Chuck’s Struggles With Accepting Sarah Into His World:


When two people from different worlds meet, most of the time they clash when important situation arise. It can’t be explained. People are different for a reason, but does that mean we ignore the clues that are in front of us? How many times do we watch a series and say, how did I miss that? Well my friends, I have missed something, and it is a biggie. After watching the Pilot of Chuck, I have often wondered did Chuck ever really love Sarah? Or was Chuck so deep into his self doubt that he was incapable of loving her. Since there is so much information being discussed, this article will be broken down into a series of articles. There can’t be a series without a beginning. Thus, we will begin this article with the beginning of season one. Did Chuck fall in love with the spy or did he fall in love with the spy’s life. Over the course of this article, I will dive deep into my theory on it. I have learned while Chuck did love Sarah. his inability to accept her in his world never grew him closer to her. Let me explain. When Chuck first met Sarah, he never had intentions of calling Sarah. In fact, Sarah had to return to the store and ask him out.  Remember the conversion between Chuck and Morgan.

Morgan: Why wouldn’t you call this girl.

Chuck: Oh, I don’t know Did you see her? [The Nerd Speaking]

Morgan: Yes, oh man Yes. That’s why I am going to repeat the question, Why wouldn’t you call this girl.

Chuck: Because I live on planet Earth Morgan.

Relationship founded on lies

Sarah becoming Charmed Away This should tell you right away where his head was. He may have been attracted to her, but all she was a customer. He thought he wouldn’t see her again. Chuck didn’t know Sarah’s intention,but finding out who she was, Chuck became interested because her life was better than being a nerd herder at a Buymore. She had sense of adventure all the time. What he didn’t know was her desire to enter his world. The slow paced, playing house was worth the time she spent in Burbank. As I said, two very different worlds clashing at the same time. By the end of the Pilot, Chuck was in a state of confusion and puzzlement. She had begun to feel something for Chuck. Its why she stood around and watched him at the beach. A woman that was about to relinquish her heart to Chuck.

Sarah Feeling Guilty About Falling For Chuck.
Sarah Feeling Guilty About Falling For Chuck.

Back at her hotel, Sarah was glancing at pictures of Bryce. She had a, an expression of struggling with the loss of Bryce and her new found love of Chuck. It can be difficult for one to replace a love that quickly, but she succumeb to Chuck’s charms and lifestlye. It attracted her, and the very reason she was staying around. Unlike Chuck, She chose to stay in Burbank to be with Chuck. He didn’t get to choose her. They wouldn’t of met otherwise. Sarah walked in the store with preconceived intentions. Its the difference between the two.  It was not like Lou coming into the store seeking  help in fixing her cell phone. Once Chuck figured out Sarah was only in town because of the Intersect. How could he believe she would fall in love with a regular guy. In reality a lot of guys would have the same sentiments. In fact, most men crumble in the presence of someone like Yvonne because we all talk a good game, but how do you speak to an angel. After the ballerina and baggage handler, Sarah was hooked. She found a way to stay in town without setting off alarms. She told Chuck we are cover dating. She could protect him and learn to love him. The problem is they started the relationship that way. all of it was based on lies. The beginning does not go without problems.

Sarah knows something is wrong
Sarah Seeking Chuck’s Trust was the First step in their “Cover” Relationship.

Casey did get into Chuck’s head about what he really knew about Sarah. Bryce would be able to do the same thing. Trust is a very strong word and as Sarah said, she asked Chuck to trust her not believe her. It means she wasn’t going to be completely honest with him. It showed in Chuck’s reaction to Sarah’s relationship with Bryce, Again she lied, it was important for her to do so. Everything became harder once Chuck found out the truth. It also would put a wall around the word trust for Chuck. Chuck once said, A relationship that is founded on lies would ultimately perish. I am paraphrasing, but you get the drift.Do the math now, Sarah meets Chuck pilotSarah and Chuck meet at the Buymore, and with that comes to separate worlds. Spy meets Nerd. Boy meets girl. Its very cliche but it worked. Trust me Chuck Sarah was sincere in what she was saying. she was not telling him anything else. “you go back to your regular life, we will protect you…There is one more thing you can do for me “Trust Me.”  Anyone ever notice Chuck’s expression after hearing this? Chuck listening to Sarah There is doubt in those eyes, Sarah was the first one to engage body contact with a shoulder bump. The first touch She was trying to comfort him. A sign that she wanted to connect with him, but the moment wasn’t right for him. What happen to Chuck was life changing. She can’t expect him to warm up to her just like that.  Right from the start Chuck doubt’s Sarah intentions. It is the very reason he allowed Casey to get into his head. Its why he became distant when he discovered she lied to him about Bryce. However, it doesn’t mean Sarah doesn’t continue to try to get close to Chuck.

