Chuck vs The Gravitron


Jill  as a fulcrum agentWe have reached the eighth episode of season 2 we close the first arc of the season for a moment.  Jill’s secret has been revealed.  A near traumatic Thanksgiving Day at the Woodcombs and yes Jeffster gets to eat at the apartment.

The episode started with a flashback of Chuck asking Jill if they can become an item. He asked her on a Ferris Wheel

Chuck and Jill become an Item
The day Chuck asked Jill to be his girlfriend

Main Story

Searching for Chuck

The episode opens with a frantic Team Bartowski (TB) working on computers trying to locate Chuck. Throw in the pressure from General Beckman (GB) to do whatever it takes to find Chuck. For the first time, we see both members of TB worried about the whereabouts of one Mr. Bartowski.

Pillow Kissing Session

Meanwhile,  Jill and Chuck are in midst of a pillow kissing session, when Chuck’s phone rang. Chuck’s line here was very funny. “Oh, there is going to be lots of yelling.” Jill seductively suggested “wasn’t it worth it.” When Jill heads for the shower, Chuck noticed the large number of missed calls, and knew instantly when he returned to Burbank he was walking into a lecture or possible worse. While looking at his phone, Jill’s phone made a sound suggesting a text message came in. Chuck looked at it, and flashed the word Leader.

Chuck knows now that Jill is Fulcrum, and runs for the hills. He does not get far as TB already were in the hotel complex. They grab him and insinuate never to do that again. Sarah gave two expressions in this scene that indication her ability to shift from agent back to girlfriend rather quickly. It also showed the hardship of putting one’s own personal feelings on the back burner for someone she cared about. It is a major blow even an agent would say hurts.

Agent Walker feeling sorry for Chuck
Even the agent has a heart…Sarah watching Chuck get screwed by Jill

TB lecturing Chuck on how to get back at Jill

Sarah knows what it feels like to be betrayed by an Ex
Sarah knows what its like to find out her ex was a turncoat.

An agent who knows all too well discovering your ex was working with a rouge spy agency. If anyone can relate to Chuck, it’s Sarah. While Bryce was not rogue, he didn’t tell Sarah about his mission with Fulcrum. Something that bothered Sarah when the one she was with does not include her in their excursions.

While she comes to Chuck defense when GB ordered Chuck to continue with his relationship, and find out more details on who leader was. Chuck had a mature moment. It came as a surprise from everyone in the room including Sarah. While I love what he did here as a man, Buffoon Chuck will rear its ugly head.

Chuck is not ready for this Chuck said he will do it.

Chuck was willing to take down Jill Roberts after her second double cross.  Chuck makes a date with Jill to continue monitoring the moves Fulcrum was trying to do. It was a funny scene because Casey plucked Chuck’s hair afterward and told him have some self respect he’s a man. Chuck said he needed to go talk to Sarah about getting through the night’s mission.

In what is one of my favorite scenes in all of Chuck. He was nervous about going through with his date with Jill. Sarah acting as an agent informed him that a good spy knows what their mark wants. In the most vulnerable position, a intimate moment such as a kiss. Chuck still was nervous and then Charah proceeds to engage in a very steamy scene despite not kissing.

I can feel it coming in the air tonight
The eyes are a powerful tool…When look at Sarah all you can see is affection.
The want to kiss is in her eyes. The fire inside of her just wanting to burst out
When Chuck’s eyes closed. The desire to kiss almost bursted out. She could of kissed him, but Agent Walker would get the better of her.

Sarah moving in closer Hello Sarah Walker the girlfriend Agent Walker won this roundIt is becoming very difficult for Sarah to resist the urge of intimacy

What I love about this scene was the ability to deliver a powerful romantic scene without the kiss. If they kissed it would only have enhanced it. Sarah pulling back at the last second showed restraint. Her eyes and moving her mouth in his direction were both stimulating  and surprising that she couldn’t go through with it. Who knows why she pulled back. The thought that he was with someone. Maybe she didn’t want to screw up the mission, whatever the case maybe. it impressed me.

The look back by Sarah as Chuck left was another scene that I love. It showed that she wanted to do it, and if under different circumstances she would of done it.

Chuck and Jill return to the top of a Ferris Wheel. When Jill reminded Chuck of the things they did together the night they became a couple. Chuck remembered and they began to kiss. Jill pulled a gun on Chuck. She apologized and said she didn’t want to hurt Chuck, but she has to follow orders. Furthermore, her handler was watching them, and if she didn’t do what he asked they were both good as dead.

