The Power of Love: Chuck and Sarah, Soulmates at Heart

When two people from very different worlds come together, we often see clashing or at best friction. When Felix and Oscar from the odd couple first met they were also very different, but something drew them together, and not only stay together, but learn to love each other as well.

A force can bring two people together, but what happens when the cause is Bryce Larkin. We know the tale on how Chuck and Sarah meet, but was it a program that was stolen that did it or was destiny behind it all. Love is strong when two forces come together and unite. Especially for two people that never met before.

Whether they are characters from a story, or real life people, the fact remains when love is pure it counters everything. It may take time, but the fact was Sarah and Chuck were more than just lovers, friends and spouses, they were more than spies and partners. The fact was no matter what happened to them. They found a way to each other. The result than is could it possible mean they were soulmates?

Chuck and Sarah meet

If we take the story as whole, and break it down. You will be able to find that one wSarah lays eyes on her new markoman, who was lost in her world. After dealing with Ryker and Graham about the package, Sarah needed a change, upon hearing where her next assignment would be in Burbank. She was somewhat relieved that it would be far from Washington. Especially when learning that her partner Bryce was the cause of it, but what she didn’t know was the assignment would be someone who also knew Bryce. It is a very small world after all.  However, meeting Chuck at the Buymore was not where this article will start, It will start , when Graham and Sarah were speaking on the phone.

Sarah was instructed to be on a plane in an hour. Graham told her Casey was on his way, and Sarah’s reaction was to become the protector of Chuck. She was not his handler at this time. Thus, She could of boarded a plane no questions asked, but the lure of knowing who this man was enticed her to stay. Soulmates usually do that once the connection has been made.

When Chuck laid his eyes on her, he became instantly  hooked as well. It was a crazy day for him. First, he downloaded the intersect into his brain and than he started to flash on things he had no idea about. Follow by this beautiful bombshell stood in front of him. A very crazy day indeed. Sarah in agent mode and Chuck in nerd herd form, what would soon transpire would be the wake of an epic tale that ended in bitter disappointment, but despite this, the power of love kept Sarah coming back. She could of left for good, but chose to return to the very beach where she told him “Trust Me.” The power of love is a feeling that never dies.

The lifestyles they were both living were the result of the countless interactions, handler/asset when it came to missions, but when it came to every day life Sarah and Chuck found themselves wanting the other more when one ventured off. This included missions, Sarah was bothered by Sasha kissing Chuck, and Chuck was none to pleased with Cole Barker half naked with his girl. Sarah didn’t take to kindly that Carina had called Chuck over in the middle of the night, and Chuck didn’t like Sarah going on a boat by herself with Lonn. Two people, Two very different lifestyles, but having real relationship problems despite the claim of a cover.

Furthermore, Sarah never liked Chuck doing things on his own. She Chuck is going alone with Agent Ryewanted to be included in everything he did. When he went on his own to Switzerland, Sarah not being there to help Chuck was one thing, but the thought of him not coming back was on her mind, Chuck also dealt with a similar situation When Sarah decided to go undercover into Volkoff Industries to free his mother. The power of love makes people do things they normally wouldn’t do, but for the sake of keeping that person in your life makes the decision that more easier or at times hard like Chuck breaking up with Sarah the second time.

Casey, Beckman, Cole, Bryce, and Ellie all knew early on Sarah was into Chuck, but Carina was the first one to notice it. The two people who knew, but were afraid to act on their desire still found ways to be together in the end. In what was inevitable, Charah always found themselves growing deeper and deeper in love with each other. A modern Romeo and Juliet. The exception of course is a person is not preventing them, but a agency.job that will.

Jealousy is a direct emotion that comes from love.  Its the very jealousy thatThis is my man makes working together that much more harder. Especially when assignments are dealing with seduction and flirtation. Sarah can say that it was strictly a cover, but sometimes actions speak louder than words, and foiling your asset’s date is a directly from her feelings inside of her. The notion that the man your falling for was with someone else was not going to end pretty for either of them.  This is not agent walker, but Sarah Walker personally struggling with this mission.  The power of love will do that, but finding your soulmate amplifies it.

