Chuck vs The Fat Lady

We have reached the seventh episode of season two, and the heat will only intensify with Jill back in fold Jill knows Chuck’s secret about being a secret agent, and Chuck’s relationship  with Sarah was strictly a cover. It opened the door for Jill to explore the  old feelings and get back together with Chuck.

Sarah was not to keen on the reunion, and Casey well he stirs the pot with comments like

Sarah Walker: You’re not concerned to involve a civilian in a covert government investigation?

John Casey: Ah, the girl’s personal knowledge of Guy LaFleur makes her of use to us. You’re sure your not just jealous Bartowski’s found himself a new piece of asset?

Main Story

The episode starts with Jill and Chuck running up a stairwell, Chuck sprays the security camera and unlocks the roof’s door using cool spy tools, and out comes Chuck and Jill on to the rooftop of the Buymore, they are on a date, and according to Chuck, the roof was the only place where he could not be watch or so he thought. Seconds later, the camera is moving in their direction. This caused Chuck to get angry,

back in Castle, Sarah is going over photos of Jill and Chuck, while Casey is playing with Chuck on the cameras.

Chuck and Jill on camera
Casey playing with Chuck

Casey Watching Chuck on his date

Sarah Walker: [Watch Chuck on a date on the roof] Casey, is that necessary? Look, how much trouble could he get into on a date?

John Casey: It’s Bartowski. You’re pretty nonchalant about your super computer boyfriend trying to browse someone else’s network.

Sarah Walker: I’m just his cover girlfriend. Chuck’s entitled to a *real* one.

Its a classic misdirection by Sarah, her words are being modesty but her expressions said another. There is nothing fake about the expression Sarah made. She literally is depressed watching Chuck on camera with another woman.

Sarah not happy with this new flame
Despite her modest response…Sarah expressions said something else.

Classic Yvonne
She said the right thing….Does it mean it hurts any less….

Are those tears in her eyes
Sarah trying to maintain professionalism in front of General Beckman

As Sarah’s expressions are going through turmoil of watching Chuck and Jill, Beckman comes on screen to let them know that Guy has information on the various Fulcrum agents in his hotel room. She ordered them to break into the hotel room and get the intel.  She also instructed them to bring the intersect with them. As Beckman ended the briefing, Chuck storms into the Orange Orange, Sarah said she had this.

While she may not like Chuck dating Jill for personal reasons, Chuck’s happiness still matters to Sarah. Thus, when he requested they lay off the 24 hour Chuck Bartowski watch, She said she would talk to Casey, and also told him they were breaking into Guy’s room to find intel in the morning, but before Chuck left the store. Sarah took a shot to gauge his relationship with Jill,

She claimed it was a friend thing, and it may be true, but there were personal reasons behind the question. She knows about the history between them, and wanted to see how much of a rekindling did they make.

is everything ok Chuck
Sarah does really care about Chuck’s happiness despite her own…

Its a friend thing
Is everything ok, Its a Friend thing making sure everything was fine.

The question was everyone ok between Chuck and Jill. She was phishing for clues if there was a problem, but Chuck was ecstatic about being back with Jill. He was reliving his past, and as he said not to trash on their cover. It was nice to be with someone who knew the real him. Sarah being extremely modest just replied well you look great together. Its not the look she gave to him that I liked it was the one after he left.

Sarah looking for any problems
Sarah seeking any glimmer of hope

You guys look great
A very modest smile.

Sarah's real reaction
The real Sarah expression.

Meanwhile back at Chuck’s bedroom, Jill was asking him about Sarah. Chuck was telling the truth that the relationship he had was strictly a cover and she had nothing to fear. Jill would ask is she pretty, and he said he could see why any heterosexual would consider her attractive. When Chuck enter’s Casey apartment we get a very funny scene on how the two ladies met.

Jill back in Chuck's Life
Chuck getting drilled by Jill on Sarah’s relationship to Chuck

Jill about to meet Sarah
There is nothing glamorous about this job.

The mission called for Chuck posing as a millionaire, and Sarah was going to play the role as a high end prostitute. Thus, when Jill walked through the door she saw Sarah dressed in full hooker attire.