On the wrong trail

Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah were on the wrong trail, and had to back track to the carnival. After Jill pulled the gun, She said, “I don’t want to do this Chuck, I am not a killer, this isn’t what I do for a living.” Chuck quickly reminded her you pull that trigger, It’s exactly what you are.” One of the best Chuck lines of the series was said following the exchange.

Chuck: You broke my heart once before, do you have to shoot it as well.

What I love about the line was how he confronted Jill about the past, and made it current. He never told her how his heart felt. Good job Mr. Bartowski. Jill takes Chuck to Leader, who was played by Patrick Fitpatrick, you may now him for his role on 24, when he shot Jack Bauer. Leader told Jill to shoot Chuck, but her hesitance set off Leader,  “too late.” in her lack of response to the order.

Chuck makes a dash for it, while Leader knocked out Jill. Chuck runs into a gravitron, where he would be joined by Leader soon after. Leader had two lines that I liked, his line in the gravitron was funny. “I don’t want to shoot you in here, and some kid finds the body.” I love it. A bad guy with a conscience.

Chuck spotted the switch for the ride, and lunges for it. The machine began to spin fast causing Chuck and Leader to get stuck to the wall. Leader slowly inching his way toward Chuck, who was trying to reach the button. When he does Leader crashes to the floor. Chuck ran out of there and into a fun house. Team Bartowski in the mean time arrived at the carnival.

They spotted Chuck running into the Fun House. Jill also saw Chuck enter the house, and followed him. Jill alerted Chuck she was in the house, and Chuck perceived to ask her why did she join Fulcrum.  Meanwhile, Leader also made his way into the house. He eventually would catch up with Chuck, who was shot by Jill before he could open fire on Chuck.

Sarah's victory pose
Sarah Walker’s victory Pose over Jill

Jill and Chuck make a run for it, but  into the waiting arms of Casey and Sarah. Casey grabbed Jill and handcuffed her. Sarah is standing over her with a gun in hand, In a victory type stance. This portion of the episode Chuck turned into buffoon Chuck. His decision making at the end of this episode often makes you scratch your head. He is so smart but can make dumb decisions based on trying to please everyone.

Back at Castle, Jill was connected to a lie detector machine, which I didn’t like because being a spy like Jill was meant that she had training in beating the device. Jill revealed answers they wanted to hear, and told the truth about the whereabouts of Leader. Casey and Sarah packed spy gear and went after Leader.

Sarah grilling Jill abou Leader

Chuck trying to be the romantic  tried to plead with Sarah about taking the restraints off, but Sarah said not to trust Jill, and here is where Buffoon Chuck is in full effect. Instead of listening to Sarah, who by the way was right earlier when she told Chuck that Jill would take advantage of a intimate moment. He did not listen and let her out.

Sarah telling Chuck not to trust Jill

Before he did let her out, He asked her some questions about their days at Stanford. Chuck read the Castle Manuel and knew how to operate the machine. He asked her did she love Bryce, and she said no. It came back positive, which hurt Chuck even more. All the questions came back positive until he asked after this  done could there be a future between them. She said yes, but the machine read negative.

TB interrogating Jill

Here is where I will defend Jill.  I believe she did care for Chuck and her feelings were real. It is quite similar to Sarah, she was following orders and protecting her skin sort to speak. She said that Fulcrum told her to dump Chuck and go after Bryce, who they thought had the intersect. She responded the same way Sarah did earlier in the season, when Sarah told Chuck he could have anything  he wanted, and be with anyone he wanted. It was a ploy to get Chuck to do her bidding. Its the same for Jill.

It was a mistake by Chuck to let her out because she turned on Chuck rather quickly. Sarah called Castle to let Chuck know they had Leader. It seem to easy to be true. There is never a smooth ride when it comes to Chuck.

Sarah letting Chuck know they had Leader

Sarah eyes told the story
Chuck didn’t listen to Sarah….Trust is a funny word

Sarah not too happy Chuck didn't listen to her

Leader put Casey and Sarah into a holding cell. He instructed Chuck to let him into the mainframe, and Jill would advise Chuck to do what he said several times I might add. After a brief run in with his buffoon self, Chuck’s intelligence kicked into gear again. We come to my two favorite lines one from Leader and the other the message about Casey.