The power of love also driSarah looking for Stepehn Bartowskives you to do things for someone because its important to both of you. Whether its Sarah looking up Stephen Bartowski, or helping Chuck get his degree for him,

Chuck did the same thing for Sarah, He went with her to her class reunion. A memory that was really bothering Sarah, but in typical Chuck fashion comforts her.

High School was not fun

Chuck being there for Sarah is what soulmates do. They are present at the time of need, and never make the person feel small. Again, when Sarah’s father takes off with the briefcase and laptop Sarah again gets words of advise from Chuck.


Chuck's charms are at it again


Chuck here for her

Its moments like these that draw people closer, especially when the right words are spoken. Not Judgmental, not critical, because he can relate.Like Sarah, Chuck had to cope without parents. How to cope with themselves. The lines below are from Chuck vs The Cougars, 


Sarah: Okay, fine, I’ll answer one question about my past. You’ve earned that much.

Chuck: …No thanks…I don’t need to know more, not about who you were. ‘Cause as much as you don’t think so, I know who you are: a girl I’d like to share a cheeseburger with…Should I get a knife? I’ll get a knife.

Sarah: That won’t be necessary.[Sarah rolls up one of pants legs, pulls out a knife and gives it to Chuck]

Chuck: That’s awesome! And a little disturbing.

Soulmates also have a tendency to turn special moments into awkward situations. For example, Sarah asking Chuck about Valentine’s Day. It waChuck proposings something she was asking personally but he missed it. She wanted to spend time with him romantically and yet he was on the corner of the couch playing video games or a fake proposal that wasn’t. ‘

The idea to make a moment special or create a special moment if you will often leads to disaster. As Casey said, “The moment is not important, as long as you have the girl.”

It is the truth. Chuck had the girl from day one, and for Sarah, she had him the moment she approached the nerd herd desk. The power of love connected two soulmates, and Bryce was the matchmaker. The path of course is up to the people themselves, which makes the journey worth the ride, and the conclusion so bitter.



    • If I wrote for the show the first thing I would of done was make Quinn the bad guy of the whole series not save him for the last 4 episodes. I would of done more to protect the golden egg which was Charah not the bromance.

      I also would of done Shaw differently. The most misunderstood character in my view Shaw was great for the show you need impact characters and Shaw was one of them

      Writing for the show was one of the issues but too many redirections of characters was what did them in especially when Sarah put the glasses on.

      • I agree with your assessment. Plus moving the show to Friday nights was a horrible idea. Everyone appears to be wanting better closure here. Something needs to be done. At this rate the Kennedy assasination will get solved before we get anymore Chuck.

      • I find it amazing that while the Chuck fan base is small, how that much united we have become. Its not a cult nor do i want it to become that, but the truth is the show is off the air not because of the cast and the fans. its greedy self righteous business professionals that think they know whats best for the viewer.

        We are forced to watch shows like the Kardashians or marketing people like Lindsay Lohan, but when great people like Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin and Yvonne Strahovski are treated like a blimp on the radar its frustrating.

  1. Soul mates until the start of S3, after that not so much.

    The S3 storyline pretty well threw soul mates out the window.

    • Chuck may have lost his way, but the good guy inside always remained. I am not so sure if Morgan Sarah had a connection on season 5. Remember in season 4 when Morgan thought Sarah was hanging with him because Chuck sent her.

      There is nothing wrong with Chuck wanted to be better then just a nerd herder, and I agree he used the Intersect as a crutch The way he took Volkoff down was an example of that.

    • Agree the S3 romance story line really suffered. It probably even costs viewers. However . . . . . as with real life being pulled apart like that and put in the conflict and trials they had to go through made them stronger and brought them closer. You never really know what you have until it’s gone.

      • I’m not sure if it cost the viewers, but it certainly cost them the primary two characters.

        In real life people that hurt each other as much as Chuck and Sarah did in S3 don’t get back together. By “throwing” Chuck and Sarah together as was done in Other Guy they become two very shallow people who realize they can’t live without the other only after sleeping with other people.

