What A Weekend It Was For Chuck Fans

Starting last Thursday, Zachary Levi had his annual Nerd HQ event in sunny San Diego, The home of San Diego Comic Con. The event is designed to bring celebrities and fans a chance to mingle together. Earlier this year, Zac had arranged a campaign giving the fans a chance to raise money for the event. The fans came out swinging somewhat, and because of the contributions. This year’s event was just as special. Fans sold out each panel and raised money for a great cause called Operation Smile.

If you could not make it to San Diego, the opportunity to watch online was free, and could be done on Youtube, The Nerd Machine had a channel, which provided the live streaming feed. so, the question then why was it a great weekend for Chuck fans, well starting on Thursday, The event kicked off with Zac and he talked for an hour long. He answered several questions including a potential Chuck Movie. He did confirm several times over the weekend that he wanted to do a Chuck movie, but it will take time for the powers that be to sign off on such project. However, he ruled out a chance for a series reboot.

We also got to see our favorite colonel appear, Adam Baldwin aka John Casey hung out with the fans twice.  The first time was to promote The Last Ship, and the second was a solo conversation, but with surprised guest on that panel as well. In my review of Baldwin, he is a very smart and engaging person. Its not the first time either. Adam can be followed on Twitter (@AdamBaldwin) and his past Nerd HQ panels are awesome as well.


He is very funny, and gave substantial answers to questions from the fans. Casey and Chuck reunion could not be undone right? It was like old times. I will post the video under the Nerd HQ Link section of the website.

Two members of Team Bartowskis was great, but would there be room for another member of Team Bartowski? You betcha.

Chuck and Sarah back together 2014 Chuck and Sarah back together again

Yvonne Strahovski aka Sarah Walker. also made two appearances on the panel. Once, she went solo. The second time with a group of amazing women. The panel was called Bad Ass Women. Zac’s real wife would be on the panel as well. What a lucky guy, a real and fictional wife on stage. Yvonne much like Adam loves to come to Nerd HQ. Not only for the panels and cause, but for the dance party they have. The party is not just for the celebrities either. The fans are encouraged to attend as well.

The event is quite enuring for those that love to mingle with the people of Hollywood. The party is free so there is usually a large turn out for it.

So, as you can see. Chuck fans were in there glory this weekend. Team Bartowski coming together is one thing, but Charah sitting on stage and taking questions together was a sight for sore eyes. Some of the responses that Yvonne gave were highlighted in “Chuck and Sarah Reunited…A Conversation with Yvonne Strahovski. It was fun and also rewarding because Zac and Yvonne both recognized that the Chuck fan base is more of a family rather than just fans in love with a show.

Yvonne said it herself, ” We are a family.”  It gives more reason for the fans to love these three people. We follow them throughout their careers, and for some of us, its the only way we can be connected to them. Sometimes the only way to a person is through their work. Yvonne, Zac and Adam are all people that fans consider family, which makes seeing them together so thrilling. The only thing that would of been nice would be a Team Bartowski Panel, but we saw one better a Charah panel.

Nerd HQ overall was a great event, I also was very surprised by how kind Nathan Fillion is. The amount of money he raised by auctioning off stuff was amazing, but also showed he was on point with the reason for the event.

All the money raised was for Operation Smile. Those children need the money, it showed how much of a heart Zac has to organize this kind of  event. I have read elsewhere that Nerd HQ is rewarding because its an experience everyone should have. I already started to save.


Back to Yvonne and Zac, Yvonne also said she doesn’t come to San Diego too much. She only comes to spend time with the fans, who she said are dear to her. I also loved her appearance with the other women. She was different on that panel than her solo one, but she was just as engaging.

In Closing, Whenever the gang gets back together, Chuck fans get excited. We love the people and want to see them more. Chuckaholics would love to have a sit down interview with them, and if that chance comes. I will let you know. I am planning to come up with a plan for it to happen.

Please look under the Nerd HQ Links for the Youtube links for the conversations. They are all worth the time watching them.





  1. Hey Chris…. do you want to discuss Yvonne’s hypocritical statements on the Bad Ass Women’s panel, or is that too delicate a matter for you ?? I’m surprised no one called her out on them.
    It was a typical women’s panel, IMHO….lots of talk about what’s wrong with the industry, with only cosmetic suggestions on improvements…along with typical negative comments on men in general. I’ve heard the same crap for 50+ years …

    Yvonne’s panel, on the other hand, was a refreshing look at her life as an actress ( or female actor, I suppose). It revealed what makes her truly beautiful, IMHO.

