Rewatch Week Two: Season One Episode Two

 Chuck vs The Helicopter

Chuck watching Casey run after shoplifter
Chuck preventing Casey from hurting a shoplifter.

We have reached week two of our Chuck rewatch, and we come to an episode over  time I dislike more and more. The overall theme of this episode would be the word “Team.” You will learn during the course of this rewatch, one or two scenes dose not save an episode for me.

The episode showcased How three people from three different worlds become one. It is difficult to watch because I am not particularly fond of watching Team Bartowski at odds. Even more so Casey and Sarah trying to pin Chuck against the other was also hard to take.  

Main Story

Chuck stopping Casey from pound town

After saving a shoplifter from a brutal beating at the hands of Casey, Chuck turned his head and noticed Sarah was working at the Wienerlicious. Chuck ran over to find out why.

Sarah working at the wienerlicious
The first appearance of the Wienerlicious
Sarah sees Chuck
Yeah, Chuck we know too
Chuck wondering why Sarah is working at the Wienerlicious

Sarah gets the sense Chuck is looking at her Sarah all smiles seeing Chuck

Knowing Sarah is a CIA agent, Chuck wonders what the reason she was working at a hotdog shop. She informed him it was for cover. Oh, and she was also posing as his girlfriend.

Sarah in a good mode.

Furthermore, she said there was a plan and asked Chuck on another date. Chuck said, fine and he headed back for the Buymore. When he left, Sarah called Langston to let him know that Chuck was on board. She also told Graham to send the doctor.

Back at the apartment,  Chuck was looking at clothing to wear for the second date with the help of  Ellie and Morgan. Ellie was excited for Chuck that he was going on a second date with Sarah, but Chuck didn’t sound overly enthusiastic about it. Morgan let slip that he saw Sarah, and  she was super hot. It upset Ellie that Morgan  met her and she didn’t

Ellie not happy Morgan saw Sarah
Ellie not thrilled in not meeting Sarah before Morgan.

Ellie’s disdain for Morgan will be the theme of the early part of season one.  It accounts for him being the anchor around Chuck’s neck and his sexual attraction to her. Ellie said, “Dinner tomorrow night,” She wanted to meet this girl.

Sarah arrived in a porsche, Chuck’s line “Wow, Wienerlicious must pay well.” He asked where they were headed, but Sarah doesn’t tell him.

Agent Walker Mode

Sarah takes him to the Buymore in which Doctor Zarnow was going to perform a series of test. Chuck asked if there was going to be needles or probing of some kind because he was uncomfortable with that. Sarah in agent mode, made it clear it was the only way to get the secrets out of his head.

Sarah coaching her asset

Zornow Test

Casey and Sarah told Chuck  what the test would consist of. He said, “Great, and I am totally freaked out.” The doctor arrived and began the test. Sarah and Casey are listening as Chuck runs of series of secrets he saw from the images.

Dr. Zornow
Dr. Zornow ready to administer the test

Sarah listening to Chuck reveal the secrets

After the test was conducted, Zornow was impressed. He said they never envisioned all the intersect images going into one mind. Patient X was incredible. Later, Sarah dropped off Chuck back at the apartment.

They talk for a few minutes. Chuck seemly enjoying being with Sarah asked if the doctor was able to help him, if Sarah would be done with him, and in agent mode said. “Yes” It makes the idea that she was in love seem rash in the pilot

Chuck invited her to dinner with his family

Chuck also remember that Ellie invited Sarah over for dinner. “She wanted to meet you.” As he proclaimed in the scene it was a big step if their relationship was remotely real. He further would say that it was his best second date ever. As he walked away, Sarah couldn’t help but watch her asset walk away. Sarah certainly gave mix signals.

Dr. Zornow's car exploded

Meanwhile, Dr. Zornow was driving back to his hotel, when his car exploded on route. The car exploded behind a cliff leaving it open for a chance the good Dr. was up to no good.

After hearing the news of Zornow’s death Beckman advised Casey to keep an eye on the asset, and most specifically Agent Walker. This scene needs to be discussed a little bit.

To illustrate my point about the pilot, Sarah was still fixated on Bryce. It would of been cold of her character to just drop her boyfriend and move on so quickly. No human being which includes a super spy like Sarah Walker can erase the feelings she had for Bryce. She was clearly still feeling the affects

A little spoiler alert here,

The expressions Sarah uses in this episode are quite similar to ones she made later in the series.  Chuck vs The Crown Vic are the same. She still had feelings for Bryce.