        By ending the misery arc (I see this term used on other sites) in such an unsatisfying way it really does appear that Chuck and Sarah are now together only because the writers could not think of ways to keep them apart. How romantic.

        Without adequately rebuilding a relationship, the showrunners did a stupendous job in destroying, irreparable damage was done to the character of the characters – at least for me.

      • There has been a lot said about the writing. The writers strike in season one didn’t help the show to start with. It was also noted in a different discussion that the last episode in S2 , Chuck vs the Ring 1, aired 4-27-09.

        S3 started 1-10-10 with Chuck vs the Pink Slip and Chuck vs the Three Words followed the next night, Monday, in its regular time slot with Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte. That’s at least a 10 month hiatus between seasons.

        It’s has been noted that no one with the show knew exactly when S3 would start. I believe the Olympics created the schedule issue. When they got the green light they were already well into what should be S3, which should have started in September. I feel the network was at fault for most of the issues and notices here.

        Short notice now left the writers scrambling. A lot has been said with this kind of break the writers took a few liberties with the story line and the characters. I really think that there was enough of a connection made in the first two seasons that allowed Chuck and Sarah to weather this rough season. I agree that in real life they would have parted ways. But their circumstance, the secret and the agent, kept them together.

        Yes things could have been done better. Again, I put the blame on the network. While not totally letting the writers off the hook I think they did what the could given the constraints they were placed under. Chuck as a show was never given a fair shake and had to fight to survive from day one. Personally, I think all and all Chuck was an excellent and entertain show.

      • I think all those attractive late 20 somethings not having regular casual sex with all sorts of other people and each other was kind of unbelievable !!! 😉 But it is true that it was a miserable ride for the 2 of them…and the viewers. They did lose a lot of viewers during that arc….especially when Sarah hooked up with Shaw. Hanna didn’t seem to have as bad an effect.

      • no Hannah actually was easier to take in but the fact is I only love Shaw because he took Chuck out of the van. the whole Shaw.Sarah thing doesn’t effect me really because to be honest what were two people clearly not ready to be together do? as you said in their late 20s raging hormones

        I think the misery for me started after the mole fiasco I wrote an article about that called Mauser vs the red test. It annoyed me when Sarah just like that fell out of love with Chuck because he shot the mole. Yet, he was supposed to accept her shooting Mauser.

      • It funny, because I see the Shaw character as a complete failure and one of the main reasons the 1st 13 of S3 three didn’t work.

        I was tired of him by Fake Name (an incredibly offensive episode) and any and episodes after that he’s just using up space. The character sucks all the life out of the show and for him to exist everyone has to become dumber.

        With regards to the Red Test, it’s the stupidest thing the show ever did. Its biggest side effect was that all of a sudden Sarah is now the villain of the arc.

        What a mess.

      • Shaw was a double edge sword. On one front, I still contend that he was double agent working for the Ring. That discussion is taking place on another thread. The other side of the equation is Shaw was needed as the solvent to free Chuck from the bonds that was Sarah and Casey not wanting to see him get hurt.

        As has been said, Shaw got Chuck out of the van. As far as the red test goes, Sarah was seeking some form of normalcy, again another debate in progress on another thread as to what her normal actually is. She didn’t want Chuck to be a spy. She had her vision or morals and what would conflict with those would be Chuck becoming a cold blooded killer. She did not want that in him. When she thought he had killed the mole it conflicted with what she wanted or thought she wanted.

        I’m glad this conflict didn’t get drug out overall several episodes. I’m also glad it was Casey that told her that he and not Chuck that actually killed the mole. That showed the Casey really cared for both of them.

        Like it or not, Shaw was a necessary evil, bump in the road, train wreck, call it what you want, that wad needed to keep the story moving.

