Chuck, Chuck’s Family and the Apartment: Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker Part 3

In the next chapter of our study of Sarah Walker, we will embark on the three things that mattered most to her. Chuck, Chuck’s Family and the Apartment. The three things that would take shape in the development of the character, and the significance of it. She learned that she can love and be jealousy like a normal woman, but what about having an actual home and family?

Since there is so much to say about this latest topic, It will be broken down into three separate publishings. In other words, This week will be about Chuck, and the next article will be Chuck’s Family and so on. This part of Sarah Walker is very important because it shapes the character’s development as whole rather than just love and jealousy. Traits are just one part of who Sarah was.

I know she is a character created by writers, but at the same time its fun to explore the enigma Sarah Walker. However, as a passionate Chuck fan, I can’t help but be in awe of such a character and most importantly the actress that portrays her.

From the time as a child to her early adulthood Sarah never had a resemblance of a home or for the most part a family. Sure she had her father, but Jack was never around. He was off conning someone, and Sarah was faced with moving state to state. New Identities and covers were a plentiful.

When she bumped into Langston, again she had to learn a new lifestyle. One that would remain her persona until she arrived in Burbank. The very day she thought would be a piece of cake. Soon she would find herself on a plane headed back to Washington ready for her next mission, but what she didn’t know was she was on the road towards the reshaping of everything she knew to exist.

A New MissionShe entered the Buymore as Agent Walker, but when she left normal Sarah had begun to surface. It took watching Chuck willing to help a young ballerina to realize she had side of her. She was intrigued by this.

She dealt with Terrorists, Rogue Spies and assassins, what she never dealt with was a normal man living a normal life, and how does a superspy handle it? She was mesmerized by it.

After the computer crashed, she was recalled, but the normal Sarah didn’t want to go.  Agent Walker was also interested to see where this would lead because of the Bryce connection. Her duties as an agent and fixer were not done. She refuse to leave and soon 12 hours turned into a life time.Baggage Handler line worked

In order to find out more about Chuck. She needed to get close, and the only way was by going on a date. A lot is made out of Chuck vs the First Date, and rightfully so, but the first date took place in the pilot. Sarah’s initial reasoning for being there was to probe Chuck, but after he said “Baggage Handler,” She relaxed and was actually having a good time. Something she hadn’t felt in a long time.

She was not the type to express herself like Chuck, and while listening to him talk,  his openness, she admitted that she doesn’t like to talk or maybe because she never needed too. She never knew the feeling of being normal because she was never able too. Her development in the first episode of Chuck was the awakening of a part of her she had no idea existed. Chuck brought that out of her with one simple line “I can be your baggage handler” 

As the rest of the episode panned out, Chuck saved the day, but Chuck walked away after realizing what Bryce did, Sarah watching Chuck sitting on the beach began to see that Chuck was not a threat at all, and sat beside him on the beach. She was concerned about him already/ she cared and by saying “Trust me” she really was saying I am not going anywhere. This is where we will begin our journey in understanding the importance of Chuck, his family and the apartment,


After one day with Chuck, his way of life was something she wanted to understand and be a part of, and since the government had a special interest in him. She could assume the role as his handler. Agent Walker could keep her eye on the Intersect and Sarah Walker can learn to be a normal woman.

Sarah Walker and Agent Walker love the Charles Carmichael Alias

The problem of course was Chuck’s charm and eagerness to put others before himself was a learning experience even Agent Walker had difficulty at times handling. He took the time to listen to her and despite Agent Walker persistence in claiming it was just a cover, Sarah Walker’s own mission of seeking normalcy was starting to take shape.

When going on their first mission together, she learned more about Chuck’s past. His run ins with Bryce Larkin, which ultimately would be one of the first wedges that kept them apart, but for now  this is more about Sarah learning normalcy from Chuck.

Sarah’s professional and family lifestyle taught her in order to protect herself, she would need to think quick to make sure she had the upper hand in every situation. Manipulation has its power when the person you’re trying to manipulate has nothing on you, and that’s the role Agent Walker had to do, but once Chuck found out that Sarah had lied about her relationship with Bryce, Chuck became weary of everything Sarah was telling him.

Carina told Chuck the TruthAt this point in their relationship, it is not important for Sarah to reveal everything to Chuck, and for Chuck’s case how would it benefit him. Agent Walker’s assignment became compromised and the idea of normalcy for Sarah Walker. Especially when Chuck gave the diamond to Carina against her wishes.

After several re-watches of Chuck vs Wookie, I finally understand Sarah in this episode. After finding out that Chuck hates Bryce and also knowing what happen at Stanford. Would it be prudent than to tell Chuck they she had a romantic relationship with Bryce. Her job in protecting him would be compromised and how would Chuck trust her? Agent Walker’s main objective was the Intersect and anything short of that would be deemed breach of protocol against the agency,

A very caustious Sarah
The topic of Bryce forced Sarah to tread lightly

She gets  mad and jealous of how Carina was in Chuck’s ear during the mission and talked to him the night before without her presence. The interesting thing from this episode would be Sarah was looking out for Chuck both as Agent Walker and Sarah Walker, however Agent Walker took over once Chuck spoiled the mission. She clearly lost control of Chuck both personally and professionally, but her feelings have not materialized to the point where Sarah Walker would overrule her agent persona.