First, Chuck was able to grab hold of the manual, while Jill was putting him into a holding cell, the plan was for Fulcrum to break into Castle, so they can find the whereabouts of one Bryce Larkin. Fulcrum claimed Bryce stole something from them. (Intersect)

When Jill left to rejoin Leader, Chuck began to read the manual again. This time Casey and Sarah saw and told him the manual was top secret.  Chuck quickly replied well so am I. Chuck jammed the server and communications. Leader returned to the cells, and asked Chuck what he did. Chuck said he jammed all servers and communications in and out of Castle. He also alerted the cavalry which would be at Castle in 10 minutes.

Chuck: The nerd in me wants to really say checkmate right about now.

Leader:  Never say that, because you don’t know who your dealing with. the cells may be bullet proof, but they certainly can’t withstand that. [puts a bomb on Casey and Sarah’s cell.]

How Leader said it was what made the line so chilling. It was a great line, one of my favorites of the series. Chuck opened the cell letting Leader and Jill take him. Chuck went with them. Sarah shouted through the glass Jill if you hurt him I swear.”

Sarah like the lioness she can be
The Lioness in Attack Mode….

In another classic line from Chuck, He messaged Sarah and Casey letting them know he opened their cell as well. it was time to UNLEASH THE CASEY

Unleash the Casey

Team Bartowski chased after Leader and Jill into the Buymore, When they caught up to Chuck,  I heard another buffoon moment from Chuck. After what just happened, Chuck still doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Jill. it made me want to throw my remote at the television. Sarah runs after Jill looking back at Chuck, who said “Don’t hurt her.” Seriously Chuck, don’t hurt her, she just tried to kill you.

Sarah was searching for Jill by the break room, and Jill had her mark in sight, but Chuck comes from behind and said I can help you Jill. Come with me. Jill runs with Chuck. He lures her to  a nerd herder, but instead of letting her escape, He handcuffed her to the wheel.

Chuck about to arrest Jill
Jill arrested by Chuck

Chuck: You should know I wanted to help you. I was going to let you get away. But you were about to kill Sarah and made the decision for me. You’re under arrest, Jill. And I’m breaking up with you.

Sarah wondering if Chuck was going to let Jill go
She is wondering if Chuck was going to let Jill go
He Chose Sarah
In the end…Chuck chose Sarah

In true Chuck form, the need to do the right thing overtook Chuck. It also made the decision easier for him when Jill threatened Sarah. It showed where Chuck’s loyalty was.

Sarah and Chuck make it back to the apartment, and one of my favorite scenes between the two takes place. Chuck said he can’t get use to the lying spies need to do. Sarah assures him that he is a good guy because he wants to help people.

Beatiful as always
Sarah looking good as always…
The second handshake between the two...The last time was in Chuck vs the Crown Vic.
The second handshake between the two…The last time was in Chuck vs the Crown Vic.
Sarah and Chuck back together again
Look how comfortable Sarah is in Chuck’s home….Seems like a natural place for her.
Everything is alright in Bartowskiville for now
All is well in Bartowskiville for now…..

After their first break up, Chuck and Sarah were split apart. soon after they had a magical kiss. The moment wouldn’t last long because Bryce returned. A great moment put on hold because of an ex. Sarah gets Chuck his degree a very special moment between the two. This time Chuck’s ex spoils the moment. What do each experience have in common, it would be this. Unfortunately, I could not find a picture that best illustrates the comparison, but this is the best we can do.

They shook hands in this scene
They shook hands in this scene….there seems to be a trend with these kind of handshakes.
A woman falling in love expression
This is a pose a woman in love makes…Sarah chose Chuck here…
Beatiful as always
Same pose as in Crown Vic…Dealing with Exes can be very bitter sweet…

What Chuck said that sums up this episode would be now.

Chuck Bartowski: I’m just too trusting. Ever since I was a kid, I really wanted to believe what everyone else told me, you know? I’m just getting used to this new job, with the spying and lying.

Sarah Walker: Don’t get used to it. What makes you special is that you’re not like every other spy. You’re a good guy and you want to help people. Leave the deception to me.

Chuck Bartowski: I’m glad I have you.

Sarah Walker: Yeah, we’re better as a team.

A great way to pause this arc. I said pause because Jill will be needed in the future.

