Chuck Vs Tom Sawyer

Oh behave JeffW.W.C.D

We have reached episode five of season 2, and we have another standalone episode. This episode may have no significant intersect revelations, but the episode does offer one of my favorite Charah scenes. It marks a huge character development spot from Sarah.  Emmett MilbargeThe episode will also introduce Tony Hale as Emmett Milbarge, a efficiency expert sent from corporate to straiten the Buymororians. The only one not present for the meeting is Chuck Bartowski.

Chuck went on a mission the night before and overslept. As he woke up and got dressed to go to work, Devon shouts “Aren’t you forgetting something.”  before Chuck turned to them, he realized he left a mustache on his face.

Chuck dawning a stashDevon said”Breakfast” Chuck drank a green shake, and  the first of many funny lines from this episode, and there are a lot of them. “Whaaa is that, what was that I just drank.”  Its not what was said, its how Chuck said it that makes it funny, but what followed I didn’t care for.

Ellie once again lecturing Chuck, and here is where I want to discuss m y disdain for Ellie, While Sarah Lancaster played a great role, and her importance to the story is significant, but what I don’t like is her constant putting Chuck down. Furthermore, I understand she raised Chuck by herself since they were young.  Does it constitute her right to belittle him every time. There is a difference between caring and down right being nasty.

She asked him back in Chuck vs First Date, what Chuck wanted to do, and when he told her he wanted to be a secret agent, she told him “Come on, be serious.”  Little did she know, he was telling her preciously what he was doing.  He was doing something important and it was a dangerous occupation.  His role as a spy was very important to the security of the country.

It is not just job related, she often called Morgan the wrong element for Chuck, but I beg to differ. When Chuck’s dad left, he didn’t have a a male figure in his life to look up too. The only male perspective came from Morgan. While Morgan in season one and two contributed to the underachiever role of Bartowski, there is no mistake Morgan is very important to Chuck.

Back to the episode, Emmett decided to interview all the Buymore employees. it was a very funny and entertaining segment. Especially the facial expressions from Emmett, after each employee spoke,  Emmett wrote on the applications words like Prostitute? for Anna, and the exchange between Jeff was comical.

Emmett: Let’s start out simple: why do you belong at the Buy More?

Jeff: I satisfy a quota. My dad’s part Indian. The cool kind of Indian, though, not like Lester.

 Emmett asked them all who ran the Buymore, and they all said Chuck.  Emmett got quite annoyed with this development.

Faran TahirOnce Chuck arrived at the Buymore, Morgan found him and told him he picked the wrong day to be late.  Morgan complained about Emmett, who was approaching Morgan and was standing behind him as he was saying it. Emmett than introduced himself to Chuck, but as Chuck was talking he saw a man enter the Buymore, and he flashed on him. Chuck thought the guy was after him, but was surprised that the man was looking for Jeff Barnes. Faran Tahir guest stars as Farrokh Bulsara, and he asked Chuck if he saw the man in the picture. Chuck was shocked that the man in the picture was Mr. Barnes.

He reported it to TB and the episode is on, General Beckman told the team that Atari head Morimoto created a satellite that had a missile inside of it. The team working on finding out about Jeff  Casey told Chuck that he was to hangout with Jeff find out his connection to the terrorist, and Chuck said another funny line. “So its either torture Jeff or torture me,” another great line.

Sarah saw someone come into the Orange Orange, and it turned out to be Ellie. Ellie continues her Chuck crusade and expresses her concerns to Sarah. Ellie asked Sarah if Chuck had any plans. Sarah informed Ellie that Chuck would be handing out with Jeff, Ellie clearly didn’t like the news because Ellie said it was time the two had a talk.

Chuck returned to the Buymore to a waiting Emmett, who said its time for their interview, but as Chuck saw Jeff leaving. He told Emmett maybe tomorrow.  Bartowski catches up to Jeff and asked if they can hang together.  Chuck furthers the lure by saying they can have a six pack of beer. Later that night Emmett was recording his view on the Buymore. He was speaking  into a tape recorder when music can be heard.

The sister in laws have a chat about ChuckHe goes to investigate and found Bartowski and Barnes chugging beer down, while Jeff puts on  a Anna video. It was very disturbing but funny at the same time. Meanwhile back at the apartment. Ellie and Sarah sat on the couch with a bottle of wine. Sarah went on talking about how Chuck was close to graduating and only needed twelve credits to get his diploma. Its not so much Ellie here, but Sarah’s reaction to it I find interesting.

Sarah The Girlfriend present for this oneSarah has changed from her season one days, She has grown  attached to Chuck, cared for him deeply. Thus, listening to Ellie ridiculed him  we see something out of Sarah for the first time. Ellie really does not know the truth about her brother. Sarah is not in agent form right now. We can tell by now when she is, and hearing about Stanford , she no longer was an agent, but a friend. Her feelings for him make decision like at the end of this episode special. Do you think Heather Chandler or Bryce Larking would take the asset’s feelings into account?

