gallery The Master Of Expressions: Yvonne’s Mastery of Sarah Walker

Over the course of the next few weeks, I would like to introduce a new series of articles that will exhibit the talents of our favorite actress Yvonne Strahovski. During Yvonne’s run on Chuck, we were treated to a masterful performance of expression and facial gestures that made the message clear.

Some say she should of expressed herself more about her feelings for Chuck. The problem my friends was she did we just didn’t notice. Each article will go over the series as a whole and showcase her many expressions that we often look past starting with season one. Furthermore, I will break it down even further with only 4 episodes per article. We shall begin with her best feature, Her Jealousy and Impulsiveness was what I loved most about her.

Season One Expressions

Sarah becoming Charmed Away

We can’t begin Season One without looking back at the Pilot. While there were no expressions of Jealousy or Impulsiveness. We get the birth of an interested Agent. However, Interest and attraction are not enough for an agent who is worried about protocol to act on them. An agent would soon become a normal woman with one simple line. An inadvertent line spoken by Chuck, “Baggage Handler” was the ice breaker.

Sarah having good time for a change The Baggage Handler Result

As you can see, Agent Walker was losing the battle hiding normal Sarah. She was having fun, and one could tell, it looked like it was a long time coming. A fresh smile follow by a astonished look of approval. The second picture is what told me she was totally into Chuck, but does that constitute she was in love. Maybe for some, but for me its still not enough to get her to act. Sure she wanted to protect him, but she did it because she wanted to fix Bryce’s mess. She did not know he has the intersect in his head, and its the very reason she has told him numerous times over the course of the series. She fell in love with Chuck Bartowski. She didn’t fall in love with Charles Carmichael.

It is also why she was looking at the pictures of Bryce again, she was feeling guilty that her heart was melting to the heat of Charles Irving Bartowski. Real love was consuming her.

Looking at pictures of Bryce

Again there was nothing too much of a threat for Sarah in Chuck vs The Helicopter. The only expression of note would be after Chuck landed the helicopter, we saw an angry Sarah awaiting Bartowski.

Sarah not happy with Chuck

She didn’t like the fact that Chuck didn’t trust her. At this point, the only thing that mattered most from Chuck would be his trust. The other glaring thought would be her desire of her keeping Chuck from Washington. It would be her ultimate goal throughout the first two seasons. In other words, Sarah was going to do whatever it took to keep Chuck in her life.

Chuck vs The Tango, we get some flashes of girlfriend Sarah, but nothing really until the next episode. Below we see Sarah Walker the Agent, She doesn’t want Chuck working with her. She was concerned with his lack of experience in the field. She would have to look after him, while trying to complete a mission. She is still pretty much in agent mode.

Sarah doesn't want Chuck working as a spyBut watching him perform made her worries settle for a bit. She was able to work with him, and it only helped escalate the feelings she was feeling. She inadvertently began to show the desire to want to kiss Chuck. When Chuck started talking about kissing. Sarah was intrigued. She wanted to see how it would feel to kiss.

Sarah Walker getting the urge to kiss him
Seeking A Kiss is the Earliest Sign Of Sarah Wanting to be Intimate.

Sarah has the look of wanting to kiss, but with Casey watching. She can’t act on the urge. It is still too soon to seek what she desired. Chuck also revealed his interest in kissing her.

Chuck: You know if we were really dating, this would be the part where I would be forced to kiss you goodnight.

Sarah: Forced? would it be so bad?

Chuck: I am sure I can suffer through it.

Sarah: Me too…

She gave him a few second to act, and that is the difference between acting and feeling. She wanted to kiss, and most likely would of let him. However, the nerd and the agent prevented them from connecting. Sarah’s expression as she walked off was also telling. She let herself slip and she had to go before things were to get out of hand.

Birth of Jealousy

It has been mentioned in other articles how I feel about Chuck vs The Truth , which gets the ball rolling for Charah. While Sarah began to show jealousy. It was initiated in Chuck Vs The Wookie.  Carina Miller came to Burbank seeking help from Sarah Walker and her crew. Right off the bat, you can tell Carina was a different spy, but she couldn’t resist Chuck’s charms either. She asked Chuck over to her room three times during the episode.. The second person to realize Sarah was into Chuck was Carina, but it didn’t stop her from trying.

