Rewatch Week One: Season One Episode One: Chuck vs the Pilot (Intersect)


The Rewatch Has Begun

Welcome to the first annual Chuckaholics rewatch. You are about to go on a journey with us that will end on the 91st week of this rewatch. There will be laughs and cries, and sometimes we will scratch our heads wondering what the writers were thinking, but with all that said. Today, will start a experience for everyone to enjoy.

There are plenty of Chuck sites and podcast out there for people to read and listen. but what makes Chuckaholics different is we plan to talk about the episode

After we watch each episode, a article will be available to read. We then will compare and contrast the authors take to that of the shows. Each article of the week’s episode will be discussed on this site. It is our way of connecting the new fan with the old.  Its discussing the very thing we all love on this site. It is also a way to keep Chuck alive and trending on social media.

Today marks week one of the Chuckaholics rewatch.  Chuck vs The Pilot was and will probably be the series second best opener of the series. It offered everything you can ask for. From action to a little romance.

So with out further delay, below is the first article of  91 weeks of watching and discussing Chuck. Enjoy the ride and remember to keep each discussion simply about the week’s episode. In other words, limit the spoilers if at all possible.

Chuck and Bryce Trying to Escape

 I will be posting reviews of each episode of Chuck from season 1 through 5. My favorite seasons are 3 and 4, and some posts will be shorter than others the reason would be I don’t have much to say about some of the episodes. For those articles, some of Chuckaholics other contributors will take the mantle from me on those particular articles. After each season finale, Chuckaholics will give an overall review of the season in one post. I encourage everyone to post their opinions and look forward to the discussion about all things Chuck.

Bryce Larkin

One of the best things about Chuck was the action sequences from the start we get Bryce Larkin infiltrating the CIA’s Intersect room. In the meantime, we have Chuck trying to escape his birthday party. What I love about this scene is we all at one time or another wanted to leave a terrible birthday party, we finish the sequence with Casey shooting Bryce, while Bryce was sending the Intersect  to Chuck.

One of the best lines of the episode was given by Casey here.

Freeze Don't move

Casey: [Fires gun at Bryce] don’t move.

The best things about Casey was his sense of humor and one liners. He would say these kind of lines throughout the series, which was very funny. Now on with the story.


Ultimately Chuck opens Bryce’s Email and the Intersect was downloaded into Chuck’s brain. The concept of the intersect was intriguing. The fact that he heard something from the radio would cause a flash, which was very cool. I do like the story about the Intersect, but I didn’t like what it did to the overall character of Chuck. Here we have a technical expert, who on the outset was very smart. It seemed as the series went on the Intersect would become more of a crutch for Chuck than help him. Sure, it helped him on missions, but defusing a bomb with an internet virus had nothing to do with the Intersect, but we will get into that more on a later date.

We get the reason for the development of the Intersect Program between the CIA and NSA, in which they explain the government created a way for all the government secrets would be stored in one super computer and uploaded into a human brain. They sent Casey to Los Angeles to find those secrets. Since Casey represented the NSA, the CIA sent one of theirs. Enter Sarah Walker.

Sarah walker pilot shotWhen we first meet Sarah, we see a beautiful woman, who would turn the heads of most men, but not for our nerd hero. He was both amazed and bewildered by such a woman in his presence. What I like about this scene is the chemistry we get from Zachery Levi and Yvonne Strahovski. I also will discuss here my first point of view here. The scene also includes the classic Vicky Vale reference to Batman.

Vicky Vale
The scene that started it all.

Chuck hasn't notice Sarah Yet.

Now he does notice
The way he dropped the phone was legionary
Cause that makes it better.
Cause that makes it better.
Sarah studying her prey
She doesn’t know if he is a treat…He will be but not to national security
An Attraction is brewing
Sarah growing attracted to him already…Her eyes tell you she is interested.
Sarah watching Chuck at work
An Interesting look…She is taken in the experience.
Sarah fixated on how Chuck handles this
Another Interesting expression.
Chuck feels bad
Chuck feels bad for the little ballerina

Sarah expecting Chuck to not help

Chuck ;s only threat is to her heart
Chuck only threat was to Sarah’s heart.

Sarah impressed by his chilvary

Sarah not use to this kind of man
While she shows a sign of falling…It only warmed her heart to him.


It has been said by both fans, Sarah and bloggers that Sarah Walker fell in love with Chuck in this scene. Especially how he handled the little girl’s dilemma, but I have a hard time believing it. Don’t get me wrong, I do think she developed an attraction, but this was more of Chuck breaking down the wall around her heart, but love is very strong and way too early in the story.

Sarah came to the Buymore to learn about Chuck and his connection to Bryce Larkin. She was told that he was sent government secrets by Bryce, and she went to feel out the threat, but unbeknownst to her, Chuck will be only a threat to her way of life, and interestingly enough he will also affect the life of Casey.

For Chuck, he was not interested in Sarah in the beginning. Morgan kept asking him. Why won’t you call this girl, which was telling because it was something that would follow Chuck for the first three years of the show. Chuck never believed that a woman like Sarah would be interested in a nerd, who works at a Buymore. Sarah will have to prove over time that just being Chuck Bartowski was good enough.

They eventually end up going on a date. Chuck and Sarah are enjoying each other company, and then we get my second favorite line of the episode. Sarah explains to Chuck the reason for her move to Burbank.  Her Boyfriend “Bruce” and her just ended a long term relationship and she may come with baggage, and we will learn over time the baggage she brought was both important to both Sarah and Chuck.  Chuck response with the very charm that she begins to fall for.

first date

Chuck: I can be your very own baggage handler.

Sarah engaging Chuck

That's funnyI didn't just say that

Reaction to Baggage Handler

Here is where the love begins to take shape
This look was when I believe she fell.

The line is simple, gentle and by the reaction Sarah gives was like cupid firing his arrow. They go on to dancing and finish up on the rooftop, where she reveals the truth about Bruce. He wasn’t a Bruce. He really was Bryce. Sarah’s Partner and soon will be also her ex-boyfriend.

It is revealed on the rooftop that Chuck is the intersect and that there was a bomb in a hotel designed to kill the NATO General. The action scene from the dance hall to the rooftop was top notch and what also kept me watching the series. The romance angle will always be my first interest, but the stunts and action sequences always delivered. After team Bartowski foil the plan of killing the general. We get an iconic scene that will resurface later in the series.

Beach scene

Sarah clearly cares about Chuck already. There is no denying it now at this point. She shows the ability to be a shoulder Chuck can lean on. Her line here is a theme throughout the show

Trust me Chuck

 Sarah: There is one more thing you can do for me….Trust me Chuck!!!!!

Something that gets tested throughout the series.

