My Guy vs My Chuck

He's my guyThe last time we compared and contrast scenes, the four scenes we discussed were Mauser vs The Red Test and First Class vs Fear of Death. Now let’s take a look at how “My Guy” became “My Chuck.”

What this article will showcase is how different Sarah Walker was when she proclaimed Chuck as her guy and when she confessed that she had fallen for Chuck. The best news of her life was knowing that Chuck Bartowski was still her Chuck.

It is not so much the journey between the two scenes. The amount of information would make my fingers burn with exhaustion. So many characters and storylines in between that have also been documented in other articles, it would be redundant, but what I would like to talk about is the difference between Sarah Walker on the heliport and Sarah Walker ready to commit to a real relationship with Chuck.

My Guy Became My Chuck

At this point in the story, Sarah was beginning to transform from all agent to learning how to deal with being an agent and a girlfriend. Something she never had experience with. While she was with Bryce, it was clearly not the same emotions she was experiencing with Chuck.

Never before had Sarah visibly showed how much losing Chuck would effect her. Casey knew, but didn’t say anything. Ellie knew how much she was into Chuck, and Carina was the first to notice, When she met Chuck she was expecting someone she was use to. A serious threat to the safety of the country, she would fix it, and be far from Burbank by evening.

Carina: Sure you don’t want to come back to my hotel room.

Chuck Bartowski: As flattered and… intimidated I am by your proposition: why *me*?

Carina: I love taking what Sarah wants.

Chuck Bartowski: ME? No, Sarah doesn’t want me.

Carina: Yeah, she probably doesn’t know it yet herself. but *I* do!

However, what happened was a person learning that there was more to life than just missions, alias and coverups, she quietly was struggling with an inner battle. How does one cope with that new found awareness. She makes sure that the one that opened her to it doesn’t leave her life. She does whatever she can to protect that person. This includes other women and being bunker.

It means asking Casey if

Casey: Bang up job, Walker. Now I’m gonna give you one last chance to come clean. Did you or did you not compromise yourself and the Intersect?

Sarah: Do you ever just want to have a normal life? Have a family? Children?

Casey: The choice we made to protect something bigger than ourselves is the right choice. Hard as that is for you to remember sometimes.

I do not have feelings for ChuckCasey asking Sarah if she was compromised was to admit to him what he already knew. He wanted to see how bad Sarah had it for Chuck. He confronted her about it n Chuck vs the Hard Salami. In the truck, Casey can see Chuck on a date with another woman was bothering her. Her face said it all. Casey’s motivation was to get his partner back in the game, but to no avail. Sarah claimed her man in front of Lou. Its a move a lioness like Sarah would do.  A woman not ready to give up on what was hers.

This is my manIts a mission, but seeing and hearing Chuck with another woman, and being called out on her feelings by Casey drove her to interfere in the date. There is no other motivation to act on it. The reason I bring up the date scene has something to do with her implosive way of doing things.Its finding out that Chuck was trying to become a spy. She elected to run with him. She was open to spending a night in the suburbs and cook him breakfast. So many direct results of awakening the inner Sarah Walker.

She would give hints to Chuck about wanting to be with him, and while sometimes Chuck would miss them. She showed support and dedication to him. Whether it was directly or indirectly, Sarah cared for Chuck, which is why it was easy for her to fall in love right away with Chuck.  The hints were the best she can do. Chuck had the ability to talk about his feelings, but not Sarah. She was reduced to talking to her V-log in order to express her feelings.Sarah WAlker's Mission log photo Sarah Mission Video 2 Day 564Sarah:  Day one. My mission is simple. Find out what he knows, gain his trust, and monitor his actions until the agency can decide what to do with him……Day 21. Chuck came over to my hotel room today and brought me a pizza. Vegetarian, no olives. I think he’s making it his mission to get to know me. It’s sweet….Day 49. Chuck broke up with me today. Well fake. Fake broke up with me, technically….Day 56. Chuck and I were defusing a bomb today and there was a moment where we were sure we were going to die. He closed his eyes and I kissed him. I kissed him…Day 564. Things are calm for once. No missions, nothing. Nothing really to report… except I still find myself sitting here…talking to myself…because… because I love him… I love Chuck Bartowski, and I don’t know what to do about it.

The balancing act of having “My Guy” often can leave her open to disappointment.

