Chuck Has Become More Than Just A Television Show.

You’ll Miss It When Its Gone

Over the weekend I was thinking about the series Chuck, which is something I do daily, but this weekend after reading so many posts on twitter. I realized something. Chuck has become Elvis Presley. Chuck has become just as  popular once taken off the airways, or in the case of Elvis dying.

Note this article won’t have pictures or videos. It will be just an article by one author’s view. Nothing more nothing less. Let;s begin, When Elvis died in 1977, He has sold billion of records. No one has come close to that record. Some say its because people want to stay connected to the image, the music and most importantly the man. The same can be said about Michael Jackson or even The Beatles. They both have not reached the levels of Elvis, but the same can be said, once Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are the last two living Beatles left, who knows how many records they will sell.

How does this compare to Chuck, well think about it. Since the show went off the air in 2012, the show has found new fandom. The help of Netflix and blog sites like this one have kept the show alive in the minds of everyone that cared to read or watch, Recently, I was told by fellow fan “I watched all 5 seasons for the first time, and watching it once was not enough.’ Like the rest of us he wanted more. More Chuck is all over twitter and facebook. More Chuck’s Hi Hos and Casey grunts and even another performance from Jeffster. This all being said without the mention of not having enough Charah scenes The reality is Bryce Larkin’s line in the pilot would be the punchline if you will for all Chuck fans ‘Its hard to say goodbye.” and the truth is he is right. It is hard to say goodbye because we never did.

Elvis fanatics will tell you that one song of Elvis is not enough to listen too. They will claim that an entire album is not enough. People will turn the Ipod station on and before you know it, they have heard 100 songs. Doesn’t that happen to Chuck fans. I know for myself, one Chuck episode becomes a whole season sometimes. No matter how many times we have listen to the music or in our case watched the episodes.

How many people stop what they are doing to watch Home Alone? I never get tired of seeing Joe Pesci put his hand on the door knob and or the torch to the head. When people are entertained there is no limits to the amount of use from a singer, television show or movie. When something is gone, the need or desire for more become heightened, and the only cure is more Elvis or more Michael Jackson.  Chuck falls into that category as well. Not bad for a show that had a tough 5 year run.

The Chuck Fan Base Has Become a Family

I am sure there are plenty of television shows that have strong fan bases, the word Trekkie didn’t just come out of the blue. Star War fans often have strong support for their favorite franchise. However, Chuck fans have become so much more than just fans. We have become a family.

We support everything the cast of the show does, For example, the amount of support for Zachary Levi’s campaign to fund Nerd HQ was a strong response by the fans/ He was not able to get one million dollars, nonetheless in 46 days, he was able to get  over three hundred thousand dollars. A very strong output despite the slow start.

Zachary’s campaign is not only where we showed support, we also took the time to help Little Chuck Fan, and donated to the St Jude’s fundraiser. Its one of many ways we help each other out, and its a nice thing because someone in Germany  Italy or  United States are all connected because of Chuck. It is quite awesome experience.

We watch everything the cast performs. Especially Yvonne now being on 24, What is funny about it, the world is catching up on her talents, but Chuck fans already know how talents she is. Its nothing new to us. Even Dexter fans can’t complain about her performance  during who two season appearance.

The reason the fan base has become a family is quite simple really. We take the time to create things like “A Chuck Hour” Where fans get together from across the world, and watch the show at the same time. Look for it on Facebook and Twitter, It was started by Clint Irwin his twitter address is @cirwin8812 if you would like to find out how you can participate.

Sites like Chuckthisblog, Chuckaholics and all are created to keep Chuck fans together. Discuss the very show that has long been gone, and it does not get old in responding to comments about the show. What makes it so fun is the various opinions on a scene or episode. I still don’t understand the hatred for Brandon Routh (Daniel Shaw) Some of us analysis (me) too much and some take what the writers put on the screen as the real interpretation. The fun part is we don’t discourage any opinion and respect them all.

It is really cool to watch and read.  Chuck fans also can stay connect by watching fan created videos from Youtube, and some are really good. The effort to keep Chuck in the minds of those that care is just many examples of how strong we desire more Chuck, but as I said before, if we never get a movie or new season it would be ok because I have met some great people over the course of time watching the show.

We all would be friends with the entire cast of Chuck, The actresses and actors of the show are genuine and care for the fans as much as we care about them. It is a drawing card because there are too many shows out there that lack the chemistry the cast of Chuck brought to the table. The Chuck family not only includes the fans but all would agree that the cast is apart of our family because without them there is no Chuck Family which is why we show support for them in anything they do or have done. It is really a special group of people. One that I am proud of saying I am apart of.

The New Direction of Chuckaholics

The last part of this article will be about my new direction for this site. I have a vision, in which Chuckaholics will be a virtual clubhouse for all Chuck fans. It is important to me that this site be a home for Chuck fans to go, when they want to listen to music, watch scenes, read about the show and its; characters. I have no intentions of making money off this site because its not why I created it.

Have you ever read an article about the show and a scene was mentioned, and you said “Damn I wish I can see that scene he is talking about.” Well I provide it because I am passionate about this show and the people that are involved. I care about Yvonne and Zach like a sister and brother from another mother.

I know I wrote a letter to the creators of Chuck asking them to stop ignoring the fanbase, it was not an attack on them. They all are working on projects and the time it takes to come up with a movie for Chuck takes time. Its as Sarah said to Cole in Chuck vs The Lethal Weapon, “Its hard to walk away from someone you care about.” In the case of the fans, It is hard to walk away from a show that meant so much to the fans and most importantly to the cast as well.

Its the very reason that it would be a honor if the cast have come across my site. and let them know they are apart of this family as well. Chuckaholics is free to everyone and all that want to be apart of this family are welcome. As I mentioned at the top. It is hard to say goodbye, but its even better to say hello to everyone that is a Chuckaholic.