What makes Sarah special was the fact she saw how great of a guy Chuck was. A nerd with a brilliant brain, who by her own admission believed in. She told him so, she does the honorable thing and sticks up for him. Sarah: Chuck is like a Duck, on the surface it seems like he is just floating away, but underneath he is kicking away. He is an incredibly responsible and mature guy.He is a mature and charming guyWhile Sarah and Ellie are talking, Chuck told Jeff someone came looking  for him earlier in the day, Jeff said it was only a matter of time before his fans would find him. Jeff takes out a tape, and played it for Chuck. It was the flashback from earlier in the episode. Jeff winning the Missile Command video game. As the video was playing. Morimoto appeared causing Chuck to flash. As mentioned earlier in the article, a real missile was in a satellite, and the terrorist was trying to get a hold of the kill screen code.

Meanwhile,  Casey watched as a van approached the Buymore, It happened to be the terrorists. Casey stormed for the home theater room, and told Chuck leave Jeff  In typical Chuck fashion, he said leaving Jeff was not an option. Chuck grabbed Jeff and they  carried him to the Crown Vic.

Chuck came crashing into the apartment with Jeff hanging over his shoulder. He dumped him on the couch as Ellie and Sarah looked on. Everything that Sarah said looked bad this point, which is why Ellie again attacks Chuck in the morning.

In the morning, Chuck and Jeff are talking to one another. When Sarah approached Chuck, She lets him know that they have more information on Morimoto. Team Bartowski come up with a plan to infiltrate the Atari building.  Casey wanted to use tactical measures, but Bartowski had other ideas. A sign of the mature Chuck starting to take initiative on missions.

Nerd Herd SarahThe team dress up as Nerd Herders and planted a virus in Atari’s  computer system. The virus was called the Bartowski Special to create a diversion.  Plan A was Casey and Chuck, access denied. Time for plan B,  send in the blonde.  Sarah’s hotness was able to create a distraction enough for a Casey and Chuck to get upstairs.

Chuck and Casey reach the floor of Morimoto’s office, and as Casey went to find another way in. The terrorist comes out of the room. I really like this scene, the baddie is really cool. Bulsara: Your timing was perfect, I hope the machine doesn’t give you too much trouble.” as he shuts the door with Bartowski inside. Chuck turned around and heard music being played. As he walked further in Morimoto said “You shouldn’t be here.”  As Chuck turned the corner, he saw Morimoto playing Missile Command while listening to Rush’s Tom Sawyer.  Morimoto said the game followed a pattern, the music of the universe. More on that later, let’s continue on the action.

Casey jumped down, as Morimoto said they have the code for the missile. Furthermore, each game had a code for the missile launcher.  Chuck said “why are you still playing than?” As Chuck said, the scene shifts to the back of the arcade game and we see its wired with explosives.

Chuck getting ready to play Missile CommandCasey told Chuck we have to go, but again Chuck wanted to not leave someone behind, but Casey pushed Chuck towards the door not this time. As they make it to the elevator the bomb goes off. A huge fireball is heading in TB’s direction, but the elevator doors close in time.

Back at Castle, Beckman said she was ordering an ICBM to shoot down the satellite. Here is where I want to talk more about Sarah. This is the start of Sarah transforming into supporting Chuck more. She and Chuck shared an agreement look at each other as Beckman said acceptable civilian casualties

This is not the same Sarah from the first seasonChuck has began to influence Sarah,  Naturally when two people spend a lot of time together there is going to some characteristics that rub off  on each other. Chuck was gaining confidence in this mission and Sarah was beginning to think like Chuck. A year ago, do you think Sarah would of thought differently about the general’s order.

Sarah thinking like ChuckIt is refreshing to see, and it is why this episode is special because, while the Intersect was not the focal point of this episode. Charah’s relationship was still taking shape. Chuck didn’t like the concept of civilians being sacrificed. He told Beckman what Morimoto said, but she and Casey didn’t trust the contingency plan, but they went along with it. Chuck had a short amount of time to get the code, but other way Beckman was hell bent on taking down the Satellite.

Chuck made his way back to the Buymore, and tried to convince Jeff to play the game,  Jeff was reluctant, but eventually caved. Chuck was going to use the Buymore as a exhibition as per the demands of Jeff, which included Anna dressing in a hula dancer outfit and fanning him with a palm fan. He also asked Chuck and Casey to find his fans, so they can watch him attempt the impossible feat.  While the plans were forming, Chuck turned to watch the news, and flashed on where the Terrorists were.

They were using the news station as a way to launch the missile. Bartowski called Sarah to informer her of the whereabouts of Bulsara. Sarah changed into her spy gear, and told Casey where the terrorists were, but Casey questioned Sarah about  trusting a burn out playing a video game or a ICBM.  Sarah again showing loyalty to her boyfriend, Sarah: I trust Chuck.  When i first heard this I pumped my fist. Finally, Sarah was standing by her man.

Sarah taking out the trashShe went over to the station, and in a very Jack Bauer way, destroyed all the baddies. Meanwhile Chuck’s first attempt  failed, but a fan with a Rush shirt on made him remember what Morimoto said. Chuck told Morgan to find a Rush CD, which he did. As soon as the song played, Chuck crushed it. He got the code and saved the day.  He quickly called Sarah and gave her the code.

