A Letter to Chris Fedak, Josh Schwartz and Warner Brothers

Dear,  Mr. Fedak  Josh Schwartz and Warner Brothers,

                               Re: Stop ignoring Chuck fans, and give us what we want.

First, I would like to begin by saying thank you for creating and running a great television show. Sites like this one still write about show even though the show has been off the air for over two years now. The characters were amazing, and the journey even better. The journey from start to finish was great compelling story telling, and not to mention the music selection was epic. Everyone I know who has watched the show also has bought the songs and now follow the bands that were chosen. My personal favorite song of the series was Austin Harley’s My Sleep

Now that the pleasantries are over, This letter is more as a voice from the fans than anything else. It is very simple. WE WANT MORE CHUCK. I will say it again, We want more Chuck. This is not my sentiment only, but one of every Chuck fan across the entire world. Don’t believe me look at all the blog sites, social media posts, youtube videos made by fans. The fans want more Chuck and Sarah moments. The most important reason we want is a  better ending. While there are fans that enjoyed the ending the way it was, most fans like myself don’t. I will explain my reasoning.

We  spent five years watching a relationship grow from being just two people from two very different worlds meeting, and falling in love. The ups and downs from dating other people to misunderstandings and even self implosions that sent each other spiraling. This was such a great experience to watch, and it to be ruined at the end was a selfish act on your part.

It is not the job of the viewer to wonder if they stayed together. Not after watching them get married a season ago.  This is a memory to look back on.

not this

The final scene would be more Ideal if there was a new season to follow, but not when the series was coming to an end. Not after the two most important characters of the entire series didn’t get to accomplish what they set out . Chuck and Sarah’s romance was the show, and anyone that said differently was not paying attention. Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski deserve better, they were the ones that brought the two characters alive and into our homes via DVD or Netflix.

The ratings of a show are important. I am not naive to think not, but its not because of the fans. Your decision to put the show on Fridays was a colossal error. Nobody is usually home to watch on fridays unless your a die hard fan. Mondays was ideal because people are home on that day. However, you chose to air it during Monday Night Football and Monday Night Raw. Two strong male and female episodic shows. Grant it Raw is a special case, but it still has an attraction during that time frame.

Today’s viewer preference of streaming has become popular because of advertisements. Nobody wants to be bombarded with ads that people mostly can’t afford. I understand you need sponsors in order to fund the show, but 4 minutes of commercials in between scenes seems to less the story your trying to tell  I prefered watching Chuck through Netflix because it continuous, and in half the time I can view an entire season. Speaking of Netflix, the show’s popularity has increased because of the free streaming giant. The show has reached a large following and its no secret why, so why ignore it?

All over Twitter I read posts from fans, begging pleading for a movie or 6th season, and realistically a 6th season seems less likely, but a movie is not so far fetched.  I know you see the numbers and I also know you have researchers watching social media and seeing if there is still a following. So, if that is the case why are you ignoring the demand.

You will have a positive return in your investment. If its because you don’t have any stories to tell. I can help you or even the fan fiction writers could give you ideas. Here is one from me, how about we dive into Operation Omaha and the back story on Langston Graham. This could be a movie worth watching. Another question I have always pondered was what was the need to kill off Orion.

Sometimes part time characters become just as important to a story then the main character. Orion’s role as the creator of the Intersect and father of both Sarah and Chuck. Orion could of helped solve Sarah’s memory loss. The funny thing is you brought back Bryce and Shaw from the dead, why not Orion too? Shaw took a shot in the same  spot as of Orion. See more story lines to consider.

It is time to give the fans what we want. We will not sit back and watch all these shows that are getting reboots and movies and do nothing about Chuck. The Chuck fan base is starving for more Chuck moments, and its your fault if it does not happen. The cast as all said they are willing to do it. The fans are willing to go see it. You are the ones that are not producing. A series the fans want but can’t have is really sad on all ends

In the end, it is  your decision to go through with it or not, but if  you don’t listen to the very fans that fought for the show when it was airing on NBC then you are not paying attention or just don’t care. Whatever the case may be, the fans are still going to voice, stomp our feet and fight for something that we all are passionate about.