Clearly Sarah  misses being around ChuckHe Said I Can't She never thought Chuck would break her heartIts not so much he turned her down. for the first time she saw it from his point of view. He had been courting her for two years. Chuck told her how he felt, but because of the risk Sarah reluctantly said She can’t, she could not imagine Chuck would turn the tables on her, which is why seeing him again was so hard. This wouldn’t be the last time her guy would turn the tables

After Chuck was given the prenup,  he decided to play it cool. It caught Sarah off guard because we haven’t seen a face like the one in Chuck vs The Family of Volkoffs since Prague and when Chuck said Jill kissed him

He didn't want to talk about the prenupSarah really wants to discuss the prenup Yea its coolNot easy for Sarah is it Please don't be cool True always PrevailsThere are some more scenes that make My Guy become My Chuck.

No matter how huge the disappointment or Shock, Sarah still found it in her heart to forgive and loved him more for it.. She still found it to want to stay in Burbank and call him home.

Its the initial shock of this  in this scene below,  Chuck broke his connection to Sarah. Her face expression realized how far Chuck had gone, but true love always prevails. Once again My Guy became My Chuck.

Sarah lost her connection to Chuck

We are better off as a team The more comfortable they become the more PDA they displaySarah Walker: Don’t get used to it. What makes you special is that you’re not like every other spy. You’re a good guy and you want to help people. Leave the deception to me.

Chuck Bartowski: I’m glad I have you.

Sarah Walker: Yeah, we’re better as a team.

Back to the helipad,  As Chuck is in handcuffs, Sarah comes to the rescue. She is ready to pull her weapon on Long shore, but the question remains would she pull it? Judging from her actions in Chuck vs the Colonel she would of,  She admitted to Chuck and the viewer that He was “my guy”

Several times in the top half of Season 2, She offered herself to him after the intersect was out or she no longer was his handler. She could be with him. No Covers, No Spies, No Missions just the two of them. She told him you can have anything you want or make a wish its yours.  There are two deleted scenes they should of added to the episode that would help shape how much Chuck meant to her.

The first one was in Chuck vs The First Date, Casey took some frozen Yogurt for his cut on his face from Colt. She asked “Casey, I don’t have to worry about anything right? Is Chuck safe? Sarah is letting her feelings be exposed to Casey. There is nothing to worry about with him. He signed off on her feelings for Chuck, when he allowed her to stop the extraction.

The second one was from Chuck vs The Seduction. Bryce returned, but Sarah said to Chuck, while eating dinner together that what Bryce and her had was in the past.  When Morgan arrived to spoil the dinner, Sarah was annoyed by this because she wanted to be alone with her boyfriend. It goes back to Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker’s final chapter, It was an intimate moment between the two, and they were enjoying it.

The two scenes above further the case that My Guy was really My Chuck. All of season two we see more signs of a girlfriend rather than the agent that showed up on the helipad and dominated her actions throughout Season One.

Lets take a look at some of them.

She is hoping he wishes to be with her. Sarah falling more and more in love Sarah looking for Stepehn Bartowski She apparently put the dress on for Chuck Sarah taken back by Chucks comment Holding back tears Sarah not too happy seeing Sasha lips all over Chuck He is not paying attention to me The First time Sarah is trying to prevent the break up Chucks nervous of Sarah sleeping with him Cover becomes a burden No cover no lies A woman who does not want to leave Chuck She has totally fallen in love with Chuck

The Man of her Dreams has all of her attention
The Man of her Dreams has all of her attention

The passion from the hotel is still in their eyes Passionate with intimacy Girlfriend

A Very Hard Lesson for Both of Them
A Very Hard Lesson for Both of Them
Sarah Visible Bothered by Chuck not including her.
Sarah Visible Bothered by Chuck not including her.

Bartowskis closer to being one Beginning of a relationship forming The thought of Chuck dead Future Bartowskis Beautiful Smile isn't it Death does not become her

Sarah is Becoming Apart of The Family
Sarah is Becoming Apart of The Family

My Guy becomes more of factor in late season 2, Chuck not including Sarah in his search for Orion was post Day 564, which means Sarah has confessed to herself her love for Chuck. Thus, her actions are all of a girlfriend trying to help her boyfriend, but lack of experience with working with both being an agent and girlfriend  made her vulnerable on missions and implosive.

There really is only one episode in Chuck that showed me how much Sarah was in love, and Chuck was indeed her Chuck.

