Chuck vs The Ex

As season two continues to roll on, someone from Chuck’s past will resurface. Someone who would destroy his mojo. Another person from Chuck’s  ghost from Stanford’s past, and the person happened to be Jill Roberts. The very person that Chuck has vilified. Jill was the one who destroyed him just much as Bryce did.

This would not only be a test for Chuck, but for Sarah as well. I have grown to enjoy this story line more and more when I see it, and i shall share my theory on Chuck vs The Ex

Main Story

After an excellent ending to Chuck vs Tom Sawyer, we open this episode with a flashback, Chuck returned to the scene of the crime. He was acting like a stalker ex, when he called Jill 28 times and drove up to Stanford. If that is not the definition of being a stalker. I don’t know what. Jill’s friend appeared out of the window and tried to tell Chuck (Dressed in Buymore Green) that if she didn’t pick up the 28 times he called, why would she want to see him.

Chuck was able to get Jill to appear out the window. Jill Roberts, was played by Jordana Brewster (Fast & The Furious) She told Chuck it was over, and soon Chuck would learn that Jill was with Bryce. A trip to Stanford for nothing.

Back at the Buymore, While Chuck was sitting at the Nerd Herd Desk,  he was listening to his Jill playlist. Iggy Pop’s Pumping for Jill was the song being played. Emmett  brought Chuck back to present time, and instructed Chuck of a technical support job at the Sheraton. While Chuck was fixing a computer, he looked up and spotted Jill walking towards him. She was delayed enough for Chuck to hide underneath the desk.

Man: Is there a problem? [Chuck hides under desk]

Chuck: Can you tell me if the attractive, brown eyed, slightly egg headed brunette with an extremely cold heart is still here?

Man: She’s here; why, who is she?

Chuck: Jill Roberts, my ex-girlfriend. She broke my heart. I need-I need a diversion; would-would it be a terrible imposition for you to pull the fire alarm?

Jill: Hi, I’m Dr Jill Roberts. Is there someone who can help me with the tech requirements for my lecture?

Man: Under the desk.

Jill looked underneath the desk, and found Chuck. Chuck and Jill exchange pleasantries. Jill’s boss Guy Lafleur walked up to the both of them. Chuck would flashed on him.  Chuck reported the flash to his team, and  we are off.

Sarah Finding Out Jill Is In Town
Sarah Finding Out Jill Is In Town

Sarah Expression said it allWhat I find endearing in this scene was Sarah, while we are discovering how Yvonne Strahovski was mastering her character’s expressions. What Sarah was showing was both her personal and professional parlous in this scene. She knew Jill being in town is trouble for her personally and professionally. she would have to sit through another one of Chuck’s dates. It has a very similar feel to this scene doesn’t it?

Sarah seeking the attention of Chuck Trying to maintain professionalismAt this point in the story, Sarah’s actions in Tom Sawyer are confirmation on her part that there are feelings between the two. It is also two weeks in a row of Charah behaving like a real couple. The cover was masking the real relationship. They could deny it, but the viewer can see the transformation was in play. Sarah was put into a position that would require strong will not to stir suspicion from General Beckman, her feelings for Chuck were more than just a cover and it would spell disaster if the general grew suspicious.

Chuck: When you say “reconnect” you mean send her an email or invite her to be my new Facebook friend, right?

 Beckman: Call her at her hotel and make a date! See if you flash on anything she says or anyone you meet.

Chuck: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, a date with my ex? No, General, that-that is a terrible idea. You see she broke my heart; she destroyed me; she took all of my confidence, my mojo!

Casey: You had mojo?

Chuck: I was on my way, oh, and by the way she slept with Bryce Larkin.

Casey: Huh. Who hasn’t? [looks at Sarah]

Sarah: Look, Chuck. I know Jill hurt you, but maybe seeing her will give you the closure that you’ve always wanted. You have done a lot for the CIA and we’re going to make you look good.

Casey: Look on the bright side, now you can get your mojo back!

