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Open discussion for consolidating and organizing support for getting the Chuck Movie off the ground. All constructive comments and suggestions are welcome.

It was noted in other posts that while all Chuck fans want a Chuck Movie, all of us are moving in different directions. We lack purpose and focus. We are wasting a lot of energy and time the way we are currently working toward a solution. We need an united front, one voice presenting a unified, consistent, and unwavering message. One voice that is backed by every Chuck fan.

The question is, how do we make this happen? I abandoned my web site and went in with Chris here at Chuckaholics in order to eliminate one of the many websites trying to accomplish the same thing ; a Chuck Movie.

The next question is who to tweet and who not to tweet. Does including Warner Bros Domestic Television in tweets help or hurt? Likewise, including Zach and Yvonne in tweets, does it show them we really care or does it get irritating for them? I have also seen tweets blaming them for not taking action. We don’t even need to go there.

I mentioned in other posts of perhaps forming an association of sorts. All Chuck fans would be members. We could hold nominations and votes on how best to accomplish our goal. Again, just an initial idea to get the ball rolling. What does everyone else think?

As a side note, the primary purpose of Chuckaholics is a gathering place for any and all Chuck fans for them to enjoy all the show had to offer. Please be sure to check out all of the great articles and info while you are here.  Also consider participating in the 91 week rewatch.





  1. Yeah i agree that we have to had one website wherein all chuck fans become a member and all the ideas will be collated. As far as ive watched every conversation for a cause or any interview, it always have a question regarding the chuck movie either Yvonne or Zac and i dont think they got pissed off or irritated but they always answered it in positive or even a joke, like last time that Zac should wear heels, but the question is when. I think if all chuck fanatics will be united and Zac see that we dreadly want Chuck movie the maybe there will grant fans request.

  2. And also, i believe if we have one solid site and participate in every discussion like rewatch, i think casts of Chuck or even the producers will grant our wish. Also, there are some fans here that really close with Zac or Yvonne maybe if they help us know that we have this kind or movement/fan site, maybe they will think that Chuck is still live in everyones heart.

  3. There are some base realities that we tend to overlook. Although a critical success (at least for the 1st 2 seasons), Chuck was never a commercial success. It faced cancellation all 4 of the five seasons, and season 5 was really a gift for loyalty from NBC for the fans support. We don’t have a champion like a Joss Whedon or Rob Thomas to further the cause of getting a movie (or mini-series or whatever) off the ground. 24 had a much larger fanbase and made a ton of money for Fox, hence “Live Another Day”. Plus, many of use don’t trust Schwartz and Fedak (Fedak, especially) to write a fitting culmination to the series. While I would love a continuation of the story, especially since the original story was left unfinished (IMO), I would be fairly wary of their involvement. Warner Bros. is about the money, and unfortunately Chuck never made any. It hasn’t sold in syndication, and although we are gaining new fans via Netflix, it still doesn’t match the ferocity of fan support that shows like Firefly or Veronica Mars had. Even Jericho has more fan support today than Chuck. I love this show (at least through S4), but if fans of shows like Gilmore Girls can’t convince WB and ASP to write or produce a fitting close after nearly 8 years, even after offering a boatload of cash to do so, I cant see anything happening soon. I’m playing devil’s advocate here, but these concerns are real. I sincerely hope that I’m wrong, and I’m certainly willing to do whatever it takes, but I just don’t know. I do know that I want a better ending than what we were left with.

  4. It’s Zac that will be the driving force. He is doing what he can, from everything I’ve heard. Netflix is bringing on new fans, but it really has a hard time being syndicated due to not reaching 100 shows. We have to continue to tweet about it or write about it in any social media that we are involved with. Use common hashtags to trend events as much as possible. As long as Zac knows the fans are still behind him, he will continue to fight the good fight. Seems the cast is still very much on board.

    • Since not all fans have a netflix account, I believe that Zac will be our driving force. He can do it with operationsmile and every success of comic con, what more in the series that We know that is special to his heart.

      • I agree with all that; it just that Zac is only one cog in a very big wheel, and even he wants to wait until the show plays out in other venues over the world. TPTB (Schwartz, Fedak, et al’) have other irons in the fire right now. It becomes more difficult when the major players have little interest in continuing. Veronica Mars was made because both the creator and the star wanted to continue the project. The syndication thing is a factor, and when you consider that VM sold with nearly 30 less episodes, you have to be concerned. We need to tweet for sure, but we need something more than a Netflix upturn to fill the gap.