First display of affection from Sarah
Sarah Gave Chuck an Opportunity for Affection. Something she was Eager for.
She touched his hand.
Sarah is becoming smitten over Chuck, She was looking for any excuse to touch him

Chuck doesn’t buy into the display of affection. Each sign Sarah gave would be because there was a something he needed to flash on. Sarah The Girlfriend is trying to breakout of her shell, but both the nerd and agent are preventing it from happening. Chuck won’t kiss her because he doesn’t do well with PDA. It doesn’t mean he won’t. Sarah continues to take advantage of each opportunity to be affectionate with Chuck, but Chuck doesn’t seem to understand what she iwas doing. He should of just let things be and let the chips fall where they may, but its not the Bartowski waySarah Walker getting the urge to kiss him Even the agent can’t resist the temptation, she gave him a few seconds to act, but he doesn’t. Another sign that he wasn’t ready to let her into his world. Chuck allowed her to walk off.  You can see in Sarah’s eyes she wanted him too. Two times Sarah offered a chance for him to kiss her, and both times Chuck didn’t seize the opportunity. A reluctant dancer partner we have in the beginning.

A nervous Sarah
A nervous Sarah Walker love would do that to someone

After a  chance to kiss her,he found her waiting in his room. The reason she was in the room was so she can give him a present, but i never understood why it was such a big deal keeping it from Devon and Ellie. They knew Charah were dating. A picture at comic con wouldn’t of been a big deal, unless of course Sarah the Girlfriend never was in his bedroom alone.  Chuck arrived and rather than just accept Sarah being in his room.  He asked her what was she doing in there. It was feasible for him to ask at this stage in their relationship.Sarah Nervous 2 Sarah was in the room because she put his gift in his room. A picture of the two. Chuck loved it but realized that they never went to Comic Con. He said we look like a real couple. She replied, we are a real couple just a different kind of couple.”Sarah gives Chuck a gift

She wants to make things right
She knew the photo was a mistake, Thus she was seeking to make things right.
Chuck not sure where this was headed.
Chuck clearly does not see the intention here. How can you blame him?

The viewer can see Sarah felt bad about the picture because of what it symbolized, something neither of them wanted to be fake. The more time they spend together the more they grow infatuated with each other. The result however Sarah showed more interest than Chuck did, Why? because all Chuck ever heard was its strictly a cover,however, Sarah’s actions showed the opposite  . She knew the picture was a fake, and quickly made up for it by taking a real one, but that’s not where the direction each character was headed for me.

When Sarah came by to wish Chuck luck on his interview. Chuck pointed out how the photo had a bug in it. Sarah was bothered by seeing the photo in the garbage, but understood why it was there.  Here are some more indications where Sarah was clearly on the road of acting like a real girlfriend.

It may be a simple gesture, but it is still a start of more physical contact.
It may be a simple gesture, but it is still a start of more physical contact.

Five episodes in, Sarah has touched Chuck each time she could whether it was a hand on the shoulder after he disarmed the bomb, shoulder bump or putting her hand in his.. She offered two times to kiss him already. Whether its part of the cover or is not important, its the eagerness in her actions that told me she was becoming smitten. a simple gesture of fixing a tie is one thing, but how about this

The first physical touch
Notice Chuck expression on not sure why Sarah is touching him.

Each time Sarah had expressed flirtation with innocent or not, Chuck has a look of bewilderment. It is the kind of expression given when actions are not explained, but Sarah can’t explain them..more on that later. The moment that Chuck began to act on the signs Sarah was given him. She would quickly put him back into place. How does things change, when Chuck dictated the terms. When Chuck started to show he was no pushover.

A Deeper Look Into the truth

Going over the plans for the nightIts no secret on this site how I feel about Chuck vs The Truth,  It is first and most important episode in the relationship of Charah, I believe actions speak louder than any words. When one starts to express those emotions whether by force or willingness. It also gave us a glimpse into what Chuck was feeling towards the  relationship. However, the nasty word “cover” kept being mentioned in this episode.  it came up enough times that Chuck cracked. First, the educational process from an unlikely source.

Sarah enjoying herself
Clearly Sarah is starting to act more like a real girlfriend. The interaction between Ellie and Devon opened her eyes.

Sarah and Chuck are on a double date with Devon and Ellie, and what I watched was Chuck in an awkward position. He has their cover to protect, but something told me Sarah was actually enjoying herself more. Chuck was a nervous wreck. Yet, watching Sarah looking at Devon and Ellie showed me she wanted what they had. Look at the reaction in the picture above. Now notice Sarah’s expressions watching them.

Sarah and Chuck watching the display in front of them
Sarah and Chuck getting an education on what real feelings are.
Sarah learning what a real relationship looks like.
Sarah taking a liking in what she is seeing.

As you can see Sarah has begun tasting what a real relationship entails. Chuck oblivious to it because all he keeps hearing is the word “Cover” in his mind, but Sarah does something else that told me she was beginning to want intimacy from Chuck.  Again watching Devon and Ellie’s display of affection, made Sarah seek it too. it may be to protect the cover, but Chuck reluctance even in protecting the cover is alarming. His expression said it all. He doesn’t like this situation. Sarah’s mix signals does not help at all.

While Sarah wants contact, Chuck is not willing
Chuck starting to crack. Does Sarah notice it?
A struggle of taking action between the two
While on the surface Chuck is game, but something deep inside him can’t  present an honest smile.

