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While I was putting the finishing touches on Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker, I thought of my next title for Sarah. After all she is this sites favorite character to write about.  The mind sometimes works in mysterious ways because I figured it would be another article on the relationship, another episode article or even come up with more Chuck articles, but then I searched the web and a title caught my eye.

Death becomes her was the title, and I instantly said that would be a great for Sarah, the difference would be death does not become her. The idea of losing Chuck whether it be death or any other means would destroy her very being. This article will embark on a journey through the series and witness the different emotions presented from Yvonne to help bring her character alive. The goal is to go through each season, and see the transformation of a spy to girlfriend and finally wife.

  Being Bunkered

It is well documented on this site that Sarah Walker was not known for words, She neverMaintaining Professionalism would be as articulate as Chuck, and that is fine. Not every character needs to have the ability to talk everything to death, but when it comes to expressions and body language nobody did it better than Sarah. A prime example of the expressions would be in Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami, while Agent Walker was in front of the general and Casey, hearing  Chuck proclaim Lou was his girlfriend, Sarah began to struggle with the idea of Chuck with someone else.  While still trying to be professional, we get a glimpse of Sarah Walker the girlfriend.

Eyes of seeking attentionWhat was the best part of Sarah Walker and in particular Yvonne Strahovski, how she mastered the command of her character. Yvonne/Sarah have became one of the same. Back to Sarah,  the notion that she knew that Beckman was watching and trying not set of bells and whistles was on her mind, She also was personally involved every bit the regular woman. She had no intention of sharing Chuck.

The words I don’t want my girlfriend involved often would strike a woman that was broken up with. Especially when you work with that person, but the viewer still felt the pain in her eyes. She doesn’t want Chuck with someone else because its not what she felt or wanted, but she can’t be with him because of the job. However, even the job won’t matter eventually.

We can even take it one stepPleading not to break up further, earlier we saw Sarah the girlfriend surface for the first time in the series. The display of emotion from Sarah showed you how  much the break up and not being with Chuck was already affecting her.  The eyes tell you she is pleading with Chuck.  However, she can’t tell him the real feelings inside of her, and is forced to pretend it would be easier for the cover. The cover from Beckman and Casey that is. Not tears of joy

When Chuck does not buy into the plea, We get a very classic scene from Yvonne, which made me fall for her. Unless you have ice in your veins than this is the reason Sarah is so special. Its why you don’t need her to say anything because her expressions are enough to understand.

I believe the mouth can say anything it wants because its controlled by the brain and heart, but not the eyes. The eyes are different, and for Sarah breaking up with Chuck cover or not is not acceptable for her and she attempted to stop it from happening. It is important to understand the hardship it was to balance a professional and personal relationship for Sarah and the lack of understanding from Chuck. Sarah not talking about it hurts her case, but its still a hard balancing act. Moving on.

The thought of losing someone special to you would often make you become superhuman. The proverbial “I will do anything to have someone stay in one’s life”. It would take her time to illustrate that point towards Chuck, but once the idea Chuck was going to be bunkered, taken from her, she became much more than just an agent with feelings. When her superiors tell her they were extracting Chuck to a bunker out of fear he has been compromised, we get more visible reaction from Sarah.

Chuck being Bunkered not good

Life was taken from herSarah slipped in front of Graham and Beckman, she showed emotion towards the asset, and of course the reaction from the powers that be was of keeping Agent Walker in check, but not this spy, she already disobey orders prior to meeting Chuck when she protected the baby from her handler. However, this was a whole new situation. Her heart is involved in her decision making, and of all people Casey allowed her to break protocol. A sign a team was forming, and even Casey didn’t want to see his partner become emotionally crippled. Chuck gone would of destroyed Sarah.

Casey knew from earlier on that her feelings for Chuck was more than just simple Asset/Handler. Especially when the two spend so much time together. Sarah was living in the moment. SSarah's heart is beginning to open for Chuckhe was able to have an assignment that she can relax and learn to be herself. The herself part took time because she doesn’t know who she was.  All that matters is keeping her asset in her life was all she was seeking and will need.