Sarah looking through her pictures of Bryce

The rest of the episode have funny moments. Especially how Jeff tells Chuck that maybe the ninja will return to finish the job. There were two characters that I found very annoying. Ellie and Morgan seemed obnoxious at times. The truth is Ellie is the least favorite of mine of all the characters.

Morgan comes off very clingy in this episode and throughout season one. I didn’t like Morgan in this season, but nothing compares to what happened in season 5 more on that when it comes.

Overall, I enjoy this episode a lot. The truth I was hooked on Chuck after the first scene with Bryce and Chuck both trying to escape, and it ends with Casey and Sarah both in the Buymore. Something that will be a theme throughout the series.

         ↓  Remember to discuss your take on this episode below ↓. 

Next Week’s  Episode will be Chuck vs The Helicopter.  Also please note that some of the images are from Chuck and Sarah They have excellent pictures of both Chuck and Sarah. I highly recommend them to everyone for viewing purposes.


    • Chuck vs The Pilot is everything that helps draw a fan to keep watching. It had everything great action sequences some romance comedy all rolled into one.

      When Sarah walks down the aisle to Vicky Vale, all you can do as a fan is smile because its what most of us stood around for.

      Harry Tang was fun to watch compared to his CS Lee’s role on Dexter as Masuka

      The only character I have a hard time with and will never like is Ellie, while i understand her position on raising Chuck, her tendency to put down Chuck seemed to rub me the wrong way. Plus her need to know everything was a bit obnoxious

  1. You said no spoilers. Danger Will Robinson,danger! This is going to be challenging to do with our foresight. We need to try and not interfere in upcoming episodes.

  2. Don’t know why you say Sarah turns heads for most guys but not our nerd hero….the whole dropping of the phone and explaining the Vicki Vale thing is pretty much proof that she did turn his head! Then he had his usual awkwardness moment, but with humour and self deprecation. It very quickly moved to his nerd expertise, but then his humanity….talk up the beautiful blonde or fix a very important mistake for the little ballerina. Do you think Sarah was used to being put on the back burner for someone to do something so selfless? Probably not.
    Chuck didn’t phone Sarah because there was no attraction to her…he just couldn’t believe that she would be attracted to him. Think of where he was in his life …… it was a pretty low point… unfortunately one that was going on for about 5 years !!! He really wasn’t exuding a lot of confidence at that time !
    As for when she “fell for him” ( spoiler alert !), we’ll never really know. It was quite a cheesy line, and we find out in later episodes what she really did like about Chuck ( personality-wise ). It would be pretty hard to pinpoint an exact moment during that day…they probably all were significant in some way.

    • Gary,

      When Watching the pilot, you can tell Chuck already dealt with a lot. He recieved a email from his nemesis, someone he haven’t heard from in years. Bryce sent him a email that was filled with pictures. While he was watching this video, all those images were being downloaded into his brain. From the time he woke up he started to flash from listening to the radio, to watching the general on television. By the time Sarah showed up, Chuck was a mess. The reaction with the phone was classic, and what is telling about it is how shock he was to see this stunning woman in front of him.

      its so hard not to spoil anything, but I have to use what she said in Other Guy to illustrate my point with the ballerina. While it was a very nice refresher if you will for Sarah, Chuck clearly was much different from the people she usually dealt with. So it was both new and exhilarating just like seeing Sarah was for Chuck. When she saw how he went beyond call of duty for the little girl. It broke the ice and the wall we know was around her heart was started to crack. She would later in the series say she fell for him sometime between him fixing her phone and defusing a bomb using a computer virus. This fits because as the episode rolls along. She is still in agent mode until the beach. Normal Sarah appeared on the beach and comfort Chuck the best she knew how.

      It was a nice glimpse into what normal Sarah was like as well as Agent Walker.

      • Yes…. thus she actually did turn his head !! LOL

        Chris…I think she was out of agent mode for much of the date…she was actually enjoying his company and the repartee…and it gave her a chance to expunge a few of her Bryce feelings as well. Chuck, being a talker AND a listener, was something she really needed.

      • Yes, which is why you have to say from the time of date and then being impressed how he defused the Bomb she was hooked

        by the time she gets to beach Agent Walker was put on the back burner.

  3. My thoughts on Chuck versus the Pilot (Intersect)

    BTW, Chris may have to go get some Jameson for this.

    I have to agree that the pilot episode set the tone for the rest of the show; unlike many shows that veer way off course from their pilots. Chuck stayed consistent with its pilot. There was the right mix of action, thrill, intrigue, trust, distrust, naiveity, hotness, and the potential for an ongoing and growing romance.

    The beach scene where Sarah says, “Trust me,” set the hook, if you will. Who was this woman and was she to be trusted? After all, prior to their date when Sarah was seeking guidance from Graham she asks what to do if he (Chuck) runs and Graham replys “Kill him.”

    We see a masked intruder in Chuck’s apartment trying to get Chuck’s computer. We know that failed and then discover that the intruder was none other than Sarah. “Damnit,” she said as she sped off obviously frustrated. Later we see Sarah getting dressed for their date and readily arming herself against a full on assault; protective vest, hair pins dipped in some substance, knives, etc. Everything needed for a “normal” date. “Normal” will become part of many discussions we will have during this rewatch.

    We have Casey and his flunkies trying to get Chuck and Sarah is his only line of defense. There appears to be no love lost between Casey and Sarah. They seem to know of each other by reputation. Sarah referred to Casey as a goon when speaking to Graham. One of Casey’s guys asks Casey who the CIA skirt was, Casey responded with you can kill her if she gets in the way. These are two people that should definitely be kept apart as there does not appear to be any love lost here.

    As this plays out and they eventually end up on the rooftop, Chuck starts to realize what he has in his head and his only line of defense is going to be Sarah. Ironically knowing that she may be the only one that will protect him she will soon tell Chuck, as they stand on the roof top with Casey quickly approaching, to, “Don’t freak out if I have to point my gun at you.” Of course Chuck after she draws on him, “Sarah, I think I am freaking out.”

    Shortly after this Chuck then flashes on the NATO General and the bomb. Sarah begins to see how important Chuck is. Based on the flash they all now have lives to save and must put their differences aside; at least for the time being. Using just sheer geek technique Chuck diffuses the bomb with a computer virus on a porn site. You could tell by Sarah’s expressions that she was impressed. Two highly skilled, well trained professionals had no idea what to do yet a nerd and some porn saved the day. Sarah now fully realizes just how important Chuck has become; that importance is from two different prospective. She sees Chuck the keeper of the intersect and Chuck the charming and innocent guy. Inner conflict has started within Sarah.