Chuck and Sarah are again forced to endure another mission reluctantly. Agent Walker may not mind doing the assignment, but girlfriend Sarah hates it. However, the agent inside of her takes over and calmed Chuck down by saying  maybe going out with Jill would give him the closure he needed. In essence, She would never assume there would be a relationship spurring from Chuck and Jill having dinner together. Or could there be?

Dinner for two (Three?)

There are three things about the dinner scene that standout for me. First, Sarah once again has to play professional, while inside she is dying. Lou was one thing, a non factor if  you will. There are distinct differences and even an inexperience person in normalcy has issues with an ex being back in town.  For Sarah, she will experience what Chuck went through with Bryce. The difference is Chuck voiced his dismay, Sarah has no choice but to keep it inside. General Beckman made the order, and they have to follow it, including Ms. Walker.

Happy Sarah
All Smiles For Chuck
Conflicted Sarah
I have MY Eyes On You..No Smiles Here

 The opening part with Chuck driving a Ferrari, a car he clearly was struggling with was very funny, but the slap he gave the host (Casey) was even funnier. Everyone in the restaurant was CIA. The “looking good Mr. Bartowski” was impressing Ms. Roberts, but wait it gets better. The waitress is none other then Mrs. Walker.

A quick recap  for minute. Sarah has been on two of Chuck dates so far, and the last time we had this.

The girlfriend from within has surfaced
In Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami Sarah Was On The Sidelines Looking In

For someone who was not familiar with what she was feeling,  the concept of having to be on Chuck’s date can be frustrating. It makes the deepest cover come to surface. Hence, Casey pointing out in Imported Hard Salami,  her reputation of mixing business with pleasure came to light. However, Sarah was in the van in Hard Salami.  The luxury of interfering was there for the taking.

This is my man

Here in Chuck vs The Ex, Sarah does not have that opportunity. she has to be in the dining room. She has to witness something that she feared deep inside. Jill admitting things could of been handled better between Chuck and herself. While Chuck in annoying fashion wallowed in  past misery, Sarah was dealing with her own issues, and we have come to the second thing that happened in this scene.

Chuck begins to point out issues within their “Cover Relationship.” I wonder how long has Chuck kept it in? Its not like Bartowski to not speak up, but since there was nothing in disclosing it easier. Here was the difference between the two characters. In a nutshell, we have Sarah who by Bryce’s own words was never very good at expressing herself. Chuck was different wasn’t he. It didn’t take Chuck long to bring up yesterday’s past. He dived right in, “I needed you to believe me then…made a convincing argument to dump me and hope into his bed.”   Jill’s look and actions told me something about her but more on that in a minute.

Sarah listening in knew it was time to make the save, which she did. This is the part where we get the first of two issues that bother Chuck about the “Cover Relationship.”  The Bryce Remark Hurts Sarah too

Sarah not too happy with Chuck right now Sarah trying to be comforting

Chuck said, “I am not like you Sarah, I can’t turn my emotions off and on like some robot.” The remark made Sarah know what he was thinking, and Sarah expressed her concern for hearing it. It was a very chilling memory of what happened a year ago. We shall discuss this shortly.

First time Chuck voiced his opinion on their relationship

How long has Chuck been feeling like this is the question on Sarah’s mind, While he does apologize for the remark, but its out there and there was nothing taking it back. When Chuck gets back to the table, the charmful Chuck we know he can be makes an appearance. Right away Jill was taken by it, and said “Good because I like this Chuck Bartowski better.” Which comes to the third thing I noticed in this scene.

At this point,  Jill didn’t know the true identity of Chuck, She only saw him the same way Sarah did back in the Pilot.  A charming nerd, who had the notorious habit to make women fall for him. Shoot, he made Carina hit on him in Chuck vs The Wookie for peepsake. Jill here has bumped into her former boyfriend, and there was a spark. Time apart  would do that right? This would be bit off topic, but Jill’s intention was never to hurt Chuck, she was only following her handler’s orders  Thus, she may have lied about them having a future again, but does the lie have to be about them or the fact that she was stuck with Fulcrum. It sounds the same as his current girlfriend Sarah does it not? I was astonished by this because I understand Sarah’s position on the Handler/Asset concept, but why shouldn’t I understand Jill’s reason.