After the mission, she requested some time to discuss with Chuck about the events of the day, and she asked Chuck to come to her place, which he obliges. The importance of the last scene of Wookie has more to do with Chuck. He noticed that she didn’t like olives on her pizza, and brought over a pizza with no olives. She couldn’t stay mad at him, and a bond was created.

While everything on its surface seemed fine, it really wasn’t because Chuck was having doubts about himself as a spy and juggling it with his friends and family, and who better to understand him than Sarah. She also has begun to struggle with her chosen profession, but Agent Walker still controls her actions. When he tells her to help rescue the Mei Ling’s brother or places a bug in a fake picture, she knows she has to follow protocol, but Chuck does not see it that way.

One of the first areas where Chuck educates Sarah on is his friendship with Morgan. She never had a friend or anyone who cared for her, and here is where we will start the process of how how much of a positive influence Chuck was for her.

Sarah learning about personal relationshipsChuck’s Friendship With Morgan

The best way for Sarah to learn from Chuck on how to be normal was through his closeness with Morgan. In the beginning, Sarah stood in the background and watched as the two would goofy around, and she loved it. She was amazed and also hoping the same from Chuck. The only difference would be her romantic interest, but that’s not until later in the story. She was very comfortable with his arm wrapped around her back and shoulder. His first sign of getting comfort ability with her. Remember Chuck vs Tango, he struggled with PDA.  His arm around her was a form of PDA, which she relished.

Don't tell me its drugs

However, what is fun and games with Morgan and Chuck. It can quickly change once Chuck becomes big brother. Especially when it comes to threatening situations like fireworks, but she is not aware of that on the outset. Chuck’s adamant tone about being “off this stuff” set off  warning bells, and while Chuck has been able to establish this with Morgan. He will eventually will become like that with Sarah. Through Morgan/Chuck friendship, she learned its ok to look out for one another even if the cost can be great.

It also was important for Chuck to make sure he had Morgan’s back. This would also mean going against orders from Sarah and Casey.   In Chuck vs the Best Friend, we get a learning experience for Sarah on how far Chuck will go for friends and family. Something that she had not experience or knowledge about from her life. It was very uncomfortable for her

Chuck laying the law down

 Chuck's willing to die even for his friendsMost heroic situation took place on missions, Bryce sacrificed himself to send Chuck the Intersect, Casey and Sarah both knew the risk of the profession they worked in, but what about Chuck, he chose his friend’s well-being over his. An important episode not only for Sarah but Casey as well.

 Sarah: No, I get it; he’s your best friend.

Chuck: You know you say that, but I don’t think you have a clue what it means. Look, Sarah, I don’t have parents. I mean not really. I don’t really talk about it because that’s the way things are now. But it wasn’t always this way. Morgan was there the first day that my mom took off. He didn’t say much. Because honestly what is a fifth grader supposed to say? But we sat there and split a cherry cheesecake and played Legend of Zelda all night long. And my dad, well that’s-that’s a whole other story. But Morgan was there for that too. Morgan is more than just my best friend. He’s my family. Before you got here, and long after you’ve gone, Morgan is my family.

Sarah: …Last night we failed to learn the contents of the Triad’s container. And now we don’t know what kind of drugs or weapons are floating around in the city. And while I appreciate your friendship with Morgan, losing sight of that container endangers many people’s best friends, not just yours, Chuck.

A Very Hard Lesson for Both of Them
A Very Hard Lesson for Both of Them

The conversation was important for both to hear, they were still adjusting to each others world. and both were right in their respective cases.  The talk was also good because Sarah needed a refresher on how important Morgan was  to him.

Chuck learned again how the spy world was  not very kind to personal relationships, and Sarah’s lack of understanding was prevalent to Chuck. Chuck needed a reminder that in the spy world sometimes personal relationships take a back seat.

This kind of thing Chuck does not learn until the later part of season 2 and even in Season 3 at times struggled with the difference between spying and personal relationship.

Sarah continued to watch how deep the connection was between Chuck and Morgan,

Chuck dosen't want to talk to me anymore

Chuck had always complain about not being able to discuss his secret life to anyone. Remember in the pilot “Don’t tell anyone to keep them safe.” but in the three years of knowing them. He had turned into a liar that even Sarah didn’t approve of.

Chuck Bartowski: I don’t need – I don’t need time off, okay? Maybe I’m not flashing because I have all these emotions bottled up inside me. You ever thought about that? I mean – I – I just broke up with Hannah. I can’t talk to my best friend, or my sister about anything in my life. I’m not a machine. Okay, I am a machine. But I am also a person.

Sarah Walker: Well you can always talk to us.

Chuck Bartowski: …Yeah, uh, no thanks. I don’t think that’s going to work for me.

Chuck refused Sarah’s help, and this time it caught Sarah of guard.  All the time she knew him, he always opened up to her. A near confidant if you will.  She had begun to lose him, and it started when he decided to enter her world as a spy.

The only person Chuck would confide in was Morgan, and when it seem like the two would lose their life at that second. Chuck revealed his secret.