    Let’s recall a bit earlier when Sarah asks what to do if Chuck runs. Remember, Graham told Sarah to “Kill him.” We did see Chuck try to run during the rooftop scene. Couldn’t help but notice Sarah did not kill him. How can a seasoned and experienced spy defy an order like that? My theory, Sarah had already started feeling different about this guy. He was unlike any of the thugs or scum she was accustom to in her line of work. He was honest and sincere. He was a real person. Chuck did not have a malicious bone in his body. He wasn’t into deceit or taking advantage of anyone for personal gain. Sarah saw something in Chuck she had not seen in anyone else and was being pulled in by it. I have to agree with Chris somewhat here that the ballerina scene started the ball rolling with Sarah. The dinner conversation added more momentum.

    On the beach, “Trust me,” she said. Roll the final scene in the Buy More. Casey is a green shirt and now a coworker to Chuck. Sarah in the store shopping. Chuck flashes on Sarah’s ring. “Trust me,” more like who to trust and who not to. A nerd, an extremely attractive CIA spy, and an NSA goon suddenly thrust together. A job well done; the hook is set. We are all being reeled in by increasing curiosity.

    There are a couple of important things that will take place here that many people miss. A very important thing is the viewer needs to closely watch Sarah’s expressions. Many of the looks done flawlessly by Yvonne made Sarah who she was. She never had to say a word but you know what she was thinking. As I’m sure Gary will point out, the viewer needs to keep Sarah’s expressions in the proper prospective. While we, the viewer, are privileged to see her expressions, Chuck may have seen Sarah’s look, smirk, scowl, smile, etc. That is one of the things that keeps the show so intriguing.

    Next is an important factor that is essential to the story; the Vicky Vale scene. Hot girl approaches a nerd for help with her phone. What’s not to like about that? Deep down we all pull for the underdog. We then find that Sarah left Chuck her phone number but Chuck blew her off. His thoughts of him having any chances with this stunning woman were zero. While in the Buy More for the first time, Sarah gets to see the real Chuck as he helped the distraught dad and his ballerina daughter. Sarah leaves Chuck her number. Morgan and Chuck discuss the beautiful woman and Chuck dismisses it.

    Sarah shows back up and tells Chuck her phone is not receiving calls because she did not receive a call from him. Chuck now thinks he may just have a shot; him with this beautiful woman. This is the beginning of a great adventure.

    As I have said, I really enjoy Sarah’s facial expressions. That is one of the things that really drew me into the show and something I picked up on quickly. Most veteran actors do not have full command of their expressions; you can never really tell what they are thinking. Here we have this relatively unknown actress, remember its 2007, that can steal any scene just with a facial expression. You knew exactly what Sarah was thinking without her ever having to say a word. If someone other than Yvonne had been cast as Sarah I truly believe that Chuck would not have been/become what it is. Kudos to Yvonne and her extraordinary command and ability at conveying the whole gambit of emotions through her expressions; expressions that quite often in the show said more than the words did.

    And finally, perhaps the most important thing that was initially missed by the viewer, as Chuck sat on the beach at the end of Pilot (Intersect) confused and scared, Sarah comes up and sits with him we see a different Sarah. She sits down beside Chuck and appears o be speaking sincerely. She knows how messed up this guy’s life has suddenly become. Sarah gives Chuck a shoulder bump as they sat there. I never picked up on the shoulder bump she gave Chuck initially.

    We will have plenty of discussions about Agent Walker and Sarah Walker here; but for now, Agent Walker did not do the shoulder bump. A CIA handler would not have been that intimate or personal. This to me was a legitimate heart felt, I will help you through this, I am here for you, moment. Sarah Walker gave Chuck the shoulder bump. She was quickly developing strong feelings for Chuck; the poor unfortunate guy that just had his world drastically altered.

    Well played indeed, “trust me.”

    • Well JD,
      Since its only 10:34 in the morning coffee would do. You are right, Chuck’s ability to not see Sarah expressions will come up a lot in the future. Even when Sarah flashes a smile and a impressed look on how he was going to help the ballerina was missed by Chuck. Maybe if he saw that look he would of acted differently and would be willing to call her. The idea was for us the viewer to see how Sarah would react to this chivalry.

      I am a firm believe that while the Ballerina scene was beautifully executed. With everything that transpired and Sarah in Agent Mode when she first met Chuck. We quickly see the effect he has on women. He doesn’t even know that the woman in front of him was falling for him. Nice guys like Chuck usually don’t. I would know because I am that nice.

      I also like to point out how Sarah was recalled to go back to Washington, but knowing that Casey was headed to Burbank made the lioness that in her come out and seek to protect Chuck. She is a fixer, and Bryce certainly made a mess. Sarah had to fix this while discovering that the man she was probing also knew Bryce. It was like I have said in Chuck and Sarah vs the Exes. It was an indirect matchmaking.

      I also just notice on the beach Sarah gives him a smile after telling him trust me and right before the shoulder bump. There is a different expression of letting him know i am here for you. Or better your are not alone.

      The Skin’s A Comet Appears really was a great choice for the beach scene because it told you Sarah’s heart was growing.

      • Any guy who actually has a bit of that nerdiness in them identified with Chuck right away…and the fact that this beautiful, mysterious woman actually seemed to like him was quite a hook ! Remember, nice guys usually finish last…

      • Don’t I know it. I often have said to the board of directors that in real life Chuck wouldn’t have a shot with Sarah, but see that’s the nerd in me lol

        I also like to point out expressions sometimes make me see things that aren’t there and you can tell my crazy theories, but there is no mistake that when you see Sarah and Chuck give their expressions on the helipad. The only one with his wits at that point was Casey. He should of known then. lol

      • Chris …c’mon !! Sometimes the nerd gets the girl !! (LOL)
        You’re talking to a guy that was Chuck personified…just nerdy in another era!! (Computers actually filled an entire room in a university building and input was done with stacks of cards !) I was one of the top students in school and was really an underachiever in that I didn’t even really try. (Like they said in Malcolm in the Middle, being smart is like being radioactive !!) Plus I was tall(ish) and really skinny, and I always looked about 5 years younger than I actually was !! Talk about a babe magnet !!! The ONLY thing that kept me somewhat in the loop was that I was fairly athletic …. I was a rugby player and one of the top sprinters in my school. I was also the top golfer…but that was WWAAAYYYY before golfing was cool !!!
        It changed in University, because, back then, only the smarter kids went to University…. I actually fit in. Had a few GF’s, but there was this one girl (the “one”) that never really went anywhere ( in spite of my best efforts). But through her, I met my wife. Somehow, this absolutely stunning woman was interested, and this nerd eventually got the girl. I think that’s why Chuck the TV show resonates so much with me … my wife is nothing like Sarah Walker, but she could hold her own against Yvonne Strahovski in the looks department ….maybe even now…30 years later ! LOL

      • Your experience is an exception. Most nerds like Chuck are afraid to even look at Sarah let alone talk to her.