  5. I say Zac because he’s not really involved with many other projects at the this particular time and I think he is very aware of the renewed interest due to the new fans being gained by Netflix. I think the airing in other countries around the world is almost coming to an end, so WB will lose that particular revenue very soon. There are still DVD’s to be sold, perhaps, but my feeling is that they will only be bought by former Chuck fans. Yvonne isn’t involved in any of the machinations for renewing the show / movie, but is certainly on board should Zac be successful in reviving it. It is very complicated, and obviously Zac needs other people within the industry to help. As fans, we will have no real leverage with WB other than our continuing interest to make sure there is money to be made.

    • I totally agree. However, the bottom line for WB is revenue….not fan interest. I would prefer a tv movie or mini rather than a theatrical release because there would be less money involved. A fan funded venture could work as well. I just don’t see WB investing too much at this point.

  6. Yes chuck is not syndicated yet. Veronica mars took about 5 years to get syndicated so chuck has time. Also if you look at the numbers for both chuck and Veronica Mars chucks least amount of veiwers is almost higher than the most veiwers veronica mars ever had. So if you are going by not only fans but also money for WB a chuck movie for intensive purpose would be a bigger success and should get made. I do think it will take a little time but that does not mean we should stop trying to help get a chuck movie that is why JDMITHCELL51 made this page to help speed the process and to unite the fans to help get a chuck movie. And i agree with his feeling that if all chuck fans do unite to help get a chuck movie then we will be successful even if it means speeding up the process ever so slightly.

    • While I get the ethusiasim about a movie, and these things do take time. Chuckaholics is not solely about seeing a movie. Part of Operation bring back Chuck makes bring Chuck fans together. I have said, the voice of a few don’t move much, but the voice of the many can move mountains.

      The Nerd HQ campaign earlier this year taught me something that is very important. While there are 5 millions Chuck fans out there, a lot of them will say they want a Chuck move, but when the opportunity arose to make a statement, we failed. not once but twice.

      First, I understood what Zac was saying and completely get it. If he wasn’t able to get one million dollars in 46 days it would be a hard sell to then go to WB and say see here is what the fans did for him. Someone started an online petition about bringing Chuck back but that also failed.

      Like movies take time, so do creating unity. Chuck fans are in need of a place where the people that run it are not Show runners or shippers. Chuckaholics is a place for people to come and enjoy the show we all have passionate about. If the fans don’t come together and realize the power they have in making things happen then we lost already.

      The most important step on this journey is establishing a strong website that we all can talk about, listen to music and rewatch the very show we want back.

      So in other words, we shouldn’t bring WB Zach or Yvonne into the conversation until we have our own house square.

    • I want a movie (or whatever) as much as anyone, but even bringing the fans together doesn’t guarantee this. Serenity was made because Joss Whedon had (has) tremendous clout and a great deal of respect in the industry. VM was made because the CW cancelled the series much too soon in favor of another stale season of 7th Heaven (that programming executive has since been fired btw). Chuck was given chance after chance (because of the fans) but just never was successful. When VM sells better in syndication with only 63 episodes, even if it did take a while, that tells you something. WB has tried unsuccessfully to get a Gilmore Girls anything made for years, but Amy Sherman Pallidino simply refuses to get on board. Even Star Trek took 9 years for a movie to be made and they have to most loyal fans around. Chuck is a longshot at best.

  7. I agree with christopher completely and actually said on twitter yesterday that we should leave Zac, Yvonne and WB alone and if we ever do bring something to them we better make sure we have the fan support to have any sway with them.

    • Absolutely; I watch Chuck for the sheer love of the show. Plus I enjoy reading and absorbing the comments of other fans who share my enthusiasm. I have learned so much, and gained so much insight from sharing my thoughts and the thoughts of others on forums like CHUCKTHIS and other fansites, and I hapilly count CHUCKAHOLICS in that number. If the primary reason for organizing is to bolster the cause for a movie and not much else, it diminishes the reason that Chris originally had in mind when he established this site. Again, I would love to have anything new in the world of Chuck, but realistically, a movie is a pipedream at this juncture.