When she found out that Longshore was taking Chuck to the helipad, Sarah uses her agent persona as a ploy to try to have Chuck released into her custody. Her words “My Guy”  was echoed throughout the helipad. The thought in her head about being separated from Chuck was inconsolable. A far cry from what we saw from her in the beginning of Season One.

When i saw this scene the first time, I remember thinking she was acting as a hero, Agent Walker prevailed, but after several rewatches I saw something else.  Think of the first time in your life you experience passion and love at the same time. I am not talking about one or the other, but both feelings at same time. What would you do if you knew the man or woman was going to be taken from you? I would hope no matter the situation or training nothing can prepare you for true enchanted love.

Love makes you strive for the best and go against everything you believe in or thought you believed in because of the desire to be with the person. Sarah’s desire was to be with Chuck. She was drawn to him, which is why she refused to leave when Langston Graham told her she was recalled in the Pilot. Now the very person she has feelings for was about to be taken from her, and she reluctantly prepared to let him go,

Love is willing to make a agent commit treason and go AWOL. First, her partner Casey agreed with Beckman about bunkering him, and it set off Sarah. “How could you just stand there and say nothing.” She was pissed because she had to  deal with the threat of Chuck being bunkered and this time Sarah’s feelings are stronger than the last time. This time she was ready to take action and run with Chuck to help find his father, but the scene is bigger than that.  “I was beginning to not trust you, Sarah.” Its powerful, the beach scene revisited. Her eyes drooped as he said it. She knew he was right to feel that way, and the fact she just lied to him was not making matters any better. Lets back track from the beginning of the season. We should look at the things Chuck told her.

Chuck vs The Break Up:  “You will never be Normal” Sara’s Reaction to it If you notice in the background Chuck was not thrilled about breaking up with her. Its all Bryce’s doing

Both of them shattered by the event

Than in Chuck vs the Ex,   Chuck said ” She kissed me, just me no covers, no spy stuff, no lies Sarah’s reaction to this was, No cover no lies

This is now the second time Chuck’s honesty was hitting Sarah hard, the realization that Chuck has been thinking about it the cover and its impact was revealed, and much to the chagrin of Sarah. Now we get “I was beginning to not trust you.”  The very word trust that initiateSarah taking actiond all of this. It left Sarah to do what was necessary. For her,  It lead an Agent turning girlfriend one thing to do. “Take Off Your Watch.”  Its a short phrase, but it has more power than “My Guy.” It was the very words that brought two people closer because of the limits she would be willing to go for the person you love. This was real love, this isn’t lust or based on circumstance like with Bryce. Its a feeling only those that truly understand the power of love and what it can deliver.

Once again when it comes to Chuck we see a different Sarah.  Her heart is in her eyes. I am amazed on how much a woman can take especially when she has found a connection to someone. For those that haven’t seen the movie with Denzel Washington and Dakota Fleming titled, Man of Fire, The chance to live again sometimes strengthens a person   It makes Sarah run with him.  A hero right, no a woman that will do anything for love and for Chuck. A special moment that makes all of the Chuck universe smile and chant, “Yes”

on the lamb

Season 2 has significant progress to Sarah’s character. If this happened in season one, which it did I don’t think Sarah would of went on the run. but in a clear what if moment, could Sarah pull the gun on Longshore?

Chuck sent undergrounPlease Don't Be a Hero Come home to med was one thing, but what about kidnapping. How would Sarah Walker react to losing her boyfriend, and knowing that he was out there and she could do nothing. She becomes rampage Sarah. Agent Walker amplified, but first we need to cover how Chuck was put into that position to begin with. In what I like to call the best of Sarah Walker. Chuck vs Phase Three is the best episode of the series. I will explain why, but Phase Three (P3) began in Chuck vs The Fear of Death, and it helped deliver the importance of P3.