This is a very telling  expression She is too focues on her own boyfriend to focus on weddingThe place she feels like a womanSarah did something in these set of scenes that told me, my guy became My Chuck. She broke the first and toughest hurdle, When she told Bryce she was not coming, I said,  she is all yours Chuck, The significance of defying Bryce in The Break Up and turning him down in  The Ring was the strongest amount of character development.

My Guy became my Chuck with lines like these.

Chuck: I  Doubt Charles Bartowski will be seducing anyone tonight

Sarah: Why not? it worked on me.

You were sweetSarah searching for her ChuckSarah: I thought you had changed.

Chuck: What do you mean?

Sarah: Look, I know that you wanna be the perfect spy and I know what it means to you and what you sacrificed to get there. But, please don’t lose that guy that I met three years ago. Don’t give up on the things that make you great.

Chuck: I’ll always be that guy.

Chuck: So uh, When you came in the Buymore,  When we first met, What did they tell you about me? What do you think?

Casey: You haven’t had a date in over a year. they don’t waste the blondes on just anyone.

Chuck: Uh, It hadn’t been a year. Okay, Thanks

Sarah: They thought you and I could connect.

Chuck: I remember you left me your card so I could call you so we could go out. I felt like I was having the luckiest day of my life. God, I was pathetic.

Sarah: No, you were sweet and innocent. I liked you. It made it much harder.

All these scenes have something in common, Chuck doubting himself and Sarah telling him she liked him the way he was. Here are some more both post and pre My Chuck speech.

Your Chuck Bartowski and there is nothing wrong with that.Chuck Bartowski: Sarah, when all this started, I didn’t think I had a chance of ever becoming a real spy. But if – if I can’t do this then – then -then what’ll be?

Sarah Walker: Then you’ll be Chuck, and there’s nothing wrong with that… That’s all I can say. I’m sorry. The rest is your decision.

More Emotion coming from Sarah When Sarah thought Chuck killed the mole, her heart broke because of all the things that could happen. The man she remembered from the first day  would be gone. Her chance at a normal existence was wiped away from the both of them. She doesn’t need to say anything because we can see in her heart and the rest of her body the pain. The image of him for which she knew would only be found in her dreams.

However Casey would make thing s right and realizing that MY Guy was still in him, became My Chuck again.

Here are two more examples

She fell in love with a regular guyChuck Bartowski: Sarah, I told Ellie I’d quit after we stopped the Ring – and I meant it. I can’t lie to her. Think you can love a regular guy?

Sarah Walker: Well, I fell in love with a regular guy

Your Chuck BartowskiSarah again has to reassure Chuck that he didn’t need to be a spy. Chuck Bartowski on his own was great. She fell in love with a regular guy, and he still struggle with it.  It didn’t seem to bother Sarah either that she had to keep reminding him either.

There are so many ways My Guy became MY Chuck, and If I took the time to write it all I wouldn’t be able to eat sleep or make a fresh pot of coffee. I hope some of this made sense.  Chuck and Sarah have been together since the first day they met. The cover really was covering their love from the rest of the world, They did well until women and men got in the way. The job also put them in a bind but through it all. When there was doubt, They showed us just how much My Guy was really MY Chuck all along.

Instead of breaking down the scene and posting pictures of My Chuck, we should sit back as fans and enjoy the moment, it took four breaks ups, several potential love interests, miscommunications, lack of communication and most importantly not caring who know of their relationship.

I present to you





  1. Good prospective and another good read as always. You should do something on how you would change/rewrite the finale. That would be an interesting read, especially if you play out a couple of different options.

    • I will write an opinion on the finale when we come to it. There is still so much to talk about and episodes to go over that have better things to cover.

      While i don’t like the ending of the series. I understand some do and the issue would be also ruining it for those that have not seen the ending yet.

      if you would like I do have an article about the final kiss though. I call it the Magic Kiss theory.

