Review of Season One


Season One Did Have Its Moments.

After putting the finishing touches on Chuck vs the Marlin, its time to look back at the first season of Chuck one last time.  Several episodes had classic moments, awesome fights scenes, and interesting guest stars, but the reality is season one does not rank very high with me.

The pilot I can watch many times, and part of the reason is my one year old daughter has taken to it quite nicely. I am indoctrinating her into the Chuck universe hehe. While my least favorite episode of the season is Chuck vs The Helicopter Flamba  I use to always watch the helicopter episode, but after several rewatches I have grown to dislike this episode each time I watch it.

For me one or two scenes does not save an episode for me , for example I rank Chuck vs Nemesis as the second to last episode of the season. There were plenty of standalone episodes with the exception of the mid season storyline with Lou/Sarah and Chuck, but was rudely interrupted with the return of Bryce, who was supposedly killed by Casey in the pilot.

Several episodes had nice action sequences from Casey fighting Sarah to Bryce fighting with Sarah against the fulcrum agents. The best was the ending of Chuck and Sarah’s date to the defusing of the bomb using the Irene Demova virus. Great stuff.

Lorena Bernal, who played La CuiSarah vs La Cuidaddad from the episode Chuck vs Tango was one of my favorite actresses that had a one time appearance. She had an awesome fight scene with Sarah Walker.  Plus Tango, offered the first of many special moments between Sarah and Chuck. Especially the fountain scene at the end of Tango.

Saah vs La Cuidad

When it comes to Bryce and Chuck, we learn that there is more to Bryce than meets the eye. In the outset we see Bryce as a rogue spy, but after Nemesis we see that Bryce was looking out for Chuck, and the deeper we go into the story, We will see how much Bryce cared about Chuck and his family. Something  that will impact Sarah as well. Her partner was killed, brought back to life by Fulcrum and than disappears again to go undercover. She had the opportunity to leave, but she chose Chuck. She had an the chance to embark on new missions and letting the CIA take Chuck underground, but she chose to keep Chuck in her life.  Will she regret that decision in season 2? we shall see.

Some of the best songs of the series came in season one, National’s Slow Show, Oasis’s  Don’t Look back in Anger, Eeel’s Fresh Feeling, A comet appear’s by the shins

My favorite song is from the pilot–

By Foreign Born

Here are some of my favorite scenes from Season One

There are a lot of other scenes but I would eventually be adding them all. What I love about Chuck vs the Marlin, The phrase “my guy” won’t be mentioned again until season 3 when she said “My Chuck” It was a nice early preview of what was to come.

OVerall Season One ranks 4th on my chart.  The next article will be previewing the second season of Chuck  follow by Chuck vs The First Date.




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