Chuck and Sarah Vs The Exes

The Return of Bryce

The Orignal Trapezoid

There was so much emphasis on  season 3’s  trapezoid by the people of Chuck, they seem to forget they had one already. I like to call Bryce, Chuck, Sarah and Jill as the trapezoid of the series. One that has more of an impact on the main story, which was the Intersect, and there is a personal impact as well. Compared to the Season three foursome, Shaw was more of an impact than Hannah. While she effected Sarah personally, Hannah never reach the professional side of things.

Bryce and Jill both impact Charah professionally and personally. In fact, the story of the four goes back way before the Intersect even was being secured by Bryce. Let’s take the journey on how the relationships of four people help shape Charah into becoming one.

Bryce Sets up Chuck with two women

Bryce stealing the Intersect

When Bryce was stealing the Intersect, his intentions was to send it to someone he trusted. He sent it to Bartowski because he knew Chuck would handle it responsibly. When Bryce was shot by Casey,  the world thought he was dead including his ex Sarah Walker.

Sarah Walker was sent to Burbank to find out how much Charles Bartowski knew and his connection with Bryce Larkin.  As she was walking towards the nerd herd desk, it was an unintentional matchmaker. Sarah Walker meeting Chuck was the same way Chuck met Jill through Bryce that is.

Chuck and Bryce meet at Stanford Chuck and Sarah at Stanford

The meet took place in 1999, Chuck would later bring his current girlfriend to Stanford, where the connection became full circle in 2007.  The amount of years in between would be 8 years remarkable how things work out ?

Bryce introduced Chuck to Jill Roberts in 1999, and Sarah came into Chuck’s life courtesy of Bryce as well in 2007. Barney Stinson would be proud. Chuck would hold a grudge against Bryce for getting him kicked out of school. Something that would later be proven as a ploy to protect Chuck, it would also fester into his relationships with the two women.

in 2003, Jill dumped Chuck soon after his expulsion from college, and started dating Bryce,   Jill and Chuck were dating for 4 years,  the break up and expulsion were too much for Chuck.  Two Years later, Bryce would begin working with Sarah, and began dating her soon after.

What I find interesting is so much happened between the four before all four paths would cross eventually. This is how a trapezoid works. Its a connection between all four that makes the story worth watching.

By the time 2007 came around Bryce was working a covert mission. He kept the details from Sarah However, She never was prepared to hear  that Bryce went rogue. Like Chuck, Sarah felt betrayed, and the last thing Sarah wanted to do was be assigned to a mission in which Bryce had a connection with as well. All she knew was they were friends in college. She didn’t know how deep the story was though, and She also would be caught in the whirl wind of The Intersect and everything that  started at Stanford would end up in Burbank.

Sarah lays eyes on her new mark

When Chuck and Sarah first met, they both had similar stories. Sarah was interested in what she saw and Chuck was intimidated by the beautiful woman standing in front of him. Bryce brought the two together, and for the both of them it couldn’t have been better timing. Sarah was at the crossroads of her chosen professional (Bryce turning rogue, and the baby). Chuck had the same feeling, and even more so when he started to flash.

They began working together, and as result the two grew close. Sarah grew to care, befriend and soon want to pursue a future with Chuck. However, this does not mean there would be no complications along the way. After the first break up,  Chuck started dating Lou, Charah exchange a passionate moment. One that caught the both of them off guard. Its the impulsive side of Sarah that made her lunge forward and have an intimate moment They were about to die, and she wasn’t going to go out without having a passionate moment with the man she loved.

A passionate surprise
A passionate surprise

 The trapezoid has commenced

Bryce and Chuck meet

Bryce introduced Jill to Chuck

Jill and Chuck start dating

Bryce went Rogue causing Sarah and Chuck to meet

Bryce introduced Sarah to Chuck

Both women begin to want a relationship with Chuck.

Chuck and Bryce meet at Stanford

Chuck and Jill Dating

Bryce downloading the intersect

ooks like she has begun to like Chuck


cropped-cropped-love-is-pure-and-rewarding.jpgThe only thing left is for the ladies to meet, but we will get to that shortly, but first we have the return of the exes.

The return of the Exes

After their first passionate moment, Charah would get an unexpected return. Sarah’s ex came back from the dead. Fulcrum paid a lot of money to keep Larkin alive. Thus, Sarah and Chuck never get a chance to enjoy their first special moment. Bryce’s return would cause friction between the future married couple. The very reason Charah were together has resurfaced.