Great ending to an action packed sequence and scene hoping. The bouncing back and forth between Casey setting up the ICBM, Sarah taking out the baddies, and Chuck playing the game was awesome. Throw in a great song ,and we have evidence of how everything working together makes a flawless episode sequence.

After a brief chat with Jeff, Chuck went home, and found a huge surprise    It also embarks a significant gesture that showed me how far Sarah has come. The role of a handler often is pointed out as a person that has no feelings for the asset, but Sarah and Chuck are not just handler/asset. They are past that point at this juncture. What is happening is a friendship and respect for each other is blossoming into the next phase in their relationship. They love each other, but for the first time Sarah does something for Chuck that makes her handling Chuck far better than anything we have seen from Ellie so far.

She did it for Chuck because she lovs himSarah got Chuck his degree. Walker and Casey called Stanford to talk them into giving Chuck his degree. Something tells me this was all Sarah’s doing. As I mentioned in the article Power of Love,  When you love someone doing things like Sarah did means more to her. It means just as much as him accepting the degree.  Sarah didn’t have to do it,  Sarah wanted to do it. its what a girlfriend does for her boyfriend.

She is hoping he wishes to be with her.Its her telling him make a wish Chuck, Its yours. Its telling Chuck, I have your back.

Overall, I enjoy this episode, and we won’t have this kind of episode for a while, The next episode starts the Jill Roberts story. Chuck’s latest Potential Love Interest. Another woman Sarah has to fend off.
























  1. I just watched this episode again last night …. Another interesting point about this episode … Sarah, at the end, tells Chuck to make a wish… for anything he wants ! Once again, Sarah’s subtle hint … there are quite a few in the first part of season 2…

    • Gary,

      Pretty much since Chuck vs The Marlin, Sarah has changed. Once Beckman and Graham ordered the extraction of Chuck we saw Sarah question orders and even risk treason now would she have pulled the weapon on Longshore who knows., but she used the phrase she said in The Other Guy, she said My Guy, makes me believe that Sarah never thought her relationship with Chuck was a cover but a cover from Casey and GB. After all Gary, what was the first thing that happened when GB thought Sarah was compromised Alex Forrest came to town.

      She told him in First date, he could have anything he wanted and in seduction basically admitted what she was liking when said his charms worked on her. Chuck being a nerd never pick up on these things, but the writers didn’t want that right? The viewer however caught the signs.

      We know they lack communication. but scenes like what happen at the end of Cougars and Tom Sawyer saw the growth of Charah. It was wonderful to see. but nothing last too long with a good feeling because Jill comes to town.

      Really a lot has happened in 5 episodes of season 2 than the entire season one. Season 2 really was the benchmark on good this show could of been

    • I also do mention the wish comment made by Sarah, What I like about it is Sarah looking at him while he looked at the star. She so desperately want to just tell him she is his, but the role of an asset makes things complicated.

      You have to give her credit for being professional with all those feelings inside her wanting to burst out.

  2. Casey knew … he had feelings for Chuck as well. After the Hard Salami kiss, Sarah said she would fix things, but once Chuck was taken from her in Marlin, both knew ( and accepted ) that Sarah loved Chuck. She HAD to keep it under wraps …probably hoping that Chuck would eventually lose the Intersect and they could be together. Jill certainly complicated things, but, as always, it drove Sarah even closer to Chuck.

    I think Chuck picked up on most of the clues…First date….they were about to kiss when he flashed. Tom Sawyer….he looked at Sarah after he made the wish ( while she was looking at the satellite). But with what Bryce told him….and later with Ellie, he was “trying” to do the “right thing”….so he didn’t act on it.

    • Which is what makes Charah so special to hold those feelings in Check in the name of doing the right things makes it all that more honorable.

      I will give you this The finale is not as bad as I like to proclaim it to be doing this rewatch like I am doing and seeing each problem they endure brings them closer is quite rewarding, but personally I would of liked to see them together again on last time.

      I get angry with the writers because they had such a great story in Chuck and Sarah and the hard work by Zac and Yvonne let them go out with a flourish not in that devastation. Its why you have to respect Quinn and what he did.

      He hurt Chuck where it mattered most his friends and family, sure Shaw shot Orion, but Chuck was able to cope with that the fact that his wife’s mind was suppressed was a crushing blow to Chuck.

      Love conquered even that.

      Casey came to turns with there relationship, which is why he asked beckman was it wise for Chuck and Sarah to go as a cover relationship in Three Words.

      So your right about that and I stand corrected. Sometimes you forget that Casey was changing as well.

  3. And one more note about this episode – if you weren’t head over heels in love with Yvonne before Tom Sawyer, then that Nerd Herd outfit certainly would do the trick !! WOW !!

  4. […] Chuck vs Tom Sawyer aired during Season Two Episode Five. The second of two single serving episodes. Sarah Walker’s Cougars episode aired before his episode and Tom Sawyer would lead to one of my favorite arcs of the series. I am a fan of the Jill episodes so getting a break between Chuck breaking up with Sarah to when Chuck’s ex comes to town, Tom Sawyer was a great way to take a break from the main story. […]

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