The Master of Expressions: Yvonne Strahovski’s Mastery of Sarah Walker Part 3

Did Chuck Really Accept Sarah into his World Part II

The next three chapters continue our study of Yvonne Strahovski’s mastery of Sarah Walker will cover with the first arc of the series. It will cover episodes The Truth thru The Crown Vic. All four episodes are very powerful episodes in the actress’s command of Sarah Walker.

We will also take the time to look at how Chuck was struggling with the cover and beginning to have trouble with the whole concept of “Faking it.”

Chapter One

We have seen glimpses of normal Sarah Walker, but we will now see her move to the fore front. The next stretch of episodes really tell a story without the use of words. For me, Sarah’s words were not necessary to truly understand what she went through. Chuck made a decision to pursue something real, and Sarah has to live with it, but does a agent like Sarah let it be. No, Sarah the girlfriend has other things in mind. Throw in the return of Bryce and Sarah has a whirlwind of emotions that help shape what kind of person she is. All  these experiences are character builders.

The Truth of the cover 

Realizing Bryce may had a purpose in sending the Intersect to Chuck
Realizing Bryce had good intentions makes the mind go through loops in trying to understand the truth.
Chuck also dealing with the Truth about Bryce.
Chuck also finding out Bryce set him up on purpose…to protect him was very revealing for both of them.

After finding out that Bryce set up Chuck on purpose, Chuck and Sarah are in midst of discussing there double date with Ellie and Devon. It has Chuck on freak out street, but the agent in Sarah will help prepare him for even this task at hand.

The scene was comical because it was set in a broom closet. Sarah and Chuck are talking about their cover. They are talking about what they did the night before. She knew what kind of food Chuck had and what he wore at the movies.

Chuck on the other hand was being his charm self, when he revealed what kind of sweater she wore. Sarah’s responded as a real girlfriend when she asked “Oh, you like that one.”

She is imprssed that he remembered what she wore
The fact that he notices what she wears wins points with her….

He likes her sweater

It is a nice exchange between the two. They are going over the mission, but watching her shift between agent and girlfriend is nice to see. Fast forward to the date.and the real girlfriend inside of her begins to blossom. Sarah watching Devon and Ellie interact was good for her to witness.

It makes her seek the intimacy she is watching from Chuck, but the question would be how?

Sarah on a doulbe date with the woodcombs
The blossoming of Sarah the Girlfriend. The seed has been planted.

When listening to Chuck order the food, he sounded very unsure of himself.  When he finally made it through the order, we see a glowing Sarah, She is use to these kind of things, but she is also enjoying herself at the same time. After all she doesn’t have anything at stake really other then blowing  their cover.

Sarah also has begun to show her enjoyment in being around these people. She has taken to them nicely.

Chuck is having a hard time on this mission
Chuck sounded like he was reading from a script when ordering .

Here is where it gets interesting and watching Sarah learning from Ellie was the best thing for her. Sarah was only use to men being around her. So, her relationship education came at the hands of men. By watching Ellie, the seeds are planted for Sarah the girlfriend to blossom.

Sarah's eyes tell you how she is thinking.
When looking at Sarah’s eyes, She is taking in the public affection shown from Ellie and Devon

When watching Ellie, Sarah is watching the pleasure of seeing real love at play. All the emotion that come with it. The cuddling and innocence of it all made Sarah study it.

Agent Walker getting an education on romance
Life experiences can come at any moment. For Sarah, it seemed to have an effect on her.

Woodcombs cuddling

Ellie and Devon opened Sarah’s eyes to the possibilities, but how could Agent Walker allow Sarah the girlfriend the chance to shine.  Let’s take a look at the curb scene to tell the difference between Agent Walker and Sarah the girlfriend.

While Sarah wants contact, Chuck is not willing
Sarah shows she was in between. The agent inside of her wants to maintain professionalism, but Sarah the girlfriend is itching.
Nothing coming from Chuck
How to sell this cover looked to be difficult from both ends now.

While trying to maintain professional  often conflicts with her true intentions. A lot of fans criticizes the writers for not giving Sarah a voice to explain herself, but when the job requires the agent to not become emotionally involved. One can say that Sarah was doing her job. However, to make things interesting there needed to be a spark. Sarah witnessed true love, and she embraced it. It was now time for her to put her new found education on life to work.

It seems that Sarah never experience competition in the form of  another woman. It showed in her reaction to seeing Lou with Chuck. It could of been easy for her to say friend, but the girlfriend inside of her just couldn’t resist. It was also to protect their cover, but if Sarah truly was looking out for Chuck. It would seem feasible for Chuck to date someone else unless of course Sarah has positioned herself as his real girlfriend.