        Most men talk a good game, but they wouldn’t know how to deal with someone like Sarah.

        However, we will see that looks weren’t the only important thing to Chuck. It may be ideal but he was not that kind of guy.

        It seemed women throw themselves at him anyway.

      • I don’t know, Chris.. a lot of women change what their priorities are as they age. When they’re looking at long term companions, compassion, sense of humour, work ethic etc start to become more of an issue than physical attraction. That stuff wears of quickly for quite a few women. ( not all, mind you). My wife had done the High School quarterback thing/ wild boy thing and it didn’t leave her with high regard for those types of guys. Same sort of thing with my “one” ( before my wife ). She was quite traumatized by the high school dreamboat who forced himself on her..took a long time to trust men again.
        Nerds come in all shapes and sizes …. I really didn’t grow up with electronic gaming, so we were all pretty grounded in reality and actual social networks , where we had to talk face to face. While I was still uncomfortable in the presence of beautiful women, I could still talk to them.

    • JD …just to clarify something. Sarah’s expression’s, while they can certainly be prospective in that they foretell certain events in the future, are not what I tend to focus on. I am talking about the perspective..i.e., the point of view. Sometimes it’s Chuck’s point of view (or perspective), while other times it is the TV viewers perspective. Not sure if this is a grammatical confusion or a different line of thinking, but it is a distinction that needs to be made. We also need to be aware that, even when Sarah’s expressions are seen by Chuck, he may not fully comprehend what the emotions or intent are behind them. Such is the life of a male, and especially a nerd!! We will be made aware in later episodes that some of Sarah’s expressions lead to prospective difficulties.

      • While its nice to see who’s perspective it comes from the story is ultimately being told to the viewer. If we were to analysis every thing our fingers would bleed.

        What I mean is when Chuck turns away to help the ballerina Sarah expression wasn’t for Chuck to see it was meant for us to see. Thus, we came with the notion that she fell in love at that point, but i have said before, actions speak louder then thoughts or words.

        Yes, Chuck missed the expression, but it was designed that way. We know she is there with an alliterative motive. Chuck isn’t supposed to know that. Chuck is playing his role a nerd herder who as exceptional technology skills. Something TB under utilizes during pretty much the entire series.

        When Sarah first saw the ballerina she was thinking that Chuck would blow them off. Its what she was use too. Especially when the thought process is Chuck was a threat.

        But once he said Morgan i need the wall all bets were off. Sarah was dealing with someone she never dealt with. A man with compassion. Any person not matter sex would be accepting to that.

        She was intrigued and furthermore was looking to see more of this new experience. Remember she was recalled. She was told to go home, and she could of but the experience already made her look for a way to stay in Burbank.

        The date scene is really where the spark happen. After the first few minutes of the scene Agent Walker was left at the door. Sarah was getting to know this man personally. As I been saying, the ice was broken at the nerd herd desk.

        Now she needed a spark and she got one. he listened to her about her Washington problems. He wasn’t judgmental or put off by this issue. if anything he made the conversation lighter with laughter.

        Her expressions now seen by Chuck was where we see Chuck understanding his thought process. He thought his line Baggage Handler was not the right time, but Sarah enjoy every minute of it.

        He also knew when he was going down that road about Jill Sarah’s expression of wonder made him cool his jets. She also does admit she liked him.

        another sign of Sarah the girlfriend was approaching was the bridge. When she said “This must be your worse date ever.” He didn’t answer right away because he flashed, but Sarah doesn’t know he has the intersect.

        So she said “I was waiting for a no.” Sarah doesn’t see the flash right? or know what was going through his mind. Its for the viewer to see what was going on.

        Sometimes even the songs of the scene can let you know what the characters are feeling something i think this show excelled in.

        I feel ultimately the perspective of the character is meant more for the viewer rather then the other character. Its why there was so many misses. Even Sarah missed some of Chuck’ s expressions but more on that later.

      • Bang on there Chris. My regard for perspective has to do with comments on the site here in general, where we have a hard time understanding why Chuck or Sarah would do a certain thing when the other person “clearly” felt this way, etc. We have to understand perspective to mitigate those original reactions, because what’s going through Chuck or Sarah’s mind isn’t always clear to the other.

      • Yes, its why I prefer the chase over the actual getting together. The ability of Sarah switching from professional to personal in split second. While protecting her cover from the powers that be was rewarding.

        But here in the pilot its too early to suggest that would be the case. Only for the fact that she told Langston she staying to fix this mess. Really Sarah, she knew Casey was coming and more than capable of closing the case. Her personal feelings were already making impulsive decisions.

        its interesting to see how so much happened in just one episode.

      • I actually meant that in general. Who was looking were versus the camera angle. Wasn’t intended to imply how Sarah was interpreting what was taking place.

  4. Totally agree, JD. Another thing that seems to be an ongoing trend is that Sarah and Casey told Chuck to “stay here” as they approached the hotel (a recurring theme)….only to have Chuck run headlong into the ballroom. As messed up as he was, there was this innate sense to “do the right thing” ….and on top of it all, with his life in mortal danger, Chuck devised the plan to disarm the bomb. “Don’t freak out” was a continuing theme, but here, he actually didn’t !

    • Yeah with no Intersect needed either. All of that was his intelligence. i enjoyed it very much see him defuse the bomb.

      Regarding not listening in on staying here well that will be come a theme as well.

      We also get to see how often Chuck relied on Sarah. He called her name several times in the midst of the clash with Casey and his crew.

  5. very solid pilot – much better than a lot of new series now – that take a whole season to get into and build up the characters, this pilot managed it in about 5 minutes

    • This was a show, all episodes including the pilot, that went by fairly quickly. At the end of the 42 minutes it was like, what? It’s over? It left me wanting more, now, can’t wait. Others shows ran their 42 minutes and it was like, ok, what’s on next.

  6. Oh…BTW…our famous Vicky Vale scene…it’s actually an homage to Prince’s Batdance (Vicky Vale mix) lyrics ….”Whoa, stop the presses! Who’s that ? Vicky Vale ?”as spoken by Morgan are the actual lyrics to the song …. Vicky Vale, as sung by Chuck, is a part of the song as well. Don’t ask me which Batman …one of the early ones for sure.

    • “It’s from Batman.”
      “And that makes it better because?”

      Unlike the other stuff they added under the radar, they admitted were it came from and Chuck was mimicking the Vicky Vale line.

      • Since Sarah was bad with music, she shouldn’t know that it was song lyrics. And she wouldn’t have heard Morgan starting off with the lyrics first anyway !! LOL
        Hopefully she would have heard of Batman!!