Bryce Larkin's death in the papers
Bryce’s article hit home with both Chuck and Sarah. Most specifically Sarah.

Chuck’s good guy attitude shows up here. Ellie showed him the article. While Chuck was still holding a grudge, he doesn’t let atomicity towards Bryce cloud his judgment. The fact he also knew the truth made it all that more interesting.

Let’s dig for a second a little deeper with the newspaper article. It would be understood that Sarah saw the article. Thus, when she showed up at the crime scene. She is already in agent mode. She is at the scene with the man who killed her boyfriend, John Casey.  Its fire in those eyes that wants to rip Casey’s head off for what he did to Bryce.  It didn’t help matters when Sarah found a NSA incinerator underneath the car.

Working with Casey  the man who killed your bf

Sarah's heart is on her sleeve

Here is the part of story I don’t like. Casey doesn’t trust Sarah nor does she in him. Since the two have been paired. It didn’t come up on how Sarah felt working with Casey. She made mention in the pilot about him being a killer, but does that constitute enough as her feelings on the issue, but we are talking about Sarah here, who doesn’t express herself. The thing is either does Casey. He channels his lady feelings like Sarah. This would be a interesting conversation to have?

So, I pose a question for this week’s rewatch, If you were Sarah, would you be able to work with John Casey, who killed your boyfriend only two weeks ago?

We have a dead doctor who knows Patient X has the intersect. It looked like a CIA job according to Casey, and well Sarah knows Casey’s history of killing.  It still doesn’t reveal enough on Sarah having to work with this man that killed her ex boyfriend. The writers screwed up here on building on this issue. If it was me, how can I be partners with someone who only recently just shot my ex. It sends chills up my spine writing this.

Back to the episode, Both Casey and Sarah suspect the other in the murder. Thus, the one who gets put in the middle would be Mr. Bartowski. From this point on, the episode has a nice set of scenes that won’t be discussed much until the dinner scene.

Big Mike wanted Bartowski to provide customer service training to Casey. Casey in not so subtle way told Chuck not to trust Sarah. Sarah did the same about Casey.

Casey warning Chuck about Sarah
Casey telling Chuck not to trust Sarah.

Funny Casey and Chuck moment

Now its Sarah’s turn,

Chuck I need to see you

Agent Walker telling Chuck no private meetins with Casey
The battle within Team Bartowski becoming the issue at hand.

The battle between the agents made Chuck realize there was a problem. He asked her what is wrong with you two. Sarah informed him that the doctor was killed. She showed him the NSA Incinerator, which caused Chuck to flash. She reminded him on who worked for the NSA,

Chuck is not blind to the agent battle
Chuck is not blind to the agent battle

Its gamesmanship by both parties. It usually would happen when people are thrown together. Especially with the history between them.  It would lead to an awesome battle between Sarah and Casey.

Casey and Sarah go one on one

From this point on things heat up.  Casey calls into the Buymore and calls for Nerd Herd help, which Chuck was sent to an address where Casey was waiting. Like Sarah, Casey asked Chuck what did he really know about Sarah, and reminded him that she worked with Bryce and maybe she was rogue too.

Before Casey and Chuck could leave together a cell phone goes off. It was very similar to the one that killed Zornow. soon after the bomb went of blowing up Casey’s truck. It caused Chuck to want to get home because Sarah was headed there for dinner.

Casey said, no, but Chuck took off anyway leaving Casey behind.  Just as Chuck sped off, Sarah arrived at the apartment. When Chuck got to the apartment. Everyone was sitting around conversing.

Sarah comes to the apartment for the first time.
This would mark Sarah’s first time at the Bartowski’s apartment.

When Sarah saw Chuck, she said “Chuck. where you been?”

Sarah is all smiles to see Chuck.

Something is wrong

Chuck said, “Why, surprised to see me?” by this point Chuck is in panic mode. He tried to get Ellie to agree to eat out in a public place. Ellie said “I been cooking all day.”  The way Chuck was acting  alarmed Sarah.

Before the meal can begin Casey also made his first appearance in the apartment.  This surprised everyone included Agent Walker.  Everything that happened during this scene is the essence of what made Chuck fun.

Chuck having a tough day


Before Casey, everyone told Sarah how much Bryce screwed up Chuck’s life. All this being said, did not help the tension inside of Sarah. All this new information about her ex. It looked frustrating for her.