All of this happened in the dinner scene,  Sarah’s reaction to Jill saying she liked what she was seeing was also telling.  She began to feel she was losing Chuck again. This time to someone who knew the real Charles Bartowski. Sarah this time has stiff competition.

Outside of the restaurant, Chuck was discussing with Jill about her relationship to Guy. She was ready to talk about the bio-weapon, but Jeffster crashed the party, and blew up Chuck’s spot. Thus, Jill realized the whole evening was a work. She left Chuck at the curb.

The situation called for Chuck’s morality to come to light by wanting to apologize to Jill in person. When he gets to the hotel, he can see the spy van, and paid a visit to Casey and Sarah, and someone was not too happy seeing this, and we come up to the next portion of the episode worth analyzing.

Heartbreak Hotel For Sarah

Why is Chuck here

The team doesn’t know why Chuck came to the hotel, but a woman’s intuition would know, and Sarah played it cool. Sarah wanted to confirm her theory, which comes up to the second part of Chuck opening up about the “Cover Relationship.” Chuck goes up to Jill’s room, and tried to replace the faulty bug, and also hoped to apologize to her for the night before antics. For one, we get an acceptance, but for the other we get more revelation.

Chuck arrived at the door and we get three very different reactions. Sarah witnessing Chuck admit he still had feelings for Jill and for Jill, she has begun to realize she still wanted Chuck. A much better love triangle than season one’s love triangle.

Jill: Who is it?

Chuck: It’s the lying, yet well meaning fool who rented a Ferrari last night…

Casey: Ten bucks says she doesn’t open the door for him!

Sarah: Make it twenty and you’re on.

Jill: I don’t want to talk to you Chuck!

Sarah nervous

Chuck: Okay, well, then I’ll do all the talking. I know this may come as a shock to you but I’m here to do something totally crazy and tell you the truth. I still work at the Buy More, and, uh, I still live with my sister and I still have no idea what I’m doing with my life. I guess I just wanted you to think that I was someone special. So, in order to accomplish that I went out and got a new suit and rented a car that I clearly have no idea how to drive because from the second I saw you again I knew that I hadn’t gotten over you yet, Jill. ← Sarah heard this

Jill: Really? You haven’t gotten over me?

Chuck: No…

Jill: Get in here. [Casey pays up bet]

Chuck and Jill kiss

Jill’s kiss was again legitimate. She did it because she was feeling something for Chuck again. The part I love about this scene comes next. The second part has come. Chuck returned to the van and we get a very anxious Sarah on wanting to know what happen. from the time Chuck entered the room, Sarah and Casey were in the dark. Especially Sarah, She didn’t hear the kiss, but she knew before he even said something had happened.

The following scene stills are two of my favorite Sarah moments, its how I got into studying her expressions.

Why are you smiling like that
Why Are You Smiling Like That?
She kissed me
Deja Vu For Sarah

When I first saw this scene I always thought it was the kiss that bothered her, but lets back track for a moment.  It was quite telling of the early part of season 2. Chuck was growing up, and we are witnessing a new Chuck take form. He was beginning to speak up on things that are bothering him, especially the arrangement between him and Sarah. Let’s break down the chain of events that will help understand Sarah in this scene.

A Full Wave of Emotion.

In order to understand Sarah’s expressions, we need to go back to the first break up. Its not the break up that bothered her its what happened next that did. The first break up was a bout through shock and awe. Chuck broke up with her for a valid reason there is no doubt and Sarah initially was shocked by the development.

The Shock hasi numbing affect
The Look Sarah Has Marked The Truth of Her Feelings, If It Was Just A Cover? Why The Look of Shock Agent Walker…..
A state of shock is the result
Are Those Tears Forming In Her Eyes? Yvonne Strahovski Really has Command of Her Character’s Emotions

 Do you remember what Chuck said? Don’t worry I will provide it for you.