      • In the grand scheme of things constantly tweeting angry messages won’t get the job done. If anything they don’t waste their time on garbage like that. Especially, the performers. Honestly the shows change of directions were not their faults. I agree with rev in that Fedak and Schwartz seemed to not know or could agree on storylines. It took them three episodes to ge a theme song

        It took them three episodes to paint the apartment and thats just the theme song and scenery. It makes you wonder if they knew what they were doing.It seemed to me like the show was never wanted by NBC because the network wanted to cancel the show many times and change of day is very alarming for a series. So, to sum up my thoughts on this the production was the problem not Zac, Yvonne and the rest of the cast with what they had to work around it was amazing and difficult. Yvonne has said working 18 hour days was the frustrating part of working on Chuck.

      • I think that NBC tried. You have to remember that season one was slowed due to the writers strike. Chuck had gotten good reviews and critical acclaim from the outset and there were other critical darlings from that season as well. We got a full season order with season two, but the show just never found an audience in that Monday timeslot. Shows like Pushing Daisies, while creative and innovative, were cancelled without any fanfare although they were fresh, new approaches to storytelling while Chuck was kept on the air for a full 22 episodes that second season. Dancing with has-beens and inane sitcoms ruled the timeslot. I grant you that the network didn’t do much in the was of promoting the show, but it did give it a choice spot, airing an episode after the Super Bowl. The creative forces blew it with one of the worst episodes of the series (3D). Ultimately, it was the fans that kept the show alive by being creative, innovative and vocal. I fully support fan unity and loyalty, but mix in a little reality. Chuck hasnt reached the point of cult status, but us pulling together can’t hurt.

  8. said it best on Twitter that it’s too soon to activate the fandom for a Chuck Movie and that they are waiting for an official project to support before going into action. That is the problem, half of Chuck fans are waiting until an official project is announced by Zachary Levi and the other half are trying to speed up the process. There’s nothing wrong with trying to speed up the process but we need to do it in a cohesive way, WB has more power to make a movie happen than the actors do, We all need to rally behind one definitive hashtag (#ChuckMovie) and we need to mention WB in any tweets about wanting more Chuck instead of Zac since he knows how much Chuck fans want a movie to happen more than anyone. It’s more powerful to keep tweeting WB that we want more Chuck, and I think any petitions about wanting more Chuck and also the Chuck Movie pledge drive are also powerful because they give Zac ammunition to fire at WB and they also keep the fandom moving. The Chuck fandom is not fully united. When an official project is announced by Zac then there is no doubt in my mind that the entire Chuck fan base will be united and we will fund the shit out of the movie. Chuck’s official Facebook page has 2,308,835 likes, $5 for every like = $11,544,175 for a movie. $10 for every like = $23,088,350 for a movie.

  9. Nerd HQ funding should not be held against us as weakness that we can’t be successful at funding a Chuck Movie. Only a small portion of Chuck’s fan base donated towards Nerd HQ but we still raised $335,784 and I count that as win. Nerd HQ is a by-product of Chuck and the Nerd Herd, It wouldn’t have gotten off the ground in the first place without using Chuck and it’s fans as a platform. It all started at Chuck’s season 4 Comic-con panel by handing out Nerd shirts and now it’s an event that has been going on for 4 years and has raised $260,000 for operation smile this year. Now all of this would not have been possible without us. Yes, we didn’t reach the $1,000,000 goal set out by Zachary Levi but I think that goal was just as a safety net if they didn’t get any sponsors for Nerd HQ this year.

    • Agreed i even tweeted this morning that there are like 30 different chuck hashtags going around right now and if all chuck fans just stuck with #chuckmovie i am positive we even get it to trend and that in my opinion would be a huge accomplishment and would further bolster ouf efforts to speed up the process or at least start the process.

      • Was any type of consensus reached on at least trying to come up with a common hashtag to help Chuck trend better? I’m thinking 30 may be a low number for the rampant hastags. Just surfing around looking for any specific mentions to Chuck I could find; #chuck, #chucksters, #iwantchuck, #morechuck, #wantmorechuck, #misschuck, #iluvchuck, #chuck4ever, #chuckandsarah, #chuck&sarah, #charah, #zachone, #charlescarmichael, #chuckme, #chucku, #chuckyou, #chuckthis, #chuckmovie, #chuckvsmovie, #chuckvsthemovie, #bringbackchuck, and the list goes on.