Bryce LArkin

The unexpected return

Sarah was in a tough spot. She was falling for Chuck, but there was no closure with Bryce. There were still too many questions that needed to be answered.  Bryce answered them. He told them he stole the Intersect to protect it from Fulcrum. He wasn’t rogue.  As much as Sarah had a hard time with this return. Bryce still had feelings for Sarah. After the kiss, Sarah still had feelings as well.

Bryce and Sarah have their own passion

Chemistry between Sarah and Bryce

There was no mistaken Matt Bomer, Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi are tremendous when working together the on screen chemistry between the three was superb. The tension can be felt from Zachary and the arrogance of Matt. Epic storytelling.

Chuck saw the kiss and immediately became Jealous. However, sometimes karma can work in mysterious ways.  Sarah gets a taste of her own actions.

Chuck went to a biochem convention where he ran into Jill.  She was in Burbank preparing to give a lecture on a dangerous flu vaccine. After flashing on her boss, he was ordered to make a date with Jill,  The date would rekindle old feelings between the two.

I said the two because Jill’s intentions were not to hurt Chuck. She never knew the secret in Chuck’s brain. When they  saw each other in the hotel. Jill was genuinely happy to see Chuck. She even told him where she was staying so they can catch up. boy do they. with someone watching in the winds.

Chuck and Jill

Sarah having to deal with Chuck's ex in town Smiles for Chuck Sarah gettting a closer look at her competition

Again Sarah has to be on one of Chuck’s dates, Chuck also has had his share of watching Sarah on a date with her ex as well. Its not an ideal situation for them. While from a distance they have to watch it all unfold. They get a closer look at the competition. She was all smiles for Chuck, but quickly wipes the smile away when looking at Jill  Sounds Familiar? Chuck can be coy as well. All in the name of being professional.

Sarah on her date with Bryce Chuck watching Sarah and Bryce dance

While Sarah was on board with the mission, what would transpire next would begin to heighten her jealousy. After listening to Jill say she liked the Chuck Bartowski sitting before her. Sarah was beginning to feel a bit of jealousy come on. She could hear what she said, and Sarah didn’t like it, but duty calls.

Sarah knows Jill is a threat

Sarah nervous

While the date was a disaster, Chuck felt compelled to show up at the hotel. he spotted the spy van and went in. Casey wanted to tranc Jill to replace the fritzy bug, but Chuck lobbied to go up. Sarah was forced to listen as Chuck tried to get himself in the room. He said to Jill he wasn’t over her. Sarah has a look of concern because unlike the last time. There was history between the two, and thought something could happen.

Something does.

Chuck and Jill kiss

The kiss doesn’t hurt that much for Sarah because she didn’t see nor hear it. Its what Chuck said that bothered her. Chuck: “She Kissed me, no spy stuff, no lies, just me.”  Sarah hearing this was enough to get a reaction out of her. Chuck’s smile and feelings on the kiss was enough.

Why are you smiling like that She kissed me

However, not seeing the kiss was one thing, but actually witnessing the rekindling Jill and Chuck was just how Chuck felt watching Sarah kiss Bryce. However, at least Bryce/Sarah’s moment was behind closed doors.

Chuck and Jill Kiss 2

Sarah stomach is turning inside

Sarah’s expression said it all, much like Chuck’s grief, The other thing was how Jill kissed Chuck. It is quite similar to the one Sarah shared with Chuck. It makes watching it that more painful, but she has to remain professional.

Passion at its best

Now for the final piece of the puzzle and that would be the women. How do the ladies deal with presence of the other.  We Shall See.

Sarah and Jill Meet

While Sarah was able to see her competition on the date, its not the same thing as actually working with the person. Jill was needed. Her knowledge of Guy was important in recovering the flash drive that had all the Fulcrum agents working in the ranks of the CIA. The only way they can do that was using the expertise of one Jill Roberts.

It not something Sarah wanted.

Sarah Walker: You’re not concerned to involve a civilian in a covert government investigation?

John Casey: Ah, the girl’s personal knowledge of Guy LaFleur makes her of use to us. You’re sure your not just jealous Bartowski’s found himself a new piece of asset?

The way Sarah and Jill met was not ideal for Jill. Sarah was preparing for the mission, which called for her to act like a prostitute. Jill was not thrilled with seeing this. Thus, Jill’s concern about what really was going on between Charah.