 Chuck: I just can’t do this anymore, You know,  the longer we go,  the longer [we keep trying to fool people into thinking we are real couple.] The person I keep fooling the most is me.

Sarah Walker the Girlfriend is born
The Birth of The Real Girlfriend. People Talk About The Ballerina Scene Was When She Fell In Love, But here is where She Wants Chuck For Herself. This Is A Look of revelation.  

Its powerful, but it happened one time. The following episode we get the real Sarah Walker. The woman not the spy that we were growing accustom too. Its why in my opinion, Chuck vs The Truth was such an important episode of the series for Charah. It has more significant impact on Sarah’s feelings. Its watching an inner battle between being professional and still being human.

People always ask when did Sarah fall for Chuck, and in my opinion the pilot offered a glimpse into Sarah’s heart when she witness his interaction with the ballerina. Furthermore, Chuck’s baggage handler line was hook sink and conquered. However, we have to remember that having feelings  often does not mean showing it. In other words, actions speak louder than words. While Lou was a threat, she was more of a mosquito bite.

What we got was a tearful Sarah pleading not to break up. Does it work not at the time.

Real Tears from Sarah Trying to maintain professionalism This is a very different Sarah

We know how this ended, they share a passionate moment, and Lou no longer was interested helped. Its why she was not a threat. She was not what Jill offered, and its why Sarah was worried already.

 then came Chuck vs The Break Up and the maturation process of Chuck has begun. When Bryce came to town, Sarah was not the same woman when he left in Chuck vs The Nemesis,  She has shifted in favor of Chuck, but could Chuck hurt her more than Bryce? Let’s see

While she smiles now she will be in tears shortly Sarah not sure where this is coming from Chuck in the background also is distraught about what was said Even SuperAgent Can Cry Holding back tears

 It is possible let me show you how,

Chuck: Look, we both know how I feel about you so I’m just going to shoot straight. Sarah, you’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you laugh at all of my stupid jokes and have a horrible habit of constantly saving my life. The truth is, you’re everything that I thought I ever wanted and more. And for the last few days all I could think about is our future together. About what it’s going to be like once I finally get the Intersect out of my head; we can be together for real, no fake relationships, no covers, no lies. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that you and I can never have a future together. I fooled myself into thinking that we could but the truth is: we can’t. Because even if we had a real relationship it would never really be real. I’d still never know anything about you, your real name, your home town, your first love, anything. And I want more than that. I want to be able to call you at the end of a bad day and tell you about some funny thing Morgan did and not find out I can’t but I can’t cause you’re off be somewhere in Paraguay quelling a revolution with a fork. I’m a normal guy who wants a normal life. And as amazing as you are, Sarah Walker, we both know that you will       never be normal. ←This line is what hurts Sarah

Sarah: You know, someday when the Intersect is out of your head and you have the life that you always wanted, you’ll forget all about me. [ You won’t either Sarah]

Chuck: I seriously doubt that.

I never knew how important the line “You will never be normal” can be. Not until after the kissing scene with Jill. Chuck has been seeking normalcy too. He has been a spy for a year, and he wanted more than just being a spy. Chuck was able to separate duty with his real life, Something neither Casey or Sarah could do.

So again lets take a look at the scenes and see where we are at.

Chuck breaks up with Sarah  → The girlfriend from within has awaken → Chuck does not want to fool himself anymore.→  Chuck wants a real girlfriend

Chuck breaks up with Sarah again → You will never be normal Sarah→Chuck wants a normal life with a normal woman.

It is funny how I missed the normalcy Chuck was searching for. In Chuck vs the Ex, we get something that we all should of caught on too.

Sarah: Why are you smiling like that?  [Sarah never seen the smile on Chuck’s face before apparently]

Chuck: She kissed me [Jill] [No spy stuff, no lies, just me.] ← Here we have the line that hurts Sarah, in other words, a real woman, a real girlfriend. 