The very reason Chuck can’t grasp the real intentions of Sarah would be the next scene. After Devon heckled them about not having sex. Sarah was worried about their cover [there is that nasty word again]. The truth is Sarah was nervous about the arrangement as well.

Devon coaching Chuck
Notice Agent Walker’s presence in this scene.
We need to make love
We need to make love, to protect the cover..
Oh boy
Sarah is not sure how to feel about this….

This scene marked the first time Sarah wanted to spend the night with Chuck, a big step if their relationship was remotely real, but its the word cover that splits the two apart. It makes the whole situation become arouse soon with the presence of Lou.

Like Sarah, Lou needed help with her phone. The difference was Lou had a legitimate phone problem. She came to the nerd herd seeking technical help. She too was charmed away by Chuck, and she became interested. The problem for Chuck, he already had blonde hair to chew on. Chuck jumped on the chance to flirt. After all he was not in a relationship right. Sarah was a cover, and she wouldn’t mind right? Wrong, its the very reason actions speak louder than words.

Chuck wanted a real normal life, and with Sarah he wasn’t going to get that at least for the time being. When Lou returned to the store, she brought him a gift for fixing the phone, and unlike the photo there was no bug in the sandwich. Lou was attracted to normal Chuck Bartowski. unfortunately for Chuck, so was Sarah. She just needed a spark to bring the real girlfriend out of her. Lou provided that spark.

Lou Meets Sarah
Sarah is about to learn that her feelings are more than she even anticipated.

Sarah has a problem now. She has to deal with a woman, who wanted Chuck too. Chuck saw a chance at being with someone real. Someone who didn’t have reasons behind meeting him. How does a handler deal with this? She greeted herself as his girlfriend, and ruined Chuck’s chances at it going any further, or so she thought.

What is going on here?
Sarah is holding back her displeasure in seeing this woman pursuing her boyfriend.

Sarah was struggling in this scene in keeping her composure about her personal feelings in this matter. Here is a closer look at her expressions. The fact that Chuck couldn’t introduce her as his girlfriend gave a whole new out look for Sarah. The cover has been torpedoed in a sense. He never had a problem saying he had a girlfriend before Lou came to the Buymore.

Why isn't Chuck calling me his girlfriend?
This is clearly more than a cover now…

This would be the first time she would show real feelings towards Chuck. Yes, its a cover, but how much of it was? Sarah already had shown interest in getting closer to Chuck long before. Her desire for touch and to kiss was already becoming apparent. Chuck’s struggle in calling her his girlfriend in front of this new woman sent alarms into Sarah’s head. From this point on Sarah’s cover would be of her own feelings on the matter.

Chuck doesn't know what to say about Sarah
Chuck has come to light on what is missing from his life, a real girlfriend.

Lucky for Sarah there was work to be done. However, things would escalate. Chuck had his sights on a normal relationship, possibly with Lou.  All Sarah kept reiterating was it was a cover from day one. Chuck was tired of it. Sarah asked Chuck to meet her to discuss their “cover” sleepover, while Chuck was comfortable with the situation Chuck wanted to be elsewhere. When Sarah saw Chuck run after Lou, Sarah’s started to get worried about Lou’s presence.

Sarah trying to go over tonight mission
Sarah is about to get a rude awakening
Time for Sarah to step up her love game
Sarah starting to feel the heat of Lou’s presence.

What I love about the rest of this episode is a very mature Chuck, not the whiny nerd, and Sarah was forced to step up her interest in Chuck. She no longer was the only act in town, and Sarah was not going to let Chuck walk without fighting for him. However, we still don’t know what Chuck’s feelings are. Sarah has shown her intentions through action directly or indirectly.

She has shown it through physical contact., but we haven’t gotten a Baggage Handler remark form Chuck since the pilot. Why? because he found out the reason Sarah was in Burbank. Since then, all Chuck has heard was covers, lies and surrounded by spies. Something that has taken a toll on him already.  It’s the difference between having feelings about someone and showing it. Sarah again showed it, while she was threatened  Sarah decided putting on  sexy lingerie was something a girlfriend would do to remind him on what he has already. She spoke the truth with that remark.

Sarah using her agent persona
Its hard to tell which Sarah has arrived Right? Not really its Sarah the girlfriend
She is loving it.
She is loving what she is seeing, but she has a surprise herself.
The expression and body language said it all
This is a move a girlfriend would make. Especially when a threat has come about.

She was flaunting her goods. She wanted Chuck to see what she had to offer.. However, she gave mixed messages. She acted as her agent self because of seeing the candles and music. He was doing his job right? The music and candles made the agent come out of her. Not because she didn’t like it, but because she didn’t know how to handle it. Chuck’s struggle of not being able to separate the spy life with normalcy will plague him throughout the series, but in this case he was following what a intimate night would be like with him.

Sarah can play coy but her responses to some of the questions were strictly personal driven answers. There could of been a way for the two to come up with a cover to splitting up, but not for Sarah the Girlfriend. However. Chuck didn’t buy into. He  has begun voicing his dismay of them “I think I understand the concept of faking it”, but who was faking it, really?

