Chuck vs The First Date

Season 2 Premier

As we begin Season 2,  Chuck vs. The First Date was the series best season premier. Michael Clarke Duncan guest stars as Mr. Colt, and we begin season 2 with Chuck hanging from a window. Chuck Mr ColtThe episode has a lot of action and very comical lines. The Wienerlicious went out of business and now Sarah’s cover is the Orange Orange, a Frozen Yogurt shop. Casey and Sarah are up to their usually saving Chuck from death selves, and season 2 is underway.

Mr. Colt was looking for the cipher, the brains of the new Intersect. The CIA/NSA were developing. Fulcrum hired Mr Colt and his crew to acquire the cipher, but Team Bartowski have other ideas.

Back at Casey’s’ apartment,  the team debriefs Beckman and Graham about requiring  the device and the story begins. Sarah asked them the gist of the device and why would mercenaries just be interested in the cipher.

Beckman enlightens them on the plans of creating a new Intersect, and the new program would be online the next day. This meant the need for Chuck was over. Thus, everything was shaping  nicely for Mr. Bartowski. After the briefing, Sarah and Chuck have one of their many talks in front of the fountain.

I would like to take the time to analysis this scene because its important to understand. Sarah is different in this episode from the pilot. She is not the same Sarah we even last saw staring into the window from Chuck vs The Marlin. She is calmer more warming towards Chuck. A year in the books will do that to a “cover” relationship don’t you think?

In the scene above we have a shining Sarah, she was excited because she no longer hBeautiful Smile isn't itad to be Chuck’s handler,  and the chance of being with him became a real possibility. Let’s take a look at the glow on her face. The smile is genuine and the barrier around her heart has begun to disappear, and for the first time in her life she was not thinking about a cover, but for herself. Sarah sometimes says a lot without revealing too much.

When she asked him what is your next move, she has a sparkle in her eye just watch Sarah’s expression. What makes Yvonne so good as an actress is her ability to transform her character into real life. The expressions are saying something and sometimes more than her words ever could. Remember she is a trained CIA agent, who knows how to hide her emotions, but when it comes to Chuck. Her guard is completely down and as she will say in the future. “She feels at”

Chuck in true loser form settles for working at the Buymore,  Sarah responses with positive reinforcement, but like many Chuck doesn’t notice the intentions of Sarah.

Sarah: So, What happens now? your almost free, What are you going to do next?

Chuck: I don’t know, work at the Buymore.

Sarah: Chuck, can I tell you something?

Chuck: Of course

Sarah You can do anything. I’ve seen you in action. and I am not just taking about the bomb defusing or the diamond stealing, I mean anything you wanted you can have

I enjoyed hearing this from Sarah, We already can tell this is a different Sarah, her feelings are developing and Chuck’s influence has begun to rub off on her. Many times in season one we see Chuck offer advice to others, and Sarah learned it from him.

Look at the line, “I mean anything you want, you can have.”  Sarah was telling Chuck, you can have me now. Your not an asset anymore, thus I am free to date you. She clearly was attracted to the charms of Chuck, You don’t get jealous of other women fixated on your :“cover boyfriend” but here we have a woman who offered herself to Chuck, and this is often the problem with Charah. They flirt or dance around what they really want to say to each other.

Chuck oblivious didn’t notice the pick up line, but as I mentioned  above Sarah wasn’t the type to just say what she was feelings, but her body language does and watching her eyes filled with a glow after saying the line. She was hoping he picked up on what she was saying, but he does not.

Meanwhile back in Casey’s apartment, Beckman states that she can’t have two intersects roaming around, thus ordered Casey to eliminate Chuck Bartowski. A very reluctant Casey obliges, but when he pulled out his gun and coaked it. “I use to like the sound of that.” he said. Simply put Chuck has influenced not only Sarah, but even Casey has grown quite fond of the moron.

All this action before the theme song, Wow that was a mouth full. I am working on my second cup of coffee. After the theme,

Chuck wakes up and puts on the radio.

In classic Chuck form, Chuck walks into the bathroom and finds Devon and Ellie in the shower. It was a very funny scene . Chuck screaming as he exits the bathroom, “My eyes, my eyes.”  follow by an uncomfortable breakfast table mostly for Chuck, we get the direction Chuck wanted to go, and it had nothing to do with working at the Buymore, but the seeds were planted for the theme of Chuck becoming a spy.

Once at the Buymore, Chuck finds a new and improve Morgan. Shorter hair, but still has the full beard. He told Chuck Big Mike wanted to see him, which Big Mike offers the Assistant Manager’s position to Chuck. Bartowski turned him down, and we are off. Morgan was upset because it was the plan they always wanted. Morgan being the right hand man of the boss, but Chuck is not sure if the Buymore was where he wanted to stay.

As mentioned in the preview of season 2,  the Wienerlicious was gone, and the Orange Orange was the new cover for Sarah, which Chuck comes over to ask her out on a date, one of my favorite songs of the series played. 