Sexy and Deadly
Wow. She looks great in red

Very Sexy Red

All this happened before the credits. Imagine what the rest of the episode would entail. The rest of the episode is face paced with a lot of interesting emotions coming from Sarah and Chuck in midst of  reliving his relationship with Jill. As we know with the series, this spells disaster for both parties.

While in the lobby of the hotel, Chuck asked Sarah was it necessary for her to dress in hooker clothing, and why would Carmichael need to pay for sex. She reminded him on mission perimeters and to sell it, but Chuck has Jill on the mind.

TB not on the same page

They go into the elevator at odds.  Chuck and Sarah are crawling through the vent towards Guy’s room, when Chuck accidentally called Jill.  While Chuck is asking Sarah how long it would take for them to have sex. Jill heard everything, and assumed things were not as they seemed. It showed that Jill’s feelings are real, and with the concept of Sarah and Chuck at a hotel. it made Jill headed for the hotel. What is worse was Jill saw the photo of Sarah and Jill, which infuriated Jill even more.

Crawling through the vent Jill spots the picture on Chuck's mantle

Back at the hotel, Chuck struggles to get down from the vent and falls on his back. while searching through the room. Chuck flashed on a box, which the only way to open it was solving a puzzle. Chuck showing maturity took command.

Chuck Bartowski: The running, jumping, shooting people part of the job, that’s all *you* guys. But the puzzles, that’s all me

Chuck and Sarah solving a puzzle

Chuck has the puzzles
Its refreshing to watch Chuck take charge.

Chuck showed Sarah his prolific geek mind by solving the puzzle needed to open the box, She is quite impressed, but his prowess comes without it backfiring. A gas comes out of the box. It caused Sarah and Chuck to have a wonderful shower moment.

Mr. Big Shot
Very boasting Chuck, now for your surprise.

Not the kind of Shower together they could imagine great stuff wow very nice Nice expression Chuck Face fool of stuff Wow is this pg very nice A intimate moment brewing

Not the ideal way to take a show, but it will do based on the circumstances. However, it wouldn’t be a television show without some drama, and after the shower. Chuck heard someone knock at the door. He thought it was Casey, but it turned out to be JIll. She sees Charah half naked sent her walking away.

This calls for my patent look at Sarah’s expression through this sequence of events. While Chuck was wallowing in his fears of losing Jill again, Sarah looked humiliated by the experience.

very awkard situation even Sarah was surprised by Jill's presence

The surprise of Jill at the door surprised both Chuck and Sarah. Making the whole situation very uncomfortable.

Sarah feeling very sheepish
Sarah feeling sheepish at how Chuck is acting. The experience was not easy for her either.

Wonder what is going through her mind
It would be nice to know what she is thinking. Maybe the look said it all

What I like most about these two frames is the way Sarah was handling herself. She didn’t seem to mind being in her bra and panties when they were alone, but Jill catching them seem to damper the situation. It is a normal woman’s feeling in this situation. Nice showcase of normal expressions from Sarah.

Casey tested the substance that caused this mess, and it turned out it was fruit punch. Another clue left by the doctor. They take the box back to Castle for more testing, and Chuck goes to find Jill.  Meanwhile, the baddie that also was looking for the info was lurking too. You may recognize him from Dexter as Rita’s Husband Paul. Mark Pellegrino  portrayed the Fulcrum agent.

Chuck was able to get a hold of Jill, who came to the Buymore to let Chuck explain what she saw was not what ihappened. Chuck explained about finding the box and the fruit punch. She did believe him and wanted to help. This is where Chuck and Sarah vs the Exes [You can find the article under Chuck and Sarah on the menu bar to your left ←]  comes into play. Right away Sarah’s jealousy of Jill heightens worse than with Lou because her biggest threat personally now was working with Sarah.

Oh, the pain. Sarah was seething inside. While she was fine with Chuck dating Jill, working with the girl was a whole new concept Sarah did not expect to undertake. We also get a nice out of the box moment from Casey.

Sarah has to work with Jill
Sarah starting to feel like Chuck when Bryce is around.

Lets back track for a minute, Sarah is getting an education on exes being around. She is experiencing what Chuck went through when Bryce was in town. Its one thing having a personal problem or even sitting in a van listening in on a date. Its a whole knew ball game to work with the person. Throw in the fact Jill and Chuck are acting like nerds in a science lab as they find out what kind of fruit punch it was.