From the time she told him “Trust her” until he stopped flashing because of breaking up with Hannah and nearly seeing Sarah get killed right before his eyes, it was Morgan who he ran to not Sarah.

The thing about Sarah that makes the character so wonderful to study is her ability to take what she learns as experience in various situations, Shaw wanted to send  morgan away because of his knowing Chuck’s secret.

Unlike Chuck vs The Best Friend Sarah understands.
Unlike in Chuck vs The Best Friend, Sarah understands the Importance

Shaw: We’ll just have to put Grimes in Witness Protection. We’ll move him out of Burbank tonight after dark.

Chuck: Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no. Hang on-hang on a second, Morgan is not going anywhere. Okay.

Shaw: Chuck, he knows your secret.

Chuck: Yeah well so do a lot of people. Awesome knows and we didn’t put him underground.

Casey: Yeah, because Awesome’s awesome and Grimes is a moron.

Shaw: It’s just too dangerous. We have no reason to believe we can trust him

Chuck: Yes, we do. We have 22 reasons why we can trust him. That’s the number of years that Morgan has been my best friend. And yes he has his faults,granted, but one thing he is, is loyal. And he will never betray me or my secret.

Sarah: He’s right.

Chuck: Thank you. Look, I’m flashing, I’m a spy again because I have my best friend back. You need the intersect and I need him. So Morgan Grimes is staying exactly where he belongs which is the Burbank Buy More.

The experience taught Sarah about the meaning of friendship. Something that she herself was building with Chuck.  She took a queue from him twice lets take a look.

Learning What It takes to be a Friend

Its real Chuck
Its Real Chuck

She looked out for Chuck when Ellie told her about Chuck’s degree, she went and got it for him by talking with Stanford about his excellent field work. Something Agent Walker wouldn’t have done, but Sarah Walker, who is trying to find a sense of normalcy has begun to understand the length people will go for their friends.

Another example would be something more personal and will take the time here where its important to examine.

Remember this?

Nobody is going to come between me and my man

She is still in Agent Walker form in Chuck vs the Marlin. She gives a glimpse of Sarah Walker on top of the helipad, but as soon as Chuck asked her to come in to celebrate his sister’s engagement she said no.  “Its family time.”

However, after learning from Chuck on how to go beyond the call of duty for friends and family, she does something for him worth more than a degree.

He never told me he was looking for his father

in Chuck vs the Lethal Weapon, Sarah learns that Chuck was searching for his father, which if you can tell from the reaction was news to her,  Chuck was starting to shape into the spy we all knew he can be, and we he starts to lose faith in the government’s role in finding his father.

Agent Walker tries to work with the agency, but her feelings and friendship is too strong at this point. Unlike in Marlin. Sarah is more experience in how to handle these kind of situations. Chuck taught her the meaning of friendship.

 Chuck’s Search for Orion/Dad

It is why you get a stunned expression from Sarah, when Ellie asked Chuck about looking for their father. Her expression is of one, Why is this the first time I am hearing about this. It won’t be the last time either. Chuck finds out that Orion was the mastermind of the Intersect, and this caused Chuck to seek who this man was. He asked the agency what they knew, but got nowhere,  Since Agent Walker was working for the CIA, Chuck was not interested in getting her involved in fear of stopping him.

What does this have to do with Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker, well its simple there is no question since they first met both Agent Walker and Sarah Walker have had the need to protect Chuck, whether it was because of finding out what he knew or simply trying to put his mind at easy by saying “Trust Me.” All Sarah wanted was to be included in what Chuck was thinking or doing/ She witnessed countless times on how Morgan and him would discuss and hash out problems, but Chuck never confined in Sarah like that. It was something that bothered her.

The thing we can examine however is how the two personalities coped with being excluded. When Chuck went looking for Orion we get a very different Sarah Walker, one that was not acting like an Agent.

You should of told me.
You should of told me.

Here we have a woman, who had no experience in dealing with emotions and jealousy, and as I mentioned before her quest for normalcy was always something she was seeking. She asked both Carina and Casey if they ever wanted to have a family, home and normal life, and with Chuck she saw she can have it all. However, when Chuck goes off on his own, she becomes very defensive and at times showed that it bothered her far more than him pursuing other women.

In Chuck vs The Predator,  we get Sarah Walker throughout this episode. She was not in full Agent mode. She was taken back by the fact that her best friend went behind her back looking for Orion. Thus, the very agent response.  In the lines below we get both Agent Walker and Sarah Walker reactions.

Sarah Walker: Chuck, your search for Orion was a rogue operation. Do you know how dangerous that is?… Very! {Agent Walker)

Chuck Bartowski: And I didn’t tell you.

Sarah Visible Bothered by Chuck not including her.
Sarah Visible Bothered by Chuck not including her.

Sarah Walker: And you didn’t tell me. <— The Girlfriend response

Chuck Bartowski: Okay, you’re right. Completely and totally right. But Sarah, uh, I want to get this thing out of my head so I can get my old life back and have a chance a real relationship. Do you really think the NSA and the CIA are going to be cool with that? 

Sarah Walker: You should have trusted me.

