A Letter to Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski

In life people are treated to experiences that are hard to erase from the mind. Sometimes we reflect on those images and say what did I just watch. There are very few times when people can say the characters that are being portrayed overtake the personality of the performer. For me, I believe in that. The best example is Heath Ledger, and his role as the joker, which basically killed him.

Heath Ledger

Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski, I am writing to you to not only thank you for your excellent storytelling, but to also let you know that for 91 episodes of Chuck. I was able to watch two characters come to life. It was like watching reality television but better.

Two characters that transcended acting. You can’t mention Chuck without Sarah and vise versa The ability to make men. women and children cry. whether song  like Rivers and Roads or a simple phrase like “My Chuck” , rhey represented an emotional connection between the fans and the actors who performed the scene. The driving force of a man and woman coming together by sheer destiny was remarkable.whether it be fictional or not.

When I found  Chuck.  I never thought I would want more from two characters like I do from Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker. The truth is Sarah Walker’s emotions and Chuck’s gestures ascended a love story to become special. It makes all the sappy love stories written in literature and hollywood seem ordinary.

I have read people complain about  how the show ended, I have also voiced my dismay for the conclusion, but its not because I was happy to see the show end. Its because I never wanted it too. While the numbers weren’t there at times. It has nothing to do with you guys, its more about poor planning and execution that did the show in.

What I don’t like is watching the work of two extraordinary actors get wiped away because creators want to leave an impact or do something clever. The impact my friends was watching two characters go on a journey in finding each other. Its watching two characters fall in love and learning from each other like true couples do.

This Letter Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski is to thank you for your dedication and hard work in bringing two characters to life. Its forgetting that Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker are fictional characters, but the reality is they are real. They live inside  many people across the world. The love you two delivered are what is supposed to happen in relationships, and for that I thank you The story should be inspirational to all those that get to experience true love.

While i understand that all good things must come to an end, it doesn’t mean we want it too. The tears I saw from Yvonne during the closing moments of the series was like watching my sister cry when Friends ended. Its a ride that eventually has to stop, but the disappointment on how it ended is what hurts the most. Zac and Yvonne did not deserve a send off like they did. They deserved better. They deserved a Sam Malone type ending. Ted Danson standing alone in his bar as everyone else left is ideal way to go out. Sam’s love was the bar. Chuck and Sarah’s love was to each other. It was nice to see the two end the series, and maybe a kiss did the trick, but the viewer and the ones who did the work should be treated better.

Norman said it best, “You never walk away from your one true love.” Sarah and Chuck never walked away from each other. The definition of finding your one true love, Sarah needed Chuck and he needed her. No matter how far they parted, they soon would end up back together. Its what I love the most, and understanding that notion has begun softening my disdain for Chuck vs the Goodbye.

When Sarah Walker walked into the Buymore to when Chuck talked about little kids with capes on them, we all can sit back and say I saw that journey and I lived it through your work. This is what I thank you for. Its why I wish for more scenes between you two. Whether it be Chuck or a new project. We know you two have chemistry on screen and we need to see that chemistry at least for one more ride.

Picture a boxer asking for that one more fight. Chuck fans want more Zac and Yvonne moments. Its why we get excited when Yvonne said she would be at Nerd HQ, we get to see you two together again. Its why the expression bringing the band back together means so much.

Think about this for every Chuck and Sarah moment, there are people smiling, laughing or crying. its remembering the raw emotion delivered from scenes like these.

The scenes above are prime examples why Chuck fans love you. Its because you delivered and we received. Its why Chuck fans return the favor by supported Nerd HQ or watching Yvonne on 24. No matter what TRUE CHUCK FANS have Charah’s back. Its the appreciation factor of watching great talent, but for some of us it means so much more.

It would be hard to fathom for a lot of us to be in the presence of great people, if I could count on one hand great people. you two would be on that list. My bucket list consists of meeting the two people that I admire the most.

I hope this letter reaches your eyes, but if it doesn’t that is ok too. I share this letter with all Chuckaholics, and would like to believe they feel the same. After all Charah is Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski and they are Chuck and Sarah. when they are Separated they are great, but together they are magical.

In closing, Thank you, Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski. You are truly have captured the hearts of millions of Chuckaholics, but most of all thank you for this.

Passionate with intimacy








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