Chuck and Sarah Reunite…..A Conversation With Yvonne Strahovski

The place she feels like a womanHollywood often has a cast of characters that give the industry a bad name. There are a lot of them that are not role model. Some are always on the front page making fools of themselves, but there are two people that don’t fit that description. In fact, these two people are inspirations to a lot of people. Through there work, we as fans have created a large family, and we should be embracing the wonderful relationships that have helped in calling them family. Those people that I am referring to is Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski.

I have mentioned on this site, Zac and Yvonne don’t need to say thank you to me or you. We should be thanking them. At least on my part, i am thankful for being able to associate myself with two people that Hollywood should model themselves around. They are gifts and the best part is when the two are together. They are even more magical. They are very special in many ways. It has been over two years since Chuck closed it’s doors, but it does not curb the chemistry these two have. Its like they were cut from the same cloth and whatever it is. It works for them.

It is like a rock band that has been apart for years, and the minute she stepped on stage. it was like old times all over again. It felt like life was paused for in between panels. Nerd HQ was a reunion in more ways then just Chuck, It is a family reunion.

The Nerd HQ Reunion

For those that make disparaging remarks toward Zachary and Yvonne  are missing out on two of Hollywood’s great people. These two are class acts and the more we hear from them the more in love we fall. I will say it again, whether it be on Chuck or in another project we need to see these two perform together again. We need to see more lines like “You are my home Chuck, you always have been.” or ” I love you Sarah Walker,  always have.”

The hearts in these two people are the things that make it easy to follow them, and as Yvonne said “We are all family.” This can’t be further from the truth. We may be a small group, but we are a proud group, and thats what make it so special, and the feeling that its genuine makes it that more rewarding experience.

Another thing I love about Yvonne was her sneakers. Sporting Chucks along side her former Co-Star was really cool, and we were able to see a reunion of cinema’s great characters; Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Bartowski. A lot of support for these two from the crowd, which makes me proud because without these two. There is no Chuck.

While watching them on stage, it was cool to see them jump right in. Chemistry is the definition of these two. Yvonne was brilliant as usual, and some of her answers were fun and the fact that she only goes to San Diego to support Nerd HQ is fantastic. It means she hasn’t forgotten where she came from. She has not forgotten the fans, and its why Yvonne will stay in the hearts of many people.

There is one thing I would like to say about Yvonne, she claimed that she doesn’t want to only portray spies, and I understand her explanation, but there is really nothing wrong with being typecasted. If Stallone and Willis can play the same tough over the edge action stars. Why can’t Yvonne enjoy success as a spy. Will Smith has done tons of alien movies, but do we point out that he is a one trick pony. No, because like Yvonne. Its what will make him money. Clint Eastwood for years was known as a western actor. This of course was until he did Dirty Harry.

Yvonne’s bread and butter is being a CIA Agent. As Casey once said ” She’s a spy, and she is good at it.” and Yes he said this in reference to Chuck, but Yvonne played two spies well. I am not complaining that’s for sure

Team Bartowski at Nerd HQ 2012 Zac and Sarah at there best Chuck and Sarah back together again A Great Ovation For Great People

One of the things i was pumping on Twitter was giving them a standing ovation when fans saw her come on stage. As a Chuck loyalist, it was a nice round of applause. The fan engaged and were up to date on all her work, which was great to hear. Yvonne was engaging with the fans, and even took the time to dance on stage. I saw a quote on Twitter I agree with after watching them on stage today, how do you not go back and watch Chuck and Sarah again.

I like her down to earth demeanor, the girl that likes to only wear sneakers and T’Shirts, which makes you appreciate and respect her low key lifestyle. She can fill out a dress with the best of them, and even look good dressed down. In fact, she looks good with a piece of cold meat on her face. (Chuck vs The Cougars.)

In closing. We were able to watch all three members of Team Bartowski, and while people love Adam Baldwin. Chuck and Sarah are the reason we watch the show. Yvonne and Zac are the reason Chuckaholics are all over the world. I know my goal for next year is to make a trip to SDCC and get me some Nerd HQ. Great Job, Zac  You do put on a great show.

For those that want to see the conversation visit and type in A Conversation with Yvonne Strahovski. Please make sure you include the year  2014. I also provided a link to the conversation under the links titled The Nerd Machine Links.





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