Sarah knows that finding Orion is important to her boyfriend, and its not a question about holding him back, he has no experience of how things are done in the spy world, and she had to walk a thin line when it comes to dealing with the agency because of the sensitive subject. Sarah already knew in her heart Beckmann was never going to let Orion meet Chuck.

We also have to understand Sarah at this point in the story really cared about Chuck, and looks out for him despite himself. It is also very close to Day 564, which is the entry in her V-Log about the confession of love for Chuck Bartowski. She is ready to crack the Agent Walker wall.

General I have to say something Once Beckmann sense Sarah’s loyalty is not with the agency. She questions the feelings of one Ms. Walker, and as Casey and Beckmann discuss Chuck/Orion. Sarah can’t hold her tongue anymore. It is a giant step for Sarah, if we look back at the pilot to the helipad in Chuck vs Marlin. We have glimpses of Sarah Walker coming out of her shell.

The one that wants normalcy which she can achieve it through Chuck. The agent that struggle with maintaining professionalism could no longer stand by, she did it before in Marlin, and this will be no different.

Sarah Walker: Chuck Bartowski has risked his life for this country. But he’s not a spy and he knows it!

General Diane Beckman: He’s a spy until I say he isn’t!

Sarah Walker: General, Chuck knows that Orion is out there and he is not going to sit in his room and do what we say. 

She took a stand for her friend and boyfriend, a lesson he taught her with Morgan. She knew it may cause a problem, but experience taught her that no matter the cost friends and family are all you have, and for her the most important thing out of this is just that Chuck is her friend and one she is falling in love with each day she is with him. This is  what tells me she is in love, and why I disagree with her falling in love in the pilot. She never understood on how to be a friend, and in Chuck vs the Predator she should she learned that skill.

She was fired and cast aside because she showed feelings, the fear she had to begin with. Chuck meanwhile has to deal with Alex Forrest, who is total opposite of Sarah and he does not like it one bit, and the more he works with the CIA the more he wants out, and began to understand that sometimes you need to take matter into your own hands. The search for Orion and Sarah the search for Senor Bartowski.

An Torn Sarah Walker


Agent Walker did what she was told and was headed to Washington, but you can see even the agent was reluctant. “The cover girlfriend” never want to leave, but because she showed her true feelings, she was told to go home. The dream of normalcy was taken just like that. Countless times she shied from the very thing that would derail her dreams.

However, this is not the same Sarah from a year ago, the one who despite her feelings would honor the agency’s orders. She makes the decision to stick around. What I love most about the scene above is the dealing with anguish for Sarah. She wants to stay. She loves where she is, but her job got in the way again.

Sarah couldn’t even stay away from his room. Her need to have that one last connection with Chuck was important. Especially when she was able to locate his father.

All is not well

After Sarah makes the save and once again reconnects with Chuck, She is all smiles and is not afraid to let everyone else know she is where she wants to be. and for Chuck  that is alright because when it comes time to explain to Beckman about her actions even Casey said its important Beckmann hear this too.

General Diane Beckman: Agent Walker, despite your heroism, you have directly disobeyed several orders…

Chuck Bartowski: Wait General, um, I’m sorry but-but isn’t the most important part of being my handler making sure I stay alive?

Sarah Walker: It’s okay Chuck.Bartowskis closer to being one

John Casey: No, it’s not.

[Everyone looks at Casey]

John Casey: Let him finish.

Chuck Bartowski:Thanks… Um, General. What I’m trying to say is that because my relationship with Sarah is so… you know, we’re – we’re close. We care about each other. That’s- that’s what I’m trying to say. And – and I know it’s not protocol or whatever but it’s those feelings that wound up saving my life.



Sarah is there for Chuck

Beginning of a relationship forming

We have reached the end of this portion of this next chapter of studying Sarah Walker, We close with one of the best scenes to end an episode.

What Chuck taught her about friendship has really made significant changes in Sarah. Something she has reciprocated in kind. Her eagerness to meet his father, and unlike in Chuck vs Marlin, Sarah this time goes in with Chuck, not as agent Walker, but as his girlfriend. Very much like a normal woman would do.

In Closing, I would like to thank for the images I used in this article. For those of you who love Yvonne, I highly recommend the site for all things Yvonne Strahovski.  Please note this is just part one of this least showcase of who Sarah Walker is, and with as a good source of images that illustrate my points. I would like to give a shout out to those that run that site.





  1. Chris…. you mention Chuck not wanting to talk about his problems with Sarah and Shaw. and you attribute it to him becoming a spy. I think it was more than that… he broke up with Hannah because he didn’t want to involve anyone else in the lie he must live….as well as still being in love with Sarah ( which he always reminded her of !). Sarah was part of the problem…rejecting Chuck to be with Shaw. That’s why Chuck couldn’t talk with Sarah about his emotions…

    • Sarah telling Chuck he could speak to them (Sarah & Shaw) about his problems was Sarah at he dumbest. Again, Sarah Walker near Daniel Shaw loses 100 IQ points.

      Later on in Beard, she loses what’s left of her character.