Chuck means a lot more to us than just some show. It has created a community of fans that help and support each other. We stand shoulder to shoulder in everything  about Chuck. Don’t believe me, most of us supported Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ campaign and given more time, we would of reached one million dollars. We support the cast in they do, like watch Yvonne on 24 or go see Tangled. We include the cast in our family of Chuckaholics and most importantly we demand action from you.

We demand some sort of reasoning why we are being ignore by those that create and control Chuck. Once Again, WE WANT MORE CHUCK, STOP IGNORING US AND GRANT US THE SHOW WE WANT BUT CAN’T HAVE.

Yours Truly,

Christopher Byrnes

Chuckaholics Founder.




  1. Great letter Chris; unfortunately, it will probably fall on deaf ears. Chuck was never a mainstream hit, and although it had, and still has, one of the most loyal and creative fanbases, it just isn’t in the cards, at least not right now. Josh Schwartz is now running two shows as of this fall, with a third in the works for mid-season. Warners is all about the money, and Chuck never made any, and isn’t likely to do so even with a movie. And as for Fedak; I wouldn’t trust him to copy the Gettysburg Address, because he would probably change it for his own purposes, and screw that up just to leave it open-ended. Kickstarter is still a possibility, and alternatives such as Amazon or Hulu and others are still open, but they seem to be leaning more toward original programming. Amy Sherman Pallidino abandoned Gilmore Girls after 6 seasons, leaving it in disarray, and never looked back. She has been approached several times in the last eight years to do a culminating movie, and has been offered a boatload of money to do it, but she has no interest in doing it, and in the meantime, the primary actors get older, and even their interest has waned. As much as I loved, and still love Chuck, it may be some time before a continuing story develops. Chuck cant even sell in syndication, and even though it has found new viewers thanks to Netflix, it just isn’t going to happen. Chuck isn’t like Firefly, because it doesn’t have Joss Whedon to champion it. Veronica Mars was an anomaly, an it had a larger viewership than Chuck. Waiting is the operative word for us. I just pray that I live long enough for closure. What did Yvonne say in that interview? The year 2020 is only 6 years away…..

    • I never expect anything to happen after all I an small potatos what I am doing is creating a home 4 Chuck fans all across the globe I have passion for a show that means more to the fans then the writers themselves I am just trying to create a forum for us much like Chuckthisblog but they are just one and they finished there journey through the series I am doing for all the new Chuck fans This letter is more aboutccreating unity

    • I think people are reading too much into her response in that interview. I think she just threw out a number, but I don’t think that in anyway should be interpreted as a definite. It’s not really up to her (or any of the actors) to have this project started. It’s up to the producers (if they are even on board), and more importantly, the studios who hold the rights.

  2. While I agree with the desire for more “Chuck”, it almost frightens me. Allow me to explain; I would hate to have a story continue, two years after the momentum has died (that being of the cast, crew, producers, studios, etc) and have them come out with a complete piece of garbage. You may say (and probably have said) the series finale was garbage already produced, but I humbly disagree. I actually liked the ending. Did the whole thing feel like my heart being torn out and stomped on? Yes. But if you look deeper into the evolving attitude of Agent Walker- I won’t call her Sarah, because the whole Intersect business robbed her of the personable nature- throughout the episode, you can see that she is having feelings of recognition, if not completely open to “starting again”.

    • SKORPEO; While I totally agree that the ending was “hopeful”, and I never once thought that they wouldn’t find their way back to each other, I don’t buy the feelings of recognition. What I saw was a woman who sees qualities in Chuck that would lead her to believe that she could possibly fall for him, and the realization that maybe these things are what made her fall for him in the first place. My problem is, and has always been that knowing that they had 13 final episodes to wrap the story, they chose to go with yet another “to be continued’ scenario, instead of starting the storyline much earlier in the season. I didn’t like being told by Fedak after the show aired that “oh yeah, they’re together”. We didn’t see that, we just have to imagine that. I am not a huge fan of ambiguity, and the trend in storytelling to go that route. The majority of fans liked the ending…I didn’t. I felt cheated that they didn’t wrap things up. Especially knowing that those final 13 were a gift, and that the possibility of a continuation were a long shot, at best. I respect your assessment of the ending, I just don’t agree with it.