        While people are going to use whatever hashtag they want and there is noting that can be done for that, how about we create a poll on survey monkey and run a few rounds of voting and see what the majority of the Twitterverse would be willing to use as a common hashtag? I’m all for something short and simple like #ChuckTV. That gets us out away from anything else named Chuck. Plus it only uses 8 of your 140 character message space.

  10. Also the official Veronica Mars Movie Facebook page only has 158,923 likes & the official Veronica Mars TV show Facebook page only has 413,126 likes compared to Chuck’s over 2.3 million likes. And that number only keeps growing because of new fans finding Chuck on Netflix. Veronica Mars lowest viewers(million) for an episode was 1.62 (Second season) compared to Chuck lowest viewers(million) for an episode was 3.08 (last season) and still higher than Veronica Mars. From all standpoints for WB, a Chuck Movie would be a bigger success than the Veronica Mars Movie and it should get made.

  11. All,
    Very good comments, dialogue, and discussion. First and foremost, I’d like to thank Chris for allowing this forum to take place on Chuckaholics. There needed to be a place where this could be laid out and mulled over at more than 140 characters at a time.

    Since I considered us all family, Chuck’s family, and Chris set Chuckaholics up for the family feel, the drawing together of Chuck fans, a place where Chuck fans could have discussions and be involved, I could think of no better place for this forum.

    Everyone has very valid points on the Chuck Movie subject. It’s almost damned if you do damned if you don’t. What I find peculiar is in the attempts I made trying to get some simple information out of Warner Bros.

    I have sent a couple of emails to Warner Brothers executives working my way up through the ranks. The emails were very basic and an informal information gathering inquiry. The first email was a simple question, “Who do I need to contact to try to get some information on the television show Chuck?” I would get something back along the lines of you can ask me I’ll be glad to help you with that question. I would then thank them for responding to my email and ask, “What is the process or procedure that would have to be taken for Warner Brothers to consider producing either additional Chuck episodes for airing on network television, airing on cable television, airing on Netflix, producing a TV movie, producing Chuck as a movie for theatres, or releasing the rights for Chuck so other entities could pursue these possibilities?

    Each WB executive that was so eager to help initially has yet to answer that question. I didn’t get any type of response back. This is a poor way for any company to do business. Even something that said they do not release that type of information would have been better than nothing at all.

    I agree this is a long shot. The odds are stacked against it. Yes, Joshua Schwartz and Chris Fedak have their money and are off on bigger better things. I’ve also heard they are part of the problem and if this does happen they should not be involved in writing anything. If the still hold any rights to the show or if WB wants them involved what then?

    This discussion needed to take place. It needed to take place somewhere other than Twitter. It at least shows that some of the fans are at least taking a logical and pragmatic approach toward reaching a common goal. I feel that ongoing discussions and getting more people involved and keeping everyone informed is the best way to go with this.

    Any one that is reading this please thank Chris for all of his work on Chuckaholics. Please suggest to your followers that they came and check it out and participate; not only this discussion but the other articles as well.

    Movie or not we are all here because a TV show has pulled us together. Discussions like this and all the other great info and insights found here will keep us true Chuck fans enjoying the show, and each others bantering, for some time.

  12. Anyone have any idea how current this is?
    It is showing $1115170 (1314 pledges) thus far.
    The organizers @chuckmovpledge not active on twitter since Feb 28; @chuck_wagon last tweet mentioning Chuck June 26; @chuckonalways last twitter activity May 16 2012.

    Lack of activity by the sites organizers could cause the site to lose credibility. If it’s valid and providing current info that’s something that can be used. If it’s two plus years old, is continually retweeting it helping the cause?

    • Well i do know that the pledge amount has continued to go up,ever since i found the website about a month ago and has gone up like1500 dollars in the past few days if that means anything.

  13. – Just found this video – Watch at 3:07, Zac talks about a Chuck Movie, (the video is from just last month) Now the problem is not with Zac, he is on our side and wants to make the movie happen, but the problem is with WB and as long as WB owns the rights to ‘Chuck’ I don’t see them agreeing to a movie happening since WB sees no money coming out of a Chuck Movie any time soon. If Zac Levi can’t convince WB to give him the rights, then I don’t know what us fans can do.