  7. Chuck vs the Intersect. Lets just say my first day with Netflix and nothing to do up in Smooth Rock Falls Ontario, except watch the snow fall and turn on the TV brought me to the tittle “Chuck”. It sounded like it might be fun.

    The one piece of conversation that hooked me was Morgan asking Chuck why he did not phone Sarah. “I live on planet earth”! Well being sucker for love stories, I said “self, this could be one very interesting story”. I was hooked then.

    I can actually relate a bit to Chucks heart broken look at his birthday party. That allows you to maybe connect a bit with his feelings. His sister gives another part to the story here as well. Loving, caring and wanting to help Chuck. He on the other hand does not want any of that. But fate is with him the next day when Sarah walks in the door. I could relate to him dropping the phone! What male would not do the same thing in his shoes when someone as beautiful as her came asking for his help!

    I do totally agree with Chuckaholics that Sarah has many looks that tell many stories. Her first stare at him while he is fixing her phone shows she is curious about this nerd herder. He further added to the curiousity with the digital tape scene. All though we did not see her leave when Harry confronted Chuck, I do believe she probably saw how much of a nice guy he really is.

    Sarah does have an idea that Chuck is not the problem and is no threat, and when he stopped the bomb, I believe Sarah though to herself “What was I thinking. He is no bad guy!” I believe she is thinking now that there is more to Chuck than just being a nice guy with a computer in his brain.

    To me, I need a sign that something is worth spending the time to watch. The beach scene near the end when she said trust me, and then gave him a playful bump on the shoulder, gave me that sign. This just maybe an epic TV love story. A very quick but good look at the supporting cast told me Chuck is going to have it all. Action, comedy, thrilling, suspense, and most of all a tug at the heart strings. I don’t need to tell anyone how good of an actress I think Yvonne is (fabulous) and Zachary plays me (oops) I mean Chuck to a T.

    I can truthfully say at the end of this pilot, I said to myself, “I think I am going to really enjoy this show! (Look at that, I typed all that with no spoilers!) Apologies for any spelling mistakes.


    • One of the best things about the pilot is we quickly know what kind of character the actor was portraying. For example, We get a demanding sister walk into the room as Chuck and Morgan were escaping

      From Bryce to Devon they all are show to be this one kind of character. It makes it easy to follow. and make you scratch your head.

      The best scene for me is the date. for me the flow of conversation between the two was like watching reality television. Its very good television.

    • For me, it was the snow…and then a hernia repair !! It was one helluva winter here in Ontario, wasn’t it !!! And I watched it because I had seen quite of few of the shows at the time of airing, but never really followed it. I was definitely hooked after this pilot…especially since it helped make sense of some of the other episodes I watched.

      • Yes it was an awful winter….. I had 60+ days of working in 30 below or better…. It was always nice to have some great TV to watch to take your mind off the outside. My kids think I’m nuts, but I do believe it is THE best TV series I have every watched.. I can just imagine how hooked I would be if there was a #Chuckmovie or even better a season 6!!!

    • Thank god for Netflix. I never got to watch the show when it was on the air. It never gets old even after watching it several times. Sounds like you are seeing some of the same things in the show that we are. Glad you are here and looking forward to a lot of discussions.

  8. I’m surprised no one mentioned they were hooked when they saw Sarah getting dressed for her date !! LOL The bra and panty scenes were a recurring theme, but Yvonne thinks there’s no need for them. I’m not too sure many of the guys who watch the show were complaining, however ! 😉

    • It just goes to say the show was deeper than it appeared. It makes you appreciate the whole thing. Clarify what you mean “Yvonne thinks there’s no need for them.”

      • Had to do with the Conversations for a Cause she did at Nerd HQ this year. On the Badass Women’s panel, someone asked what trope would the panelists like to see done away with as far as female actors go, especially for the young ladies coming along. There was a bit of man bashing going on…some of it good natured, some of it not. Yvonne piped in that there is the bra and panty scenes that women are often required to do, and while sometimes necessary, the gratuitous scenes shouldn’t be part of what they have to do. Chris and I had a bit of a discussion about it somewhere here about that comment she made. I mostly took exception to it because Yvonne has done very well in her career, both on TV AND in magazines, doing gratuitous bra and panty work….and sometimes with even less !!! I just find that sort of thing a little facetious and a bit hypocritical. I mean, look at any photos of her that get spread around on #WCW or on Google ….most aren’t the natural Yvonne ….they’re heavily Photoshopped, heavy makeup, soft lit portraits in sexy poses with very little left to the imagination. She’s saying young girls shouldn’t do that stuff, but ….oh yeah…I made a fortune off doing it !!

      • Interesting. Yeah, I’ve seen the Maxim and Sobe photo shoots. No doubt she made a lot of money doing them. They were done after Chuck, I believe. Face it, it sales, it attracts readers and viewers. You also have to work and take work that is available or that you are good doing. Having not seen what she said, maybe she had a point or maybe she was caught up in the moment.

      • She’d get paid pretty good for the Sobe shoot….not so much for the Maxim shoot. In Maxim, the pay is pretty minimal because what the shoot offers is a chance for exposure ( and sometimes, lots of it!!) Sobe is pushing their product…and I think Coca-Cola has lots of money to throw around !!

      • It’s all about marketing. She got herself recognized and known. I have to imaging in her line of work, and this applies to other actors as well, you take what you get, within reason, in order to be successful in the business. Like I said, maybe she had a point or maybe she was caught up in the moment during Bad Ass Women. Either way it appears to work and works well for her.

      • Definitely caught up in the moment ….
        Other than that, she’s a very intelligent, thoughtful lady…as her 2 panels showed. If you want to really scratch your head, watch that panel and listen to Missy Peregrym ( Zac’s wife !). Wow…is she bitter at what the industry made her go through !! Quite the mouth on her for a “Christian” lady, too !! LOL

      • There is no doubt that Yvonne is a very intelligent individual. What sets her apart from most of the rest of the folks is she is genuine, sincere, and down to earth. She knows the fans matter and she does what she can to take care of them. A good example of that would be what she has done for a Little Chuck Fan as well as her participation in the panels and Operation Smile. The entire cast, for that matter, seem to share the same views. For her first big time gig, she fell in with the right for the people; right place at the right time. It looks like she is making some very good career decisions and I really hope it keeps working for her. She’s not like the others that you read about in the tabloids or see on TMZ. I believe she has her head on fairly straight.

        As far as Ms. Levi goes, I have yet to watch the panel. In fact other than some stills and quick video clips I am not a regular viewer of her work, so I really can’t agree or disagree with you. What I can say is there are terms in psychology such as group think and crowd mentality. So they are on a panel called Bad Ass Women, where is the line between bad ass and christian? Perhaps she too was in the moment and going with the flow.

