Chuckaholics Endorses The Intersect Project Podcast

A few weeks ago Chuckaholics released a article talking about creating a home for all Chuck fans, and in order to accomplish that feat, we have to take account for the other methods of keeping the series Chuck alive. There are a lot of fans out there dedicating themselves in keep this show in the minds of all the fans out there. For example,  Chuckthisblog or are a excellent source for your Chuckaddiction.

There are many fan sites such as Chuck and Sarah Media and  also contribute to the show by finding wonderful screen caps of the stars from the show. While those sites are well establish. Sites like Chuckaholics  have only just began in seizing the opportunity to grow within the Chuck community. It is the very reason we started a 91 week rewatch. The rewatch is called a episode and discussion., where fans can come together after they watch the episode of the week and reminisce on the great memories the show provided.

One of the things this site likes to do is endorse other Chuck fans commitment in relaying the message on how much we miss the show. It should be noted that Chuckaholics is always open to being a platform for many Chuck fans that have the same passion we have. We have also offered people to join the site to help make Chuckaholics fun for everyone.

Last night, the board of directors (My Wife) and I sat and listened to a Podcast titled “The Intersect Project.” It was created by Paul Naegle, and you can follow him on twitter @Koolguy321. Chuckaholics will open a page on this site dedicated to The Intersect Project Podcast, in which we will post each audio episode he releases for the fan to listen too. It is our way to help promote his show and give Paul a voice on this site. 

The Intersect Project is a rewatch of the entire series much like we have here, but the difference  would be the fact you can listen to it rather then read. Whatever gets the message out there in  Operation Bring Back Chuck. It pleases Chuckaholics to see so many people taking the time and effort in something we may never get back.  Zac said it best at Nerd HQ “all we can do is wait.”

You can find the podcast on ITunes and it is for free, but don’t worry if you don’t have Itunes. This site will have the audio for you.  Below is the link for the podcast. Chuckaholics will also have a link for you in its’ link section on the homepage.

His podcast was very entertaining and goes in depth into the characters of the pilot, he won’t spoil the show for you if you as he classified as a “Newbie.”  He  called veterans of the series as “Chucksters” He briefly talked about the cast of the series and mentioned Nerd HQ as well. I highly recommend fans of Chuck to listen to his take on Chuck. The best part it won’t cost a dime to listen. He even mentions Chuckaholics in his audio.

As always Chuckaholics is the home for all things Chuck, a one stop shop for all Chuck fans. We encourage those that want to use Chuckaholics as a way to promote their sites, blogs or any other means of  showcasing the desire and passion for Chuck. In order to create the clubhouse feel for this site we need to help each other. After all, it is all about Chuck.






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