Sarah has come to the party
Sarah doesn’t see the competition yet, why would she….in her mind Chuck is still eating out of her hand.

When two people don’t discuss the particulars of their relationship mixed signals can cause an issue. Sarah didn’t have anything to fear. He didn’t desire another woman not with her knowledge. However, it didn’t take long for Sarah to pick up on the vibe.

Chuck doesn't know how to describe Sarah
It may be fun and games…Sarah is about to get hit with a small dose of reality.

Chuck is in a pickle now.  Lou is interested, but Sarah showing up causes a wrinkle in the courtship.  Sarah is all smiles because she doesn’t assume anything is wrong. However, it will all change when Chuck struggles to call Sarah his girlfriend. Chuck’s hesitancy was a clear message to both women.

Chuck not call her his girlfriend
Who is Sarah, Chuck?

While its easy to say Agent Walker arrived in the Buymore, but something tells me the seeds that were planted during the double date are growing faster now with the presence of Lou. Sarah was looking at Chuck with girlfriend eyes. In her mind? why isn’t he calling me his girlfriend? and in Chuck’s mind they aren’t together so the seeds where planted in his mind being with Lou couldn’t be wrong, Right?

Still didn't call her his girlfriend
Communication breakdown at work here. Uncovering the truth on intentions.

What I find amazing about this scene is the brief direction the two characters are headed. Sarah is sure of herself. She knows the cover, but Chuck is again struggling with the cover. Again, he is off script.  Sarah is showing signs of not understanding the reluctance in saying she was his girlfriend.

Chuck not happy with what happened When Sarah just blurted out girlfriend. Sarah was claiming him in front of Lou. Chuck’s expression has me realizing what was bothering Chuck. If they weren’t in a real relationship, why can’t he see other people. It’s simple really. Sarah was his girlfriend, she just didn’t tell him it was real. However, Yvonne’s mastery was taking shape.

Sarah notices the Sandwhich
Sarah notices the sandwhich, and realizes what just happened. Sarah’s has competition now.
Here is Sarah the girlfriend
Sarah the girlfriend has made her presence.

Sarah realzing what just happened

She may have not felt threatened when she first met Lou, but once she saw Lou gave him a gift. Something she did in Sand Worm. We see Sarah the girlfriend take shape. Its amazing skills to see Yvonne just like that switch into Sarah the girlfriend mode.

Fast forward to the parking lot, I have a few things to say about this scene.

Chuck is on the verge to tell the cover adios, his actions are speaking as much. All Sarah kept saying was their relationship was a cover. She never told Chuck about the rules of dating or how to keep it from Casey and GB. She never told Chuck what they had was real. Thus, creating a losing situation for herself. The problem of course is Sarah never thought it would continue. She thought Lou was done by uttering “Girlfriend.”

Sarah never thought Chuck would be seeking redemption. Sarah kept calling it a cover even when going over the sleep over cover. She constantly referenced for the cover, which at this point was frustrating Chuck. Sarah had no clue.

Sarah going over the sleepover cover

He is pretty much done with the word cover
He is pretty much done with the word cover

The fact he is no longer looking her in the eyes, which he started when Sarah met Lou.  As much as I find Chuck to be clueless at times. We can judge from Chuck’s expression that he is tired of the word cover. Sarah doesn’t get it thought. She is utterly clueless on the issue. A sign Sarah never took Lou serious. She will now.

Clueless Sarah

Sarah saw Chuck make a run for Lou, something Sarah never expected. Does she get the hint?

Chuck running for Lou

Sarah watching her boyfriend with another womanWhile watching Chuck run for Lou, Sarah was not prepared for it.  She thought it was a dead issue in the Buymore, but what Chuck did was catch her by surprise.

Chuck making his move on Lou

Clearly Sarah does not understand
Sarah’s struggling with what she is watching.
more of Sarah struggles
A woman torn between being an agent and a real girlfriend.

Everything is not already with Charah

Chuck’s first attempt at a normal life, and he took it, plus Sarah never experiencing competition showed in her expressions. It is the difference between the two. Chuck saw no other alternative. The word cover was used too much by Sarah. What Sarah witnessed in the parking lot was something she needed. Its seeing what she felt for him could attracted other women.

By saying it was a cover, Chuck felt like he was free to see anyone.  Its the problem with not communicating.  Sarah the real girlfriend is bursting now. Jealousy starts to boil, but it hasn’t reached it’s boiling point. Sarah will attempt to keep Chuck in line.

Chuck doing some preping for the festivites
Chuck set up the room for the mission. Something a guy like Chuck would do.