  9. LOL… I think as Zac’s wife, she got to go first …and she certainly set a lively tone !!! Hey, I have no problem with many of their views…a lot of them worked really hard to get where they are. All the more power to them !

    • Guys lets leave the rewatch articles for the rewatch. If you want to talk about Nerd HQ there is articles there for this kind of discussion. We are confusing people with this

  10. Hi all, finally able to post a few words since yesterday.
    So, after many times seeing the pilot, there always seems to be something I notice, or notice more again.

    I appreciate everyone’s comments here about all the scenes and development of the story. Not that I agree with every detail. 🙂

    Over time I like Ellie’s character more, even in this episode she shows a desire for Chuck to grow and move on with life, that’s he’s capable of more. She really believes in him more than he does, a recurring theme as well. She also is key to the whole addition of Sarah Walker to a ‘normal’ life and people who genuinely care about each other like family. If Chuck was some single guy just hanging with friends, there wouldn’t be much to develop there. Sarah and Ellie became friends, were each others’ maid of honor, etc. Important moments together for a girl who never had ‘real’ friends.

    On to the main story. Lots of discussion here about expressions from Sarah, which I agree are so key, regardless who sees them. They tell us a lot. One thing not mentioned so far it seems was Sarah’s expression right when Langston said ‘Kill him.’ She looked shocked and also Chuck is at the door then too, but she was expecting him and opening the door, so obviously knew someone was going to be standing there. I believe a look of shock here really also tells us she has trouble with a direct order from Langston that otherwise agent Walker wouldn’t blink at. She said ‘I don’t know about this guy’ earlier and she clearly thinks he’s someone special and not a bad guy. This is before the date even.

    Nothing to add about the data and all, I think everyone has written about it. I liked the luggage line as quirky and perfect as it was meant to be. And it was really more between the date and diffusing the bomb when she fell for Chuck. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the ballerina scene, it certainly surprised her, and made her curious, even like Chris said, warmed her heart to him. But it was just the first glimpse. Her expression when he diffused the bomb was between ‘amazed and proud’ both. She was impressed for sure.

    Finally the key for me around the beach scene was when Chuck asked how long she’d been there. She said ‘all night’. She must have not wanted to disturb him for a while and was just seeing what he might do – this poor guy who’s had his world turned upside down. Realizing again he’s just a nice guy in deep thought about his troubles on the beach, not running anywhere, she decides to talk to him. At first there is agent Walker, but as written here, I really think we see Sarah Walker at the end who feels a connection with Chuck and there something started. The look when Chuck sighs, and I agree about the shoulder bump, noticed it much more this time.

    So, that’s all and even though I’m watching in parallel with my wife (at S423) I’m happy to have Chuckaholics and participate. I can never get quite enough Chuck.

    One thing for a Twitter followers to note as well, that doing the 91 week re-watch in no way prohibits other forms of Chuck binge re-watching or otherwise. 🙂

    • First I would like to welcome you to Chuckaholics.

      What the pilot offers is a blend of action comedy and romance. none of it was over the top trying to sell dirty to a farm sort to speak.

      What we get is two people from two different worlds meeting. A attraction that was sparked from the get go.

      Spoiler alert!!!!!

      It is very hard for me to ignore Baby and Nacho Sampler when it comes to ballerina scene. While it helped crack the ice we can’t ignore by the time Sarah steps foot into the Buymore the girl was an emotional wreck. Sure, she had a smile on her face, but it was because she thought it was going to be a piece of cake.

      Bryce and the baby did damage to her and Chuck was the perfect drink if you will, and truth is the drug of Chuck has me struggling in my Chuckaddiction

    • Dan, glad you finally made it in here. Some really good observations and comment you got going here. Ellie….. I haven’t said a whole lot on Ellie. I know Chris really doesn’t care for her. I like your take on her though and have to agree. She’s a big sister simply looking out for a little brother. I’m sure big sisters can be a pain in the butt, I know little sisters are for sure. But like you said she’s only wants the best for her brother.

      Writing about things here is certainly very difficult trying not to get into spoilers. I’ll just leave it with Eleanor Bartowski has a directive to take care of her little brother.

      Also like your take on Ellie and Sarah. Again no spoilers. I will say that Ellie is the glue that holds everything together. You have obviously been reading elsewhere on chuckaholics because of your notation of “normal”. Yes, normal will become a hot topic and will get discussed quite frequently as I see it. Sarah’s perception of normal may well be driven by how she interacts with Ellie.

      Also, a very good catch at the beach with Sarah saying saying she had been there all night. There was definitely something going on with this girl. If not in her heart maybe in her head. Chuck was having an effect on her.

      You guys remind me about the time we get to S312 to tell you my theory on Sarah and the ballerina. Again damn spoilers. Lol

      • It’ll also be an interesting sideline to see if anyone catches the discrepancies that pop up between the Pilot, Nacho Sampler and Baby. No spoilers, just something to look forward to !!

      • My problem with Ellie has more to do with the later episodes then this one, but we will save them for then. Ellie annoys me several times. i understand she raised him since she was twelve but it doesn’t mean she gets to talk to Chuck the way she does some of the times. Especially when it came to Chuck’s friendship with Morgan.

        I do agree that Ellie was a good educational tool for Sarah. Especially when we come to Chuck vs The truth. I also believe that if Ellie knew the truth earlier things might of went differently for Charah.

        When it comes to meeting someone new. Especially in the kind of job Chuck had. He didn’t expect to see Sarah again. I know when I worked retail the chances of seeing a customer twice was slim to none. Repeat customers are repeat customers, but if we look at the event of the day. Chuck getting the intersect, flashing all morning and when he gets to the Buymore he meets Sarah. He was amazed that this beautiful woman stood before him and wasn’t turned off like the girls Ellie introduced him too.

        All the girls in the courtyard were asking what he really wanted to do and was the outfit he in was a costume. Speaking from experience if I had those kind of questions. I too would of been rather stand offish, When Sarah shows up she didn’t question his job or status. She played the role of a customer needed a phone fixed. While he is fixing the phone, Sarah is studying him. Its her first interaction with him, so she needed to see any sign of a threat.

        When the little girl came to the desk, Sarah was thrown for a loop. She sees this man behind a desk showing interest in helping these people. Something she was not use to in her world. As soon as he said “Morgan i need the wall.” Sarah went from agent to impressed, her emotions show the proverbial “Wow, is this guy for real?” She was interested.