Jill back in Chuck's Life

Jill about to meet Sarah

Sarah Meets Jill

When Jill meets Sarah, its a much different experience than Stanford.  Sarah was competition for Jill and vica versa.  All over Chuck’s apartment Jill can see photos of Chuck and Sarah together. It makes Jill want to know what was really going on.  She tried to find Chuck at the hotel , and what she found was enough to confirm her suspicions at least from Jill’s point of view. Sarah jealousy is one thing, but the way Jill behaved. she was just as jealous. It makes the trapezoid that more intriguing. It makes legitimately interested in being with Chuck again.

Chuck busted Jill found Chuck and Sarah half naked

The result of this development was a distraught Chuck Bartowski wanting to square things with Jill, while Sarah has her own feelings to tend with. The situation was a lot different when Lou was around because there was nothing to worry about. Sarah can deal with Lou, but Jill’s presence posed a threat to her personal relationship with Bartowski,  what about professionally? Here was why Hannah never really was a serious threat to Sarah. Hannah never got involved with the spy world. Sure Hannah and Chuck spent a night together, and had dinner in the apartment.

Hannah never worked with Chuck on a mission. Hannah never knew what Chuck’s role was with Sarah and Shaw. All  Hannah knew was Sarah and Chuck’s relationship was over. However, it is very different with Jill.

Sarah not really thrilled here A conflicted Sarah here

As mentioned above, Sarah had to work with Jill. The experiences was exasperating. not only was she helped solve the puzzles, but Chuck and Jill were smitten for each other through each puzzle. Take a look at the different scenarios.

Sarah and Chuck trying to figure out the puzzle box

Sarah had no clue what the box was. Chuck did. He knew the the puzzle required to move the tiles into its right sequence to open it. Sarah didn’t know how to open it, and Chuck would say that the shooting and jumping was all Casey and Sarah, but the puzzles leave it to him, and ultimately Jill Roberts.

Jill is in my terroritory now

Sarah can’t stand one of Chuck ladies in her territory. They are working together nicely, and completely oblivious on how Sarah felt about it.

Sarah left in the background Sarah getting angry

Jealousy again has revealed itself in Sarah, while the ramifications are justified. Chuck and Jill don’t care. The fire was back, and working together brought that about.  Never before has Sarah felt so threaten by another woman. However, this Sarah was more mature than how Chuck handled Bryce being in the picture. Chuck whined and moaned about him being around.

The Andersons

Chuck watched as Bryce put the ring on Sarah’s finger. Chuck wallowed watching it. He made immature faces that would plague Chuck sometimes.  Furthermore, He had to watch as Bryce and Sarah took complete control of the Buymore after Fulcrum infiltrated the store. All Chuck could do was watch in the background. A very similar feeling Sarah felt watching Chuck and Jill.

Bryce and Chuck working as a team.

This is how a trapezoid works. Its why the season 3 version does not compared to this trapezoid.  The emotional rollercoaster from all four are apparent because there were real feelings from all four. It impacted the story both professionally and personally. The more taxing on the heart.

Now that the square is complete, we need to see the truth of it all .

Jill  as a fulcrum agent

The Truth

The truth of the exes are much more detailed. While Bryce turned out to be a hero, Jill was with the enemy, We all know that secrets can destroy relationships. The very secrets that kept Chuck and Sarah  apart in season one.

Sarah withholding her connection to Bryce was beyond partnership, it was protecting the psyche of Chuck. She knew for a while now, and just witness how much Chuck hated Bryce.  She knew when watching him all night sitting on a beach. Chuck had nothing to do with Bryce sending him the Intersect. However,  secrets don’t stop there between the three.

Bryce had a reason for setting up Chuck, he did it because of two reasons.

1. He was truly Chuck’s friend

Chuck is no oprative

Chuck was spared by Bryce because he felt Bartowski was not a Field Operative. Chuck was a good person with a good heart. Bryce wanted his friend out of it. Its the very qualities behind the Intersect being sent to Chuck.  Sarah also watched the video  It shed some light for Charah.

Sarah realizing the truth just like Chuck

When truth becomes reality things change. People’s perspective changes. As does Sarah, Chuck was destine to be an agent all a long. Bryce prevented it as long as possible.

The second reason was a lot more clearer.

Bryce Larkin: We need to talk about Sarah. She had a chance to take the shot back there and she didn’t. She hesitated and almost cost us the microchip and your life.

Chuck Bartowski: I know.

Bryce Larkin: What are you gonna do about it?

