Hello Chuckaholics, the Rolling Stones once said, “Please allow me to introduce myself” so I’m going to follow their wise words and introduce myself. My name is Paul, I’m a 20 year old college student in Fayetteville, AR. I’ve been a fan of Chuck since I started watching it last November. Since then I’ve watched the series twice and am now currently on my third re-watch.

Now I’m doing this re-watch for a podcast I’m hosting called The Intersect Project. This is a Chuck re-watch podcast where I express opinions on the show and certain aspects about it such as: plot, characters, music, and influences. As of right now the first episode is out and I am currently working on the second episode with hopes to put it out next week sometime. Here’s a link to the first episode:

This project stems from an entertainment company a friend and I started called NerfHerder Entertainment. We might do some other podcasts and videos so keep an eye out for us.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the Chuckaholics community for giving me an opportunity to contribute to such a great website where Chuck fans can discuss a fantastic TV show. Since I was given a great opportunity I’d like to present an opportunity to others in the form of a link to Operation smile. This great charity can provide wonderful opportunities to kids in need.

– Paul

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