  3. @revdr- hahaha! while you don’t agree with my assessment, I completely agree with yours! I’m sticking with my belief as to what happens in the “beyond” (please read my thoughts on “Chuck vs. Santa Claus” as to why I think this), but you are right; we, as fans, should not have to do the work of the writers ourselves. I think the writers for this show were brilliant throughout the 5 years, but if we’re going to be told a story, tell us a story, damn it! Don’t end mid-sentence, so to speak.

    • See I wouldn’t mind the ending if there were more episodes to build on the the final kiss. You can’t leave that kind of story to the final three episodes.

      You can’t leave an impactful bad guy like Quinn to the end because he was involved in the story throughout. Thus, it makes it tough to take at times. Don’t even get me started on 5/12

      I just feel the work of Yvonne and Zac first four years were wiped away and for what to leave the viewer to decide how the story ended. Its not fair, we deserve a Sam Malone ending.

      • Hey; I would even take an ending like Fringe where Peter and Olivia get their daughter back and Walter finally pays penance for the problems he caused by taking Peter I the first place. We deserved more simply because Chuck was a fairy tale from the beginning. To be continued got to be old after season 2……..

    • My point exactly!!! The big problem for me was that although we did see some recall, it was miniscule in regards to arranging cups and remembering to porn site….memories from 5 years prior. I know that her memories are not wiped completely away, just suppressed, but to reality is that even Morgan was still having recall issues at the end. It just didn’t make sense to embark on that story line with no intention of finishing it. And Fedak kinda made me angry by telling me in after interviews that they are together, when he didn’t have the courtesy of just writing a prologue. I didn’t necessarily need to see a white picket fence or kinds running in the yard, but anything to show progress, and not just hope. To me it was an insult to loyal fans like myself, who were there from day one.

      • @ revdr – i haven’t seen the interviews in which Fedak says that, but I agree with you, that sounds like a complete cop out. Who the hell devotes 5 years of one’s professional/personal life only to wrap it all up with a one-liner. Forget the episode itself, if you’re going to tie it off with “Yeah, they are together”, why even take us down that road to begin with?

      • I think the idea was that if you are an optimist and feel Sarah gets her memories back, then you know they’ll be together…and if you’re a pessimist and she doesn’t then they will be together because she started to fall in love with Chuck again anyway (i.e.- they were destined to be together no matter what). As I have said somewhere here, Yvonne said that in the final episode, she starts to notice all of Chuck’s quirks and starts to fall in love with him all over again. Problem was, whatever scenes Fedak decided to keep or get rid of, that was not how the story went…there was really no signs that Sarah was falling in love with Chuck again, other than when he told her their story, and she asked for the kiss. That was a bit of a flimsy premise, IMHO.

      • I agree. As I stressed all along, I never had and doubt whatsoever that Chuck and Sarah would find their way back to each other. I always believed that they were destined to be together. But, that being said, the whole memory suppression idea was ill conceived and not fleshed out nearly enough with the time allowed. It wasn’t “neat” as Fedak stressed that they get to fall in love all over again, especially given all of the pitfalls and hurdles they had to navigate to get to where they were in the first place. I’ve been married for 27 years as of Sept. 4, and I’m not so certain that my wife might not go in another direction after putting up w/me for all that time, even if she forgot me :). Sarah didn’t just forget Chuck; five years of her life in general were suppressed. That was not properly addressed, nor was a timeline established between the time she lost the memories to the meeting on the beach. The few memories or bits of recall she did get back were minor, and were from five years earlier. I have a good imagination (I believe a man can fly….), but why should it be left to me to fill in the blanks that the writer didn’t (or didn’t want to) fill? That’s why I felt cheated and why I would have a difficult time supporting anything that Fedak does in the future. It’s a matter of trust for me.

  4. I’ve got you beat by 3 years !!! 😉
    My son is of the opinion that they will be together no matter what. He watched the show once. It took me until my second watch to feel that way…only because of seeing Sarah straighten Chuck’s tie when they danced, and then asking him for the kiss. Fedak could have wrapped it up with more finality by having the kiss end, and then Sarah leaning in for a more passionate kiss. That’s all…..no words, just Yvonne’s expression….and a new kiss. Still doesn’t tell you about the memories ( unless Yvonne could display that through her expressions), but it would TELL you they still were in love.
    As for the memories …I lost some, but feel maybe my wife would check out someone new if she lost all memories of me. Believe me, I am the nerd that got the girl…she dated the High School quarterback, and then in University, the Rock God downhill ski champ…and somehow ended up with me. But as for our relationship, I would have dumped her if she ever did to me what Sarah did to Chuck in S3 !! ( Haha ….trolling for Chris’ comments there !!)

