The People of Chuck Do Not Owe The Fans Anything.

When it comes to sports, entertainment, musicians or any other performer that people follow. the fan base are passionate about the act that they follow. It does not matter if its Star Track or Justin Bieber. We all are passionate about something. Fans can be vocal about wanting a show to return or hit the big screen.  A fan is also allowed to say whatever they want because the fans put money into these acts pockets. However, we need to be reminded that the performers and production crews do not owe the fans anything.

Chuck fans are special because they care for a show and the people that were involved. This also includes WB. WB sometimes takes too much criticism because of not listening to the fanbase about a Chuck return (I have voiced my opinion on the matter), but let me be clear, shouting vulgarity and swearing will not get anything accomplish.  Lets face it, if we don’t get a new season or movie, its not the end of the world. We will go on and live our lives.

We got 5 years of amazing story, and while most wanted Yvonne and Zac to date in real life. We need to separate the character from the actors. I know I wrote about Sarah Walker, and my analysis is really based on what the writers wanted me to see and hear. However, the real people are able to date who ever they want. We don’t know what their relationship was behind the scenes. I would like to believe that they had a close relationship, and word around the block is they are very close friends, but the fans can’t make the two form a relationship because they want it.

Fans can’t tell Yvonne not to work,  and Zach not to get married. Its uncalled for and really petty. I have seen comments that Zach doesn’t care, really? what gave that impression other then him donating his free time and money to deliver an event called Nerd HQ. No, he doesn’t care. I also don’t think people understand what Nerd HQ means. Zac  wanted to create a connection between celebrities and fans. It is all free and if you can’t be there.. He streams it online. All for free, but Zac doesn’t care. Zac also took the time to have chats with people on Facebook and Twitter. Both events I attended, and let me tell you Zac does care. He has not forgotten what the fans did to keep him working. He gets it and for people to attack him are not fans. i would tell you I respect and admire Zachary Levi a lot more than a lot of the celebrities that come out of Hollywood.

The same can be said about Yvonne, those that send nasty tweets or write nasty articles about her are really well I can’t write it because I am a Christian. Yvonne’s smile lights up the darkest cave. If you follow her on Instagram, she always posts photos from her adventures to different cities around the world, she surfs and spend times with abandon animals. if we as fans don’t see how great that is than I feel sorry for you. If given the opportunity Yvonne and I would form a friendship because I see her as a down to earth private person. She does not deserve the abuse from fans for wanting to work on other projects. Her profession calls for her to keep working, which isn’t so bad. Hey she gets to work with Kiefer Sutherland and Seth Rogan, while fans only watch. I am still shaking my head at the comments I have seen go her direction.

She is always smiling and taking pictures with fans. She doesn’t complain about it and welcomes it. I have read some actresses charge fans to take pictures with them. Yet, we curse and holler at Yvonne for wanting to live her life. Shame on you fans.

The harsh reality is Zac and Yvonne want to do a Chuck movie, but these things take time. Its not a snap of the finger concept. There are a lot of venues and bridges they need to cross to get it accomplish. This doesn’t not mean they have to sit at home and be on the phone with WB or pounding on their doors. They have lives to live too.

When I started Chuckaholics it was because I wanted to share my thoughts with other fans across the world. I wanted to engage in conversions with like minded people about the characters that will always be in our hearts, but it saddens me that there are fans out there that toot their horns about wanting to help with bringing back Chuck, but when the opportunity arises people fold and don’t produce. I don’t have money, but when I heard Zac was running a campaign for Nerd HQ, I jumped on it. I donated twice, but I am not naive to think people are like me and willing to help financially because they can’t afford it.

I also understood that getting one milion dollars towards Nerd HQ was the first hurdle in proving to WB that the fans were willing to pay for a movie, which cost a lot more than one million dollars. The result was 336,784 in 46 days. We as fans had a shot to prove our worth. We had a shot at taking charge in this thing, but we failed. The same 20 people were on twitter posting everyday trying to encourage others to donate. As I mentioned. I understand there are people out there that can’t afford it, and that is fine, All he needed was 200,000 five dollar bills and he could of went to WB and said see, I was able to do this. Shame on us Chuck fans. How are the people of Chuck responsible. I saw Yvonne, Brandon Routh (Yes, Shaw)  and a host of other actors from the show donate, but they are not trying right?

There are over five million Chuck fans in the world. if all five million chuck fans would donate one dollar, it would be enough to fund a movie. We could have a say in the making of the movie and help buy the rights from WB and turn them over to Zac as a gift. When we had a shot at signing an online petition to further our case, out of 5 million fans only 610 signed. Chuck fans that claim they are die hards, but didn’t do anything to contribute in what the main goal is are not the same passionate fans as they proclaim themselves to be.