  2. On another note, you mention that Chuck wanted to become a spy for himself ( S3). Chuck never did anything for himself … he did it because of what Sarah had told him , and to be able to help as many people as possible. He also did it to protect his family, who HE knew, would always be vulnerable no matter whether he had the intersect or not. This was borne out a number of times, such as with Rourke, or when Awesome ended up being kidnapped …. it required Chuck to use his training to save the day. It still amazes me how the writers fumbled Sarah’s character during the first part of S3, but I guess they explained it away as being a woman scorned…..

    • Exactly my point Gary, put yourself in Sarah’s shoes you ask Chuck to run with you after two years of him chasing her and her reluctantly saying no I say it because of exactly the 49B or bunkering was concerned.

      If you were Sarah and soon after Chuck was with Hannah sleeping with her and eating at her “home” how would you feel. Especially now another man )Shaw) was into her. I will go on record everything that happen in season 3 has nothing to do with Hannah or Shaw they both did what normally would happen in real life, but I can’t forgive Chuck for saying no to Sarah and jumping into bed with Hannah likewise I can’t forgive Sarah for her reaction to the red test that is bad writing and Character assassination in my view

      Sarah watching Hannah sitting with her family and future husband was too much for what happen all season. Even a superspy like Sarah has a breaking point.

      All i am saying Gary in my study of the character, Sarah was more about Body Language and expressions and Chuck was the one who can speak his feelings, but some how it worked for them, it was the writers who did more to keep them apart than actually embracing their relationship.

    • I also wouldn’t say Chuck wanted to be a spy for himself, I am saying he choice to download the intersect 2,0 it was a judgment call he had to do to prevent the Ring in getting it, but Sarah never asked Chuck to become a spy

      did she say how many times do you have to be a hero to realize you are that guy, but two times she basically told him being Chuck Bartowski there was nothing wrong with that and she feel in love with a regular guy. Not the spy

      Which puzzles my mind why so many people hate the Shaw Character. I am writing a piece on Shaw and hopefully people see that Shaw was not the enemy if anything TB really didn’t welcome Shaw with open arms

      did they invite him to the dinner no, did they question him all the time yes, but what was the words he said to Chuck, you can be a great spy but they hold you back. What is wrong with that? what is wrong with make Chuck do a mission on his own I just don’t see the misunderstanding of how Brandon Routh’s character was taken

      But again Chuck’s decision to download 2.0 was his no one elses TB didn’t even know the capabilities of the new program Chuck’s decision was noble and the right thing to do but he can’t say Sarah told him even Bryce told him to destroy the computer. So, Chuck’s did it on his own

      • Red Test not withstanding (because the lunacy behind that story idea is astounding), I honestly think that the Intersect 2.0 was where the show went south.

        I wouldn’t have minded Chuck becoming a spy, if he was his own type of spy, which he was in S1 & S2 – even if he was limited to a certain degree by Casey & Sarah. The intersect 2.0 turned Chuck into Bryce or Cole or Shaw and only then did Sarah give him the time of day.

        Proving that in fact, in this case, the nerd doesn’t get the girl. The cool spy does.

      • In he amount of time it would take to get Chuck ready to be more active or “out of the van” a quick 6 month prior wouldn’t of done the trick.

        Also Buffoon Chuck would only care the show for so long most people stop liking 24 because its the same story ever year.

        It would be boring to see Chuck stuck in the van and Sarah and Casey getting all the fun.

        I had no problem with 2.0 because its design was to give Chuck the skill set in the quickest amount of time. Remember Bryce was supposed to download it not Chuck.

        for me the show tanked when everyone became the intersect. It ruined the special brain story they told. not to mention when Sarah put the glasses on,

        I understand she was in dire straits but come on Chuck’s brain was special and since he had the app when he was young, The original Intersect worked because of it. It basically was a refresher.

        The intersect was not the problem. It was Chuck who used it as a crutch. He was smart everyone told him so, Chuck never believed in himself despite time after time he was the spy the Intersect 2.0 was designed to be.

        minus things like Mandarin, dancing, playing instruments and most specifically Kung Fu

      • Sort of….but she did want to run away with him before he actually became a spy….
        I always wondered that about the show…why couldn’t he just be the type of spy that he was ? Give him a bit more training in how to defend himself, etc. Is every agent required to kill someone before they’re field ready ? ( Especially in America…without due process ?)

      • I agree with Gary here,

        I think its fair to say if given the chance by the time Orion came into the picture. Sarah was pretty much Chuck’s girlfriend. When she went into the trailer and was by his side. I was convinced this was a different Sarah.

        Remember in Chuck vs The Marlin. Sarah stayed outside. When She went with Chuck to meet his dad. Sarah was there by his side like a GF supposed too. This was way before 2.0 came into the picture

    • My biggest issue with S3 Sarah was that they never redeemed her character for her behavior in the first 13. Chuck apologized and owned up to his errors, Sarah did nothing, it was just never spoken of again as if it never happened.

      “Do you love me” was used to sweep everything under the rug.

      • And they twisted the knife further by allowing them both to be spies AND lovers. Could have saved a lot of BS if they knew that right off the bat !!