Chuck loses the Intersect thanks to his mother, and the agency sent Agent Rye to help unsuppress the Intersect, but to no avail. The next step was to send Chuck on a mission alone, nA very Worry Saraho Sarah, no Casey, and no safety net. We have seen this before, and its a very different Sarah from Chuck vs First Class, and I have written an article comparing the two scenes called First Class vs The Fear of Death please refer to that article on the comparison.

Sarah was worried that Chuck was in serious danger, but Chuck didn’t want to listen. He wanted to prove his worth.  Sarah’s line “Don’t be a Hero, come home safe to me, ok” Showed an agent and girlfriend in sync. Both personas are worried for Chuck’s well being, but  General Beckman (GB) signed off on the mission, thus there wasn’t much Sarah could do.

Chuck went to Switzerland, and his identity was compromised, while Sarah was enroute, she gets the call.  Her face said it all.

Her Worse Fears Came Intuition
Her Worse Fears Came Intuition

The horror in her expression said it all for me, Chuck was helpless and worse yet there was nothing Sarah could do at this point, but listen to the chilling words. “Pursue Agent Carmichael, and we will kill him. There will be no further warning” For a girlfriend, who is a superagent, we come to the unity of one person in herself.  Agent Walker and Sarah must co exist if she was to see this through.

Agent Walker became the forth front of this situaEven Agent Walker wants Chuck Backtion, Aushua’s Hiding Place was a perfect selection for this scene. Sarah staring at their bed. The fact that she was going to be sleeping alone again was unfathomable. It should remind you of what Chuck did to rescue his father. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

I mentioned that P3 is the best episode of the series because we saw the best of Sarah. We saw raw emotion come from a woman that never showed it. If there was any doubt in viewers minds on how much Chuck meant to Sarah than look at this.

Agent Walker to go find Chuck

Her life was turned upside down, her heart felt heavy and this was the best Sarah. Fear, aspiration, girlfriend and agent all on display. Most people will tell you that Chuck vs the Cliffhanger was the best because of watching them get married, but it did not drive the emotion out of all viewers like P3 did.

Men, women and Children are effected when watching this, Torture is not as bad as toture of a weakened heart

Sarah seeking the smell of Chuck

I have done that, I have smelled my wife’s pillow when missing her, while she is at work for 8 hours, but that is one day. Sarah dealt with Chuck missing for 5 days. The very person who has been in her life every day for the last 4 years, and live with makes the woman above want more than just smelling  a shirt, but what she found was even realizing Chuck was proposingmore excruciating.  If Chuck being kidnapped was enough, Sarah finding out he was planning to propose to her was unconscionable. It broke her into a stage of panic and desperation. This scene I like what Morgan did here.

He made her say what we all already knew, but never heard the words. After all, she fell in love with a regular guy.

This was the start of real emotion. I am was not thinking she was a character being portrayed by an actress. This was a woman we all can relate to at some point in our lives. Whether a doctor tells one that their love one was only going to live for 6 more months or what Sarah was facing. Its brRealization Awakens Rampage Saraheathtaking acting by Yvonne.

Sarah: I love Chuck with or without the Intersect, I do want to spend the rest of my life with Chuck.

Morgan: Thats great, and he knows that cause you told him.

Thank you Morgan, you threw fuel on the fire.

Realization has its impact and reward. When Sarah realized that she has never told Chuck the words she just told Morgan, and knowing she was going to be proposed to set her off on a rampage. Again, pure raw emotion from Sarah.  Worry, Concern, fear, aspiration and now realization. all emotions that she was taught to bottle up now on display.  How does one handle this rollercoaster of emotion? Its Agent Walker’s wrath that everyone and anything will feel.

Agent Walker let out of her cage

Agent Walker, a calculating and dangerous agent. She was cutthroat and as the words of Casey were said, made perfect sense. She was unpredictable. When she returned to Castle, she made it clear that her mission was to get her future husband back and by any means necessary. It is was Chuck did to get his father back.  Now it was Sarah’s turn.

