The Chuckaholics Vision

Why Chuckaholics was Created

When I wake up in the morning, I begin to wonder how am I going to get through the day. I start with drinking some Folgers coffee and turn to my beautiful daughter and it dawns on me. Since she likes Chuck, how about watching the pilot. Before i can even blink my daughter is watching Bryce do his thing. It also helps during feeding time as well.

Don’t touch the computer when the little ballerina is dancing, you may get the evil eye from Olivia. One episode of Chuck becomes 5 and before I know it I am ready to start season 2.

Before my daughter was born, I would watch a whole season in one day sometimes one day and a half. I wanted to see people’s opinions on episodes and in particular if Sarah was ever going to let another woman have her Chuck. While on other sites there were opinions. I never was satisfied with those thoughts. Its the main reason i wrote  The Jealousy of Sarah Walker; Sarah Walker Vs Agent Walker Part 2

I thought of Chuckaholics as a place to keep everything together. I wanted to make it a place where music, scenes and photos from the show could all be seen all on one site. Kind of like a one stop shop if you will. Have you ever asked yourself, I wanted to see the scene the author was talking about. I thought rather than make the reader open up another window, provide the scene, I thought it would help with keeping focus on the article.

Evolution of Chuckaholics Clubhouse

However, that has all changed. I have a purpose for Chuckaholics, and that is to unite all Chuck fans. The vision is simple really. No science to it. I don’t plan on knocking off liquor sores or smacking up women. What I envision is something more beautiful than that. More enchanting and most importantly a fix for the Chuck drug it can be.

Its writing letters to Yvonne and Zac online hoping it catches their eyes. and welcoming them to Chuckaholics as members of the family. It was so nice to hear Yvonne say “we are a family.” It means she reads the tweets. I know people want a Chuck movie or new season, but we have to be realistic. Zac said it  best on Thursday, “The best we can do is wait.” Zac and Yvonne are not the problem. The powers that be are and that doesn’t seem like its going to change anytime soon.

What I want is to take a Chuck fan from Japan and A chuck fan from Mars and  bring them together on a ride through Chuck. Relive Charah moments that will survive the test of time because we keep talking about it. Think about this, every day people are discovering the show, and that is great. The more established blogs are well known and aren’t going anywhere. I plan to stick around for a long time and go on the magical ride with all the new Chuckaholics. I never need an excuse to breakout the dvds or watch on Netflix.

The only problem is I only watch 88 1/2 episodes. I can’t watch Chuck vs Sarah because its watching two people I love dearly split apart. Its watching an awesome bad guy be wasted away on the final 4 episodes. As soon as Sarah puts on the Intersect glasses, its back to season one I go.

Zac and Yvonne put in too many long hours and spent a lot of time building two great characters, and watching them break apart on screen is too much pain for the heart. I have begun to understand Chuck vs The Goodbye, but it doesn’t mean it hurts any less. Thus, I love debating the issue with Gary because its fun and keeps the show in people’s minds. its an American talking to someone from Canada, which is my vision in a nutshell. We are all Chuck fans, and while we tend to disagree on certain issues, its all the same we both love Chuck.

Its why I wanted to change the concept of Chuckaholics. Its because of the discussions I am trying to create on this site.


Chuckaholics vision

What i want for Chuckaholics is to talk about scenes like this one.

The Shock hasi numbing affectEveryone has an opinion on the scene, and for me Chuck vs The Truth is the episode that gets the ball rolling for Charah. The Ballerina helped crack the ice around Sarah’s heart, but actions often speak louder than words, and once Sarah saw Chuck with Lou. It was the birth of Sarah the Real Girlfriend.

Sarah Walker the Girlfriend is bornLet;s use Chuckaholics has a platform to discuss Chuck. Twitter is nice but not everyone uses the social network. Chuckaholics is a toy for everyone to play with. Enjoy it, what do you have to lose we all are not English Majors here so don’t let proper English hold you back. We are Chuck fans that have a love for a show that gave us 91 episodes of laughing, crying and jubilation. We argue over scenes because we are passionate about the same subject. Its fun and above anything else. Its entertaining for those that get the most out of it.

Let’s use Chuckaholics as a place to voice our want of a new movie, but don’t forget the commitment of those that love Chuckaholics. Don’t forget that Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin and Yvonne Strahovski are members of this family just as much as the fans. After watching Yvonne , I realized how many people in the audience were engaging in the conversation, and most of all so were Charah. We owe to ourselves to create a clubhouse for ourselves, which is the very mission of Chuckaholics.

Real Tears from SarahWhat i love most about Sarah is her expressions. They are amazing because you feel for her. The scene above is from Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami, and what is fun about this episode is we see the post awakening of Sarah the girlfriend. Those that are new to Chuckaholics please read the series Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker to understand the Sarah the girlfriend reference.

Imagine what it would be like to call Chuckaholics a clubhouse, A virtual clubhouse that Chuck fans can call home. I have been thinking about new ways to get the word out there. Even to influence enough steam to attract the people from the show because of them, there is no Chuckaholics.

So, join me and my one year old daughter on creating a Chuck universe. A place for all Chuck fans to come and hang out. I don’t want much in return, All I want is for everyone to enjoy themselves. Relive every moment, and if anyone has ideas or their own perspective on Chuck they would like to share with the rest of us please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Together Chuck fans are special, its why Chuckaholics was created. The message is clear. This site is for all Chuck fans new and old. Whether you love “My Chuck” or cry when they said goodbye. Chuckaholics is about creating a virtual family. No need to thank me, thanking me is by joining me on making my vision come true.

in closing, I started this site back in January, and I didn’t expect a turn out like I have been getting and I wanted to thank everyone, who has come to Chuckaholics. I have reached over 5,000 views and its because of all of you.

Again thank you, remember chuck fans separated are great fans, but together we can create a magical feel.,and its all because of scenes like these.

Acting at its bestThe very act that started this journey








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