    • I’m with you there; why my wife chose me is still one of the great mysteries of the universe! Seriously though, my contention is that Fedak sacrificed Sarah’s character to again emphasize Chuck’s hero’s journey. He just never got it that it was the Chuck/Sarah relationship that drove the show, so he never failed to shove her to the side to re-establish that the show was called Chuck. The whole tainted intersect storyline had already been told w/Morgan, why go there again? They had several months and 13 final episodes to tell a better story, and, in the end, they just failed to deliver. The forgotten conspiracy theory, an underdeveloped character in Quinn, and several wasted episodes left me scratching my head. I expected more from a fairly talented writing team.

    • See,

      now your just being silly, We both know where we stand on Prague, and as JD said on twitter, why are we going to go down that road again. I honestly believe it a farce that someone like Chuck who was a slacker and worked at a buymore would land Sarah.

      Its not realistic. There are exceptions to the rule, but most of the time women like Sarah want guys like Shaw or Bryce. The tall dark and handsome not the Tall Dark and charming as Roan would say.

      Chuck had every right to question Sarah;s feelings for him without a supercomputer in his brain because the reality is she wouldn’t of step foot in Burbank unless Bryce did what he did.

      So thats where I stand with that.

      • Set the hook….landed the fish !!! LOL

        I am proof that it can be realistic … BTW. Sometimes women do like guys who are funny and kind. The Shaws and Bryces of the world can also turn out to be the Ray Rice’s of the world…

  5. “Fedak could have wrapped it up with more finality by having the kiss end, and then Sarah leaning in for a more passionate kiss. That’s all…..no words, just Yvonne’s expression….”

    “I expected more from a fairly talented writing team.”

    Both excellent points. I still hold to my “optimism” that Sarah was on her way back from the abyss as it fade to black, but the powers that be could have done a much better job with the talents they had at their fingertips, that being the phenomenal writing team and the acting genius of Yvonne.

    • What I cannot buy into is the fact that, although Sarah’s memories are only suppressed and not completely lost, there just wasn’t enough time, especially without the benefit of a more defined timeline for her to have any major recall. Morgan still couldn’t recall certain things, like the Star Wars/Indiana Jones trilogies, and his memory loss was not nearly as severe or well defined. Add to that the reality of what transpired between Chuck and Sarah during this period and the ensuing guilt that Sarah would surely feel, it was a cruel way to end things, and a the so called “Love Letter To The Fans” came off more like a raspberry (or a middle finger) to me instead. None of this was addressed. You can have a happy ending and still leave the door open for future stories (to be continued if you will). Learning that Tony Soprano survived five years later (according to the creator) provides me with very little solace. I knew at the end of “The West Wing” that Josh and Donna (and C.J. and Danny) were finally together; that Sam was back; that Toby was pardoned and President Bartlet made to the end of his term, flying off into the sunset, all with the promise of a new administration and the beginning of a new story. Why couldn’t we have been given that? Chuck and Sarah deserved a better ending/beginning than what we saw. I was just as optimistic as you were, but the fact that I have to just imagine that is just unfair.

      • The problem Rev is the writers didn’t like the fact the romance overshadowed the spy story. They have said in the past that the focus was suppose to be on Chuck, but here is Sarah, who has the fan base going crazy about. The beautiful and talented Yvonne Strahovski.

        Is it anyone surprise when the two were on stage at Nerd HQ this year the positive reaction the two received. We talk about how the writing often made mistakes on the show and nothing was more wrong then giving the Intersect to Morgan, and returning his memories back than Sarah going through the same thing and we are left wondering?

        Is it fair to Zac and Yvonne, who could go done as one of the best on screen couples in our generation. The acting was tremendous. It was like we watching reality tv. I cried when I watched Sarah beg Dr. Dreyfus to let her see Chuck at the hospital or watch her wilt as she is trying to wake Chuck in Phase Three.