After several rewatches, I noticed twice this season Chuck pointed out the very thing Sarah was searching for. We like to talk about how Sarah never accepted Chuck into her world, What about Chuck has he accept Sarah into his world. Comments like you will “never be normal or no spy stuff no lies.  Have we seen an admission by Chuck’s mind he does not see Sarah as a normal woman.

It makes sense because he  replaced her rather quickly each time he did break up with her. In closing of this scene,   Sarah’s quest for normalcy marked a very uncomfortable situation. Chuck didn’t care about holding his tongue and spoke out loud. she has been called out three times in two years on the subject. Call it what you will, but it is interesting to look at the clues. Chuck was searching for normalcy as well.

Back to the episode,  Chuck would look at the monitor, and saw someone get on an elevator. As Sarah looked at him with a hurt expression, Chuck flashed on the man. It turned out the man was an assassin heading to Guy’s room. Team Bartowski didn’t get to the room in time, Wolf Den threw him out the window crashing down on the spy van. Meanwhile, Chuck put on the headphones, and heard Jill making a phone call.

Jill was speaking to her friend from Stanford, and said she was still attracted to Chuck.  Her friend tried to remind Jill that he only made $10 an hour causing Chuck to interject. It was funny because Chuck said, “Hellllo, its 12.50” What makes it funny was Jill  heard him. It was quite comical watching Chuck try to clean up his mess.

The team takes Jill to Castle for further questioning, but nothing useful came out. Jill defended Guy, and the very reason they were at the conference was to make Guy’s research open to the public. Something Fulcrum did not want. As Casey was ready to tell Jill about giving the lecture despite Guy’s death, Chuck banged on the window. Chuck didn’t want Jill to do it because of the danger it represented.  Sarah had no problem filling in.

Oddly, Chuck didn’t protest to that. It is clear Jill was back in the good graces of Chuck.

I will do the presentation I don’t like this scene because it seems like Chuck was back to being an immature nerd. The other thing that annoyed me was how often Chuck pinned Sarah and Casey against each other. Casey was the ranking officer and often Chuck would go to Sarah like Sarah could do something. It is quite annoying. I digressed

Even as a professional woman Sarah is sexyAt the conference,  Sarah was introduced as Eva Anderson, and Yvonne Strahovski was able to use her real life accent in this scene, which was cool to hear. Casey manned the floor, when a mysterious man entered the room. He sat down and unloaded the virus on the room. Sarah goes after the man, while Casey stayed behind to help the civilians in the room. Casey had no choice but instruct Chuck to get Jill, and do whatever it takes.

Revelation of Truth

 Chuck went to Jill’s hotel, and told her the virus was released at the hotel. Jill wanted to know how Chuck knew about it, and he told her who he was.  At first she didn’t believe him, but when she saw the police were with him. She started to believe him, and went with him to the conference.  They arrive at the hotel, and Jill took charge, She asked for a suit and injected the virus into Chuck. The police didn’t have a suit handy. Jill  told them she would go into the room without one, but Chuck stopped her and told her he would go in.

Jill showed real concern for Chuck. She was worried for Chuck, but it didn’t matter he wanted to be a hero. Chuck went into the room. Casey was not too thrilled in seeing him. Chuck instructed him he had the antidote in him and was prepare to help. However, Casey was too weak to assist and the gun goes crashing to the ground. Chuck quickly told Jill about the mishap, Meanwhile, Jill went to find a new gun and suit.  Inside the room, we have a memorable scene between Casey and Chuck.

Casey and Chuck exchange affection

Chuck thought the antidote could possible be transferred through saliva and proceed to kiss Casey.  Its funny because Chuck’s eyes are closed and Casey’s eyes show a horrified expression. When Jill made it into the room, she saw them. “What are you doing?” Chuck told her about his theory, and she said that’s ridiculous no wonder why you failed biochem.  Meanwhile, Sarah was trailing Wolf Den, and she was able to take him down, but was shock to find out Wolf Den was a CIA Agent. It meant Fulcrum has agents in the CIA.