Sarah is not liking what she is seeing, and Casey can’t help himself either .

Casey: Hmmm, You can see what the boy sees in her.

She is getting a first rate education on what its like working with an ex
She is getting a first rate education on what its like working with an ex

after figuring out the punch was HI C, Chuck flashed and realized the box was a music box, and they needed a music note in order to find the next clue. out of no where Casey in a high pitched voice sang a music note, It released glasses that would be the next clue. what was funny was everyone looked at Casey afterwards.

Casey: What? I wasn’t hatched.

Next to the concert hall.  There is another classic Casey line, and some more Sarah jealousy over working with Jill.

Casey said the girl’s knowledge of Guy was an asset to the team, and made sure that she wasn’t jealous of Bartowski finding himself a new piece of asset. Casey just loves to stick it to them. its quite comical. Chuck and Jill found the next clue, and bring it to the stage. It was another puzzle that had a timer on it. Sarah instantly thought it was a bomb. Jill didn’t think so, she said Guy didn’t want to hurt people. They needed to find the right musical note combination in order to open it. While Sarah watched the two love birds work together. Sarah was teetering on the verge of exploding herself.

What was also enduring of the scene if you notice Chuck and Jill are in the forefront.  They have full control of this mission and in the background was Sarah. A bit of a role reversal for a change, and Sarah is not liking it one bit.

Its a bomb
There is more of explosion happening inside of Sarah.

Sarah watching Chuck side with Jill
He just sided with Jill over her.

Sarah is  taking a back seat much like he does
Chuck said, He believed in Jill

Education sucks
A hard lesson learned on the job. Jill is taking her spotlight away.

With every minute She watches Chuck’s interaction with Jill. The more jealous Sarah became, and let’s be honest Chuck’s antics were a little over the top. He seemed to forget that Sarah was in the room, and all too familiar scene. No interest in how Sarah watching this effected her, but hey thats just my observation.

Jill and Chuck making out on stage

When the box opened up a flash drive was inside. The device they were searching for. They take it back to castle, while Chuck and Jill go home.  In a middle of a make out session, Chuck claimed he couldn’t do it because he knew Casey was watching. In Nerd Code, Chuck told Jill when he would meet with Jill at the Buymore the next day. It was funny because Casey had a tough time figuring out what the time was.

Chuck: [stops making out with Jill because of the surveillance] Buy More, tomorrow.

Jill: What time?

Chuck: Take the latent heat of aquatic fusion…

Jill: Is that in calories per gram?

Chuck: Of course. [seductive voice] And then subtract the atomic number of thallium, got it? [Jill nods] Okay, I’ll see you then!

Casey: [growls] Nerd code!

 Jill and Chuck meet up and go off grid. They took a trip up to the woods for alone time, and to the tune of Buildings and Mountains by Republic Tigers (one of my favorite Chuck Songs) they arrive at a gas station. Where the Fulcrum agent took Jill hostage. He said “meet me at the opera house with the flash drive and she lives.”

This is where I will introduce a new term for Chuck when he does moves like this one. When he is willing to give the bad guy the flash drive in the attempt to rescue Jill. I call that Buffoon Chuck. He should know that there was a good chance the Fulcrum agent would still killed Jill. When he gets to Castle, he is still in Buffoon mode when he whines to Casey about handing over the flash drive. Casey said no, but Chuck makes a dash for it setting off alarms and making Casey order Sarah to shoot him.

Sarah does not, and for those that question Sarah’s love for Chuck refer to her look she gave Chuck at the door. Despite him doing something for another woman. Her own personal love for him prevented her from doing what was supposed to be done.

Shoot him Sarah
Casey ordered her to shoot him, but not even Agent Walker can pull the trigger.

Sarah let Chuck go
Sarah’s love for Chuck was evident here. She didn’t want to hurt Chuck.

Little did Chuck know, but the Nerd Herder was wired with a GPS and off to the races goes Team Bartowski They all arrive at the concert hall, and right before Chuck handed over the flash drive, Casey arrived and warned Bartowski he was not Sarah. Sarah overtook the sniper in the balcony, and TB had the upper hand.