Casey joins the partyAgent Walker turned on now.The presence of Casey just made Sarah turn on the agent inside of her. Everything that is happening at this dinner party was crumbling in Chuck fashion.  If you look at the table all the tension was in the front of the table between Team Bartowski.

Its funny to watch the agents and Chuck maintain cover, while worried that Sarah had poisoned the food.  From here I will show pictures because words don’t give the scene justice.

Casey telling Chuck that Sarah killed antire french diplomat circle at dinner.

After Chuck found out how Sarah killed the French Diplomats, Ellie gave him a clue on what Sarah brought to the dinner. Sarah brought desert. Chuck went  running and before he could  reveal his secret. He proposed in saying a toast.  The whole table is looking at him in bewilderment.

Sarah and Morgan what Chuck is up too Same as for Casey and Devon

What I love before Chuck pulls the table cloth, Casey and Sarah are watching each other. Casey sniffing his wine. i never noticed until recently that Chuck does the same.  Its quite comical how Morgan, Ellie and Devon are complete oblivious to what is happen here.

Sarah watching Casey
Tension is rising
Chuck lets Casey know Sarah brought the desert
Chuck’s toast was a way for him in letting Casey know what Sarah brought to the table. Very smart Mr. Bartowski

Chuck finished his round of toasting, but as Devon was about to put his fork into the Souffle. Chuck shouts “Who likes magic.” I love it….It is interesting the trick Morgan used at the beginning of the episode came to be useful  in this scene.

Casey watching her

The magic trick

Casey realizes what Chuck was trying to do.

Sarah really concerned with whats going on
Sarah has had about enough of this….

Casey hit the table to make the candle fall on the souffle or should I say flamba.  Chuck grabbed the souffle and ran it to the bathroom. In which, he threw it into the tub and drenched it with water. The whole clan followed him into the bathroom, and we get a few minutes of Sarah beating on Chuck.

Sarah beating on Chuck now.

Sarah made Chuck tell her that the NSA was blaming her for Zornow. He asked her about the french diplomats, and she said that they were after her first. She told him to trust her not to believe her.   A precursor of things to come noo?

What is also funny was Chuck calling out Casey name. We are so use to hearing Chuck cry for Sarah. We never notice him asking Casey to save him from his beating. Sorry Chuck, Casey took his earlier.

Sarah realizing Zornow may still be alive.

Sarah realized that if Casey didn’t kill him could there be a possibility of  Zornow was still alive.  She told Chuck she had to go.  This marks the end of the best scene of the episode.

As I mentioned at the top, one or two scenes does not save an episode for me. I may like a scene, but overall this episode becomes difficult from here.

Sarah storms out of the apartment  follow by Chuck,  Casey quickly follows Chuck, which if this didn’t stir up suspicion from Ellie and Devon, you can sell them a bag of dirt. Outside of the apartment Sarah ordered Chuck to go back inside. If you don’t know what Agent Walker looks like please refer to this scene.

Agent Walker laying the law down

Chuck turned and asked Casey if they were wrong. Before Casey could answer, Sarah screams for Casey. The boys  ran for the street only to find Zornow was alive.  Zornow shot a tranq dart into Casey causing the big fella to stumble.

Chuck told Casey we have to go and find her. It was their fault for not believing her. Casey pressed a few button in the nerd herder to bring up a GPS system. He told Chuck he put tracking devices in the quiches. They found a trace, and it was off to save Sarah.

However, the trace led them to the Buymore. Morgan was the one they were tracking.  Chuck and Casey return to the nerd herder. Casey was ready to pack it up, but Chuck said no way. He used his IT smarts by suggesting locating any activity on a helipad near water using the GPS system. Casey was impressed by this.

They were able to trace them to a boathouse. Casey told Chuck to stay in the car ← The first time we hear stay in the car Chuck.

When Casey went to find Sarah, Chuck saw Zornow walk out of a building. The hero in him couldn’t resist to go help Sarah. Chuck went into the build where the Dr. was.

Sarah tied up

Chuck found her tied up, much to the dismay of Sarah. She claimed he was too valuable. He shouldn’t be here. Chuck takes the tape of her mouth, and Sarah lectures him some more.

Sarah tied up and gaged

What was funny was the line Sarah and Chuck share here. “I have this well in hand.” Chuck countered with “Yea, it looks that way.” As they finished the lines,  the Dr. returned to the warehouse.