Sarah watching Chuck put on a show

Sarah enjoying what she is seeing

What I find interesting in this scene was Sarah’s initial look into the room. She was impressed with the set up, but what happened in the parking lot is still fresh on her mind. Thus, any woman in her position would be angry.  unfortunately for Chuck, the woman he made a little testy would be an agent.

When Sarah walked into the room, she was using the agent persona as a way to cover what she was feeling inside. It takes a bit for Sarah the girlfriend to peek through, but she is there. The work Yvonne did in this scene was tremendous. The split second changes in persona made me appreciate her acting more. The portrayal of a woman torn between duty and having a personal interest makes it so compelling to watch.

They aren’t alone remember Casey is listening in. Thus, Sarah really can’t put her true feelings into it. Especially when Chuck called her out on it.

What told me there was a change happening was in bed, After hearing Ellie and Devon argue. Things were put into perspective. Sarah for the first time imitated the conversation. Despite what she was feeling, Chuck’s happiness still was important to her.

The word cover is getting to Chuck
He gets the concept of faking it.

Very revealing choice of attire

The expression on her face showed she knew what she was doing.  She went in with a plan of her own. However, her plan had personal motivation behind the attire. She was thinking that flashing her physical appearance would remind Bartowski on what he had already.

Its really a bad plan because she never told Chuck her true feelings on watching him in the parking lot with Lou. She took it upon herself to dress like the oldest profession in Chuck’s mind. She could of built on it with communication, but Sarah Walker is not about discussing her feelings like Chuck was.

It also didn’t help her cause when she used the word cover. It set off Chuck. He was quick to point out what she just told him., and in her defense she said, it’s what a girlfriend would wear in seducing her boyfriend. She was just being professional. Again, using the words cover and being professional. She was not helping herself at all.

She is not being truthful
The truth is she knew what she was doing.

Chuck's mind going very fast

Chuck exasperated

It took a while, but Sarah the girlfriend made an appearance. After a verbal joist. Sarah wanted to talk it out. She did not Chuck. Sarah the girlfriend first appearence of the nightSarah showing she cares She knows where this is going

She knew where the conversation was headed. She has been seeing the clues. She just was waiting for Chuck to confirm it.  When he does. Sarah the girlfriend used Agent Walker to cover her tracks.

Wouldn't her motivation be love
Wouldn’t her motivation be love
Sarah using Agent Walker as a cover
Sarah the girlfriend using Agent Walker as a cover.

I really like the expression made above. It’s nonchalantly telling Chuck, No you can’t see other people Chuck. She is his girlfriend, and not willing to share.

First the sandwich, next the parking lot, and  now Chuck asking to see other women. Sarah has a pickle now. Her personal feelings on the issue is starting to surface. It will carry with her through out the rest of the episode. We don’t see Agent Walker again until she shot the baddie in the knee.

A different Sarah now
A different Sarah has emerged. Everything that has happened. Sarah is looking concerned with what is happening.

At this point, Chuck has bigger problems than relationships.  Ellie near death is all Chuck is focused on.

Another educational experience for Sarah has come about.  Like she saw with the ballerina, Chuck was willing to do things for others without hesitation. Ellie dying was all Chuck cared about.

A different Chuck
Chuck is taking control because his sister was in trouble….What family is supposed to do.
Sarah is not use to this take charge Chuck
Sarah was not use to the fire Chuck was demonstrating.

Its all new to Sarah, Chuck taking charge even Casey was surprised by it. Both spies were use to killers and evil doers. Chuck was demanding action for someone else’s well being.

Chuck will show just how far he was willing to go to save his sister. Intersect or relationships were not a priority for him.  Its the very education Sarah was witnessing. Watching Chuck sacrifing his own life for the sake of his sister was a educational moment for both Sarah and Casey.

Sarah watching Chuck choose his sister over his own life

Fast forward to the scene where Chuck asked Sarah if the cover relationship would be more than just that. he felt what they had felt real at times.  Sarah took time to answer, but she said no.

You look pretty
Sarah’s smile is because Chuck said she was pretty,

The Moment of Truth

When Chuck asked the question, “Is this going anywhere” Chuck gave her one more shot  at being with him. It’s honorable of Chuck to do so. Its why we love him so much.  He was also prepared to move on if he didn’t get the answers he was looking for.

However, we often talk about how Sarah and Chuck missed signals. While some were too easy to miss. There are times  the signal was hard to see. For example, before Sarah answered Chuck. She took a few seconds before answering.  It was well done by Yvonne to hide the real feelings going on in her.

Let’s take a look,

Struggling with answering
She is thinking about her answer, a sign that she was fighting the truth. A clue into what she said later.
Fiighting the serum
She was fighting the serum, an excellent job by Yvonne to be able to perform such a reaction.