      • Your right here Cm, but if we can say that Sarah was not the same. What kind of justification can you give when Chuck didn’t tell the truth about his brain condition later in the season. The fact she had to hear the truth from Shaw rather then him.

        We always say he did the right thing at all times, but not talking about his brain with his girlfriend was not the right thing

      • Not wanting to worry someone you love….when you get something like that, you worry about the ones you love, not yourself. I can’t explain why …it’s just the way it is. That’s why he didn’t tell her.

  3. I guess it comes down to whether or not you think Chuck was already a hero before he became a spy. For me he was.

    And I’d agree with most of you on the 2.0, if once he became a spy he didn’t spend 90% of the time using kung fu. Why couldn’t he fly a fighter jet, why couldn’t he speak French, why couldn’t he dunk a basket ball – you get the picture.

    Chuck WAS special in S1 and S2. As a spy he was like every other spy we met on the show.

    And don’t even get me started on anyone being able to upload an intersect.

    It’s funny because I think starting in S3 the show simply tried to tell too much story and didn’t succeed in achieving cohesive over aching plots. Hell they even murdered their own mythology (I’m looking at you Agent X and Baby). Yet I see so much untapped stories that could have benefitted everyone.

    • Sarah Walker was in a cloud for a long time. She was pretty much stuck in neutral if you ask me. Morgan went from slacker to mature fella.

      Casey was starting to soften a bit especially after finding out he had a daughter.

      Devon and Ellie were going to Africa, all these moves were making mid series changes to all the characters, Chuck went from being a nerd herder to super spy with in three years.

      but what really changed in Sarah, nothing really except she began to lose sight on the thing she wanted most, which we can all agree on was Chuck. Gary, pointed out it was selfish of her to want to keep Chuck as she saw him. I do see it in some scenes. but the look she gave while watching him drink Johnnie Walker in Nacho Sampler was telling and bit selfish, but she gave the same kind of pose when he lied to Ellie.

      So I see it as a confused woman not knowing what she really wanted. She can’t have her cake and eat it too. In other words, Chuck wanted to be a spy, and Sarah wanted normalcy., yet for some reason they never thought they can have both, which is what makes the story suffer.

      IT was the worse kept secret if you ask me. GB said it best when she said “Mixing your personal life with your professional one can be dangerous, but off the record. It’s about damn time.”

      What I saw in that scene is Charah staring into the eyes of the beast, and told her we are dating exclusively.

      So despite their false pretenses Chuck and Sarah could of been together long time ago. Everyone knew the were a couple Like Morgan said in the beard.

      I think CM is wrong about Sarah being dumb in the beard with the risk of losing Chuck to death, she confront Shaw about it “Chuck is a member of my team…and for all the things he did for this country. Please just give him five more minutes. Its not so much what she said I loved, for the first time in the season we see tears in those eyes after saying the name Chuck,

      Sarah didn’t know what life would be like without Chuck. When she ran for Washington at the end of Tic Tac she found her way back in Burbank. When she thought Shaw was going to level Castle because of the Ring finding the base made her react in helping Chuck,

      When Chuck didn’t tell the truth about his brain condition, Sarah confront him in Ring 2 about what is really going on. He told her. a great scene I might add.

      But Sarah really didn’t get to know what her life would be like without Chuck until She lost him in Fear of Death. When she was alone for the first time in four years. Its in Phase 3 we start to see Sarah turn the corner in her character development.

      realize she has a chance at normalcy. Chuck was going to propose to her, and seeing the raw emotion come out of her, We haven’t seen her be this emotional not until she experience her life with out Chuck.

      So yes she was stuck in neutral in season 3 she didn’t make any character growth thats the writers fault for not bring Sarah more to the forefront, but at the same time she needed to learn what mattered most to her. As I been saying for a long time three things needed to happen

      1. Communication

      2. The need for Intimacy. They haven’t had that intimate moment since Barstow.

      3, get over the fear of the agency stopping them.

      • “Please just give him five more minutes.” is the worst Sarah Walker moment of the entire series. What should have happened is she should have pulled a gun out and threatened to blow Shaw’s head off. Beard is a terrible episode for Sarah Walker fans.

        Sarah Walker would have done that. But Sarah Walker was no where to be seen in S3.

      • It wasn’t that she was stuck in neutral, but the writers gave her the negative traits … as CM stated. She was at times dumb, subservient, shallow, uncaring … name it. The flaws that Sarah came with in Seasons 1 and 2 made you still root for her … you really wanted her to overcome them so she could be happy & with Chuck. The flaws they wrote for her in S3 just damaged her character …. many fans were quite pissed with her. And then, like CM said, she never did apologize to Chuck. That makes it seem like these flaws are permanent.

      • As I said Sarah was assassinated by the writers. It goes back to my theory that the writers never really capitalized on the drawing card of the show.

        They tried so hard for people to focus more on the spy story, they put everything they thought of to keep them apart. kidnappings, returning exes, erasing minds. Its sad to see a show try to destroy its own success.

      • You can’t focus on the spy story. It is completely overrun by everything else.

        I just doesn’t matter.

        Until Chuck and Sarah start behaving like grown-ups, Chuck becoming a spy is not important.