    Zac also says in the vid, that even if somehow WB does give him the rights, that it would be hard to convert that into something else (meaning converting ‘Chuck’ the show into ‘Chuck’ the movie) First, obviously Zac will need funding from fans to actually produce the movie, (Which we can do) And secondly Zac would need a story and a script. Now Zac is very creative and I think he has some story ideas for a Chuck Movie that the fans would like to see, however I don’t think he can actually write a full script for a Chuck Movie, I could see Zac being the one who directs it, but I can’t see him writing it.

    Zac also said in a Nerd HQ video this year that if a Chuck Movie ever happens, that he would like it to be a fan script. I think that is an interesting idea because we don’t want Schwartz or Fedak to write it, so I could see it being a fan script also. If a Chuck fan or even a group of Chuck fans working together had this awesome idea for a movie and a script that would deliver a kick-ass Chuck Movie, Zac said that he wouldn’t turn it down. So I think there is potential in that option.

    But like Zac said in the video above, to make all of this happen is really hard. I keep seeing tweets on twitter that say like “Come on, Zac just make a Chuck Movie already.” People that keep saying things like that just don’t see the big picture. Zac always gives everything to his fans and I respect him so much for that. Zac is trying to give us a Chuck Movie too, but if you really look at everything, it’s really just Zac fighting for all of this to happen and no one else. That brings me to my next point, Chuck fans aren’t fully united in helping Zac get a Chuck Movie. I know that we are starting to do that though by using a common hashtag (#Chucktv) and also potentially trending that on twitter one day if every Chuck fan used that as the official hashtag, also potentially starting a new pledge drive for a movie like some Chuckaholics are thinking of doing, and I think those are all great ideas in uniting Chuck fans and helping Zac in his fight for a movie, and I fully support those ideas.

    These are just the first steps though, I am confident that if we all work together that we will get a Chuck Movie.

  14. Alright so now that we have a place with many more charecters aloud jd and chuckmovpledge we make a plan in detail comment when ready to start. I will go ahead and copy the version of my plan i sent to chuckmovpledge so everyone can see and comment on it.

  15. Hey thanks for getting in touch my plan if u like it was first to create a new pledge campaign which jd i believe is handling the website creation if you can help him out with that once that is up and running i was going to enlist about 10 people who would do ice bucket challenge and we would release vidoe of thise challenges one at a time for every pledge goal reached (for example goal of every 250k $ ) so that would give a little more insentive i originally aksed vik sahay if he would record him self singing and once we reached say 3mil $ then we would release that video but vik said he can not do that…yet. so i went with the ice bucket thing. Anyways i was hoping that with a new pledge drive news about would spread quicker and also we would have more people heavily involved like i have like 8 people who said they would love to help with this campaign. So once we have a plan i plan on posting it on so every one can see the plan. So that is my plan in a rather large nut shell.

    This is the “rough draft” of my plan which i emailed to chuckmovpledge earlier today.Any and all comments are welcome.

  16. Also when i say 8 people who would like to help with the campaign i dont mean i only have 8 people who would pledge i mean i have 8 people who would like to help make a plan and who would help the plan come to reality.

  17. Hi,

    I am one of the creators of the original Chuck Movie Pledge and I was recently contacted graciously by the creators of this forum. As always I am more than willing to help out with a Chuck Movie initiative but from experience it would have to be something very organized to make any headway. Troy and I (Shelby) started Chuck Movie Pledge over two years ago and while the outpouring of support was great there were critics. And that was to be expected because that is life, it wasn’t a matter of being hurt by that it was more the fact a major player in some of the criticism was fellow Chuck sites. Of which has been mentioned above as being a problem with our fandom. Some want to wait until the WB or Zac starts something while others want to give them a reason to start something.

    I personally lean to the latter, if they wanted to start something WB and the producers would have by now IMO. Money talks, that was the idea with the pledge in the first place. And it did catch the attention of Zac, he mentioned it at ComicCon in 2012 actually, but said it would need to be real money, and a lot of it, to turn heads. For that reason, I would say yes if the fandom can be organized and come together as one voice we could catch WB’s attention. From there it’s a matter of the whole cast and crew wanting to come back together for it – the cast I think is easy but the producers have seem much less enthused about the idea.