Meanwhile, the longer she took to answer, the more Chuck knows what he had to do. It’s time to end the cover.

She is not being honest

Chuck has his answer.
Under truth serum, Sarah said, no about going beyond the cover. It was clear to Chuck then to no longer need for him to continue with this schrade.

Sarah’s no, confirmed it for Chuck, It was time to move on. Something Sarah had no clue was going to happen.

The first break up scene is something we should analysis little bit. A lot was told through expression from Sarah, and Chuck’s way of expressing himself verbally brought the best out of the two characters. Its communicating, one through words and the other through expression. Great job by both Zac and Yvonne to demonstrate the strengths of the two characters.

Remember at the top I mentioned that Ellie and Devon were educational tools on life experiences. Well the first time was for Sarah. This time Chuck sees what was missing from his life.

Chuck watching Devon and Ellie
By Chuck watching how Devon and Ellie were in their relationship. Chuck had to do the right thing for him.

Ellie and Devon showing what a real relationship looks like Chuck went into the Wienerlicious sure of himself. It was difficult for him to do, but what was at stake made the more sense for him to break up the cover. Sarah how has a much different view on things. Let’s take a look.

A maturation of Chuck
Chuck beginning his first break up speech.
Sarah is always has a smile on her face when with Chuck
Sarah always seemed to light up when seeing Chuck, but the smiles will soon turn to tears.
She was hoping he was going to kiss her
Chuck leaning in made Sarah think Chuck was going to kiss her. It makes you wonder would she of let him.
Sarah thinking he might kiss her
Sarah’s eyes tell me she is longing for him to kiss her.

Chuck looks like he wants to kissWhen Chuck throws the boom with “We need to break up.” It just shows how Sarah had no idea Chuck would do something like this. it also goes to show you how Sarah really was covering her feelings from everyone else including Chuck.

What, you want to break up with me
The shock and Awe of Chuck's break up Sarah had no idea Chuck felt this way. Her expression shows a lot on what is going on inside of her.
Sarah trying to comprehend whats happening
Yvonne taking full control of Sarah. She brought Sarah to life by the second.
Sarah fighting her tears
This is my favorite shot of the scene. What Sarah is showing is the struggle of holding back her tears..

After watching the scene above, the way she bits her lip and eyes shift to misery was the truth that breaking up with Chuck was something she didn’t want or was expecting. It makes the whole cover more for Sarah than it was for Chuck .

Chuck did what he does best and express himself verbally
He can see the reaction he is getting out of Sarah.
Sarah doesn't know how to react with this.
Sarah looked like she wanted to say something, but the shock and words he used paralyzed her. She is left speechless, but her expressions tell the story.

The pain is starting to sink in

The eyes are beginning to water

Chuck said his piece
Chuck did the right thing here, It would be unhealthy to keep going the way they were going. If Sarah wasn’t into him then it was time to do other things.
Sarah hurting from what just happened
If you don’t know how she feels about Chuck then your missing the signals as well.

Sarah barely could control her emotions while talking to Casey, but she also revealed something from earlier that is very important. She told Casey that if she didn’t have training in withstanding truth serum she might have compromised herself.

She told Casey the truth about her no,
Her body language looked like a woman who was in an emotional wreck.

She is hurting insideThen we come to my scene favorite shots of the sequence. The birth of Sarah Walker the Girlfriend happened here. So many questions about when was the first time we see Sarah show her feelings for Chuck happened during this scene.


IT didn't take long for Chuck to move onThe reason he broke up the cover was so he can have a real relationship. Lou offered him that chance. It didn’t take him long after the break up to find him at her store. Sarah is getting a hard lesson on reality, and for the first time we see Sarah the girlfriend show her feelings for chuck.

It hurts her more then any bullet can doThe damage that happened inside the Wienerlicious and the addition of watching him with Lou brought the real feelings out for us to see. Sarah watching Chuck with another woman was a worse feeling than the damage a bullet can do.

Lou is all smilesEven a spy like Sarah has a heart.  The truth of the cover was Chuck talked about his issues regarding the cover, and Sarah did what she did best and showed that there was something deeper then what she was saying.

When a cover becomes real

If you don't know how great Yvonne can act. I feel bad for you.
If you don’t know how great Yvonne can act. I feel bad for you.

The length of  studying Sarah and Chuck’s characters. Chuck vs The truth offered a lot of information verbally and none verbally. Thus, it would be prudent to break it down over a series of articles rather then just one article.

The next article will cover Hard Salami to Crown Vic. It will cover both Chuck and Sarah’s rollercoaster of emotions. The first passionate moment leads to a return of Bryce.

How will our favorite couple deal with this. Look for the next chapter.




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