Again, I am not saying all 5 million fans can contribute financially, It would not be feasible to think so, but signing a free petition is inexcusable. If we don’t help the cause how can we expect the people of Chuck to build enough steam to get something accomplished. After all they had to fight to keep the show going when it aired. Chuck has a small fan base. if we attack them and rant on what they do to support themselves, it doesn’t help but hurt the overall mission. Its not going to bring back Chuck sooner.

In closing,  We as fans need to understand people of Chuck do not owe the fans anything. They did enough. The show did what they could. Zac and Yvonne worked their tails off to give us great memories. Lets not ruin those memories by being disruptive. WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT.

We should be thanking them and supporting them in their other projects. Its how we stay connected. Its how we build relationships and most importantly its how we get Chuck back.

This is not about photos or videos, this is Chuckaholic discussing about an issue that bothers us. Zachary and Yvonne are friends of this site, its not important if they feel the same way, but like what people do for family, we stick up for them, and Chuckaholics is doing just that.

Please note that JD Mitchell twitter handler, @JDMitchell51  helped in bringing to light the negativity from some Chuck fans. He deserves the credit and also is a new member of the Chuckaholics family. He is just as passionate as me, and happy to welcome him to the blog.








  1. Great points made in this article. I wish I would’ve been able to help with paying some money to the Nerd HQ campaign, but I didn’t have any money, and I was inexperienced with Internet expenses. Anyways, as much as I hope that more Chuck content will come out in the future, I understand that it will take time for Zach and/or the other cast/crew to help convince WB to continue the franchise (Chuck is a WB IP). I wonder if Chris Fedak will be allowed to be involved, considering that he signed a 2 year deal with WB Television to executive produce the new TV show Forever.

    • I feel a lot of people are down on Chris Fedak because of his decision to end the show on a Cliffhanger, and some don’t trust him after Season 3 debacle some call it.

      However, It is his show and if doesn’t sign off on it than we will have to wait longer. I fear the longer we wait the less likely a return. I hope not this blog would get fresh material to talk about it, but news about a 24 spin off for Yvonne is in the works and if that happens it pretty much seems doubtful rather than probable.

      Yvonne has done such a great job on 24, Fox may want to keep her on the network. She also got a big endorsement from Keifer, which is a big recognition of her hard work.

      Casey is on the Last Ship and it is doing well, thus he is busy now, and it will be a matter of time before Zach has to return to TV so we have to be patient, its all we can do

  2. I totally agree that the cast, crew and TPTB don’t really owe us anything, and that Chuck was a stepping stone to bigger things (and a milestone for some), I do think the loyal fans who stayed around from the pilot to goodbye deserved a little gratitude. By all rights, and conventional wisdom (a least by television network standards) Chuck should have been pronounced dead after season 2. Season one was a gimme, considering the writer’s strike. The networks didn’t come out of the box the next year with much new content. But several critical darlings didn’t survive very long the next season, and were canceled quickly and without much fanfare (Pushing Daisies is just one example). Chuck however, was picked up for a back order in S2 and then renewed for season 3 thanks in no small part to one of the most loyal, creative fandoms I have ever been a part of, and I’m an old Trekkie! That only increases with season 4, and season 5 was NBC’s gift to the fans. Chuck was never a hit. either commercially, or financially, and as strong as we are as fans, the dollar still rules. I would love to have new content, if for nothing more than to finish the story, since I still have trouble with the ambiguous ending. And Chris is right, I’m one of those who would balk at Fedak’s involvement, since there is a trust factor involved, at least for me. Plus, there is no Joss Whedon, or even a Rob Thomas to champion the cause. Josh Schwartz has been highly successful, but he seems a little disinterested, at least right now. So you’re right, we aren’t owed anything….we only saved the show from cancellation for most of it’s run.

    • Season 5 was a gift and it was treated as such, The writers and creators new they had 13 episodes left, but I actually feel sorry for them because with the constant threat of cancellation, long breaks between episodes, budget cuts eventually it gets old and at some point you need to move on in this industry.

      Not everyone can afford flops, and the truth of the matter is the network didn’t want Chuck and the writers destroy the show. Most people knock 24 because of the same story line every year Jack has to prove he is not a traitor and he is smarter than protocol, but it works. It works because the people of the show don’t try to change the show’s concept. Its simple how does Jack save the day, and now how does Jack and Kate save the day.

      Yvonne has found a new home and deservedly so. and her talents will be utilized better than on Chuck. Chuck she was second fiddle. Even though with the fans she was number one. As much as we love Zachary, how many people on twitter have said if it wasn’t for Sarah there would be no show.

      We got 5 years pf Chuck out of sheer luck. 91 episodes and only two handfuls of terrible episodes. Those numbers are very good if you ask me.

