfunctional yet focused on the mission. Sarah flirting with Von and going on his Yacht the next day, was uncomfortable for Chuck, which showed his lack of understanding of what a spy needs to do. There will be more episodes like this that mark the struggles he has with it. and we get the same jealous antics from Chuck then too.

The next man up moment for Chuck comes after Chuck flashes on crates that had counterfeit plates in them. When Casey and crew storm the boat, it was determined there was nothing in the crates causing Sarah and Casey to be benched by Beckmann and Graham.

Sarah shows up at Chuck’s apartment furious that Chuck would completely compromise the mission. Thus, causing both Casey and herself to be taken off the case.  This scene was the first scene in which Chuck develops a backbone and tells Sarah how he is feeling, and like Bryce said in Chuck vs the Nemesis, she does not understand how to handle the feelings she was experiencing.

Terrible day at the officeSarah: Ellie or Awesome home
Chuck: No they are not, they are at work, and hello to you too.
Sarah: What the hell happen today….

Chuck: I..I don’t know. I don’t get it. I had a flash

Sarah:  Right when I went below with Kirk. It’s pretty convenient timing..I would say.

Chuck: What are you talking about?

Sarah: Just when you thought I was getting intimate with Kirk, you decided to have a flash

Chuck: What exactly are you Implying? That I faked the flash? That I am a flash faker?

Sarah: You know, I think we need to discuss the fact that you let your emotions get in the way today.

Chuck:  My Emotions?

Sarah: Things have been a little off since the incident, Chuck.

Chuck: Really, and what incident are you referring to, Agent Walker, Huh? Could it be the incident when you planted a kiss on me right before a bomb was supposed to go off, ending our lives? That same kiss before your Boyfriend Bryce came back from the dead, that kiss?

Sarah: Stop saying kiss. It happened Okay? What’s done is done. Can we just not talk about it, please?

Chuck: Okay, fine. Absolutely  of course.  Just answer me this one little thing.

Sarah: Chuck…

Chuck: Did you kiss me that night because you thought we were going to die, and mine were the most convenient lips around, or was it actually about me?

Sarah: What happen was a mistake. One I won’t make again.

It is a good thing they had this discussion because its the first time since the kiss they actually discussed it, and it only made matters worse. This of course until Chuck realized they placed the plates on Chen’s boat. The very boat Anna and Morgan would be on. Casey didn’t listen, but Sarah was quick to assist Chuck by going with him to the pier. Casey would join them soon after.

What I love most about the man up moments is the illustration of  the difference between Buffoon Chuck and that of a mature Chuck. We get glimpses of mature Chuck throughout season one and in particular the later part of the season. Especially in the next two episodes when he started to get comfortable with his new computer.

It also shows as much as he is falling for Sarah, he won’t let her dictate every situation. Especially one that he is not at fault. He did his job correctly and yet when the roles were reversed didn’t she jump the gun on his date at the club? As much as I praise Sarah on her development at times, this episode belongs to Chuck.

He took control of the mission by redirecting the GPS and forcing Casey to give him the coordinates from his car. Reluctantly Casey does, and once again Chuck is the hero along with Sarah and Casey. A great ending for a mission.

At the Christmas Party, Sarah showed up and went looking for Chuck, where Charah have one of many special moments. they discuss how they are both bad at relationships, which Chuck claims  that means he is good at nothing else, and very Sarah Walker coaches him up. “Chuck.. your good at your job too. and I don’t mean just here fixing know the one you didn’t ask for, but was supposed to have.”  They smoothed out their differences and become friends.

This is one of the better episodes of season one and it is essential in Chuck’s development, but we still have a long journey ahead of us, and the road will have more bumpy roads and rough waters, but something tells me Charah will be just fine until the end.




  1. The one thing that I disliked about Chuck for the 1st 30 episodes of the series was his tendency to whine. The whole “I want this thing out of my head” started to grate on me after a while. He was always an underachiever, and here in Crown Vic, we see that at play once again. Ok, so Bryce is gone, but suddenly Sarah is temporarily awol, and Chuck is beside himself. Then, after she shows, he’s still is somewhat whiny, all because of 2…count em…2 kisses; and both of them are sending mixed messages. Chuck can’t figure Sarah out, and she certainly isn’t helping, because she can’t seem to come to terms with “the incident” either. The Bryce kiss only clouds the issue more. This episode really is the beginning of their parallel journeys toward each other, although Sarah is in total denial, and will keep herself there, quite deliberately, until in Lethal Weapon she finally admits out loud that she doesn’t want to leave him or in her words “cheat on her cover boyfriend”. It is in that same episode, that Chuck finally mans up for the first time and tells Sarah in no uncertain terms that he will get the intersect out of his head, and that he will have the life that he wants, with the woman that he wants. Parallels…Crown Vic signifies the beginning: Sarah’s realization that she has some serious internal questions to answer, and Chuck’s realization that he needs to stop being reactive, and to start being proactive…with the intersect, and with Sarah as well. Their respective journeys ramp up with this episode.

    • First, he was an underachiever because of a lack of support system Ellie discourage him most of time with lectures and unwarrented nagging than there is Morgan, Casey and Sarah saw how smart he was and quick on his feet

      Crown Vic is different because Chuck took. controll of the mission at the end he stood up to Sarah twice which was good for him Sarah was a mess because of Bryce what bothers me is her reaction when Jill comes to town but thats for than
      I dont blame either Chuck or Sarah in this episode they show there is still a lot to learn about each other but still Sarah tried to fix his tie but he refused her reaction after was of why would he do that her response ooh ok Sarah best is her expressions she is never going to express herself like Chuck because its not who she is

      It takes extreme situations like Chuck being kidnapped for her tk express her feelings watch her facual expression then say a lot more than her words

      Does Chuck complain a lot sure but I chalk that up to a Bartowski family thing cause Ellie does the same

    • I disagree. Chuck was an underachiever because he was stuck in neutral. He was still living 5 years in the past, not having gotten over Jill and being kicked out of Stanford. Bryce returning only enhanced his feelings. If anything, Ellie was very cool with Chuck then, because instead of kicking him out of the nest, she kept letting him wallow. Morgan held him back as well, although, Morgan was an even bigger loser, and a millstone around Chuck’s nest. So at that point in his like Ellie and Awesome were more of enablers than anything else. Yeah, he took charge of the mission, but it was mainly because his motivation and truthfulness had been questioned.

      • Chuck may seem like an underachiever sure but when challenged he was very much up for it. here he is challenged by a cold standoffish Sarah, his friend being threaten and oh by the way Bryce was alive, but when he saw that Sarah stayed. Even he was skeptical and wanted answers, but see I am under the belief in season one that Sarah does not owe Chuck any explanation when it comes to her relationship with Bryce ever heard the term your better off not knowing all the details.

        and remember they never talked about the kiss yet so with tempers and emotions flaring on Sarah’s part she forced Chuck to respond and from that point on even Casey knew our favorite couple were clashing. However, Sarah wanted to act like nothing was wrong and go for the tie and than later when do you drink martinis

        Sometimes it was good Chuck was challenged hence why I love Shaw so much. Shaw made Chuck up his game or he was going to lose Sarah. He did but it back fired because of Character Assassination made by the writers. I actually starting to feel that the powers that be didn’t like the success Sarah was having and thus was destroyed many times

  2. Didn’t Beckman call Casey at the end of this episode and prepare him to kill “Bartowski” cause new intersect was almost up”

    • Yes, you are correct. Beckman did callCasey but as much as Casey follow protocol he has also grown fond of Chuck it could have been a what if moment when he pulled the trigger? I would think so since he was about following orders

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