Founder of Chuckaholics










  1. Chris; I agree with the bulk of what you are saying. First and foremost, the majority of Chuck fans have indeed become a true family. We argue, disagree, cajole, and supply different perspectives on a truly special t.v. show. The main thing, and the one thing that we all agree on, is that we love Chuck. But where I disagree is the comparison to Elvis. Elvis is iconic. His continued popularity is based on several things: 1) nostalgia. Many, such as myself, continue to love Elvis because we grew up with him, and he influenced our musical tastes, and the general era that we grew up in. He epitomized our mindset that we had our own music, and he came along at a time where rebellion was a key element in how we thought about things. His wasn’t our father’s music. For me personally, he bridged many musical lines (gospel, country, blues…) and he made it cool to enjoy what he had to offer. As a black man growing up in the late 50’s and 60’s, Elvis, and later the Beatles, Stones and Hendrix were my heroes, although my musical taste spanned many musical avenues. My television is very much the same. Having the opportunity to watch quite a bit of t.v. over the years, I have my favorites from every decade. Lucy, MTM, M.A.S.H., Moonlighting, Miami Vice, West Wing, Ally McBeal and so many others impressed and held my interest from the first episode to the last. But to say that Chuck is on the same par as Elvis, is a bit of a stretch. Yes, it is my favorite show ever, but it still has a narrow, limited appeal among fans. While new generations of viewers discover Lucy and Friends and Seinfeld practically everyday, Chuck will never have the broad based appeal that those shows have. Even shows like West Wing have a timeless appeal due to it’s subject matter, Chuck will never be held in the same stead, simply because of it’s lack of popularity among the masses. Chuck may be more like Led Zeppelin or Nirvana, because it is finding new viewers, but those viewers still are a very small group. You can tell by fan fiction submissions alone, that while Chuck is gaining in volume, it still doesn’t compare to Gilmore Girls or Firefly or Buffy who still have more new stories being offered up, even after being off the air for 7 or more years. Chuck isn’t Elvis, but he still isn’t a one hit wonder either. BTW, I love the direction that you are aiming for with CHUCKAHOLICS, and I’m proud to be a small part of it……

  2. When I mentioned Elvis, it was not to say Chuck was on the same level of Elvis, Michael or the Beatles. The concept is what I am talking about. Comparing Chuck to them I will lose all the time. What I am associating Chuck with is the fact that while it was on the fan base supported the series, and you know what I rather have a small fan base that is passionate about the show than a large fan base that casually watch or only watch because Michael Clarke Duncan came on the show.

    I reference Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy, He said ” After three years, you don’t try to catch the eye of new viewers because word of mouth and proper promotion.” I agree with that sentiment, When I talk about Elvis is the conceptual aspect of it. He died, and he sold more records being dead than alive. Its like 2pac how many cds did he sell once he died. or Kurt Cobain its the fact that once the show went off the airways, and became available to the public through netflix while the numbers are small, It is still growing. Take a look at twitter right now, everyday I see more Chuck all over the place. Its refreshing and yet puzzling, Doesn’t WB see this, The cast and fans want it, we are realistic a new season is impossible now. Especially with Casey and Yvonne on new shows. Yvonne has done very well on 24 with no surprise. She may have found a new home. To Chuckaholics she will always be Sarah Walker.

    • Unfortunately Chris; all WB is ever going to see is money, or the chance to make some. Their track record as of late has been dismal, box office wise, and it just wouldn’t do them any good to bet on a show that never made money for them. Veronica Mars raised their own money, but it seems that TPTB with Chuck isn’t all that interested in a Kickstarter campaign. JS is pretty much done with Chuck, contrary to recent statements, and although I’m fairly sure that CF might be, many fans don’t trust him given his track record and his seeming disjointed appraisal of his idiotic ending for the series. That’s why he cant get a pilot sold. His dismissal of many fans reaction to the finale has not helped his reputation. Zac does seem to have a plan, but it’s still years away…at best. That the show had 91 episodes but could not sell in syndication only hurts, not helps things. VM only had 63 episodes but it has done surprisingly well. Why Chuck wasn’t better received or promoted has always been a mystery to me, but we still hold hope for something in the future. Twitter doesn’t really count, simply because it’s just the base. My hope will always be that sites like yours will finally expand the base, and not just be a haven for those of us who already know and love the show. If I owned WB, there would already be a mini series in the can, as well as a Gilmore Girls movie and a West Wing and Fringe reunion movie as well. Unfortunately, I don’t, but if I ever win the lottery (unlikely, since I don’t gamble 🙂 ) look out.

      • I am glad you like the direction I am taking Chuckaholics, The truth is I wanted to create a site that someone in Japan can enjoy just as much as the United States.

        I wanted to talk about a show that was great in every way. Did it have its issues certainly, but it still does not change the fact that All Chuck fans are the same They love the show and stand by the people who were behind the show. Yvonne has become my favorite person in Hollywood.

        Zach has become a brother from another mother, and furthermore I have said on twitter that if given the chance I would befriend them.
        They are what role models should be and most specifically If there was one thing I could do for this site would be

        have a sit down interview with both of them and publish it on this site, I am dreaming but hey I never thought I would still have a website in January .

      • Well, hopefully you’ll be around for a long time. It has been a pleasure for me befriending you, and having lively, spirited discussions. We hit it off over at CHUCKTHIS, and I certainly look forward to that continuing that here. Chuck is still my all time favorite, although I still have issues with the finale, and I still, hopefully, have much to say. It’s nice to have this forum, and I hope that many more join us. It’s always nice to see different perspectives concerning the show.

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