        Or watching Zac in Cliffhanger by the tub. Holding her hand. I sorry but I can’t talk about 5/12 because my heart begins to hurt each time that I do.
        If they knew the series was over, and the best they can do was have 3 great episodes out of thirteen than Cliffhanger should of been the end.

      • Oh yeah Chris; you and I have discussed this before. It wasn’t all of the writers….it was the co-creator (CF). He never wanted the romance to overshadow his original premise. He really only relented when he realized just how much the romance drove the show. To his credit (at least up to a point) he allowed the romance to blossom in the latter part of season 3 and most of season 4. But after he became showrunner, he did everything he could to lessen that impact. Even in Cliffhanger, Sarah became a victim, just like in Sarah and Goodbye, just so that Chuck could again be the hero. That he sacrificed possibly losing her forever at the end speaks to his mindset. I honestly don’t think that Schwartz had much input in the final scripts, because it we against what he had done with his other projects (The O.C./Gossip Girl) where he made a point to end the stories in a clear, positive happy ending way. I put the onus on Fedak, because he wrote the final story.

  6. IMO, Chuck and Sarah were the definition of soulmates, they were drawn to each other because of the image they represented. Chuck was normalcy and Sarah was the life outside of Buymore. While Chuck can say the Buymore was his favorite place. He wouldn’t of jumped in the back of the Crown Vic when Casey and Sarah gave him the night off.

    Sarah wouldn’t of mind Lou or Jill dating Chuck if she didn’t see that Chuck was her ticket to normalcy. Its odd that while we always keen on Prague, but Mauser was really darker then Prague or the finally. Especially when you take in the fact that they had a top five moment earlier in the episode.

    The ending for me is quite simple really, I compare it to Dexter’s because I didn’t like the ending, but it had closure. I didn’t like Dex leaving Harrison to Hannah, but understood it.

    Like Rev said, I was black screened in the finale much like we got with Tony Soprano. We see a kiss and they continue to kiss, but with the track record of the show. How do we know the kiss will last? Did the kiss work in Hard Salami? or Seduction.

    no they did something crazy came up like Bryce returning. we have a wonderful moment like giving a bracelet as a love token from Chuck, and Sarah grand gesture is killing Mauser.

    A special moment ripped apart soon after.

    • Sarah really had no identity before Chuck; For her, he represented more than just normalcy. The sheer fact that her dream house was the simple home with the white picket fence and the red door tells you of her longing for something real. Her whole life up to her meeting him was play acting, first with her father, then with the C.I.A.. She longed for something real, not just normal. And Chris, it’s more of a reality than you think that the nerd could get the girl. My wife and I are literally a real life Sofia Vagara and Ed O’Neill. She’s 16 years my junior, and could have had any man she wanted (still could). I don’t discount the gift that she chose me. Beauty and the Beast need not always be a fairy tale!!!

      • As I said, there are exceptions. I just seen it too many times. Living in New York, Most of the women here that are gorgeous go out with the men that have the BMW and the 1.4 million dollar home.

        As Chuck said, Guys like him and myself we have to the think with our minds. We don’t have the Devon gifts. So, when a woman like Sarah walks into our lives we maybe attracted, but there is no way we would make a move. Its safer for our ego or fragile for that matter.

        I am happy for you and Gary to find your Sarahs but guys like me it would never happen.

  7. Chuck wouldn’t make a move either because he “lives in the real world.” But even Chuck’s failings and his lack of confidence were “real”…and he wasn’t afraid to show that to Sarah. He was also charming and funny…he didn’t try to be anyone but Chuck Bartowski. This is very different than the Bryce’s and the Shaw’s and the Cole’s…have to be slick, have to be confident…never let them see the real person, never let them see your emotions.

    Women that want the BMW’s and the million $$ homes only will ultimately fail ….or get something they don’t want. That stuff isn’t real…money and greed are a dance with the devil !!! I could have given that stuff to my wife, but I met her long before that…in University. She was, and still is, a real head turner ….
    I had to win her over with humor and by being a nice guy. The fact she stuck with me through some pretty dark days proves it was really love. Don’t know about todays young women … I know my sister-in-law is teaching her girls to marry for money,( but she’s going through a bitter divorce right now due to marrying the star football player and hockey player.) She says…if it doesn’t work out, at least they’re set for life !! Kind of a sad message, but I find worthy young men are few and far between as well.

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