First time in bed together
First time in bed together does not go well.

Things are not going as to plan for Sarah, Chuck is seeking more  than just looks. He is looking for love. Real love he could get from someone like Lou.  He has realized that he won’t  get it from Sarah Walker It does not mean Sarah let’s him just walk away.

Sarah has real concern in her eyes.
Sarah has real concern in her eyes.

When Sarah turned over, Chuck immediately asked what are the rules of their cover.  He asked “Are we free to see other people?  This was a question Sarah didn’t want to hear. Chuck all but just said he was done with the fake relationship, but not to Sarah. “Well our cover is boyfriend and girlfriend…it would be tactically difficult….plus any potential interest would need to go through a rigorous spinning process to determine her motivation.”  When Chuck countered with “Wouldn’t her motivation be love.” if there was an doubt in both their heads at that point it was. All Sarah can respond with   “Ideally, but you are  important  piece of intelligence and you need to be handle with extreme care.”

You can look at what Sarah in two ways.

1, She was acting like her normal agent  self. Trying to get Chuck back on track or

2. Sarah indirectly telling him he has a real girlfriend. She just can openly. Especially with Casey listening in.

Sarah also began to see a different side of Chuck. A take charge willing to sacrifice himself for his sister mode. Its the difference between Chuck and Sarah. Chuck does not let duty rule him. Its why Bryce sent him the Intersect .

Her eyes tell enough of a story.
Notice the tears in her eyes. The superspy is breaking as well.

Sarah has no idea how to handle this. She has love and concern in her eyes. A masterful expression that began to make me see how much pain Sarah was in. She was watching the man she was falling fall suffer with the potential lose of his sister and while losing her grip on Chuck. We have not seen this kind of Sarah, Chuck deciding enough is enough has caused Sarah to fight her own feelings within her, but will lose because Chuck will do this. Both John Casey and Sarah Walker get an early education on the lengths Chuck will go for friends and family.

Sarah is pleading for Chuck to take the Antidote
Sarah is pleading for Chuck to take the Antidote

Sarah was thinking selfishly here, She thinking about the safety of the country and her own feelings. The idea of Chuck sacrificing himself for someone else was new to her.  Education can be very difficult even for a superspy What I found to be a very rewarding, ending.  The truth was revealed. Sarah did have feelings but her role as a handler was preventing her from pursuing what she wanted. As I said, this episode showed how Chuck was willing to put others before duty It is a significant character development. Its why the agent struggles with her emotions, and the nerd handles his business. Sarah followed protocol and Chuck refused it.

Sarah had training in withstanding truth serum.
Sarah had training in withstanding truth serum.

Sarah was trying remain composed when asked if what Charah had was going anywhere. When she did, she said, no. However, like many Sarah Walker moments. The emotion coming from her eyes tell you that she was thinking about her response because she didn’t answer right away. It took a few seconds to get her wits together. It is something a trained spy would know how to do. it is an untrained eye like Chuck, who doesn’t see through it. It the very reason why Casey made sure she didn’t compromise herself, and that is another reason Sarah has to be on egg shells with her feelings. Casey would not of accepted it.

The First Break Up 

She is always smiling when seeing Chuck
She is all smiles because she doesn’t know what’s coming
We need to Break up
The fear she felt in bed came into reality. She lost Chuck…Something she never thought would happen.
The devastation of reality
The Shock and Awe affect of the break up. not even an agent can withstand.
The Birth of Sarah The Girlfriend
Watching Chuck with another woman…Brought out the Real Girlfriend

There are three things we gained from both Chuck and Sarah.

1. Chuck was done with having a fake relationship. Especially when everything was claimed to be a cover from Sarah.

2. Sarah was not honest when asked if the fake relationship would turn real. She told Casey as much.

3. Sarah The Girlfriend has made her presence felt. She showed her feelings by watching Chuck with another woman. Lou sparked the girlfriend out of her

Chuck was lost, and now Sarah will need too fight for what is hers. It is a good thing in my opinion. A wake up call for Walker. I always liked this break up, I thought Chuck needed to experience something real. He needed to see what was out there. For Sarah, watching Devon and Ellie awakened the thought of having the same thing with Chuck, and Lou only ignited the flame inside of her, but Chuck learned from this experience, and will take it with him for a long time.

Significance of The V-Log Entries

Here is where I dig deeper into the story a little bit. It is important to understand while Chuck had Ellie to talk to about his feelings he had for Sarah. It was not the same for Sarah. She had no one to help her deal with her feelings. Casey and Carina were all about being a spy. Sarah has begun to want Chuck for herself, and the only way she can talk about it would be through her Mission Log. It is significant because we hear from Sarah lips, how this situation effected her. It drove her to be impulsive. Passion would do that.

Day 49

 Day 49. Chuck broke up with me today. Well fake, fake broke up with me, technically….

Sarah Mission Video 2

Day 56. Chuck and I were defusing a bomb today and there was a moment where we were sure we were going to die. He closed his eyes and I kissed him. I kissed him.