      • CM,

        The overall theme of the show is about a man becoming a spy. He also finds the love of his life, but Sarah doesn’t meet Chuck without the intersect.

        Acting like grown ups is a bit strong. Charah meeting was the best thing for them. Chuck needed to awake from his slumber and Sarah needed some sort of normalcy to cope with her lifestyle nothing wrong with it at all.

      • CM….I never really thought of Sarah as immature…lord knows she was forced to grow up quickly with a con man father and being recruited into the CIA before she left high school. She was , IMO, emotionally stunted due to circumstances and training. She was almost forced to have to deal with adult situations before most people would have been ready.

        The growth of Chuck was much more linear. He was definitely an immature boy when he was first introduced….more or less stunted by having his natural growth to manhood severed by both Bryce and Jill’s betrayal….and then having to fall back in with Morgan… he really just got stuck in his teen life. Each season saw a progression from boy to man and the responsibilities that go with it. He did grow as a spy, but that was sort of written as a metaphor for responsibility.

        Sarah’s growth would be to remove the inhibitions to expressing her emotions…. to become more human than just a killing machine. This was definitely NOT linear ….and sometimes seemed to go backwards.

  4. Yeah…can’t argue with that line of thinking either. I think I didn’t see Chuck as a dickhead because I knew he didn’t do what he did for the wrong reasons. But, of course…it would have made sense to have Chuck tell Sarah why he couldn’t run in Prague, and it would have made sense for Sarah to tell Chuck she was afraid he would change. I mean, didn’t Jill ask him the same thing and comment, “Don’t let them change you, Chuck.” And didn’t Chuck tell her he wouldn’t ?

    Like I said, it’s always painful for me to watch Season 3 up to them getting together. It is much more fun to watch Season 4 ( in spite of its weaknesses ).

  5. Richard, my favorite line from that rant was the “elastic cartoon logic” that let the show gloss over the serious issues. This lady REALLY knows how to dissect the show. Amazing that a lot of what she talked about is what we talked about here …the inanity of the Prague incident, the stepping out of bounds by the characters, etc. I feel I’m lucky that I got to watch the series on Netflix so I could crash my way through that whole arc in a day or 2. When it was on network TV, people had to live with Chuck and Sarah being dicks to each other week after week, month after month, before they got any resolution. I can see why so many left. Like I’ve said previously, even though I didn’t watch the entire series on Network TV, I never watched another episode after S3 E1.

  6. By episode 3.04 – 3.05 fans were already saying that they hoped TPTB didn’t wait until the last episode to “resolve” things – which is what they did – kinda.

    It got so bad that after Mask the usually tight lipped, top secret showrunners started dropping bombsized hints / leaks that C&S would get together.

    Actually, many figure Schedak knew they had a big problem when they talked about what would happen to C&S at SDCC prior to S3 and got negative reaction. Which is likely why the first 3 eps were all aired within 24 hours.

    (I sometimes wonder what would have happened if there had been 7 days between vs Sarah and vs the Goodbye.)

    As bad as it was after Mask, a lot of people thought things would start to get better in Fake Name. A lot were offended and left after, many never to return.

    • What sours me more on season three is the way the season starts compared to how it ends let me explain,

      two season finales fed nicely into the season premier. it kept the arc going and I have no issue with the continuity of the series

      Chuck vs the Marlin fed into First Date. From watching Sarah looking into the Bartowski Apartment to Cougars pretty much was one large arc. then we have a nice conclusion to season 3 leading into Season 4

      Chuck vs The Ring 2 fed into Anniversary nicely as well 6 months later we have Charah kissing cuddling in their apartment. its what we all wanted to see.

      Season 2 was well done and arguably the series best season. The writing and acting made such a great story, which puzzles a lot of Chuck fan’s thinking on Pink Slip.

      We had a powerful ending of Ring 1. Chuck skill set was cool follow by OH Chuck me. Guys i know Kung Fu made people say whats going to happen next.

      They dropped the ball. I hear how people complain about the redundancy of 24 being the same thing over and over, but it works for them they never change the formula with the exception of making Jack Bauer human only by the end of the day Jack needing to be Jack.

      you can’t in mid series decide to change your characters not over time but boom right off the bat we have Sarah and Chuck fighting.

      Its what concerns me the most. Where did the disconnect happen was it the network pressuring them to give the story they gave. Was it Chris and Josh wanting to be clever like they were at the end of the series.

      What do you think?

      • In an attempt to gain more viewers a decision was made to “change” the show. Unfortunately they became so concerned with new viewers it comes off as if they are disrespecting the viewers they have – who started dropping off immediately after 3.01

        In order to have S3, the showrunners has to undo much of S2, damaging the characters in the process and never “fixing” them.

        The ROI for the story they told in S3 was never achieved. C&S by the end of the first 13 are “less” than they were at the end of S2.

