Chuckaholics: A Virtual Clubhouse For All Of Chuck

I have made mention recently about transforming Chuckaholics into a clubhouse for the world. A place where all Chuck fans can come together and talk about their favorite show. A show that has been taken of the air, and while the numbers and constant changes warranted the show’s demise, we the chuck fans are victims to the greed and misfortune of poor writing choices and film companies illusions of what is best for business.

When Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz created this show, we were treated to a great show that will someday go down as a great show nobody watched. The truth is we watched, we enjoyed and we have rewatched the show several times. At least I have, I am willing to by pass a 90 degree sunny day to watch a half a season, and when it comes down to it all Chuck fans are the same.

The clubhouse vision will be explained as a place where I would like to connect the cast of Chuck with the fans and reminisce on the 5 year run.

This site is more for the hard work of the people of Chuck and the fans that still support the show. I would love it if one day Zachary via twitter recommends Chuckaholics. My vision is a piggy back off his Nerd HQ concept. Its about connecting the fan base that literally is becoming a family and including the people from the show seemed right and honorable thing to do. I have sent tweets to Yvonne and Zac with my intentions, and whether they have come across this site will always be wondered, but if they don’t that is fine too.

After all they have busy schedules, but this site is a home for them. its the opportunity to reconnect with the fans and talk about Chuck Bartowski.Sarah Walker, Jeffster and the rest of the cast. It is an opportunity to follow them into their other works. Its supporting Adam Baldwin on The Last Ship.

Another thing that has come to my attention is how WB seems hell bent on preventing the fans of Chuck to enjoy the show they love, while I am an advocate of malicious copyright infringement and those that try to profit off a show are wrong and should be sued. but most of the fans are not interesting in that, I know I am not.  What the fans want is to be able to show the passion and proudly post videos of their favorite scenes from the show. WB shouldn’t stop it, but embrace it.

WB does not understand or want to for that matter how much Chuck means to the fans. Did they notice how Chuck fans supported Zach and his quest to fund Nerd HQ or have given support to Little Chuck Fan and  the St. Jude Children Hospital. We do this because we support each other. Its why my vision of making this site a clubhouse has come to light.

Its why I support sites like ChuckthisBlog, Chuck and Sarah Media or ChuckTV its giving a shout outs to Clint Irwin, who on Facebook created a Chuck Hour, where the fans can come togetherand watch an episode What is wrong with that WB, do you plan to take that away too because you don’t profit off of it?

If we cant get a movie or new season than what course of action do we have. Most marketers will tell you that word of mouth is the best form of promotion, which in our case its promoting Chuck and the people that were involved with the show. Many people would also claim the more of a following generated by sites like this proves that the show is still in our minds two years later.

Chuckthisblog’s Joe and Dave concluded a 91 week rewatch, which like Chuckaholics wrote articles on the episodes I highly recommend them because if it wasn’t for them this site would not be active. They are just as passionate as I am, and we here at Chuckaholics value their opinions and the work they do over there.

Its Sad to see coming to an end because that site has an amazing collection of Sarah Walker scene stills. This clubhouse will always endorse the other sites on the web because like them I share their passion.

As i mentioned at the top, Chuckaholic is now a clubhouse for all and every Chuck fan out there. From Japan to L.A, and if their are fans on Mars, They can join too.

Chuck fans we need to spark the minds of other Chuck fans to voice their desire for this show. Its coming to terms with the fact that WB has no interest in bring Chuck back because if they did Zach would not have to work so hard. Its not hoping I can win the lottery  and purchase the rights from WB, and give it to Zach for free. Its that very passion to see more Chuck and Sarah scenes that would lead me to do that. its why I call Chuck a family, and this site’s desire to be a Clubhouse for the fans and most importantly the cast of the show.

So I suggest to all the fans that show up at Nerd HQ, as Zach comes to the stage, Stand up and raise your arms and shout  Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck.Show him that we still love and care for the work he did. If he has a Chuck Panel lined up, Stand up and give them a standing ovation(See the video below and see the impact of the Yes Chant, and envision the same for Chuck). The Yes chant heard throughout the arena, now picture at Nerd HQ  the same impact. Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. Let them see how we still think of them and are family to us Don’t do it for the clubhouse. Do it for yourself. Do it for the passion you have inside of you that makes this show so special. Do it because you care. Most of all, Do it for more Chuck.