There are seven days between entries, and Chuck was off dating Lou. This meant if there were no missions  Sarah was not with Chuck, which was the motivation behind Sarah’s desperation in trying to get Chuck to reconsider the break up, but her tactic was the very reason he did what he did. It was all for the cover.

Sarah missing Chuck
She wants Chuck back. The demeanor tells you so.

Think about this for moment. Since she had been in Burbank, most of her time has been with Chuck. He gave her a surrogate family and friends, It almost seems like she was reliving the whole “Bruce story”  Sarah on the road all the time makes it hard for her have human contact. She had invested a lot of interest on a personal level to the Bartowskis, while also falling more and more for Chuck and his life.

She wanted to kiss him and looked for excuses to be able to touch him. All of that was gone in one fine swoop. Its also her fault. The nasty word cover was being overused, but the word now has change. Its more now for Sarah. The cover has become a cover from Casey and the CIA. In the scene above, there is desperation in those eyes. When something is taken away from you, you want it that much more. Chuck was taken from Sarah cover or not. Thus, the significance of the V-log helped Sarah express herself and made her come to the Buymore looking for Chuck.

The Imported Real Girlfriend

Sarah struggling with the break up
Sarah doesn’t know if she wants to cry or wallow.
Here come the tears
She has to sell it to herself that its a cover, but love has difference of opinion.
Open up the flood gates
The tears she has been holding back for a week. Finally…real expression of feeling.

This is one of my favorite Charah scenes. It demonstrated the difference between the two. The fact that Sarah showed those tears were designed to show Chuck how she was feeling, but since she said “For the Cover:”  Chuck took it as sell job for the Buymorons. At the same time, Sarah was trying to convince herself the tears are fake. In the rest of the episode, we see a very different Sarah.  Agent Walker was covering for Sarah the girlfriend. When a relationship was built on lies and covers as will be mentioned a lot in season 2, the truth of tired of living a lie becomes inevitable. Look at the clues that Sarah the Girlfriend was struggling with the concept Chuck has a real girlfriend in Lou. Also take the time to notice Chuck not looking at Sarah like he normally does. This is a new Chuck Bartowski.

Sarah trying to get the attention of Chuck
Sarah’s need to be Agent Walker, while trying to focus on Chuck at the same time.
He did not say Lou was his girlfriend
Lou only has been with Chuck for a week, and he just called her his girlfriend.

The body language  and emotions show the one week layoff from Chuck has impacted her already. It seemed like this is the closest she has been to him since the break up. , and he seemed to not notice Sarah was in the room with him. Especially when referencing Lou as his girlfriend in front of everyone including Walker.It won’t be the first time Chuck’s lack of awareness will strike Sarah hard. Furthermore,  the jealousy of Lou and the wanting of Chuck back by her side have driven Sarah to take action when it seemed fit and she does. Lou is not a threat to national security, but she was a threat to Sarah personally. its why she confronts her.

Fake smile for Lou
You know he is a great guy…Its not an opinion its a fact…don’t hurt him
The Real Sarah
She indirectly threatened Lou…Something a handler wouldn’t normally do right?

Normally for agents that are handlers, don’t want to interfere in their asset affairs . The situation here however Sarah was starting to change.  Remember I said feeling something and doing something is two totally different things. Sarah was educated on what it takes to have a real relationship, She learned it from watching Ellie and Devon. The truth is Sarah would need to take action to get her feelings across. Confronting Lou was the first step, next would be getting the attention of Chuck, but he is no longer eating out of her hand like before.

Chuck has distance himself from Sarah
When together they usually are flirting, but not this time. Sarah is uncomfortable with not having his attention.
Sarah is having a hard time  not having Chuck's attention
Sarah is struggling with Chuck not paying attention to her.
Chuck didn't give her one glance
Not one glance from Chuck in her direction. It cold and calculating makes you think something huh?

Its funny how the one who does the breaking up is not aware of their actions. The effect has clearly changed Sarah. Twice now she has been in his presence and no glance in her direction other than the ear device. It almost seem like Chuck was trying to teach her a lesson. If he was, it worked.  The fact that he took her to a club on their first date. does not help matters. Sarah was in complete misery, Her emotions are so visible even Casey can tell that she was in love with Chuck. It also showed Casey didn’t mind the feelings between the two. Sarah however was waiting like a snake lurking in grass. she was waiting for the right opportunity to ruin things for both Chuck and Lou. The Scene between Casey and Sarah reminds me a lot like some other scene.

A miserable looking Sarah
The transformation process of a woman from being a cover to being real
Sarah can only sit back and wait
Sarah is waiting in the weeds to strike.
Casey called out Sarah
Same bit with you…you fall for the people you work with… First, Bryce and now our boy Chuck.
Sarah had to look back at the monitor to get her feelings in check
She had to collect her thoughts because even the emotionless Casey noticed her feelings.
Lady Doth's first protest
This scene is very similar to the one she had with Roan…No?
Sarah playing spoiler
Sarah no longer could wait,,,,she had to take action now. Sarah The Girlfriend taking control.
Sarah is where she wants to be
Notice the look Sarah is giving Lou. The direction of her head and eyes is in Lou’s direction

It would be naive of Chuck to think Sarah wouldn’t fight for him, but it still makes him question her motive by being their. It was the first act of Impulsiveness, something that is driven from passion and desire. The desire to reclaim the man she loved, but Chuck was different now, he doesn’t want a fake relationship. All Sarah can do from this point on is back off and turn to her agent persona.