  2. I think a lot of what people feel about the whole Hanna/Chuck affair and the Sarah/Shaw relationship depends on your background … it’s not like any of these individuals were virgins, nor were they very young. The writers of the show obviously felt that sex was almost an unforgivable sin in that they always painted it as the highest form of betrayal. I can’t see that … they were normal human beings with the same wants and needs as anyone else. Remember Awesome saying to Chuck in Angel de la Muerte that it must be painful being with Sarah and not having sex with her. The only sex Chuck had before that was with Jill. Sarah, of course, was with Bryce and (according to Casey ) would use sex as an ends to a means if she needed information from a mark, etc.

    The Hanna story is OK in my books because it was Chuck moving on…AND he wasn’t the pursuer … he wasn’t originally looking to fill a void, but he did have a real connection with Hanna when they first met. Sarah’s relationship with Shaw was OK, but much more unhealthy because she was using Shaw to try to fill some emotional hole in her life OR to get back at Chuck dating Hanna. They really didn’t seem to have a connection …as a matter of fact, Sarah was quite hostile to him at first, and Shaw wasn’t really sure he could trust Sarah either. It was just really hard to see what they really saw in each other other than the physical, when what they needed was an emotional connection, since that’s where the void was.

    But I don’t personally think Chuck and Sarah’s relationship, or them getting together showed they were shallow. They had formed a deep emotional connection due to each needing the other to show them how to grow as individuals. It was circumstances that kept them apart, both a sense of duty and a lack of communication, especially on Sarah’s part. Encouraging Chuck to be a hero and a spy and “That Guy” through the first 2 seasons, and then changing her mind when she realized it may actually change who he was seemed to be what caused the trouble in Season 3. I don’t know if I blame Sarah for really wanting Chuck to remain “normal”, but it also didn’t give him much credit for always being Chuck and being able to maintain his same morals and devotion to family and friends. It may also have been that she didn’t know if she could love Chuck the spy, or perhaps it was because she didn’t know if she could control Chuck the spy … Sarah was always very used to being in control.

    The last point about Shaw is that in choosing Shaw over Chuck, Sarah was saying that, given equal treatment ( both Chuck and Shaw are spies, both have “killed” people, etc.), Chuck’s ONLY redeeming feature in her mind was the fact that he hadn’t killed anyone. Once he had, then there was no reason to love him anymore. Worst still, there was no reason to trust him anymore. That really stunk !!! She didn’t do her due diligence in making sure it was Chuck who actually pulled the trigger, that the mole didn’t give him a choice, etc. She just assumed the worse. Odd when you think this was supposed to be the love of her life.

      • I believe Sarah G. made reference to harassment and EEO implications because of the very fact that Shaw was her boss.

        Two things with this;
        1. It is after all just a TV show and the writers can and did take certain avenues to make the story work or at least keep it interesting.

        2. It is departments of the federal government we are talking about here and in my experience in dealing with departments of the federal government, that all seem to think they are exempt from their own rules and regulations so any harassment or EEO issues clearly do not apply. Maybe the writers actually knew what they were doing.

    • “They had formed a deep emotional connection due to each needing the other to show them how to grow as individuals.”

      That never happened. All the supposed growth that was necessary for them to get together supposedly happened during the misery arc, when the showrunners wouldn’t let them talk (like normal people with a deep emotional connection) for 12.5 episodes.

      You can see the puppet strings of the characters being pulled for no other reason than to keep them apart. The fact is that these are no longer the characters we fell for in S1 & 2. They’re the creative staff’s interpretation of the characters required to tell the story. The story was dictating what characters (especially Sarah) were required, it wasn’t the characters driving the story. Essentially Sarah could be anything that was required feeling anything that was required because she never talked. It was left to the watchers / fans to decide and it’s dishonest story telling.

      • “It was left to the watchers / fans to decide and it’s dishonest story telling.” Does that apply to Chuck versus the Goodbye?

      • Oh…I agree that there were strings being pulled to keep them apart, and it all had to do with never letting them talk. Why they never let Sarah ever talk to Chuck was kinda stupid….and they dragged it out for 13 episodes. I really hated it. Plus the fact that the Hanna affair lasted all of 3 days, but Sarah and Shaw was way too serious as a response. Remember, all that happened was that Hanna came onto Chuck, and before anything else happened, Shaw and Sarah were professing their love for each other….