While I love Chuck’s persuasive way to get Sarah to go out with him.  What I love even better is Sarah look after Chuck leaves. He finally asked me out

From the moment Beckman said it was over and until now,Sarah was liking how everything was going. A future with Chuck was working itself out. She makes it tough but in her mind she already said yes. In normal girl fashion, she was feeling good inside. The man she has feelings for took initiative.

Before I talk about the date,  this is by far one of my favorite scenes of the series. Mr. Colt is funny in this scene and throw in Chuck’s ability to make things even more comical. The whole scene works, but I ask you Chuck fans  Why would we classify this as their first date, when they had one in the pilot. I understand Sarah was probing Chuck about what he knew about Bryce, but at the same time she was enjoying herself. She engaged and was charmed away. Remember my theory on the “Baggage Handler” line Chuck inadvertently said.  reactions like the one she gave transformed a mission into a date.  As she said in the scene above, “Our second date” The hope was less gun play, but an episode of Chuck can never let thing run smoothly.

The difference is in the pilot Sarah asked Chuck out

call me next time

Chuck Bartowski: uh, phone trouble again?

Sarah WalkerUh, yeah. I’m not sure I’m able to receive calls cause… I never got one from you.

A year later and Chuck does the asking, he is more confident, and he also realizing he has a shot with Sarah. The very reason Sarah has a satisfied expression on her face afterward.

Chuck Bartowski: Tonight… our first *real* date.

Sarah Walker: Or our *second* first date.

Chuck Bartowski: No gun fight, I promise.

Sarah Walker: Okay.

first date

We Can’t’  dismiss the date in the pilot as not being a real one, Chuck didn’t know why Sarah was there, and while Sarah was phishing for answers, we all know that Graham had recalled her at this point, She wanted to go out with Chuck whether to probe him or not is irrelevant once out and getting to know one another. showed interest.


A difference could be in getting dressed for the date, she packed heat in the first date, but left her gun on the second one, she had knives and bullet proof vest on in the pilot, but nothing but a purple  dress on. She fixed her hair differently too. She looked like a woman on a date with her boyfriend.

She decked herself out, and it showed in her smile and soft spoken demeanor in the second date, She has become very comfortable in Chuck’s company.

While eating Chinese food, Sarah asked how did Chuck find this place, and Chuck said through Morgan.  She counters with their first date was a Morgan recommendation. Quick to defend Morgan, Chuck started to say how Morgan believed that a woman like her and before Chuck could change the subject. Sarah wasn’t ready to end the conversation.

Sarah: What about me?

Chuck[chuckles] You’re really going to make me say it aren’t you?[Sarah smiles]

Chuck: Wow, okay. Fine. All right we’ll play it your way…A girl like you, or more appropriately, a woman like you. Considering the fact that you could probably kick the ass of everyone in this joint. And a-a smart one at that. Not to mention, cool…and extremely beautiful. And-and…you can stop me any time with the compliments if they’re becoming…you know

Sarah: No, that was, uh, very…sweet.

Chuck: “Sweet?” Golly gee, thanks for making me feel like I’m 8.

Sarah[slight chuckle] Well, you’re not so bad yourself.

Chuck[sarcastically] Please, I’m fantastic.

Sarah[seriously] Yeah. You are.

What I appreciate about the two is they are conversing and flirting. Its second nature and most importantly not filled with covers and lies. Two people falling in love with each other nothing more, nothing less.  No fears of being reassigned or bunkered was on their minds. The thought of being together was comforting for both of them.

Meanwhile , Casey was ambushed at the house as Colt’s men recovered the cipher, and poison him. Back at the restaurant, Charah lean into kiss each other, but was interrupted by flashing of all the men and women surrounding the two. Colt walked in and the action begins.

Michael Clarke Duncan was such a talent in his only appearance on the show. It would of been cool if we saw him again. He had one of the best lines by a guest star of the entire series

Sarah: Now Why would we do that Mr. Colt?

Mr. Colt: Because I assume you find me imposing, don’t worry be honest, I’m was going for imposing

Chuck: Mission Accomplished

Mr. Colt: Well I’ll tell you what, the people that hired me give me the heebie-jeebies

Sarah takes a lunge at Colt, but was caught and before Chuck can response. Mr. Colt said move and she dies. As this was going on Chuck’s watch went off, and just as Colt asked what the sound was?  Casey’s car comes crashing into the restaurant. Casey jumped out of the car, “did somebody order drive through” Casey lets the rest of Team Bartowski know he lost the cipher.

It was classic Chuck, great mixture of action and comedy. It is one of the things you love about the show.  A blend of great writing, acting and most of all performance. Performance and acting is very different to me. Acting comes from the words writing on paper, where as performance is more chemistry to me.  Everyone in the scene created a memorable scene.

The next day Chuck wakes up again, but this time another one of Huey Lewis song played on the radio. The Power of Love 

Once again at the Buymore, we find Chuck and Morgan at the nerd herd desk, and Morgan reminded Chuck he was supposed to find the new boss, which we get the third comical scene of the episode. Chuck interviewed the rest of the Buymorons. 