  2. Keep reading this article and can’t decide if you think there is a difference between Sarah when she says My Guy on the helipad and My Chuck in his apartment. There really isn’t any difference in her ….she is infatuated with the same thing in both instances. The big difference is in Chuck…he has grown, but is still “basically” the same in his inherent virtues. It is only the inherent virtue of being a good person that Sarah is interested in… not the man himself. That is why when she loses her memories, she has no feelings whatsoever for the man, even though he is still inherently good. He does everything he can to save her, even throwing himself in front of Quinn’s bullet. She sees the V-log in which she confesses that she is in love with him, yet she has no emotions towards the man at all. That’s because she never loved HIM, but the sweet, innocent guy who helped the ballerina and was funny and charming on the first date.
    My Chuck is also interesting in that, other than his inability to kill people, he has done some slightly nasty things. He has burned an asset. He has almost perfected the art of deception when he portrayed Rafe Gruber. Oddly, he is a person that Sarah does not love as he takes on these changes in becoming a “spy”…. she is now firmly in a relationship with Shaw. She is comfortable in lying to him and manipulating him…she no longer cares about what is happening in his life or cares whether she hurts him or not. The final nail in the coffin is “killing” the mole …because at this point, not only does Sarah not love him, but she no longer believes in him as well. Personally I don’t think it makes sense to start caring about him when Casey tells her Chuck didn’t kill the mole…. she didn’t care much for him before the Red Test either. But that all points me back to the signs that Sarah wasn’t really in love with the man, or she wouldn’t have done those things to him. And this was all on top of the fact that she understood that it was her who changed him into this person in the first place.

    • All I was trying to Illustrate was despite saying My Chuck in Other guys, she wasn’t worried about the CIA finding out about her feelings and really she answered the question that was asked

      Do you Love me? YES after a long pause coming to terms with her feelings but she said the same thing in Marlin

      Except My Guy was Sarah’s fear of longshore reporting to GB she had to think about her response because she was pretty much spy first still my guy is my chuck is all I am saying

      • That was a pretty long article just to say that Sarah said the same thing at the end of Season 1 and the middle of Season 3. She wasn’t asked a question in the Marlin …she just tracked down Longshore and told him Chuck was her guy as she was trying to figure out how to keep Chuck from being bunkered. That has a double meaning of course…Chuck was also HER asset, so he was also technically her guy.
        When she said my Chuck, why would she be worried about repercussions ? Chuck was a CIA agent…no different than Bryce or Shaw. She was ALLOWED to go out with him. Why Beckman had a problem with “seeing each other exclusively” is beyond me….she didn’t give Sarah the same lecture when she was with Shaw.

      • When I write articles I like to cover all the bases . In order to prove my point I have to step back a little bit into the episode or series of episodes. You can just say this is this is this is that it don’t work that way in writing. Regarding the Beckman Shaw situation, shaw was a spy chuck wasn’t a spy until after he passed his final exam so in essence he still was a asset

    • No, you said that after Prague Chuck was a spy, no. He wasn’t a spy until he killed the mole, which means he is still a asset.

      Beckman didn’t mind Shaw and Sarah together because she most likely didn’t know or cared to know. She was more interested in stopping The Ring and getting Chuck going as a spy, which the CIA canned because he couldn’t get over what he did to Sarah in Prague, which I understand and is redeemable, but the issue for me is most fans blame Hannah and Shaw for adding to the problems of Charah, but by the time those two characters came into the story. The damage was done already.

      You talk about manipulation on Sarah’s part, but lets do the stats.

      Chuck broke up with Sarah 4 times before Sarah moved on. in that span Sarah stood in the background and allowed Chuck to do what he wanted.

      He used lines like you will never be normal or no spies no lies. It’s really telling a woman who wants that life I don’t accept you into my world.

      and its not slaps those are haymakers, and then you have Sarah waiting for him to show up in Prague, whether we like it or not or agree for that matter. Its not the issue. Its a woman waiting for the man she loved to come. its not manipulation its asking him. He was free to do what he wanted its America. He said 2 weeks ago he would run with her.

      but the time gap in those two weeks who knows what happen, but Chuck said I can’t be with you right now. Its a role reversal. Chuck I can’t be with you right now because I want to be a spy.

      Sarah I can’t run with you because I want to be a spy. So, Sarah was pissed and rightfully so. She put herself out their for him.

      Did Sarah lied to him alot yes she did, but she had too in order to not compromise the mission. but the problem was Sarah was honest with herself. The cover was a cover for her true feelings. Something she had no experience in her life. No one taught her to love and how to be in a real relationship as you stated.

      I understand you rank on Sarah because you see Chuck as her stool pigeon, but it has more to do where the characters motivations are. Chuck entering the spy world after Bryce told him to destroy the computer it was too dangerous.

      Chuck heard those words out of his mouth. Orion took out the Intersect so his boy didn’t get involved in the spy world. So, all these decisions Chuck made on his own.