        Sarah needed one excuse to stay. One reason to tell Langston I am staying in Burbank. When the computer crashes to the ground. Sarah is on the phone telling Graham that she can fix it and what if he has a back up or external hard drive. She was phishing for a way to hear Langston say you can stay. Not until she heard Casey’s name did the protective Sarah emerge,

        After the date Sarah was hooked. She felt the need to stay in Burbank after that. giving her track record, Burbank was a nice change of pace for our young heroine

  11. Thanks all of you! Great to be here.

    Chris, no doubt Sarah was an emotional mess. Little spoiler alert – Something we all enjoy watching Chuck repair over the years!

    And sorry for the spoiler in my first post!

  12. Listen, I’m a guy, but the ballerina scene was when I realized I’d be watching next week. Those heartwarming moments were done so well and they just hooked you so hard.

    • Guy or not it had to mess with you. It makes you think about the good people. I liked the beach scene. Sarah said, “Talk to me Chuck.” She knew he was scared and confused. If you have been keeping up you know about Agent Walker and Sarah Walker. This was Sarah Walker wanting Chuck to talk to her.

      At this point we don’t know much about Sarah. We have seen her in action and know she is tough and not to be under estimated. But we have the ballerina, then the date, and Sarah wanting Chuck to talk to her. All sincere heartfelt moments. She does have a soft side. It is a fine mix of what makes a show great and leaves you wanting more.

      • At the point in the story, you see an agent trying to become normal in a sense. Chuck’s life was torn apart by her former boyfriend and partner Bryce. When the chips were down Sarah was there for Chuck. She gave him time to think about what happened.

        Sarah certainly was not Casey. Could you imagine if Casey was the one waiting all night. There aren’t even a cover relationship at that point and Sarah was comforting him. She didn’t needed too. She wanted too. Its why so many people love Sarah Walker. The ruthless spy that can also has a heart.

  13. I don’t think Sarah fell in love with Chuck in this episode. I don’t think anyone can claim when they first fell in love with someone. True love comes through spending time with someone, so when does the clock start ticking? Yes, ‘fate’ drives people together, but Sarah fell for his charm and innocence at this stage – ‘she liked him’, she said that.

    Sarah was waiting all night because that was her job – to observe/protect him; but yes, she liked him. I agree with what others have said, this episode introduces themes and the collision of two separate worlds (spy v real life).

    Trust is something she needs as a handler but because Chuck is an ordinary guy, what she doesn’t know yet, is that real trust is earned over time. Through trust comes understanding; and eventually, through understanding comes love.

    So in a way, this is the beginning of a journey.

    • I’d totally disagree about not falling in love with Chuck in the Pilot. She said she “fell for him” that day. I know Sarah lies more often than not, but there is no reason to not believe her here. Love is not measurable…. there is no critical mass that tips the balance between like and love. It is an emotion, so it is tied to a memory. Oddly enough, when we remember time with a person, that emotion will be attached. If seeing a person, or thinking about a person we are in love with, we cannot really detach the two. So if Sarah actually fell in love with Chuck at some point in the story, she will not really be able to remember that first time she met him without attaching the emotion of love to it, Until that person overrides the emotion of love with a different emotion, it would be very hard to separate the two entities. That is why we always hear about love at first sight, when it probably isn’t….except when you look back.

      • Agreed. She later admits to Chuck that she fell for him during the first episode “after you fixed my phone and before you started defusing bombs with computer viruses.” in Chuck vs. the Other Guy.

      • It could have been while she was kicking his ass as the ninja or while he was screaming like a little girl during the car chase too.

      • Or when Chuck helped the ballerina…. 😉

        But yes…the date because usually it’s when you make that connection with someone and they reciprocate, as Chuck did on the date. But it wouldn’t have happened on the date if Sarah didn’t see what Chuck did with the ballerina. That act stole her heart….

      • The ballerina was more than an ice breaker …. remember, Sarah was used to commanding attention….to working the mark. ( They don’t waste the blondes on just anyone.) For some reason, Chuck was able to break from her spell to help a little girl in need …it was an act of altruism Sarah wasn’t used to. If this truly was a bad guy, why wasn’t he taking advantage of the situation she presented him with ?? That’s probably why Sarah said to Graham, ” I don’t know…there’s something about this guy..”

  14. Just one extra thing concerning the expressions of Agent Walker at the Nerd Herd Desk during the pilot:

    Sarah’s approach to the desk is typical of a woman who knows how to get what she wants. Looking at the Buy More sign and the smile of confidence shows us that this first encounter will be easy.

    She knows that a flutter of her eyebrows will floor Chuck and those around her. The use of constant eye contact is probably being used in order to keep him under her spell.

    The wide eyed look is also associated with trying to absorb your surroundings.

    “Stop the presses”

    For obvious reasons, Chuck is blown away when he looks at her but Morgan sees first, and this will continue throughout the series. Morgan is obviously more tuned to looking for opportunities whereas Chuck is just living day to day. And however lowly Chuck feels his job to be, we can see that he does take it seriously as opposed to Morgan. Chuck looks responsible but on closer examination we can’t help but hear a difference – his mind is not on his job (he is probably bored with it) so his humour kicks in as a means of making his life palatable.

    Her job is to make contact and to gather as much ‘intel’ as possible. Remember, the CIA believe the intersect is on a hard drive somewhere at this stage.

    Sarah’s lack of social knowledge puts her at a dis-advantage so in order to capitalise on her physical attraction and empowerment a quick twist about the names Chuck and Morgan not only enables her to drop her name and show everyone that Chuck is the target (Chuck is the first name she calls), but it also draws everyone to a level playing field.

    You could say Sarah was ignorant about Bat Man but she wasn’t there to make friends. Her ‘comeliness’ allows her to be direct, and she knows both Morgan and Chuck will give her latitude. So they will temporarily suspend the social traits they commonly look for in a girl as this girl is top of the line and probably never to be seen again.

    She tests his composure with the phone; but because he clearly knows he stands no chance with her he passes the test very competently. She is constantly trying to draw his attention but it fails. He gets the job done quickly and efficiently. In her world, this means he is able to bury his emotions.

    In this moment I believe her expressions change because she is trying to understand Chuck. Why this guy? How? When? and what the hell is it all about? Does he know? Is he an agent is disguise? Is he a good fighter? and many more ….

    If Chuck is an agent then he strikes her as someone VERY different. ‘He takes his cover seriously’, but there is also a note of kindness in his voice.

    I believe it is his voice that softens her expressions.

    He shows confidence, and explains what he is doing. So this is obviously and quite possibly not a cover job. He actually does provide good customer service. She probably knows how to fix the phone anyhow – so it is a ruse.

    It is a ‘wow’ moment for her, but only in terms of how natural and innocent Chuck is. I really doubt there is any ‘love’ at this stage. Interest and intrigue yes (driven by her mission), but not love or instant sexual attraction.

    But don’t forget his voice.

    It has calmed her down, made her think twice about the ‘mark’. This happens as soon as he jumps out of humour mode. The humour is sweet, but the real guy fixes her phone.