    • I would like to add to that one more thing. Gary, well said and put together. I think sometimes as peoples we seem to forget what maybe normal to you or me may be different to someone else. For example, while going through this discussion with you guys about Prague, I forgot to see that maybe what Sarah was trying to do was normal for her, but not to Chuck.

      Her lifestyle was always on the run, and the more you watch her during the first two season. The more while she may be this tough spy we love, there was that con’s daughter in her all the time. The ability to use deception and manipulate the sucker. Jack taught her the ropes of a con. but is it possible that the CIA essentially enhanced those skills. What she witnessed as a asset or whatever her role was with Ryker. The baby situation put new perspective into the spy world.

      Then that same year her partner and lover Bryce went rogue. By the time Walker step foot into the Buymore she was fragile mess. She couldn’t talk to anyone about it because she was taught never to reveal such things.

      When she met Chuck, she watch him put others before himself. She watched him take care of his friends and family. Something that never experienced that in her life would cling on too. it was new and it was a much slower pace for her. She spent two years bottling all these emotions inside of her because the job have penalties for agents who get too close to to an asset.

      While she dealt with other women being interested in Chuck and threats of death and bunkering Sarah fought hard to keep the very thing that kept her calm in her life. Chuck was and would of always been her relaxer if you will. Remember in Phase Three she told Casey as such. She said “I am different without Chuck, and I don’t like it….

      Casey who represents the spy world to its fullest said You need me…

      Sarah: NO I need Chuck.

      If you think about it by telling Casey she needed Chuck was like her own way of telling the spy world she needed and wanted Chuck. However it took her fours years to have that courage.

      further when she was with an unconscious Chuck, who could hear her said she without him she was just a spy…she wanted to marry him.

      All that emotion and saying it out in the open was major step. In fact they grew a lot more closer afterwards.

      Season’s 3 Sarah is a product of confusion here is what I mean.

      She spent two years hiding her emotions and feelings but really who was she hiding them from when everyone except herself knew. Beckman said in Honeymooners that while it was dangerous for the two to date it was about time.

      Beckman was more then aware of the feelings between the two because Casey told her through his reports. While in season 2 she threatened the situation with Alex Forest and later sending her to Lisbon with Bryce was all directly or indirectly attempt to break the two apart.
      I honestly believe while she didn’t want Chuck as a spy because of the nature the business. She still wanted to be with him at all cost right. So when Beckman asked Chuck to join the agency he said no…Sarah was torn now. Chuck was leaving her and after how he saved Ellie’s wedding by using the money he had from the CIA to fund it. Convinced her enough that this was the man she could settle down with.

      Through in her no to Bryce and how she was watching Chuck, yes Gary its from her own perspective. we are suppose to see it from her perspective, your watching her transforming into someone who was ready to commit. After she said no to Bryce which was one of the first hurdles in her life. She broke that wall down. Next was saying no to the agency, but Chuck heroically downloaded 2.0 to protect it from the Ring.

      What I use to believe Chuck was being an ass in Prague, I have changed my tune on it. The truth is despite how close they are they needed to say goodbye to their respective lifes without totally losing it

      Chuck will you quit the spy life and be with me
      I do
      Sarah will you quit the spy life and be with me
      I do.

      of all the people that gave them advice or lack their of Juan Reynolodo was the one who made the most sense

      For three years they were on dancing around their feelings and yet it wasn’t enough to bring them together there was something missing. Let’s think about that for a moment. They said in so many words they loved the other to someone else. Sarah’s expressions were her form of telling others she was in love. Chuck dating other women, but didn’t stay for long because he realized Sarah was not replaceable.

      Chuck Said he loved her to his dad, and her dad said he took a 10 Million dollar bet that he loved her. So when Prague happened its not so much what happened their that intrigues me
      its what happened before. Sarah is walking through Castle frantically. she is nervous and shaken. She asked Chuck if she can have a word.

      she is tense and the fact we never seen this Sarah is new. She told him “I am ready to be a normal girl again.” I never thought of this as big but with what she wanted to do in Prague it makes sense. I want to be a normal girl with you. WE always looked at it as her wanting to in his world. but she said normal girl again, which means the con’s daughter on the run.