As she confronts the mark,  “I have been trained in over 200 ways to kill someone, scared yet,”  What I love above this, We have not seen this kind of Sarah since Fulcrum came after her in the hospital. She is ruthless and will push the needle if need be. All this for one purpose and that is to get the love of her life back. The emotions going through Sarah continue to add up, Fear, aspiration, concerned, realization, ruthless, and deadly.  All emotions that are generated whenI need chuck one is in love. When someone special was taken from her.

Its why she said to Casey the following lines.

John Casey: That jungle’s filled with nothing but killers. I’m going with you!

Sarah Walker: You’re not going where I’m going. I’ll do *anything* to get him back. And I’m not going to take you down with me. You were right. I am different without Chuck, and I don’t like it.

John Casey: You let me out of here. You need me.

Sarah Walker: NO. I need Chuck.

Awesome isn't it

This is what people want to hear, its should of been said many times to everyone that prevented her from the very thing she needs. “I need Chuck.”  This to me means more than two I dos. It means more than one magical kiss. its confirmation with emotion and action. Its Agent Walker and Sarah Walker working together. Its an epic story being told and for once showing just how far Sarah was willing to go to get her man back. Its the very thing Chuck taught her. We know she made the save and for me the best scene from the entire series. The very scene I still choke up on. It is the quintessential performance that cemented Yvonne Strahovski as more than just a gorgeous woman.

Acting at its best
The Best Scene of The Whole Series. Performed By A Great Actress

  I am here Chuck

What stands out from this scene is more about Sarah and the different between crying out of sadness and crying out of happiness. When Chuck wakes up from his slumber, we see tears Happiness in those tearsof joy and relief.  It is a real life experience, What someone would go through in this kind of situation. We believe that Liam Neeson can take on an army of underground thugs by himself, but in Chuck’s universe Yvonne stole the series as a performer from this scene.  Don’t believe me, ChuckTV.Net did a tornument of the best Chuck and Sarah scenes. This scene won convincingly.

Sarah dealt with Bunkering and kidnapping, and for our final piece of this article we deal with the hardest part.  Bunkering and kidnapping  were one thing, at least she knew she had hope he would still be alive, but death was a whole different story. The thought of him dying was too much to bare.


The car exploding scene in Chuck vs the Best Friend has become a special scene for two reasons. Sarah’s five seconds of the thought Chuck was dead and even more Casey also was taken back by it. Chuck may be a lot of things, but he has grown on both Casey and Sarah. It is a special scene because it was the first time we see Chuck and Sarah willingly hold hands together in public. Sarah thinking Chuck was dead made her see just how special he was to her. It didn’t matter it was in public she was not letting go of his hand.

Chuck other near death experiences in Chuck vs The Beard aWho are the tears fornd Chuck vs The American Hero also are  examples of what death would of done to Sarah. She was with Shaw, but Chuck being dead is something she does not want to live with.  At this point, it was hard to know who the tears for. Both men being in the building was hard to take.

However, she voices her burden of Chuck being down in Castle and Shaw willing to level the place. Shaw told her to think like a spy, and Castle had to go, but the near tear Sarah wouldn’t have it.Shaw was ready to kill Chuck

Nothing compares to the way she showed her despair as Mr. Colt let Chuck go. She thought she lost Chuck.

There are two other times where Sarah thought Chuck was dead, and showed how much it bothered her the thought of him perishing.

Two exception scenes because of the significances of what it would mean. One as a girlfriend and the other as his wife.  I love going down Memory Lane.

Finally, we have what I like to call one of the best exchanges from Charah, 

This scene showed you how far along Sarah was in herself and her relationship with Chuck.  It showed how mature and commanding Chuck has become and one of the better scenes of the final season.

In Closing,  reliving Sarah and Chuck moments are great. I never get tired of watching them and or writing about it. There is so much to talk about with these two characters that words often are not enough to emphasis the great love story. Thank you for going down this interesting road.

I leave you with two final scenes that were mentioned above,

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