In a big move by Sarah, she went to apologize to Chuck about interfering with the date. After all she doesn’t want to completely ruin things with Chuck. Her first impulsive act will proceed to her first admission that the couple’s time together was not work to her, but a little too late right now for Sarah. It is a big confession from Sarah to this point.

So let’s see the chain of events, this is why I have claimed the Ballerina scene to be just the breaking of the ice. Walk with me again,

Chuck breaks up with Sarah for wanting something real → Sarah the girlfriend is born Sarah pleaded for Chuck to change his mind → She still used the cover as a ploy→ failed attempt

Chuck twice completely ignores Sarah during both preparation and briefing of the mission → It all effects Sarah emotionally. → It leads to Casey pointing out her feelings , and her first impulsive act→ This only made Chuck more furious with the cover. → Which leads to Sarah proclaiming their time together was not work. Result my friends the first admission of feelings. It still was not enough to get Chuck back on track.

The first time Sarah admits her feelings
Its hard to have a real relationship in this kind of work….Its hard to have a fake one as well.

At this point Sarah has become exasperated with the whole thing. She has tried several times to mend fences with Chuck, but his persistence in seeking his own normalcy has made Sarah become a bit testy. Its no wonder why when Chuck and Sarah are finally alone the two argue.

The rollercoaster of emotion keeps rolling for Sarah, when Chuck brought up Bryce
The rollercoaster of emotion keeps rolling for Sarah, when Chuck brought up Bryce

The fact that Chuck brought up Bryce in this verbal jousting only proved how clueless he was. Bryce had nothing to do with his actions and mistakes. He took off the watch and left it himself, Bryce didn’t do anything to force him to. It was a way for Chuck to stick the knife in deeper into Sarah. However, Sarah counters with a who is jealous now. Both are acting like middle schoolers here, but love and strong feelings make people learning to deal with these emotions act this way.

We finally come to the final part of this first chapter of  studying Chuck’s love for Sarah.

The first act of passion driven from a boat load of emotions and the fear of imminent death made Sarah make the first move. Chuck didn’t make the first move. From the beginning, it has been Sarah making all the moves to bring the relationship together cover or not.

The First Act of Passion

When passion and desire have been building up for months and months, with that  a chance came for the two to showcase the developing feelings, one of them retreated. It seems  the inexperience in dealing with these emotions was the catalyst in those acts. Sarah fell in love in the pilot, but what constitutes the feelings better than acting on them by the time Hard Salami came about. Sarah has initiated all the body contact and flirtatious acts [fixing ties and hair to putting her hand in his, shoulder bumps and placing hand on his shoulder],

These kind of actions made Chuck believe there was something real happening between them, but in acting on those feelings Sarah was risking a lot. She had to shield these emotions from Beckman, Graham and Casey.  When she did, Beckman threaten them with bunkering and termination. However, that all changed once watching Devon and Ellie interact and Lou taking an interest in Chuck.

Lou wanting the real Chuck made it easy for him to question the cover and wanting to do something about it. If he can’t be with Sarah, why should he have to stay single. Lou came into the picture at the right time. Sarah dealing with hiding her feelings from the agency now has to deal with another woman. two roadblock into her ultimately goal of being with Chuck. However, Chuck was not going to hang around forever.

Sarah gave him three opportunities to kiss her, but each time Chuck was hesitant. He pecked her in Tango, and let her walk at the end. Before Chuck performed his power move on Sarah,  Sarah was anticipating a kiss, but got a break up speech instead. This brings us to this

The Tension is in the air
When the thought of losing him to death now crossed her mind the fire reaches it’s boiling point.
First losing Chuck to another woman and now death
The Agency, Lou and now death was preventing Sarah from what she wanted most to be intimate with Chuck.
The First Act of passion
it may be the second impulsive act from Sarah, but its been building since they met. The passion is a direct reaction to all that transpired.
long and passionate kiss
It is a pleasure to watch and this was when we see Sarah The Girlfriend have her moment.
months of build up all done in this kiss
Sure a bomb went off. it was the feelings inside them that exploded.
Sarah made her intentions clear here
You can’t fake that passion. Its real and been a long time coming.
Impulsive Act 2
As much as we love this scene, the relationship growth will be short lived.

Impulsive act 2 can’t be diminished despite Bryce’s untimely return. No matter what the relationship was growing. The first kiss was a long passionate kiss built up from months of built up emotion and fire. If Chuck had any doubt that should of been all erased, but Bryce’s return will halt the progress, and bring the nerd out of him again. The next article will continue with the impact of Bryce on Chuck’s relationship with Sarah.