      Chuck never got that because normal for him was how he lived. Wired crossed and then the tape in Three words. Sure Sarah was hurt you can tell when she drank her drink and the mention of his name from Carina. and when watching him in the Buymore. She is staring at him missing him and wondering what went wrong.

      People ask me why if she loved him did she through the phone in the pool. She was working and what we know of Chuck he would of called 50 times, which would of blown the mission she was in agent mode at that point.

      The relationships they both were in were just the final piece. Where as Shaw was more of a lust then a relationship. Hannah came to burbank to be with Chuck and what happened between the two while not my ideal way to break it off with her. It makes me see that Hannah and Shaw were the final roadblocks.

      When they actually expressed their feelings to each other did they end up together. As I said before when Sarah said don’t lose the things that make you great to Chuck and Sarah almost kissing only to be interupted by Shaw’s call to the mole debacle and until Casey tells Sarah the truth. in between we had I love you Sarah, I always have to it was the best news I ever heard its means your still Chuck. my Chuck.

      While the road was bumpy the definition of normal was put to the test. lucky for Charah normal was being with each other

      • Well said. Really. I lost my train of thought on what I was going to say. Honestly not much I can argue with there. I think we are pretty much on the same page here.

        Really looking forward to Gray’s take on this. As big a stickler as he is on prospective, and I mean that in a good way because he is correct that Chuck never saw all of Sarah’s expressions that we have come to know and love, Chuck did see her expression on this as you pointed out.

        Gary actually has me looking at what or who Sarah’s expressions are aimed toward when they happen and how many Chuck actually got to see her expressions first hand.

      • Chris…not sure I agree with you on “normal”. Sarah asked both Casey and Carina,” Have you ever wished you could have a normal life ?” I think she was hoping for the house with the white picket fence an the husband and the kids, etc. Something sort of akin to what Chuck could offer her. If she thought running away (a la what her con man Dad taught her), then why would she wish for something she already had? PLUS, when Chuck was looking for the house in season 5, she told him she always dreamed of a house with a white picket fence and red doors. How would that ever be achieved by running and always having to change your name?
        She never was going to have that normal life with Bryce or Shaw because they were spies through and through. I’m sure she was afraid of Chuck becoming another Bryce and that would have ruined her chance for a “normal” life, but it was never well elucidated. But it also throws more fuel on the fire for why the Sarah/Shaw arc was so poorly put together …he offered her nothing that rekindling her romance with Chuck couldn’t offer, even if he became a “real spy”…. and with someone she had a real connection with. There were so many fabricated “walls” put up in Season 3 that always seemed to push Sarah further away from Chuck WAY after he broke up with Hanna. In the Tic Tac, he agreed to a mission to help Casey even though it may have meant losing his chance at becoming a spy….once again, something only the old Chuck would do. Under the Laudenol, he was supposed to have no emotions, but Sarah speaking to him as he was strangling the Ring agent caused the old Chuck to come through in spite of the medication. Even in the Fake Name..when Sarah thought he was too easily slipping into the role of Rafe, he had a moment of vulnerability with her, and SHE shut it down.

        So running wasn’t the normal she wanted…it was the normal she already had…. and the rest of the episodes had to follow that horrible line of thinking to try to stay on track.

    • Assumption….. the mother of all f***ups. Sarah knew how badly Chuck wanted to be a spy. From her vantage point in the train yard it looked like he got his wish so she saw no need to question it.

      Is it just me of do the majority of Sarah and Chuck’s issues come to a head near trains? Pink Slip – Prague, Sarah’s heart ripped out on a train platform. Final Exam – Sarah thinks she sees Chuck kill the mole in a train yard. Subway – Shaw returns. Bullet Train – the set up for the ending. The moral of the story should have been stay away from the damn trains!

    • “Lets not ruin it for JD” lol, thanks. I’m already ruined. I still can bring my self to watch the final episodes in their entirety.

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