Chuck Bartowski: [turns around faces Bryce] I don’t know, Bryce. You tell me. What am I supposed to do?

Bryce Larkin: You’ll do the right thing. You always do. That’s why I sent you the Intersect in the first place.

Bryce Larkin: The cube can’t fall into the wrong hands. I made a promise to Orion.

Chuck Bartowski: You knew.

Bryce Larkin: That was the deal. Your dad knew I protected you at Stanford. I was the only spy he would trust.

Chuck Bartowski: I can’t believe you’ve known this whole time.

Bryce Larkin: He wanted to keep you out of this. But I knew you could handle the Intersect. I knew Sarah would find you. And most importantly, you deserved to know the truth about your father. He’s a hero. Now, let’s go get your sister married.

The truth was in 1999 Bryce already knew who Chuck was. Orion sent him to Stanford. However, this information was never brought to Sarah’s attention right away. Bryce and the CIA saw just how capable Chuck was and offered him a position in the CIA, but Chuck turned it down.

Bryce was a hero, and more importantly not a traitor or bad guy. He compromised his career for the sake of Orion and all the rest of the pieces fit nicely with each other, but what does not mesh well is the truth about Jill Roberts.

If the school Jenny Burton attended was bad guy high, what would we call Stanford?  While Chuck was being protected by Bryce. Jill was being recruited by Fulcrum. They told Jill to break it off with Chuck. and pursue a relationship with Bryce. Fulcrum was under the impression that Bryce was going to be the Intersect, but it never came about. JIll did what Fulcrum told her. She broke it off with Bartowski.

Chuck however was not the first one to figure this out. Sarah and Casey were, but they were too late. Chuck was already gone, but before we dive into the abyss of Jill’s capture of Chuck. We must rewind just a tad.

Sarah was again second fiddle to another woman. Chuck and Jill were clearly beginning to find that fire they once had.  For me, its genuine because JIll cared for Chuck. She didn’t want to hurt him. It was all about the Intersect and Bryce. However, JIll needed to work with TB in order to find Guy’s flash drive with the names of all the Fulcrum agents inside the CIA. A very important device.

Jill and Chuck clearly are back together, and while trying to have a quiet evening Casey can’t help himself but watch Chuck. Sarah in the background is not too happy though. She is quite sadden by this latest development.

Sarah doesn't want to be considered a cover girlfriend

Sarah Walker: [Watch Chuck on a date on the roof] Casey, is that necessary? Look, how much trouble could he get into on a date?

John Casey: It’s Bartowski. You’re pretty nonchalant about your super computer boyfriend trying to browse someone else’s network.

Sarah Walker: I’m just his cover girlfriend. Chuck’s entitled to a *real* one.

Chuck. Bryce, Sarah and Jill may all be tough spies, but they are human too. When you find out that the one you loved or had a strong connection with went against the grain. It crushes a soul. especially when things seem to be so right. While Sarah was not into Bryce anymore he still held power over her,  while Chuck and Jill proceed to seal their new found relationship by making love.

Jill and Chuck ready to make love

After finding the flash drive. Casey and Chuck were in the middle of a argument when the ladies decide to talk. Well Sarah doing most of it.

An Indirect threat

Jill Roberts: Thank you for saving my life. Sorry for not trusting you with Chuck.

Sarah Walker: You want to pay me back?… Don’t hurt him again.

 Jill Roberts: I won’t. I wouldn’t. I care about Chuck.

Sarah Walker: Me, too. It’s my job to protect him… from anything.

However, Jill didn’t get the warning.  The drive was decrypted and while the names were being revealed one particular caught the eyes of both Casey and Sarah.

The Truth about Jill Sarah's connection to Chuck  Broken

While the truth was revealed, another one was discovered. Sarah’s life line to Chuck was disconnected. He left the watch and her behind in Burbank. He left with his ex/new girlfriend, I don’t believe she did the same right? It is amazing going through the scenes , which ex was more important to whom?

Bryce really didn’t whole that much over Sarah. Not when Sarah stepped into the Buymore to clean up Bryce’s mess. Sarah had the chance to be with Bryce again. She can say it was about the assignment, but when someone moved on like Sarah did.  The decision is easy, but actually following through is the hard part.