Carina getting comfortable with Morgan Sarah Caressing Chuck's neck

Carina called Chuck over to her hotel room and we get the start of a pressure cooker for Chuck and Sarah. One of the early clues Carina picked up on was when Sarah rubbed Chuck’s neck. While Sarah said it was a cover, but the gesture was more than that. Sarah would tell Carina not to lead Morgan on, but Sarah just did the same thing , right? She rubbed Chuck’s neck, while Carina just but her hand on Morgans chest. It didn’t have the same feeling behind it. Sarah was clearly stroking her boyfriend’s neck.

After Chuck found out about Bryce/Sarah’s relationship from Carina. He would show his dismay for hearing the news, and Sarah figured there was something wrong.

Sarah caught in a lie

Two things happened here.

1. Sarah was caught in a lie, and she knew it. However, she needed to lie to him about Bryce. Chuck was still gripping about what Bryce did to him in Stanford. Sarah didn’t want to add fuel knowing that information. I have always felt at that point in the story. Sarah didn’t need to explain her relationship to Chuck. Furthermore ,The expression Yvonne has on told me she also was surprised by Carina calling Chuck over to her hotel room.

2, Sarah also was bothered by Carina’s actions. Especially during the mission.

Sarah watching Carina and Chuck
Sarah was Beginning to Show the Jealousy Side of Her Here.
Carina warming up to Chuck
While Carina was Working but Chuck’s Charmed Worked on her as well.
Carina still trying to get Chuck to come up to her room
Carina: listen, if we make it out of this alive, maybe we can go back to my room.

An agent wouldn’t care if her asset was seeking attention from another woman, but a real girlfriend would mind. The balancing act began here. How does one agent handle having real emotions for her asset, while maintaining professionalism is what is astonishing. It shows how masterful Yvonne can be.  The effect is bickering between the two. Sarah was not happy with Chuck giving the diamond to Carina. This gave her ab an excuse to fight with her boyfriend, which was given to her by Chuck’s decision to give the diamond to Carina. Let;’s look at the chain of events.

Sarah finds out about Chuck's hatred
Sarah Found Out How Much Damage Bryce Did to Chuck.

Next, Chuck asked Sarah about the relationship between Bryce and Sarah, Sarah did the logical thing to do. She had to lie to Chuck. He would not of been able to handle knowing the truth, which was exactly what would happen.

Sarah Treading Water about Bryce
Sarah Avoiding Eye Contact is a Sign She is Thinking About Her Response

Sarah was treading water because she knew how delicate this situation was facing. She is being smart about not complicating her relationship with Chuck. She was doing what a girlfriend would do. She wanted to protect Chuck’s feelings on the issue. The problem of course was Carina heard everything that went on. It is amazing the chemistry in this scene. The way they interacted was why Charah became such a attraction for fans.

Next was Carina telling Chuck the truth about Bryce and Sarah,

Carina telling Chuck the truth about Bryce and Sarah

Chuck is feeling sick
Chuck Distraught About Sarah Dating Bryce.

Once Chuck realized Sarah lied to him hurts just as much as knowing the truth, but it also effected Sarah.

Sarah caught in a lie

Nothing was good for Chuck and Sarah about the truth of the relationship. It would cause a rift between them that would never end. Chuck knowing Bryce was with her would plant seeds into his mind that he would never be good enough for Sarah. For Sarah, it gets hard because now her assassignment  was compromised. Something she was trying to avoid as Agent Walker. Sarah the girlfriend was a different matter. The truth may have hurt her chances of being with Chuck in any capacity.

Sarah ultimately didn’t need to fear Carina, She was not going to be in town long. Carina would be gone soon. It would leave Chuck to herself. While she was mad at him both professionally and personally, it wouldn’t last because his charms would help remind her why she was falling for him.

A Girlfriend happy to see her boyfriend Veggie pizza with no olives

Sarah and Chuck will continue to have these tension filled experiences. It will ultimately build strong character, and each experience will bring them closer together. Stay tuned for the next four episodes.





  1. Hi, I will enjoy reading these segments over the next few hours, one expression has always stood out for me which Yvonne always gets spot on and that is the upset / tearful / crying expression, so many actresses just can’t do it, it often looks so fake that I think to myself, don’t have that in the script because it’s just so false.

    Another segment you could do is the “many hair styles of Sarah Walker”, thats one element that always changes each episode and I find it quite refreshing.

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