  7. I take it you were one of the early adopters of the show and followed the fall out during the network airing of the show. This gives you good insight into how the general population “viewed” the show because there would have been lots of discussion during that particular week. That’s where us binge watchers suffer a bit. I didn’t realize Chuck was being a dickhead about Prague because within 60 minutes I had found out that he did it for all the right reasons. I’m amazed at this blogger that she was able to dissect what was wrong with S3 on the first go round while still binge watching it. All I knew when I watched it was that the characters were different and Sarah seemed to have really changed….but I couldn’t put my finger on just what happened. After every couple of episodes, I’d often lie in bed and think, “Now why would Sarah do that, or not say that, etc.” It was uncomfortable and not really all that enjoyable…like she said, where was the fun ?

    Just on a side note, the “elastic cartoon logic” that caught my eye. I think this is what 24 suffers from …and I thank this lady for pointing out what skills are required when writing these types of shows. Chuck could get away with incredible situations because it was silly. 24, because it is such a serious show all the time, can’t. I often tweeted that I thought Kate (Yvonne) was a cross between Wolverine and Wile E. Coyote for the cartoonish way they portrayed very serious situations with so few consequences to her. If it was a silly show, you can overlook these things, but it just became so ridiculous in the final few hours of 24LAD, I almost wanted to stop watching it.

    Now back to our regular programming……. 😉

    • I am just trying to point out changing the formula of what was working mid stream. It seemed like Chris and Josh wanted to make it a dark series just like that. IF you are going to do that it should be stretched out over the course of a whole season. not bombarding the viewer into this is the direction we are going now so live with it.

      CM’s description of the viewer back when it aired gives a new perspective which is always great. Its what we were seeking here on Chuckaholics. A lot of us like me got into the show two years after it went off the air. but what we really are talking about is 12 episodes out of 91, which is really good ratio of successful episodes.

      I remember reading a quote from Kurt Sutter, who created Sons of Anarchy. He said what shows do wrong is trying to keep getting new fans to watch the show after two years. he said its a mistake because generally you don’t gain that many fans heading into a midseason of a series. He said you should focus more on trying to please the ones you have. I agree with that if after two seasons the ratings don’t increase then stop trying to reinvent the series and go back to the old formula. Judging from after Honeymooners Chuck went back to being the silly show as you mention gary, episodes like Role Models was what the show lived off of.

      especially the opening of the episode when Morgan walks in on a half naked Sarah. He is right I would want a good source of vitamin Cs or Ds

      • If we binge watch the series over and over, we start to pick up on the nuances !! LOL

        But yes…it’s different…it’s like watching a movie…..

      • People would spend all week trying to figure out Sarah only to have her behave in an even more bizarre way the following week.

        S3 Sarah was a plot device – nothing more. Her story is unimportant. Only Chuck matters. (The finale is exactly the same only acted 1000X better.)

      • Yeah…say what you want about the last 2 episodes and the plot, but the acting was second to none ….actually gives you chills watching those scenes.

      • I agree what it comes down 2 is excellent acting the stars can only do what is in the script when Zachary Levi directed they were three of the best episodes of the series

      • As I said every series has a jump the shark moment some withstood the terrible writing and plot holes

        I mean even in the pilot there were glaring mistakes production wise like Sarah jumping from the second level after crashing the computer to walking to the club but the nerd herder was outside when escaping Casey to Chuck saying the computer crashed a week ago

        But despite all that I still love the show even when Sarah got caught with the computer the body double was not Sarah

        With a limited budget to constant cancellation threats the show to get 2 91 episodes is a miracle

  8. And the Hart to Hart beginning ….yes…silly again so that we could take the serious issues with a grain of salt…even the psychiatric facility was funny. There were other arcs in those 91 episodes that weren’t well thought out either …pretty well all of Season 5, and even many season 4 episodes that made you go …WTF??? Like, in order to protect the US of A from Volkoff, Chuck’s mom would let a banana republic have nuclear weapons aimed at American cities …hmm. Chuck’s mom knows there is an intersect suppressor that will wipe 2.0 from his brain, but Orion ( who built the damn thing !) never remembered about it ! And then there was Volkoff / Agent X etc with another intersect…..Jeez !!

    BTW, I was referring to Richard as being an early adopter….your post and mine were written simultaneously as a reply to his….

    • Well the issue of Prague has people always talking about the disconnect with the show writers and its fans.

      I know your going to scratch your head, but I do like the Volkoff story. sure there were hits or missed but again I don’t go into these shows expecting a masterpiece from every episode I watch. I can imagine what it was like during the script sessions what the conversations were like.

      See Orion to me was such an important Character and as paranoid he was why would he leave all his files and spy gadgets in one place?

      I didn’t like Mary’s approach to reintroducing herself into Chuck’s life. Orion seemed to handle it better. Especially when Chuck found out he was Orion. “After 10 years, If I would of said I am Orion and by the way that thing in your head I created it. How would you respond.”

      When we come up to Orion in season 2 I have a few things to say about it. Especially the performance of Scott Bakula was great

  9. I thought Volkoff was a great villain and storyline…it was the continuity stuff that always seems to get to me. As well, I’m not really sure if we were to believe Mary was there to protect Harley, or take down Volkoff, or what. Lord knows she could have just offed him many times !!

  10. BTW, Chris …I think there must have been a disconnect with the stars too. From what I can see, Yvonne didn’t look thrilled talking about the upcoming storyline to Season 3 on promotional stops…..her body language and expressions came through loud and clear !!

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