Sarah debating whether to leave or not All pack and ready to go She stil lwants to be with Chuck

Chuck didn’t have the same way with all to say no. He took off with Jill. Something Sarah wouldn’t believe Chuck would do. However, Chuck didn’t know that Jill was Fulcrum. Sarah didn’t care, Chuck was in danger and the lioness in her was ready to pounce. It also opened the door for her to win Chuck back.

First, Sarah would have to find Chuck, which she did, but she couldn’t stay made at him. Jill being Fulcrum was unexpected, and despite the situation Sarah felt bad for him. He put his trust in her again and she duped him again. Sarah needed to comfort him.

Sarah found Chuck Sarah worried understands the betrayal

As the story unfolds, Jill was ordered by her handler to get close to Chuck with the intentions of finding Bryce. Some how the four would be connected, and the more it went on. The more you saw Jill wasn’t into hurting Chuck, She was following orders.  Sarah wanted to be with Chuck, but was following orders. Gosh, this was fun to go over.

While Chuck was preparing to take down Jill, Sarah again wanted to find a way to have an intimate moment with Chuck. It was not by design, but the opportunity was hard to resist for Sarah.

She wants to kiss him Sarah is a mess

Eventually Jill would be stopped by Team Bartowski. Chuck saw Jill was willing to kill Sarah, which was the final straw for Chuck. As he lured Jill from shooting Sarah. Sarah and Jill will get Chuck’s decision. While he chose Sarah, He would ultimately let Jill get away. It was a good thing because it lead to Barstow, and finally  “Your going to like this”.

Chuck turning Jill in Sarah Watching Chuck arrest Jill Chuck and Sarah back together

Passionate with intimacy

The place Sarah always wanted to be

Its amazing when everything becomes full circle we get to the final conclusion. What started out as Bryce, Jill and Chuck later with Sarah. It would turn out to be Charah getting the best of the exes. A future together inevitable stronger over the course of time. Chuck and Sarah together no matter what.

All I can say is Bryce is one hell of a wing man.




    • Actually, Orion started everything.

      Chuck has his dad to thank. He messed up his life (by giving him something he never thought about – intersect) and by doing so gave him the one thing he always wanted (but never knew) – a fulfilling life with Sarah.

      • yes, I wrote about that. In my article The Path to Prague. The writers were very creative as Orion said “Its over son,” the bombs being dropped in the back of Sarah and Chuck was the way Chuck and Sarah felt. Their dreams went up in flames.

  1. Taking this Jill thing further.

    Chuck had an intersect as a young boy.
    Blame dad who asks his sister to look after him until he goes to college where she cannot follow him. Meanwhile, dad (who has not been seen in years) confides in Bryce. This relationship would be interesting to know more.

    So basically, Chuck was nothing without the intersect, which explains his hacking skills and other abilities – like the tests at college.

    Bryce picks up the gauntlet where Ellie left off and introduces him to Jill.
    Jill believes Chuck cheated on his tests.
    She drops Chuck on orders from fulcrum and goes with bryce.

    So no, I don’t like Jill. She was being controlled right at the outset. She wanted to be controlled, she admitted to the lure of fulcrum. So she was after the easy life.

    As she was fulcrum even before she met Chuck. Bryce knew Jill, so did Jill try to get on with Bryce (target for fulcrum) in the first place and settle with Chuck to stay close to Bryce?

    She lied on the lie detector. Something she said she would not do, so she lied twice (at least).

    Based on this, was the meeting at the Biology Conference by chance or was this created by Fulcrum?

    Remember, during this entire phase she was dating Chuck, upsetting Sarah and briefing/de-briefing Fulcrum all at the same time. Which implies she is a good enemy agent and therefore – not a nice person.

    Yes, she did not kill Chuck but she would happily kill Sarah.

    Also, her Uncle saw off a previous suitor at the pretend wedding. She seemed to have no issue with that.

    You cannot get moralistic about killing people. You either are a killer or you are not a killer. Even Sarah/Casey said that.

    Jill went to a top college so she was used to having a good family life with stability. She could obviously afford the cost of education as well. Jill was a manipulator and a killer. She has never shown remorse or upset for it. However, Sarah had a crap childhood, no stability, no real parents to speak of and did know the difference between right and wrong – often telling casey to no kill shots and preferring hand to hand combat to a gun.

    So no, Jill was something best out of Chuck’s life.

    Sarah was jealous of Jill but more than this, I don’t think Sarah threatened her for purely personal motives. Sarah had a gut feeling or bad vibe about Jill. Jill was bad news – and she was right. Good job she didn’t find her in Chuck’s bedroom.

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