Chuck vs The Marlin

The final episode of season one, and huge momentum for our favorite couple. We learn that Fulcrum planted a bug in the Buymore and we have one of the series best ending to a season.

The story begins with Devon looking for Chuck at the Buymore, and when he does Devon was prepared to ask Chuck if he could marry Ellie. It was funny Devon asking Chuck persmission to marry Elliebecause of what Devon said “Chuck, I need you to drop some Knowledge Bro.”

While Devon  is fumbling with the words to say to Chuck, Bartowski flashes on a bug.

Chuck finds Casey and lets him know about the bug and we have a problem. For Sarah, the moment of truth for her as an agent and “cover girlfriend” Beckmann and Graham give the ultimatum. Find the receiver or  Chuck goes under.

The reason this episode is a very strong episode for Charah. Sarah begins to show just how far her feelings have grown.  In the beginning, Sarah voices her concern by claiming ” You said we have 48 hrs to locate the receiver.” Beckmann is taking back by Walker questioning her orders.

I can't lose Chuck Sarah’s expression reveals she was not ready to lose Chuck. Her reaction to the news of Chuck being bunkered was something she was trying to prevent but failed, and despite hearing the ultimatum she tried remaining professional.

Meanwhile back at the Buymore. the entire store was cleaned out in hopes to find the receiver, they took everything including Devon’s engagement ring which sent Chuck in a panic phase. Big Mike assed Chuck where’s Casey, so Chuck goes and find him.

Buymore Robber

Casey instructed Chuck to get down to the warehouse, and Chuck discovered that it was the CIA that robbed the Buymore.   While there Chuck learned of the decision if they didn’t find the Fulcrum agent who planted the bug in the first place he was going underground.

After watching the surveillance footage, it was determined that the Buymore had a dual break in from both the Fulcrum agent and Jeffster. Mistakenly, Jeffster turned on the cameras and Team Bartowski saw where the receiver was. which was in Big Mike’s stuffed Marlin.

Soon followed great scenes with Casey and Chuck interrogating jeffster and than Morgan.  The whole sequence was funny.

John Casey: [to Lester and Jeff] We could do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is I shove his


John Casey: foot up your ass.

Jeff: What’s the hard way?

John Casey: I use *my* foot!

Great Chuck comedy.

Back to the main story.  Chuck is forced to be questioned by the police and Big Mike.  Chuck remained in Big Mike’s office and overheard the Pita Girl’s who name was Lizzie came 29 times, which is the amount of bugs found.

Chuck sends the picture to Sarah, and not to long after Lizzie walks into the wienerlicious.  Nice battle between the two ladies, but Sarah loses the fight this time.  Lizzie locks Sarah in the freezer and takes off with both Devon’s ring and the receiver.


Chuck still frantic about where the ring was  confronts Morgan about where the fish was and it didn’t take long for Morgan to come clean about the fish being at the wienerlicious.  Chuck heads over and found the fish broken with no ring, but hears Sarah call for help.

She tells him there is an extra gun in the horseradish container, but Chuck fumbles with it and gets caught by Longshore, who detains Chuck.  Here where Sarah Walker really starts to showcase her feelings

Langston Graham and General Beckmann both said the police officer that took Chuck was a CIA agent assigned to extract Chuck and he was not longer Casey and Sarah’s problem, but to locate the Fulcrum agent, but Sarah can’t help what she is feeling

Sarah Walker's heart is in her throat

This is how a wonderful actress brings a character to life. the emotion in this scene. is larger than life .

But I don't want Chuck leaveHer eyes aer beginning to tear with the thought of losing Chuck

 When you see the face expression change from frieghtened to trying to keep composure was a struggle for the character, and well done by the actress. There is no dispute Yvonne at this point had full command of her character. The ending of this episode showcased just how magnificant of a talent she was becoming.

Sarah Walker for the first time in her career didn’t want to leave an assignment and its not because its her job, but its because her heart was falling for the asset. Her dreams of normalcy, while on the job was going to take a hit and she was not going to let that stand. Her job was supposed to be protecting him from anything or anyone would that include her superiors

The Final Scene of Season One

When I look back at the final scene, I can’t help but think about the series finale, and in Chuck vs the Marlin, we get an ending that is powerful and the best of the series. Chuck vs the Cliffhanger would of been nice if they didn’t leave it the way they did.

In this final scene, we get a hero, but not from Chuck. Sarah stands tall and  saved Chuck from being bunkered with a little help from Lizzie.

Sarah located Chuck and longshore on a helipad, which ironically was how the pilot’s  final scene started.  Sarah requests a moment with Chuck and that it was a  classic scene,

Here is the line that sums up the scene for me.   ” He’s My Guy”  its the same phrase she will use in Chuck vs the Other Guy. ” Your Still My Chuck:”  It never dawned on me until recently when I watched these two episodes, and the fact was Sarah let it slip in season one.  The cover was not really a cover when it came to losing Her Chuck.

Finally after everything gets squared away, Chuck gave the ring to Awesome, and saw his sister and future brother in law get engage and from the outside window we see Sarah. Nobody is going to come between me and my man

She has solidified herself as the protector of everything she was watching. Casey knew it too. They were more precious to her than any mission she was ever on.  It was a personal mission to stay in Chuck’s life.

Season One’s finale was a very clean and great episode.  It had everything you wanted. Comedy, romance and great character development.

As for Chuck and Sarah, they are not their yet. but they are further along  than at the beginning of the season. For Chuck, he is still learning the Spy World and Sarah has her sight set on normalcy, and Chuck gave her that chance.






  1. There’s a scene where Casey and Sarah discuss about how to tell Chuck that he could be sent away, and Sarah wants Casey to take it easy, and I think he says something like that: “This is not about you getting laid…” . I think it’s an interesting scene too. Shows how Casey is realizing Sarah’s feelings

  2. Thank you, Christopher. I started my rewatch last month and I’m very happy to see there are still people who talk about the serie. I’m reading all the articles now. That’s an awesome job you’re doing, congratulations!

    • Feel free to comment on any of the articles you come across. We are up to Chuck vs the Ex, I do have a feature article on Jill Roberts if you would like to read as well

  3. I will read for sure. I’m reading Chuck vs The Ex right now, And today I’ve watched Chuck vs. The Mask. My mother is watching with me for the first time and is sad saying that Chuck is chenged and thinks that Sarah is going to be with Shaw. I’m trying to not spoil anything for her hahaha

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