      The only thing I won’t forgive the writers for was assassing Sarah in the final three episodes of the series. Especially when I saw earlier in Season 5 they took the time to regain Morgan’s memory.

      Plus Chuck’s attitude with allowing Sarah to just walk away as she pleased was both admiring and stupid at the same time. This is his wife. He should of gave her spy will. took her to see her mother something rather just standing there doing nothing.

      Season 5 is pretty much Season One. The heart of Chuck is seasons 2-4 These are the best episodes and story telling.
      While most people hate season 3 because of Shaw and Charah but to be honest I can sit through season 3 a lot more than season 5 especially after Sarah puts on the glasses.

      The Jump the Shark moment for Chuck was Sarah putting on the glasses.

      • Everyone talks about the success of 24 ……. it was diminishing in latter years, and 24LAD has not been much of a success as far as viewers go …. of course, PVR’s make it easier to catch a show later, so the ratings are a bit different. Yvonne fans like to se her work, but she isn’t really challenged by a role like Kate Morgan….one emotion through 12 episodes. She’s capable of so much more.
        As for Zac, since he’s got no big projects going on, I’m sure he’d like to get some commitment going on the movie. Since most characters are willing to do a movie, it’ll probably happen. It’ll probably be later rather than sooner, though !

      • Oh…and Yvonne was second fiddle on Chuck? Really??? Maybe not the TITLE character, but she was THE main storyline throughout. Kate Morgan is 3rd fiddle … way behind Jack, and probably after Chloe as well. Once she teamed with Jack, she was always in the background…. and all with the pissed off, intense, furrow her brow look. Talk about a waste of someone who can do a whole range of emotions !! Kate was nothing more than Sarah when she was hunting down Quinn, except we got 12 episodes of Kate doing that one face!!
        Rose coloured glasses are the only thing that will let you see Kate as more of a suitable role for Yvonne than Sarah was !! And the viewership numbers certainly don’t look good for any further 24 ….. it can’t be cheap to make a show like that, especially with what they have to pay Kiefer. Fox would have to be pretty desperate. And we won’t see anything until at least fall of 2015, unless they do another short one for a summer series. Then it seems rather stupid to do a 12 hour show called 24 (again)!!

      • Gary,

        Such hostility take it easy man, am I saying 24 is a big hit not necessarily, but what it did do was take a boring monday night wasteland into an hr of suitable TV. I mean if this showed aired during Monday Night Football, well DVR was going to be my method of watching.

        Sarah and Kate are what I call Batman begins, while Kate is a different character on a different show, but what kate is the Heath Ledger version of Joker. compared to the Jack Nicholson comic version. Sarah is her best role, I won’t deny that, but again as I mentioned so many times she can only perform what is down on paper and told by the director.

        One emotion was all she was going to give especially finding out her husband was framed. This is Jack’s show and with Audrey in this season as well it would be hard to fathom Yvonne having a lot of exposure, but when she did have the cameras on her she did well. I may have rosy color glasses for Yvonne, but its because I like her as friend. I may never meet her or even get a tweet back from her but that is find we remain connected through her work.

        We both agree that the concept of 24 was a full 24 hr clock. Thus, only running 12 episodes next year would be foolish. However, i don’t think that would be the case since Keifer is showing up at the San Diego Comic Con. This only means a new season will be announced for next year.

        I can’t imagine Keifer at a Comic Con otherwise

  3. No hostility dude… written with a little gleam in my eye and a wry smile !!! LOL
    No 24 next season….all those shows have been started. We’ll see what happens in January as to whether there is a summer 24 series. Filming for a new full 24 would happen next year around this time.

    • Well….what did you think about the 24LAD finale ? I didn’t find it particularly suspenseful, for some reason….too many different bad guys, and for different reasons….wrapped up in a 12 hour day.
      Would you still want to see Yvonne pout for another 12 episodes? LOL

  4. Sorry that I am so late getting back to the party. The finale to 24LAD was pretty much a typical 24 ending…but of course it did leave open the chance for another installment since Jack is now in the hands of the Russians. As for Yvonne, yes, she was pretty much was a 2nd or third wheel in the story, even after so much promise at the start; but that pretty much sums up the women’s roles on this show. Other than Chloe and Jack’s daughter Kim, the women’s characters always seem to wind up evil, victimized, or underused, and usually dead. Renee Walker was seemingly headed toward becoming the female Jack, but alas’, even she fell prey to the cancer that is Jack. Yvonne played the role for what it was worth, but the story was, and always will be about Jack Bauer. Let’s hope that this role will continue to bolster Yvonne’s resume’, and someone will realize that she deserves a shot at her own show.

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