The Newest Addition to Chuckaholics

TO All Chuck Fans,

Chuckaholics now has a page dedicated to the villains of Chuck. Shaw, Decker, Volkoff and the rest of the bad guys of Chuck will have their own scene page. This is great because I love Shaw and wanted to implement him into the site without offending any followers.

I also love Quinn and Decker because they impacted Team Bartowski in the worse way possible. Especially Quinn. Roark is related to the earlier part of the series, but never was really a threat. If I had to put a Mount Rushmore for the bad guys of Chuck. It would be Volkoff Shaw Decker and Quinn. These four men wrecked everything Charah and the rest of the crew’s lives. Shaw, Quinn and Volkoff were the ones that did the worst damage to the main characters.

You can find the page on the left side of the page on the menu’s bar. It follows Team Bartowski on the list.

This new feature will pay homage to the bad guys of the series. Like always all content on this site belong to WB, this site is not designed to profit or sell. This site is designed to bring all Chuck fans together an reminisce on a show Chuckaholics like myself love and passionate about. Please enjoy the newest feature, and it truly is hard to say good bye.


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