Chuck was able to negotiate with the agent in releasing Jill, and slide the flash drive over to the agent. The Fulcrum agent destroyed the drive, and escaped. Casey looking over the flash drive was Irate by the move made by Chuck. Meanwhile, Sarah watched Chuck and Jill embrace and realized what just happened, she would of done for him.

Another educational moment
The transformation from agent to girlfriend is slim one now. The agent is slowly coming to grips with Chuck

outside Casey was lecturing Chuck on the bad move he made but Chuck shuts him up when he showed him a copy of the flash drive, and Jill was with Sarah. Everything seem right in the world now. Jill apologized for not trusting her with Chuck, but in very Sarah Walker fashion indirectly threatened her much like she did with Lou.

Jill: Thank you for saving my life. Sorry for not trusting you with Chuck.

Sarah: You want to pay me back? Don’t hurt him again.

Jill: I won’t. I wouldn’t. I care about Chuck.

Sarah: Me, too. It’s my job to protect him…from anything.

Sarah has made peace with Chuck and Jill

Back at Castle. Sarah and Casey finished decrypting  the intelligence, and while they do. Jill and Chuck begin making out again. Casey ” We are going to do this again.” Sarah couldn’t take it anymore. “You know what he had a tough day today, let’s give him a break, ok?” It was not only for Chuck, it was for herself as well.

While the names are flashing on the screen, and Chuck and Jill continue to kiss.  The song played by Frightened Rabbit’s Keep Yourself Warm Played. The song was an interesting selection because the song that played during the episode was cleaner compared to the album version.  It is fitting for the scene because we see the three emotions come out of Sarah that should let the world know how deeply she cares for Chuck.

Going over the Fulcrum files
The calm before the storm.

Horror in her eyes
Pure Horror finding out Jill is Fulcrum

Fear in those eyes
The life line between Chuck and Sarah was broken. Sarah’s heart has reached her eyes in horror.

Three things happen here that I enjoy.

1. Casey also showed fear. The fact that Jill was working with Fulcrum scared him. The secret that was kept hush hush was now out there.

2. If there was any doubt by anyone how much Sarah cared for Chuck, her fear and horror expression followed by shock can tell anyone that the chain of events startled her.

3. By Chuck taking off the watch, he broke ties from Sarah. It is more painful than sleeping with Jill. Its there personal life line to each other.

In other words, we see how much Team Bartowski care about Chuck Sure the intersect needed to be protected but Chuck’s safety was just as important. When they get to the room and see the room empty they have a look of shock and awe at the presence of the watch.

i appreciate this episode a lot.  It was an educational experience for Sarah. She witnessed first hand what it was like for Chuck when Bryce came to town. We also saw how deeply Sarah cared for Chuck at the end. When she was already up the stairs before Casey reach the stairs. She also learned the risk Chuck was willing to do for love.

Buymore Story

Usually I don’t like to write much about the Buymore story because it tends to just be a device used as a time waster for the main story, but this episode’s was good because it tied in Morgan a bit to the main story. Emmett Milbarge went over the off site work orders done by Chuck, and started to see a lot of them were not stamped or signed.

He wanted to know where Chuck went. He started poking into the employees in an attempt to get them to tell him what he wanted to know. He first went to Jeffster, but they didn’t know anything. This made Emmitt threaten to shut down their poker game. They quickly told Emmett to crack Morgan if he wanted information about Chuck.

Emmett confronts Morgan, and not long Morgan gives up some information. Emmett asked Morgan if Chuck’s girlfriend was blonde? and Morgan said yes. Emmett quickly jumped on it and said then who is the brunette. As Morgan looked. He knew it was Jill. It hurt Morgan seeing Jill back with Chuck. unwillingly Morgan gave him some information.

Later. Emmett showed up at the poker game, and joined the guys for a game. They get Emmett drunk, which was crafted by Morgan. The next morning, Morgan confronts Emmett. He said the witch hunt for Bartowski was over, and proceeded in showing a video of Emmett drunk and in Big Mike’s office. Morgan said it was a tactic they needed to use  during the Harry Tang years.