Jill and Chuck embrace Jill and Chuck share a passionate kiss Sarah stomach is turning inside

Chuck showed bravery and took control of this mission. It is another sign of maturation. It seemed he was trying to impress Jill, and it worked. As the two exited the room, Jill and Chuck exchange a passionate kiss of their own much to the chagrin of Sarah.  For Sarah, it really showed how much Chuck meant to her, jealousy and expression like the one watching  them kiss was very rewarding. We saw what was inside of Sarah. Its not on a video log or while no one was watching. It is a woman watching the man she clearly wants for herself kiss a woman in front of her.

When Lou and Chuck were together, the intimacy was behind close doors. Sarah never witnessed it. While watching them kiss, Sarah knew Chuck was lost again, but how much was the question. which brings me to the final scene of the episode.

While watching Chuck for a season and almost a half. Casey has been the one, who did the surveillance of Chuck. We have seen him listen in on Chuck’s conversations and watch him on video. What we never saw was this.

Sarah has a personal interest in this
Sarah using her Alter Ego Here

Sarah listening in on Chuck and Jill

As an agent, Sarah has the luxury to use her agent persona to listen in on Chuck’s conversation with Jill. It makes me proud because unlike with Lou. Sarah has a personal interest in this new found relationship between them. She is threaten by Jill, and its brought out Sarah the girlfriend out more. It also is the first time Chuck acknowledge that the relationship with Sarah was fake, and with Jill he could have something real.

Its funny how often we overlook information, and once you see the pattern its interesting to see how similar sometimes Chuck and Sarah can be. Since Chuck downloaded the Intersect, he has been seeking normalcy as well. Jill being in town gave him that chance. However, Sarah’s only chance at normalcy was through Chuck, and for the second time. Sarah has to remain professional, and personally she would have to fight for Chuck again.

The beauty of Sarah was she never was afraid to confront her threat. She did it with Lou.  It made Sarah use her agent persona for personal reasons. Good for her. She could express her feelings, she would need to do it again. This time with a serious threat to her both professionally and personally. Stay Tuned…….The Fat Lady is ready to sing.

Ill kill you if you hurt him He's a good guy

In conclusion of the main story,  We have witness tremendous growth from both Chuck and Sarah. Chuck expressing his dismay for the “Fake Relationship.” Sarah’s growth was beginning to show concerns for losing Chuck. Sarah listening in on the conversation only heightens the viewer’s feeling on her love for Chuck. Jill being around made it come out more. Now Sarah has to come up with a way to win back Chuck. She will because faith will bring them back together.

Buymore Story

I didn’t really care for the Buymore story for this episode. It was funny, but you will learn that one or two scenes does not save an episode for me. The Buymore stories sometimes can be done without. Big Mike choking causing for Emmett to institute a CPR course was funny, but not worth a lot of time on.

We get to see Emmett become like Harry Tang,  with more staying power. However, Morgan will put an end to that eventually. Jeffster showing up on Chuck’s date with Jill was funny, but thats it. It does not require a lot of time on.

final thoughts on the episode

As mentioned at the top of the article, Chuck vs The Ex was not one of my favorite episodes. I remember watching this episode the first time through, and said I hope Jill doesn’t last long, but once you see her connection from the beginning, and what we will soon find out. Jill was an important character to the story. It effects Bryce, Sarah and Chuck. Jill also helped decrease the gap between Sarah realizing how much she truly wanted Chuck. For Chuck, we start to see a maturation begin to take form. By voicing his feelings on the “Fake Relationship.” was a big step. He never told Sarah how much he didn’t like it, and indirectly had done so. Jill being back brought it out of him.

Sarah will start to show a shift from strictly agent to gradually becoming a real girlfriend. Great episode for the main story. It brought Sarah the girlfriend out of the closet. The last time we saw her, they shared a passionate kiss.  What will happen this time?

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