      What happened in Prague was a product of the lack of communication they never had a discussion on why they can’t be together except sarah said in Seduction. She couldn’t be with him because her job was to protect him.

      So, do I wear rose colored glasses. Yes I do because Sarah has always been in the position in doing what others asked of her. Her Father Bryce the CIA they all told her how to think live and she did it without question. It would only last until they wanted her to kill the baby.

      The minute she thought for herself like date Shaw. She is a evil person. I don’t see it that way. Chuck and Sarah were never going to have a real relationship if they didn’t communicate about those feelings which didn’t start to happen until Tic Tac and even then they still were not good at communicating.

  3. All I was saying was that I couldn’t understand why Sarah would have any problems saying yes to Chuck in Other Guy. There would be no repercussions from the CIA because both of them were spies by then.

    Damage was done by the time Hanna and Shaw came in…agree with that. Prague was a mess… they were both responsible … Sarah for lying to Chuck about why they should run, and Chuck for not telling Sarah the “speech” from the Three Words. But Sarah didn’t love Chuck in Prague….you even intimated it probably wasn’t until the Tooth that Sarah really understood she was in love with Chuck. She was in love with his inherent goodness only…not the man. If she was in love with the man, she would never be able to do what she did to him in Season 3.

    I really hate this ” Chuck broke up with Sarah 4 times” meme. What an asinine concept that Chuck was somehow wrong for breaking up a fake relationship. Sarah lied to him about the relationship over and over… it WAS more than a fake relationship, but she NEVER gave Chuck hope that it would go anywhere. The first 2 times were because other women came into his life that he could possibly have a real relationship with. The next ones were because he was in love with Sarah and the fake relationship was making him love her even more. He told her that as well. Calling the breakups as some sort of betrayal of Sarah is wrong. Sarah continuing the fake relationships just so she can be close to Chuck, but never letting him know it could go somewhere is manipulation on Sarah’s part….not Chuck’s. And how is Chuck supposed to know Sarah wants a “normal” life…(which you can never define because you keep using normal in all sorts of different contexts) ?? How are they haymakers when Sarah has NEVER told Chuck she wants a normal life.

    All Sarah ever did is tell Chuck they couldn’t be together like Bryce and her, because Bryce was a spy and Chuck was an asset. Every time Bryce showed up, Sarah drifted back towards Bryce. It was particularly galling when Chuck finally got rid of the Intersect and thought that he could now be with Sarah, but Sarah chose Bryce. Chuck’s ONLY recourse for winning over Sarah at some point would be to become a spy….just as Sarah said he should. ( You are THAT GUY !) And he set out to do that…just like she wanted.

    And Chuck was awesome at communicating, BTW. The only time he didn’t was in Prague, and it cost him big time. But he wanted to correct that mistake immediately…and Sarah shut him out. That’s not what you do to someone you love. And you don’t continue to shut them out when they tell you they love you. And you don’t continue to lie to them. You don’t stop believing in them contrary to what you witness (like what Chuck did for Awesome and Casey). And you don’t manipulate them into making a choice that is no win, especially when they tell you they can’t do what you are asking. And you don’t let your new boyfriend blow up someone you love. And if you do these things you should have to redeem yourself…which Sarah never did. She couldn’t even say the 3 words to Chuck.

    She’s not evil for getting horizontal with Shaw. She has an evil streak in her that allows her to be what she was before she walked into the Buy More. She knows that she does…..and she suppressed all her emotions the best she could. Was she a loner when she was an assassin ? Don’t know…Bryce was her partner for a long time. Maybe he brought out some emotions in her. But the baby did for sure, and when she could no longer fully suppress her emotions due to the baby, then she realized what a sociopath she had become. She was seeking a counterbalance to that, and Chuck just happened along at the right time. As the finale showed, though, she was not in love with the man. It was the same man she had met five years earlier, but she wasn’t looking to redeem all the bad karma after Chuck vs. Sarah….she was perfectly happy to keep doing what she had always been trained to do. Chuck was still the good guy… the altruistic guy….the guy that loved her. But she had no feelings for him because she wasn’t looking for a counterbalance at that point in time.

    • Gary, the relationship was real because if it wasnt Sarah would not display hurt feelings. They didn’t say they were but we both know they were together.

      You say she chose Bryce how when she was forced to work with him again and she told Bryce she wasnt coming. The three men she cared about her father MIA Bryce and finally Chuck.