The episodes that will be covered will be Nemesis through the end of season one.  Until next time,  leave a comment below on what you think of my theory thus far. ↓



  1. Not much to argue with here…. But I think you have to realize that Chuck was not good with women EVER!! They alluded to that in the pilot when Ellie talked to him after the birthday party. I mean, he hadn’t had a GF for over 5 years, so the comment to Morgan that he lives in the real world had more to do with a lack of confidence rather than a lack of interest.
    And I’m not sure the baggage handler comment was as meaningful as you believe. I think Chuck realized it was too “forward” for the situation and was slightly embarrassed when he realized what he had said. There was a lot of witty, charming banter between the 2 of them on their date, and it would certainly help in Sarah realizing it really was almost love at first sight. But if you ask women,(& Sarah was a woman!!), the moment they fell in love with Chuck, it is overwhelmingly the ballerina incident. That’s not to say the goofy charm he showed during the date is not important, but the ballerina scene has no other purpose other than to make women swoon at his altruism.
    Good job…. Not sure I could ever agree that Chuck didn’t love Sarah, but given his history and the major tumult in his life with the Intersect, I’m sure he was having a hard time accepting that he could have his dream girl at some point in the future…that’s probably why he kept missing Sarah’s signs.

    • Gary,

      Thank you for the kind words, what I am trying to illustrate is not the fact Chuck never love Sarah. He did he proved it on numerous occasions. All i am trying to prove is while he loved Sarah, did you ever wonder if he ever let her in enough.

      This is was only the first part of my study in it. I believe the nerd in him prevented him to fully connecting with his wife, and likewise for Sarah in the beginning the agent prevented Sarah from her dream despite everyone around her already knew.

      Ellie, Casey, Carina and even Bryce said she had feelings for Chuck, but Chuck never believed it. in his head he was use to the word cover and the number of lies Sarah had to tell not to compromise the assignment in the beginning she admit it so in Chuck vs The Marlin. You can’t just say it the way Casey wanted to. he won’t processes, but Chuck being educated in Sarah’s ways knew she was not telling him the truth about being bunkered.

      Chuck loved Sarah and the ballerina scene helped crack the ice for Sarah seeing he was not a threat to the country but to her heart. Thus, the fact that Sarah had to make all the moves until about when Shaw started dating Sarah, Chuck never thought the nerd could be with Sarah, but once communication and the desire for intimacy came into play did My Chuck come about but more on that later.

  2. In the beging it was hard for both Sarah and Chuck to admit their feelings for each other. Chuck more because he was a nerd and his track record with women because of his nerdiness, as a nerd you are prone to putting up walls to protect yourself from being hurt. But when he meets Sarah (and it is mentioned in the show through out all 5 series) is that a beautiful women like her would never be interested in a nerdy guy like him.

    Sarah on the other hand is a different story. As a Spy in the CIA, she was trained to not let her emotions rule the way you think. so when she was assigned to chuck as his handler, she was used to using her training to be successful. Chuck was just a job to her at first, but as she got to know him and saw all his nerdy quirkiness and his kind heart over time she started to fall in love with him as they got to know each other.

    For Chuck it was love at first sight, as we have seen in the first episode, but as he learned about Sarah and that she had to lie and not let anyone in, he started to doubt himself and if he could really truly trust her. it seemed like every time he learned something new about her he was always wondering if it truly her or just another story to back her cover or protect her. like the whole story of her father and what her real name is. they did the only thing that they could do, form a friendship, they had to work together and get along.

    So as Sarah kept him at an arms length emotionally. he did the only thing that he could do to keep his mind off of his feelings for her, moving on with his life by dating other women. and Sarah did the same when Bryce returned and with Shaw. But as a women myself, seeing the man you love dating or even in love with someone who is not you, it starts to bring your true emotion to the surface. and that is exactly what happened with Sarah. when she saw Chuck dating the other women, she started to get jealous, and we could see this through out the series but more in the end of the second season and through the 3rd season till they finally did admit their true feelings for each other.

    Being with Chuck Sarah realized that she can be the strong CIA agent and still loving someone and putting your trust in that person. And I think that love that Chuck gave to Sarah and what she felt for Chuck made her Realize that the spy life isn’t what she really wanted. She wanted to have a family with Chuck and to settle down and to put roots down. Chuck never held her back, chuck brought out the best in Sarah, and Sarah also made Chuck a better spy. Just by her love and confidence in him she made him strong and braver, and more spy like, without losing the things about Chuck that she fell in love with, like the fact that he could never shoot someone with a really gun unless it was to protect her like when he shot Shaw to save her life after the whole red test incident, or to protect Morgan and his sister and brother-in-law.

    • However, Sarah said she fell in love with Chuck on that first & second day….after he fixed her phone but before he started defusing bombs with viruses !! It took her a while to admit it to herself …. I think Hard Salami she couldn’t hold it in anymore . I think after Bryce’s death, she probably started questioning her life as a spy, and her desire for some type of normalcy …. and Chuck coming into her life at that time, and being the person he was, left her with that “love at first sight” scenario.