Ellie’s Crisis 

I am not a big fan of the character of Ellie Bartowski. I find her to be obnoxious and demeaning towards Chuck. I understand she raised him from a young age. Essentially,  Ellie would be the mother figure for Chuck. She did a great job I might add. However, she seems to put Chuck down indirectly. but it comes off rather harsh. With that said, Ellie in this episode was funny.

Every one in their lives have been faced with the dilemma in Ellie faced in this episode. Her in-laws were coming and she wanted everything to be perfect. It was very funny to see how Morgan reacted to Ellie throwing out the test turkey.

She was also very reluctant in not inviting Morgan to Thanksgiving, A holiday meal she knew Morgan cherished just as much as she put  dinner on. When she found out the Woodcombs were not coming how excited she was they were not coming, but also felt bad that Morgan was not coming.

Great side story for this episode.

Buymore Story

Big Mike was going fishing, and when he heard Morgan didn’t have Thanksgiving plans, Morgan was volunteered to watch the large amount of merchandise they had in the store. Morgan would join Jeffster as babysitters of the Buymore.

Lester offered Morgan some TV dinner turkey in honor of the holiday, but Morgan said this isn’t a turkey. Morgan said he could get a real turkey. The test turkey Ellie throw out. Morgan asked Jeffster to help him break out of the Buymore. in the midst of escaping, they triggered the hidden alarm. Big Mike was notified of a Buymore Breach. It made Big Mike run back to the store.

As Leader and Casey are brawling in the Buymore,  Leader said, “Did you think you were good enough to take me down.” Big Mike “No, I am.”

Big Mike came running into Leader knocking him out.

Not a great Buymore story, but good enough to give a few sentences too.

Overall Thoughts of the episode

Chuck vs The Gravitron is one of those episodes that didn’t offer much to the main story other then  semi closure on Jill Roberts. After several rewatches of this arc. I have come to realize that Jill Roberts is a major player in the story of Chuck. While Lou and Hannah play roles in Charah’s relationship. It can’t compare to the major threat Sarah felt with Jill in the mix. Jill was a spy, and she used her skills to manipulate Chuck. Its a threat not only personally, but it dabs into the professional ranks as well. Something Hannah and Lou could never do.

Like Bryce, Jill had history with Chuck. It was an educational experience for Sarah in dealing with an ex. While Chuck was being buffoon Chuck at times, Sarah was the same in Chuck vs The Crown Vic. A love struck woman baring the though that her ex was alive, and she was stuck in Burbank.

Sarah and Chuck both had their exes on the mind when make decisions, but no matter how far they venture off Chuck and Sarah end up back in each others good graces. A recycled theme throughout the series.

The next episode article will be Chuck vs The Sensei.  The second Casey centered episode of the series. One I like very much because it blended in comedy and action at its best. Stay tune for the next season 2 article.

















  1. not one of my fave but it did melt my heart when Chuck chose Sarah when Jill tried to kill Sarah. And also, you can see the consistency with Sarah with regard to her feelings towards Chuck- being a diff kind of spy, a good guy, the one who uses brain and words instead of guns. Hats off to that.

    • Gravitron is one of those episodes you don’t hate it or love it. its an average episode.

      While it puts the breaks on Jill Roberts, We can see what its like to deal with an ex, who makes people make decisions easier. Jill attempting to kill Sarah was something Chuck didn’t want to happen.

      its much like when Bryce told Sarah we need to get the chip in the break up we saw Sarah choose Chuck over duty. One of Sarah’s best moments. I thought this was one of Chuck’s best decisions in protecting Sarah.

      • after the five time watching this arc, I have come to realize that Jill really was an impact on the story.

        Sarah dealt with Lou in the first season, but only on a personal level, when compared to Jill its a lot harder for Sarah cause she had to work with Jill.

        something that hit home more with Sarah then anything Lou did,

  2. Correct. Having Jill around and correct not only on personal level but Chuck let her enter to his another life and even Casey allowed that made Sarah doubt and give her frightened. To add up specially when Jill and Chuck are wavelength and they have their way on communicating with themselves. Sarah’s feeling of defeat but let them not see it is super hard for her knowing its a new thing to her. I say its a new thing because her relationship with Chuck is different from Bryce because Bryce is a spy, and he knows how to handle and control his emotions and both of them can contain it with themselves. Unlike Chuck, he sometimes and many time a whiney guy, he will say what he feels because he talk and talk and talk.

    An eye opener for Sarah.