In closing, I know I usually put tons of pictures in my articles, but not for this one. This is to put the direction of Chuckaholics in perspective. Its to show the world that Chuckaholics is here and for everyone that is involve with the show. From Zach to the guy that replaced the bulbs in the studio to Chris Fedak and the people that worked behind the scenes that brought us the fans a great 5 year show that had to fight to stay alive. Its for the old and new viewer whether its through Netflix or watching on DVDs or Blue Rays, its for Tim Jones, who gave us great music and a platform for up and coming bands. Its for the fan that sits at home and can’t just watch one episode.

Chuckaholics is now a virtual Clubhouse for all of the Chuck Universe. This also includes the people from WB, after all without their bankroll Chuck doesn’t get a theme song and nice action sequences. Those are expensive to make. So, if you like the direction of this site. then leave comments on the articles or enjoy the music and scenes I provide. and  join me on my journey through the series and if you want to join the site as an author because you want to voice your opinion than email me at I will hook you up to the site, and you can begin writing your own articles. Keep in mind WordPress only allows 9 users so space is limited, but we can accommodate. After all this site is for all of Chuck not just me. I may have founded this site, but I made it for everyone and anyone can join me. I only ask for those that want to write articles to be tasteful, I don’t mind rant pieces, but keep it clean and friendly. Its the Chuckaholics way.

Enjoy Your Clubhouse Chuckaholics, and remember its Hard to Say Goodbye to something we never did.

Again, my email is open to anyone, I can be reached at Chuckaholics once again this is your clubhouse. Enjoy the memories!!!!!


Chuckaholics Founder










  1. Yes! I agree, Chuck needs a resurgence and a comeback, whether it’s via a film, or some sort of spin-off series. Chuck deserves to be a franchise, not just a TV series. If only there were more stuff other than the Bluray/DVDs, shirts/merchandise, and webisodes. WE NEED A CHUCK MOVIE!

    • The most likely way would be a movie but I cant see why a 5 episode mini series wouldn’t hurt. It is doing wonders for 24

      However I do hope it happens sooner rather than later. I just don’t want Chuck fans to suffer the faith like Soprano fans with James dying. I am not saying the cast of Chuck will die tomorrow, but God willing it is possible. You can’t have anyone else play the character it won’t work.

      We need more Chuck because we need a proper closure from the show.

      by the way Welcome to Chuckaholics, I hope you enjoy your time visiting this site.

      • A mini-series would make sense, but not a full Season 6. Season 5 was marketed as the final season (The blu-ray/DVD says “The Complete Fifth and Final Season”), so it wouldn’t make sense to have a Season 6.

        Might I suggest using #BringBackChuck on Twitter? It could help increase awareness of the show again.

        Anyways, thanks for the welcome. I’ve been reading the articles on this site for the past couple of months, and I’ve been trying to find ways to be involved in the Chuck community, so I’m glad I’m here!

      • No a new season is too late to do now. Yvonne working with Fox and Adam is on a new show thus scheduling will become a problem.

        two members of Team Bartowski are working. I thought Yvonne was awesome on 24 but as I mentioned in my article I am not surprised nor should any Chuck or Dexter fan for that matter she has a gift and most of she is one of us. A down to earth fairy tale that I have no problem calling a friend.

        I am married and have a beautiful daughter so it has nothing to do with sex, However, Yvonne is special because when she smiles and is not on camera she is always embracing the fans and most importantly she lives a private life. I admire her because she has not let it get to her head and its refreshing to see from hollywood, Zach is the same way.

      • Another thing to think about is the more Chuck posts on twitter the better, but thats not reaching everyone because not everyone uses twitter. I don’t like Facebook anymore so going on that site would be useless for me.

  2. Yeah, I’ve tried looking up fansites about Chuck on Facebook. It didn’t work. I found a few pages for the cast members, a few fan pages, and the official Chuck FB page (which is still active), but there’s no active Chuck group/community on FB. Maybe reddit, tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, or other social media outlets could work for continued reach of Chuck?

    • Chuck is one of those shows that have a special following. There are a lot of shows that don’t have a large fan base but a loyal fan base.

      Fan sites like this one are what keeps the show in people’s mind but something tells me Chuck will stay in a lot of people’s minds. Especially Charah

  3. Thank you for creating this Christopher. For me, movie is enough. For sure, there are many fans that are still praying and hoping that it will happen. Why do we need it? The last eps of s5 is really a heartbreaking and no doubt we just love Chuck so we need a movie to refuel our hunger for this series.

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