      And it always bugged me that Sarah didn’t mind that Chuck shot Shaw to protect her, but when he shot the mole ( to protect himself), that was the straw that broke the camel’s back and sent her right to Shaw……

      • Gary,
        The Red Test was really stupid from all character stand points, and it urks me that the writers would try to indicate that Chuck who was trying to become a respectful spy, who needed to take a red test in order to do it was idiotic especially Sarah and Shaw’s reactions to it later. Sarah falling out of love with Chuck because he “killed the mole” and Shaw turning on Sarah after finding out she killed his wife during a red test boggles my mind too. its like the Mauser situation all over again.

        I am sure Sarah did fall in love during the pilot I wont dismiss her saying so but it took 563 more days for her to admit to herself that she’d loved him. That is a lot of time for admitting she love him. it took her shorter time to want Chuck in seven days once Lou sparked that interest. The idea that her “Cover” boyfriend was having coffee with the sandwich maker was enough to bring out the girlfriend.

        It is interesting to see however how the alter egos prevented them from truly be committed to each other not until everything became so convoluted did they actually start to communicate about their feelings
        I remember once said told him in Tic Tac she didn’t want him to lose the things that made him great. the guy she met 3 years ago she didn’t want to lose. was the first time they had a talk about there feelings

        follow by the final exam with Chuck and her ready to kiss and Chuck claiming it wasnt over between them to American Hero when Chuck said he loved her. not one time did they say I love you to each other. Chuck was the made the first move on that, which cancels out the lack of making moves earlier in the series. Sarah already said MY Chuck in Chuck vs The Marlin, when she referred him as MY Guy but its not the same as saying yes chuck I feel for you a long long time ago.

      • I agree on the First part, but we have to remember the part that she was a Trained spy and was taught to control her emotions, as seen with the truth serum, she could even lie to Casey.

        One of the reasons that Sarah fell in love with Chuck was that he did not like guns (that is why he always carried a Tranc gun). when he went to Prague for “spy school” and then didn’t go with her on the train, she thought the Chuck that she came to know and love changed. which made her “recede” back into the old spy Sarah that was just a hard core spy. When she THOUGHT he shot the mole, she thought that she was right and the Chuck she loved was gone and a Spy had replaced him.

        Then right before she was about to leave with Shaw to go to DC, Casey came to her hotel room and told her that he was in fact the one who shot the mole. which proved she was wrong about Chuck. As a women, I can see where Sarah is coming from when you think the guy you love has either changed or he is not the guy you think he is. Add to that her “trust” issues, with her Dad and Bryce’s possible betrail, and that she has to lie for a living, I can see how her trust is a little shaky. but Casey confirmed for her that her Chuck was still “Her Chuck” she wet running back to him.

        When Shaw Kidnapped her and took her to Paris and the same place that Sarah killed Shaw’s wife for her red test, all bets were off. Chuck went from just the Hot nerdy, Quirky guy turned spy, to her night in shinning armor when he went to save her. At that point all bets were off. when it came to her life being threatened and chuck “killing” Shaw see saw another side to Chuck that he could be the Bad ass spy that will always have her back and that she could trust with her life.
        As a women If a guy saved my life like Chuck did for Sarah, even if I love the fact that he doesn’t like guns and shooting people, I would not hold that against him. He risked his own life to save hers. He know the risk that in shooting Shaw he may lose Sarah for good, but his love for her out weighed that and he took the chance to save her.

    • One of the things I love most about Sarah was her ability to take advantage of every situation as a spy, but the second the ballerina entered the scene we saw Sarah became hooked, there is no question it struck an interest in her. She did request more time in Burbank, she did so so she can have a date with Chuck. she was working as an agent, but there was more to it. After the Baby incident and her partner believed to have gone rogue was enough for the spy to say I need a change of pace. Chuck brought that for her.

      Think about this for minute every man that has stepped in Sarah’s life had disappointed her or made her do their bidding. Sarah’s dad was a con man, Langston Graham was devious at best, Rykker made her kidnap a baby and Bryce went rogue without telling her his plans. Four men that crush Sarah’s heart. This also includes taking down terrorists, spies and any other baddie out there. She comes to burbank and watches this guy she thought was a threat help this ballerina with her problem. It was a hook for her to want to stay. After Baggage Handler she and him were caught off guard with that remark that Sarah was sunk. She wasn’t going anywhere. When she ask him to trust her she meant it. Sarah wasn’t going anywhere.

      I am never or won’t say Chuck never loved her. he did, but there comes a point where you look at the body of work and realize that while he did love her the nerd and the agent prevented them from pursuing each other. Sarah made more moves early but they were indirect and simple gestures. Hard Salami on the other hand that was all Sarah the girlfriend. This was a woman who was completely ignored by Chuck as if she wasn’t there and she developed a jealousy and more so impulsiveness all actions driven by love

  3. Yes…it would have been REAL chivalrous of Chuck to do the right thing and let the mole kill him. Then Sarah would see that he hadn’t changed !! He’d be dead, but showing Sarah he hadn’t changed from that guy she first met 3 years ago would be SO worth it. Well…one small change. Three years ago he was alive …..

      • He gave her grief for killing Mauser, and then LYING to him. If she told the truth, then she could also explain right away why she did it. Chuck was fine with it after Sarah explained that she HAD to do it to protect him and his family.

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