    Getting the phone back in her hand switches her back in to full cover mode. Note has she moves her expression to Morgan first to be more inclusive and not give anything away and then throws in the expression ‘geek’ to relieve any tension in the air and draw us back to the humour.

    Chuck finally looks at her, but he is not wide eyed and totally absorbed in her at the moment. He is still in control of himself.

    The initial sign said – ‘when you buy more, you save more’

    But Chuck did not fit this statement. He worked there, but on Sarah’s initial assessment I think we can safely assume that he did not fit the corporate culture. He didi not sell her anything. So this either makes him a competent spy (but this is too easy to say) or a complete innocent.

    When Sarah walked in, she considered this would be easy.
    When Sarah leaves, I believe she realises this not going to be straight forward. This missions is not skin deep and she wants to know more so she has already decided that further observation is required.

    Sarah’s character is shown to be full of facial expressions whereas Chuck’s character is defined verbally, not so much what he says, but what he says in between the lines. Its the verbal nuances that sell Chuck and that is what gets Sarah’s attention.

    In effect, she wants to ‘buy more’ time on this mission.

  15. I could just talk and talk about this pilot because I loved it so I will try to stick to bullet points to avoid my potential encyclopedia version 😀
    The pilot: Best one I have ever seen. The plot was clear, the storyline flowed and was easy to follow. The multi genre plot could have caused it to be choppy but everything made sense and fit.
    The action scene with Bryce was amazing and not over done but I have to admit my favorite part was Casey telling Bryce “Don’t Move” AFTER he shoots him. The opening scene of Chuck trying to escape his own party was PRICELESS. Haven’t we all been in that type of situation once or twice?
    Ellie: Wasn’t my favorite in this episode but ONLY because I recognized her overbearing, overprotective, “pushy-ness”…..THAT’S ME! I had to chuckle because Sarah Lancaster played that part so well and all I could do was laugh and shake my head.
    Morgan: Aggravating but essential to the Chuck character. It lends credence to the goal of showing that Chuck is a good guy who sees the good in everyone and is loyal and protective.
    Casey: Lord….what can be said. Adam Baldwin is PERFECT! Loved the Casey character. His facial reactions are worth a thousand unspoken words. Many favorite quotes…besides “don’t move”; “don’t puke on the C-4” was hilarious!
    Sarah: Yvonne Strahovki was born to play this part. There’s no other actress that could’ve brought her to life.
    The consummate professional. She’s on a mission that’s very personal. She’s dealing with an array of emotions but can’t show them. Bryce, her partner and boyfriend has betrayed her and the CIA and is now dead. She now has to find ,who she thinks, is his “partner in crime”. She arrives at the Buy More fully prepared to take control of Chuck and get the intersect back but, instead, is caught off guard by a kind, sweet and innocent Chuck. How he deals with the young girl reaches a part of Sarah’s heart she had been trained to close off which is why I think she left her number instead of giving it to him personally. Sarah is dealing with a heart that’s been betrayed and broken, she’s guarded.
    Chuck: Ummmm…..PERFECTLY written and acted! Can anyone imagine any other actor playing Chuck besides Zachary Levi? That would be a big fat NOPE😀
    Chuck is also dealing with an emotional roller coaster. His self esteem is low and he feels stuck. He downloaded the intersect and he goes on an even bigger dollar coaster ride. Then Sarah arrives. I believe his attraction was immediate but feels no one that beautiful would be interested in him. Then the date (my favorite scene) and we start to see both characters change. Chuck is very much into Sarah and can’t believe how lucky he is (as seen by his face during the dance scene).
    Then the chase, the bomb, the beach. Chuck is confused and afraid for his friends and family, he goes to the beach to think. Sarah coming to the beach was beautifully done, we see clearly that she KNOWS he’s a good guy who didn’t ask for this and we see her assuming the role of Chuck’s protector.
    This is the scene that shows they really like and care for each other even if they don’t want to admit it.
    Let’s not forget about the supporting cast! Captain Awesome, Big Mike, Lester, Jeff, Anna. HARRY TANG 😀 Has anyone ever seen a pilot show where you remember ALL the supporting cast members and their purpose in the show? Every cast member fit and made sense!

    • JoshMom welcome to Chuckaholics.

      The purpose of a pilot is to take viewers on a ride worth taking. The other notion is why would I want to come back. This episode was perfect. It gave you a sample of everything the series would ultimately be about.

      Sometimes television shows waste all their bullets in the pilot, and that is bad marketing because you still want keep people interested. However, I don’t like Helicopter being the follow up episode. but that’s a discussion for another day.

  16. chuck’s pilot is one of the most beautiful show openings ever made, and it’s definitely in chuck’s top 5. There’s everything:
    comedy, mystery, action, drama, romance, private and national interests.
    The cast was well assembled:
    -Chuck: Fantastic way he handles the situation despite everything.
    Morgan: it’s to show chuck’s a good person.
    -Ellie: a little intrusive, but we already understand that for Chuck it was a mother and a sister.
    Devon: He was given little space, not least because his story had to be another. But you already understand them that even if he is an established doctor he does not underestimate others.
    -Bryce: those who do not understand his sacrifice must be mutilated. He leaves Sarah ( a madman), to protect america, they send the intersect to the only person who could handle it. it’s much more like chuck than it looks, but at the same time very different, their roles and lives could be swapped.
    Casey: a soldier, first shoot then ask the questions. Endowed with black humor, later one of the best characters ever written.
    -Sarah: yvonne should give an oscar for acting, especially through facial expressions. A beautiful cia people, considered the best.
    We have to understand sarah’s story, a difficult life always on the run and with new aliases, she has no friendships, she does not have time to finish the high school that is recruited in the CIA. After that there are a few errors in the plot. He attends Harward and the farm for training. She begins to be sent to the field at a very young age, joins the Cat squad, then takes the red test, and becomes Bryce’s partner and girlfriend, so she had strong feelings (probably her only love after chuck). She separates from Bryce and is sent to Hungary, a mission that begins to change her when she defends and saves that child, begins to feel affection. He sees his mother again and regrets real life. She returns to Washington and discovers Bryce, no longer wants managers, and is sent to Burbank to clean up her former partner’s mess and save her career. Graham says she’s probably going to get lost, she says no ( but it’s not true) the enforcer will never come back.
    She meets chuck and realizes that she is kind, she has friends, family, what she wants. But in his way he is also heroic, great worker, intelligent, brilliant and not banal. She falls in love, it’s already clear at the end of the episode. She thought she knew all about him , but he always manages to surprise her. The rest is history.
    The only part of her that I didn’t like is in s3, when the writers sacrificed her character in favor of the plot.

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