      I am not saying Chuck was wrong, but at any time she could of asked for reassignment but didn’t. Cole really wasnt a threat to Chuck so Sarah chose to stay as you said to b close to Chuck. I dont see anything wrong with wanting to b around someone who makes you feel better about yourself

      • But she couldn’t understand what it was doing to Chuck. He already had his world turned upside down with the Intersect. He found out that his best friend Bryce ruined his life for 5 years, and then forced him into the field that he had originally tried to protect him from…all the while ruining his self confidence.

        And she wasn’t forced to work with Bryce …if she was, then she couldn’t have changed her mind. She chose to work with Bryce…and then told Chuck point blank she was going with Bryce. It was a mirror image of Prague ….Chuck opened himself up to her…to be together, and she chose to say no and do something else.

        And Chris…I’m not saying that Chuck and Sarah didn’t have a relationship. Chuck loved Sarah unconditionally, and Sarah loved the idea of being with someone who was inherently good. They were together, which is a relationship. They were just in that relationship for totally different reasons. In Season 2, Chuck thought the fake relationship would go somewhere because he could feel Sarah getting closer to him. But she continued to lie and manipulate the relationship to the point that Chuck felt there was no future. It was only after the last breakup…during Beefcake, that Chuck felt it may actually be real at some point. That’s why he continued to pursue getting rid of the Intersect …feeling that he could then have a REAL relationship with Sarah. As soon as he was a normal guy again, Sarah chose Bryce. We know that she didn’t actually choose Bryce for a relationship, but that’s the way she broke it to Chuck….and Chuck thought he lost out to the spy once again.

    • Prague was a disaster but by the end of S3E4, Sarah was warming back up to Chuck. Don’t remember what happened in E5-6, and E7-12 show a Sarah completely out of character (annoyed at Shaw, then interested) and a Shaw with baffling motivations; did he come to Burbank to use the Intersect to fight the Ring? Or to hit on the Intersect’s girl so that the Intersect couldn’t perform?

      I don’t know what Sarah did to the writers in S3 but man, did they rape her character.

      • I’m total agree with you! I thought she choose chuck just because he can gave a normal life, nothing more. At one point in the season 3 ( after the true name, the res test story) i hoped chuck leave her alone. you have reason, when they rape her charachter!!

    • Oversharing was an issue, but the fact that he never let Sarah talk before his “Haymakers” how could Sarah respond when the words he used made her emotionally crippled.

      Paul, said in one of his podcast and interesting concept that i am only beginning to understand.

      While Sarah and Casey were Chuck’s spy handlers. He was theirs in normal life. Thus, we have pointed out that Sarah and Casey often said he wasn’t a spy. It hurt Chuck to hear this.

      Don’t you think that the words “You will never be normal, Sarah” was something that Sarah, who was trying to understand and learn how to be normal wouldn’t hurt the same. How could one respond after hearing that.

      I just feel when it was time for them to talk about relationship issues they both were crap communicator. Morgan pointed it out in Cubic Z.

      Remember their reactions to Valentine’s day in Suburbs when Sarah asked Chuck out for the night. She didn’t just come out an say do you want to go, but never mentioned the word cover until Chuck said maybe we can give our cover lives a evening off.

      or When the ring fell to floor, and misconstrued it as a real proposal. Tell me what you think of that. referencing Paul’s podcast

      • I think the “normal” life Sarah wanted was an ethereal concept…ever changing. I also think that Sarah wasn’t actually looking for normal per se, she was looking for something that balanced her out. I should write an article on it ….because I think people aren’t getting what I mean when I say Sarah was more in love with the concept of Chuck than with Chuck himself.

        As for communicating, when Sarah talked about their relationship, it was usually a lie. She was good at lying ….remember she told Chuck to “Leave the deception to me.” In Chuck Vs. Sarah, she told Chuck she did her job of deceiving too well … that’s who she was. Chuck would spill everything…Casey even told him that the 49B was because he always had to talk about his feelings. So it wasn’t that Chuck was a crap communicator, but his reliance on talking everything to death was problematic in keeping the fake in the fake relationship. It may even be why Sarah had to overcompensate by always lying.

        As for Cubic Z, the ring thing was a funny thing in that neither of them were really ready for that to happen …and Sarah’s reaction was definitely warranted. It’s just that Chuck over analyzed Sarah’s reaction.

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