    • I agree she was speaking tongue and chhek about undressing after all in Chuck she was in her underwear a lot. no one is perfect but it does not hurt my opinion on her
      her role on Dexter as well as I think about it I find things like that not an issue because everyone does it even Zac did it

  2. Don’t think it was tongue in cheek… She said she’d like to see an end to gratuitous bra and panty scenes. She understands the need for nude or partial nude scenes to move some stories forward, but the gratuitous scenes are, well, gratuitous. She also agreed with the other panelists that woman need to be true to themselves. However, in many of her magazine shoots, there is nothing but gratuitous nudity or partial nudity…. Her “bra and panty” trope that she ranted about. Plus those shoots were not being true to herself…. In some if her later magazine/news articles in which she is glammed up, she later explains that it is not really her… She prefers jeans and boots, etc. that is definitely not being true to yourself…
    So I don’t understand her role on the panel. If she is just going to sell herself as eye candy, how does that help women in Hollywood get taken more seriously ? Missy and Ming Na complained of the roles offered as “babes” and ” hookers”…. But if young actresses sell themselves as Yvonne has done, why wouldn’t a producer offer eye candy roles to these women? And would she suggest young actresses get more ” exposure” in magazines in order to promote themselves? Seems counterproductive to what the panel was all about.

    • I wondered her decision in saying things like that. Maybe she wanted to sound just as intelligent as the other two. She did do better when she was solo. Maybe being on the panel made her tighten up did you notice Sofie Turner didn’t speak at all. it seemed like Retta Missy Morrison and Ming were the ones talking up a storm. Yvonne didn’t talk too much either. I think she just wanted to fit in. Whatever the case maybe I found her answers to be very cliche in a sense.

      • Most answers to combat misogyny in Hollywood ( or anywhere) are cliche . Unfortunately the YouTube video stalled just after she did her little rant, so I’ve never seen the whole panel . There was a lot of head bobbing going on…. Their mothers were their role models, men are to blame, etc.,etc. I thought Retta was the most interesting and insightful of all the panelists… And the funniest, but she comes from a comedy background. Missy was the most straightforward, but, wow…. The mouth on her!! And she’s even more hyperkinetic than Zac !!! But she was also the most bitter of all the panelists…. Probably because she doesn’t have the acting pedigree the others had.
        Anyway, you know I love Yvonne, but even her tweet afterwards about the “struggles” they all went through kinda rang hollow. I mean, what struggles did that girl EVER have in her career ? Looks, talent and Chuck …. along with peeling the laundry for magazines, pretty well ensured her success. However, she is coming to the end of the “pretty young thing” stage of her career. Hopefully meatier roles will be in the offing for her.

      • Keifer. Endorsing her only helps but if she has been typecast as a agent nothing wrong with it Adam Balwin is always playing a colonel or second in command it works for them Stallone and Statham don’t do anything but action

  3. I don’t know if she’s been typecast….yet. All I’m saying is that women in their 30’s start disappearing from the “pretty girl” roles. 24LAD was a good step forward, though one dimensional.
    Yvonne hasn’t done anything to change the plight of the young ingenues coming up behind her though. And I think that was the purpose of the Badass Women’s panel.

    • I wouldn’t typecast her either, She only has played an agent twice. She does like to mix it up.and while she is climbing the ladder of the age of 30. if angelina jolie can play action roles late in her thirties so can yvonne if she chooses. BTW it don’t think it matters what Yvonne is wearing or looking she is naturally beautiful so makeup and dresses only enhance her beauty also they announced Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2 so Angelina will be doing action films into her 40s

      HOnestly, something bothered me about the badass panel. Don’t you think the women didn’t mesh well. Sofie Turner answered two questions and thats was because the whole panel answered. They asked a question I would pose to you if i started a badass panel and had to include 6 women here is my list.

      Yvonne Strahovski, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale all of these women can perform in actions flicks and are believe about I just saw Lucy and Scarlett can act.

      but it still doesn’t change how I feel about Yvonne, She is still a great person.

      • Oh yeah…. Yvonne is special. And I think her solo panel showed the real Yvonne. The rest of that stuff we see is not the real Yvonne, and she now readily admits it. But that is the definition of “not being true to yourself.” She did everything the panel had determined young actresses shouldn’t “have” to do to get ahead. I truly doubt Yvonne rides around on a motorcycle with tight leather pants and a bra, smoking a cigarette. But if you pose like that in an article that ” introduces you to Yvonne Strahovski”, what message is that sending? And do you really find that more beautiful than Yvonne laughing and smiling with messy hair and no makeup, as she did for her solo panel? I’ll take the natural Yvonne every single time !

      • At that point in her career she had no choice her agent push these projects couldn’t afford saying no not established. Enough I just thought of something

        We she first signed on to do Chuck she came alone from Australia no friends or family I can relate to the struggle because I witnessed it a former college. came from Germany the same way to work it was difficult for her to adjust to not having anyone around so in a sense u can understand that could be a struggle for her

  4. LOL- she was working 18 hour days on Chuck, so not much time for socializing!! Besides, the Chuck cast were (& are) very close…. That was her American family. I mean, she was planning on coming over, so it wasn’t an unexpected move. And she “was” established when Chuck got renewed. In any case, the panel was trying to address these types of things…… Agents, producers, directors and casting directors stereotyping women in bimbo roles, etc. I think the consensus was to take control of your career and don’t compromise your principles. Not sure that is the tack that Yvonne is taking still.

    • I was thinking this morning with all the problems other celebrities in Hollywood have. if hypocritical answers is all we complain about with Yvonne, I like her odds

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