Letter to New Chuck Fans

Back in 2007, there were these  television commercials promoting a new series. Do you remember them.They were promoting a new series called “Chuck” I saw these commercials, but despite the cute blonde, it didn’t interest me at first. My interest in Chuck changed last year. After watching the show on Netflix, I became hooked by the show. the show was like a drug, which developed into a  Chuckaddiction. my first time through the series, I started saying midway through season five. I need to watch this again.

A year later, I started a blog in January to discuss with other Chuckaholics about the very show that has drawn a new following courtesy of Netflix, Amazon or any other streaming service people use. The reason I started Chuckaholics is quite simple really. I first wanted to read articles about Sarah’s jealousy, which fascinated me and still does. How after watching the first three seasons, i developed a feeling no matter who Chuck dated, as long as Sarah was in town, she would never let another woman sink their claws into him. Thus, I wanted to read articles based on that topic.

The well established Chuck sites talked about it, but it was rather brief and really didn’t dive into the character. They used what they saw from the show and gave a one sided opinion. For example, I am not one of those that believes Sarah fell in love at the nerd herd desk like others do. I am a bit strange because, while she did fall in love in the pilot,  The ballerina merely broke the ice around her heart.

It is funny how so many people have opinions on the scene, and the best part is we can discuss it on sites like this one, but the problem is the well establish sites have been up since the show debuted. So a lot of the material is old, which make it hard for newcomers  to get there voices out there. Well, Chuckaholics has been designed for the new fan as well as attracting old fans. Chuckaholics is for the fan that ventured on the magical ride of Chuck and Sarah, and the emotional rollercoaster ride they go on. It helped build a bond with the actors who portrayed them. Its why the love for Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski has become so strong, the fan appreciated the work they done in bringing to life two exceptional characters.

Recently, Chuckaholics has opened itself up to the public. in other words. the site has four new members to the site. Gary, who has been a commenter was invited to join the site as an Author, so he can add his take on articles and deliver some interesting insight on the technical aspect of the show. Whether it be camera angles or writing issues Gary’s opinion has always be valued on this site.

We welcome him to the staff that brings you the Chuck fan all these wonderful articles and other features we provide as a source of entertainment, but above all create a home for the new Chuck fan to marvel in the show we all love.

The site would also like to welcome Sarah and JD also new members to the site. JD and Sarah also provide excellent content on the show, and make interesting points by correlating real life issues to the characters of the show. We welcome them to the staff as well.

We all provide a place for the new Chuck fan to enjoy the show with new material rather then commenting on articles that were written back in 2007 and so on. The authors of those articles also have hundreds of comments on those articles already. Thus, it can get difficult in reading the discussions.

all the new fans that have found Chuckaholics are welcome to join Gary, JD, Sarah and Yvonnesfan to the site and also contribute in some capacity. We all can also be reached on Twitter, but with the limited characters the social media giant allows, it would be best served to write your comments here on Chuckaholics. It makes the conversation easier to follow.

Those also that are new to the series are welcome to follow the series by reading the articles on the individual episodes on the site. For example, while season 2 is currently being worked on. Season one already has been completed. Those articles are open for discussion. so join the party and let’s discuss the show we all love.

For those that already have watched the series, you are welcome to join us as well. Relive Charah moments and laugh about the Buymorons. Enjoy Chuck music, and above all enjoy all things Chuck.

its your toy so play. and remember its hard to say goodbye because we didn’t

If you are interested in joining Chuckhaholics, feel free to Direct Message me on Twitter with an email address so I can set you up. If you can also put what kind of contribution to the site you would like to provide and it will be assigned to you. Everyone also can reach me at my personal email, candm3407@gmail.com. please put in the subject line Chuckaholics so I know its about the site. I look forward to talking to fellow Chuckaholics and together we all can deal with our Chuckaddiction.


Chuckaholics Founder,






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