  3. Can’t disagree here. Favorite parts are Chuck choosing Sarah over Jill at the end, and the fact that, even though he caused the crisis, he actually devised the plan to trap them at the end…without using the Intersect.

    I found Jill to be a bit of a tragic figure here. She didn’t join Fulcrum out of any nefarious plan. She was used …and it could have been the CIA that recruited her and done the same thing to her. Remember… she told Chuck that they were all the same. The bad choice she made was trying to kill Sarah…

    • Gary,

      After watching this arc several times, Jill;s feelings for Chuck were for real. She truly loved Chuck. I’d like to say Jill went through what Sarah was going through. Fulcrum told her to dump Chuck and focus on Bryce. This was long before the Intersect became an issue.

      While same can be said about Sarah except its little bit more clearer as a picture. Sarah loved Chuck too, and like Jill she had to bottle those emotions because of the CIA so in essences you are right. the CIA was doing to Sarah what Fulcrum did to Jill at Stanford.

      Common factor Bryce was connect to both women and scenarios. Spoiler Alert, Its why the whole love trapezoid of season 3 doesn’t do it for me compared to this one.

      All the parts work together nicely. It goes into the story more deeper than Shaw and Hannah.
      It all started with Bryce Chuck and Jill. Later, it became all four of them. all characters eventually cross paths and have to work professionally and deal with personal issues as well. Its what makes the JIll arc so compelling.

  4. I know a lot of people don’t mind the Shaw/Sarah and Chuck/Hanna arc because they feel that OLI’s drive Chuck and Sarah back together. But since it was done with Jill and Bryce in Season 2, why do it again in Season 3 ? So not only were Shaw and Hanna redundant storytelling, they appealed to the protagonists due to their inherent weaknesses and flaws, rather than any real emotion. It left both Chuck and Sarah more flawed in our eyes …. and they weren’t really redeemable flaws…especially Sarah’s. Chuck’s foibles with Hanna, his decision in Prague, even almost killing the ring operative in Tic Tac…they all had some form or redemption explained at some point, so he seemed to be doing the wrong thing, but for the right reason. It wasn’t until Tic Tac that Sarah actually told him what she feared about him being a spy, but Chuck had pretty well figured that out in Fake Name. We never knew why Sarah did what she did. (Season 4 seems to go out the way to make sure we get an explanation for Sarah’s actions, though !!)

    Jill and Bryce were SO much better…and even though I really didn’t like either one of them, they were Chuck and Sarah’s first loves. That is powerful…it is understandable to still carry a torch for them years later, even though you have feelings for someone else. These OLI’s may not have been what we wanted, but they don’t expose any inherent flaws in either Chuck or Sarah, even when they sleep together again. We understand the jealousy, but we also understand that Chuck and Sarah’s situation doesn’t allow them to be a “real” couple at those particular times that the OLI’s show up.

    I have to say that as i watched the remaining episodes of season 3, and now onto Season 4, it is enjoyable to watch the show again. It seems to me it’s my own rose colored glasses … I like Sarah (the character) with the flaws we understand … that come from her tumultuous background. What I don’t like is a weak, dumbed down, “slutty” Sarah (in loose terms). That’s my background and perhaps my generation talking, but it seems the writers used sex as the ultimate betrayal as well. We could see it bothered Chuck when Sarah was recounting her romantic adventures with Shaw….

    • Yea but by the time Tic Tac happened what we watched was really was one big body blow in boxing match how many can a man take before his hands come down.

      Its well documented what we feel about Prague, Shaw and Hannah. but the reality is this Shaw was written to be this obstacle for Chuck and Sarah, but my problem with it is by the time the two LIs came into the picture the damage was done.

      They had five minutes of make up time when they shook hands at the end of De La Muerte everything seemed ok right, but bam they throw a curve with Shaw now in the picture.

      I saw the two episodes before the Mask. They made a point to make Sarah to not like Shaw, but then one episode later they are falling over each other. Same thing for Chuck and Hannah it seemed rushed and quick to action.

      I agree now bad writing. Shaw made Chuck become the spy we knew he was. He forced him to work a solo mission no Sarah or Casey, which is what the 2.0 was designed to do.

      Its the only thing I love about Shaw. I remember the first run through the show I kept complaining about the lack of trust from Casey and Sarah in letting him grow as a spy. In a few episodes we will see it more. They undermined his IT skills which annoyed me.

      Although we both know he became overly dependent on 2.0 not realizing he was smart enough as Ellie said it was meant to be a guide.

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