    Having said that, if Chuck fans raise an absurd amount of money in the millions (which is easily doable with the number of fans, someone mentioned it above $5 from ever Facebook like is a huge number) even if Schwartz and Fedak never planned to do a movie……it’s better publicity for the WB and them to do so at that point than to ignore the predictable media coverage a number like that would garner. I work in public relations so to me that is what it comes down too. We can have over a million in empty “pledges” all we want but unless we organize and come up with a safe and decisive way to collect actual funds – I don’t see the fans having much say. We could start our own kickstarter but without show backing we do not have the rights. I have some ideas on ways around it but that is a discussion for another time. That’s my two cents, from experience gained in working with Chuck and just the PR world in general. Either way we should all be proud to be about of the best TV fandom ever, I truly do believe that.

    • Hi, Shelby,

      First thanks for jumping in here and sharing this information. Second you are exactly right about being organized and having one voice backed by many. I’ve sat and scoured the internet, Facebook, and Twitter finding multiple Chuck sites and everyone wanting a Chuck movie. But dozens of disorganized sites does not get any attention and actually detracts from the process.

      I/we liked what you and Troy had done. It showed measurable progress. We just weren’t sure how accurate or current the info was. I tried starting a small Indegogo campaign to see what would happen. It was only $25,000 and was earmarked to go help offset Nerd HQ costs.

      I no sooner posted it on Twitter and got a few nasty tweets that Zach will tell us when to donate or when the movie will be made, we don’t need any money right now. A couple of negative tweets like that and it was doomed from the start. Chris, the creater of Chuckaholics once told me that Chuck fans are a fickle bunch. I would have to agree with that.

      Everyone wants something else Chuck but no one really wants to do anything for it. I agree with you that if we can make a showing and turn some heads it should help improve the odds.

      Would you and Troy be interested in revamping your site and keep it running and current? I think we are headed down the right track here. We started with a new standard hashtag we are trying to get everyone to use, #chucktv. We have a forum for discussions here at Chuckaholics. The more people we can get to the site here the better following we start getting. We now add your and Troy’s pledge page to track potential funds.

      If we can get Zach to get his followers alone on Twitter to pledge an average of $20, that would generate 11.7 million. I really think that’s doable.

      I’m committed to seeing this thing through. And with lots of help we can make this happen.


      • I will shoot a message to Troy and see, I am not sure what his thoughts are so I won’t speak for him. I will say I don’t think empty pledges do anything I just don’t. It caught their attention which was nice but Zac flat out said its awesome we have the pledges but we need real money to catch their eye. If we could brainstorm a way to collect actual money and the Chuck fan base jumped in then we would be in business. Otherwise I’m just not sure how much it would help.

        Yes the pledges are confusing also because you have to constantly sift through them to guess which are true and which are fake from people just trying to mess with it. Obviously you have someone pledging actual money and that wouldn’t be a problem.

        I get that fans get all snappy about collecting funds before Zach asks and I get it but to me it’s either try it or just continue showing the network Chuck is relevant in other ways.

        If we want to try actual donations something on kickstarter or a similar site could work. BUT the key is we have to make it clear that the money will only be used in the event a movie is made, so say in a perfect world it works and we raise a million bucks, if that in turn catches the eye of the WB we then transfer the money to them for the movie. That’s very basic as we would need to think of ideas for incentive, tiers, etc. but it’s something.

        If we don’t want to go that route then it’s the same thing tweet, watch on Netflix, get your friends to watch on Netflix, so on and so forth. I like what y’all did with the hashtag hopefully that will catch on (although there may be confusion with it being associated with ChuckTV the site) but it’s better than having 80 million others. Why not just #ChuckMovie? Just a suggestion ill use whatever is decided just let me know! Anyway I am in for further discussion for sure.

  18. I like the idea of what the Ice Bucket Challenge represents but I personally wouldn’t recommend doing an Ice Bucket Challenge itself. That is to support ALS and we shouldn’t try and steal their thunder, IMO. But it’s a solid idea in terms of the medium, something Chuck related in some way would be a great way to spread awareness. I am more than game to be apart of discussions (via a chat somewhere is the best way IMO to get something hammered out with those interested in being apart of the core group), but as mentioned by many this needs to be a very organized effort if anything is going to work. Thanks for the contact btw and the efforts!

  19. I would like to appologize for any misunderstanding i should have said that i was going to do the ice bucket challenge either way cause i was challenged i was just trying to say that if we maded as an added bonus for pledging that i would put my ice bucket video on twitter if we reached a certain pledge amount so i will be doing it either way.

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