Overall Review of the Episode

It was a decent episode. A nice way to connect the Buymore Story with the spy mission. Jill further establishes herself as an important character, and major character growth from Chuck, Sarah and Morgan. This episode marked a change in Morgan. You will notice Morgan was beginning to turn the corner in his quest in becoming mature. We saw Casey  at his best with mixing comedy with nudging Charah.  I would rank this episode in the top 20, but not good enough to reach past 10. It is definitely in my rotation of viewing.

Thoughts from JD,

I liked how Casey used, “Super computer boyfriend trying to browse someone else’s network.” He was always quick with some witticism designed to get under Chuck or Sarah’s skin. I too think it’s important to note that Sarah tells Casey that, “I’m just his cover girlfriend. Chuck’s entitled to a *real* one.” There is no way she wanted to see that. Even the way she said it made you want to see Jill and Sarah locked in a room together. You know which one my money is on.

When Chuck came into the Orange Orange and Sarah tells Casey that she had this, she saw an opportunity to go get info out of Chuck. It was driving her crazy that her “cover” boyfriend was with Jill. She needed to know how far this might go.

Jill did care for Chuck. Her knowing Chuck was a spy was a turn on for her. Once Jill met Sarah, remember Sarah was getting dressed for the mission in the escort outfit and looking very hot, Jill now starts worrying about Sarah. My favorite line comes from the bellhop at the hotel as Chuck and Sarah come in the hotel and the bellhop says, “Wonder how much that costs?” referring to how expensive Sarah looks.

The shower scene, after Chuck and Sarah are covered in mystery substance, was cute. They had to touch each other to help wash this stuff off. Cover or not they, especially Chuck, were really getting into it. Just another awkward moment that adds to the sexual tension of this relationship. Now throw Jill in the mix of seeing them both half naked and it gets interesting.

I like how you noted Sarah was now experiencing what Chuck did when Bryce was around. Kind of a turnabout is fair play moment. As the rest of the scenes play out we get to the part where Sarah tells Jill not to hurt him. It was eating Sarah alive that Chuck wanted to be with Jill. But Sarah wasn’t going to do anything because she wanted to see Chuck happy. Then moments later the look on Sarah’s face as the computer identifies Jill as a Fulcrum agent. Classic Yvonne selling the terror and fear. You knew how extreme the situation was.

There are very few episodes that I do not like. I have extreme difficulty in trying to rank them. Each episode just keeps adding bits and pieces of information on the relationship between Chuck and Sarah. A lot of this information does not come from the spoken word but from their body language. I think that is this show’s real credit.











  1. Can’t argue with any of your points during a pretty thorough synopsis of the episode.

    Has Yvonne lost weight recently ? Her boobs look a lot bigger in this episode than they do now ! 😉

      • Actually heard she stopped eating junk food a few years ago, mostly because of what it was doing to her complexion. She never was one to workout. That body was natural …. and kinda young. She smartened up as she got a little older….eats better and really just maintains an active lifestyle.

        Watched her on Dexter, but really didn’t notice her body there. Other than when he had her tied to the table, don’t really remember seeing much…..

        Of course, I haven’t watched the last season of Dexter…..

  2. I agree with JD, Caseys line “Super computer boyfriend trying to browse someone else’s network.” does really put salt to an open wound.
    AS we can see, its not only with Chuck he can say such words that may question whats is the real score and feeling they possess. My opinion
    when Sarah said that im just his covered girlfriend and Chucks entitled to a real one. I can feel and obviously Sarah is hurting there but
    I know Sarah is waiting for Casey to give her an assurance that there is behind to that cover girlfriend thing. But knowingn Casey, as he always says
    he is not interested to mingle with Sarah’s feeling towards Chuck or vice versa as he said on previous episode as an annoying love team.

    Well, yeah we have to admit that Sarah is now tasting her own medicine but she handled it well compared to Chuck when Bryce came back. We can see
    in this episode on how Sarah transform from being a girl inlove to being a spy. As Chuck quoted it as a robot but as I can see Sarah handles it
    with love since Chuck wants to have a real and common relationship and Sarah only wants Chuck to be happy.

    All in all this episode is kind of a roller coaster of emotions and something you have to think to digest every scene, word and gestures.
    In here it signifies and shows Sarah’s love which for me is great because she is not the the talky type of a girl. But also, its sort of
    made me not happy knowing that Chuck can forget everything even Sarah to have a normal and real love life.

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