Calling For New Chuckaholics Authors and Contributors.

Help Wanted

Over the course of the last month I have been contemplating on new ideas for Chuckaholics.  While I love working on this site because its fun and I have also met interesting people, I want to create an environment where there is more than just one voice. Since January, I have written over 50 articles, and now I feel the site is established enough where i would like to recruit people to join the website.

Expenses are not an issue. I will fit the bill. I have no problem doing so. After all Chuck is by far my favorite show. I can’t envision going too many days without watching an episode. The fact that it also helps me feed Olivia makes that more special. I think since she has been able to eat solids I have watched the pilot umteen times. Sure it sounds like a lot, but as my mother always said “You do whatever it takes.”

Let me explain what I mean about adding people to the site. I want people that are passionate like me. I want people who like to blog and want to write about the show that we all love. i want to share this amazing site with people who care. Its not just about a movie either. Its about talking about Chuck and Sarah. Its analysing scenes that makes us cry, laugh and filled with jubilation.  Its reminiscing on how the writers screwed up or whatever is on your mind.

Writing articles are not the only thing this site provides. I know there are a lot of scenes that need to be added to the scene pages. I know there are music that people like that have better odds of getting . I am not asking for articles to be published every day. I am not looking for English Majors either. I am looking for passionate Chuck fans that want to get their voice out there and be involved with my project. The only rule I have is keep it clean and respectful..

So if you are interested and feel like its something you want to do. Please email at

I want both men and women, and the younger generation are always welcome. People from Japan and Europe and any other country out there are more than welcome to join as well.  A European point of view is just as good as an American.  It would be nice if we had some Australian writers in honor of Yvonne’s home country.

 Roles for The Taking

Now that the proposal is out there,  I want to discuss what I am looking for. I am looking for writers and people that know all things Chuck  out there that can make this site even better. I know of Yvonne sites, but not too familiar with Zachary sites or Adam Baldwin. As Much as I love Sarah Walker, she wasn’t the only person on the show.

I want writers that have no problem going back to the pilot and writing their take on the episode and republishing the article. Debate with me whether they liked my point of view or not.  I want to create an experience for everyone to feel excitement when they visit Chuckaholics. As I mentioned at the top, I am not expecting an article every day. It took me three days to write Chuck and Sarah vs The Exes, and  a new series requires a lot of time as well. Chuckaholics is not going anywhere. The more variety I have on this site the more people will continue to visit.

If I write all the articles soon I will run out of ideas and or writers block will kick in. People will also get tired of me paint a pretty picture of Shaw or Sarah hehe. There is still so much to talk about and that is my biggest fear. I use to be a poet, but a writer’s version of a suppression device has wiped out that portion of my creativity.  So, those that want to do what I do, you are more than welcome to join. Write at your own pace.

I also want to make it clear. People that want to write articles should not fear that I will take articles down, If you wrote it, its yours. I won’t step in unless I feel the content is too vulgar or filled with profanity. We have to keep in mind the age of those that might visit the site.  You can write the articles, add the pictures do what you will with the articles. If you want me to add to the article, I have no problem doing so, but again its your article.

I also want to invite my followers to join, and be contributors. If you follow you can contribute to the site or have say. Chuckaholics has become for everyone and anyone. So, if you feel like you want to take the leap of faith and join me on my quest to make Chuckaholics an amazing site please email me at

There is one small favor I ask. please put in the subject line Chuck, so I know its a request to join Chuckaholics.  I also ask for a location of where your from and a small sample of writing, Its not to see how well your grammar is. Its more so I can see your style.  The location is for the targeted viewership. So those that want to try this please join me. Send me an email and I will grant you access.

Lets create a special site that will be remembered. Let’s go on this journey together . If you don’t want to email me, you can also reach me on my twitter account.  Chuckaholics is my twitter name.

I look forward to working with those that want to join.


* Please note my cell phone is on the fritz right now, If I don’t respond back to you. its because I have no access to a computer. I will respond to everyone that emails me Always remember its hard to say goodbye to something we never did.






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