While interviewing Lester, Casey comes storming into the break room, and smashes Morgan’s face into the wall. As Chuck watches this he flashes on the mark left from Colt’s ring on Casey’s face.  The flash was the location of where Colt’s gang was. Chuck told Casey, but knowing he would have to kill Chuck, he told Chuck relax there is no need to rush. This set off Chuck and told Casey he could no longer take it anymore.  Casey recruited Sarah and they are off to find Colt.

Meanwhile.  Chuck told Morgan to name the new assistant manager, which Lester won and was the new boss. When Chuck gets back to  the  Buymore, Big Mike  told Chuck their was a home install request for him, and Chuck goes. Boy was he surprised when he get to the call/ The man that answers the door is Mr. Colt

The final action sequence of the episode was great. Mr. Colt said that because he saw his face and heard his voice, he would have to kill him. Chuck trying to prevent his demise kepted trying to stall, so 

Chuck gets away and runs for his life, but eventually Colt caught up to him and pushed him through a window,  We are up to the final moments of the episode and we get a very special moment from Sarah, and it will sum up the season and just where Sarah is with her feeling towards Chuck.

Colt dragged Chuck to the edge of the building. and hung him over the edge. Sarah freaks and shouts freeze, Colt said “It ain’t worth it.” and lets go of Chuck,  Sarah delivered a high pitched “no”, as she watch Chuck drop out of sight.

Death does not become her

What we will learn in season 2 and for the most part the rest of the series. Sarah Walker need of Chuck in her life. The thought of bunkering him is one thing, There is a chance for her to visit him, but she can cope with the thought of him being dead. There will be several episodes that will illustrate this point. For example, Chuck vs the Best Friend, which will be discussed in full at the appropriate time.

A woman clearly showed her feelings for ChucColt has his hands fullk in this episode, whether as Agent Walker or as Sarah the girlfriend. The thought Chuck was lost to her was devastating and culminated with an awesome fight scene between Michael Clarke Duncan and Yvonne.  The credit all goes to Yvonne, She did the scene herself, which is a testament to her desire to her craft. While Sarah thought Chuck was dead/  Casey saw Chuck falling his way grabbed Bartowski. Casey made the save.

Casey reaches the roof, and stopped Colt from hurting Sarah. As Colt’s men surround Casey and Sarah. Chuck comes crashing through the doors with men of his own, and halts Colt. The whole sequence was top notch, and was truly things come for season 2.

At Casey’s apartment, Casey again gets interrupted by Beckmann and Graham, who again reminds Casey of the order to eliminate Chuck, but Casey can’t hold it in. “He may be a novice spy, but the results speck for itself. He served his country with honor, he may even have a role with the agency as an analyst.” but was quickly reminded by Graham about how it was dangerous for Chuck being alive. and he served the country with honor, and he will now die with honor to protect him.

Just as Chuck was preparing  dinner for his date with Sarah, Casey getting ready to kill Chuck, Graham puts the cipher into the new Intersect, and as Graham put on the sunglasses, a message from Fulcrum appears on the screen of the computer. “Fulcrum, Thanks you.” and soon an explosion would follow. The cipher was a trojan horse set to detonate and destroy the intersect. The explosion killed everyone in the room including Langston Graham.

The song played during this scene is another one of my favorite songs of the series, The Twist by the Frightened Rabbit. I really enjoy this band, and have to thank the show Chuck for introducing me to their music.

Sarah arrived at Chuck’s apartment, and told him they had to call off the date because the cipher was a virus, as soon as it came online, it exploded. This was good and bad news, while Chuck was still the only Intersect, Casey who heard everything didn’t need to kill Chuck.

Believe me Bartowski Sarah is Not Happy About This Either
Believe me Bartowski Sarah is Not Happy About This Either

Sarah called off the date, she is staying true to being professional in protecting Chuck. The common things I hear about the character Sarah is she never said anything, but she just did in a way. She can’t be with him while he is an asset. There was too much at stake. We will see later in the season, why Sarah was so reluctant as his handler to pursue a relationship she clearly wants. Her fear of him being killed with the kin of no she gave was an early indicator of her feelings.

Nobody notices the expression of her not being happy about Chuck still the only Intersect. While she could of told him how she felt about wanting to go on the date with him. its not who the character is.

The episode closes with Chuck and Casey running to watch Jeff eat ninety twinkies, which was a nice comical scene to sign off on.

Overall this is a very strong start to a season. It is the best season premier of the series. Only season 4’s Anniversary comes close, but it did not offer the same action and comedy mixture like first date, I highly recommend this episode to all new Chuckaholics as a classic Chuck episode, one that requires rewatching.








    • Thank you for your kind words, I am trying to make a site that all Chuck fans from across the world can unite and demonstrate how strong of a family the Chuck fan base is

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