The doctor said they were going to bring her to a facility and really torture her compared to this child’s play.  Zornow took out this large needle causing Chuck to say oh crap. The doctor heard him and flung the needle at the door.   This is what bothers me about Chuck sometimes instead of running to go get Casey.

He just stood there and let the doctor shoot a dart into him. Follow by calling for Sarah. What was she really going to do tied up.  Before that happened Chuck was able to flash on Zornow. Chuck said he knew the secrets of the doctor, and that he was selling government secrets for years.

The doctor realized that Chuck was Patient X , and said  it was an honor to meet Chuck, but the hell with honor. He thought about the huge dollar figure he could get by selling the human intersect.

He dragged Chuck’s body towards the helicopter. meanwhile, Casey was able to locate Sarah. Sarah was able to free herself as Casey came into the room.

On the helicopter, Chuck was able to wake up as the chopper lifted off. Casey and Sarah made chase. Casey was ready to open fire on the chopper, but Sarah told him they had Chuck.

Casey and Sarah watch the chopper lift off

Chuck was able to land the helicopter, but was greeted with a very angry Sarah, who laid it into Chuck about not trusting her.

She may be mad at Chuck, she still roots for him
Sarah may be angry with Chuck, but she still finds it in her heart to root for him.
A very angry Sarah
A very angry agent. Trust is very important word to Sarah. Especially when the threat of Washington is not far

I am not going to spend too much time on the funeral other than say that both Sarah and Chuck show the kind of hearts they have. Despite what Bryce did to them. They look passed the bitterness and respect the memory. For Sarah, he was her partner and as for Bartowski, a former friend.

At the end of the episode, we have an important conversation between Sarah and Chuck. She said, “Some heroes want to be heroes, others have to be asked, well Chuck are you ready.”

Buymore Story

Nothing really worth talking about when it came to the Buymore. The significant thing was Morgan teaching Casey the ropes of the Buymore.

Overall thoughts of the Episode

As I mentioned at the top,  this episode has become a least favorite of mine. If I have to rank this episode it would be on the bottom half of 91 episodes.

Team was the clear message of this week’s episode. When Team Bartowski were at each other’s throats, the team was dysfunctional, but when the team worked together like on the helipad they showed the chemistry they ultimately will achieve.

Preview of Next Week’s Episode 

Next week will be week three towards 91, Chuck vs the Tango is a classic episode. There are a lot of firsts in this episode, and we will save them for next week until then see you next week.


JD’S buck three ninety eight worth on Chuck versus the Helicopter

I like most everyone else did not rate this episode highly. Although I do consider it to be a very important episode in the initial development of the series. This episode continued laying the foundation and answering some questions while creating other questions. Helicopter gave us crucial character development.

We know from Chuck versus the Intersect that Chuck did not ask or want this. An opportunity presented itself for him to go back to normal. That opportunity was the possibility that Dr. Zarnow could remove the Intersect from Chuck. We learned how important the Intersect is in that people were willing to kill, kidnap, and torture for it. It could also fetch a high price if sold. Chuck is still deeply concerned for his family and friends.

We see Sarah as someone you really do not want to have mad at you. Anyone that could impale you from halfway across the room with a corndog stick is someone to be cautious with. Although creater Joshua Schwartz says they did not like the direction she was going, too dark, I think this was necessary to show Sarah was a tough, tenacious, and hardened spy that could take care of herself, and Chuck if needed from his protection standpoint. She had to have the throw down with Casey to earn his respect.

Likewise with Casey we need to see he wasn’t afraid to challenge Sarah. We also see Casey sees Chuck as a thinker when they are trying to figure out where Zarnow has taken Sarah. In trying to talk Chuck down in the helicopter we see Casey to the point and giving direction. This would be like Chuck trying to tell Casey how to play Xbox; it didn’t work.

The mistrust that was created was also necessary in order to start drawing everyone into a tighter circle. When Zarnow grabs Sarah she calls out for Casey. Both Casey and Chuck realize that their mistrust of Sarah caused her to be abducted. They now have to act together to correct their mistake.

The other subplots with Morgan, Elle, Awesome, were also informative as to how they would interact and their importance to Chuck. I too enjoyed the Flambé; “No way to treat a woman’s soufflé.”







  1. Sorry guys, I have watched the episode 2 ahead since I had so much at hand this coming week! Again! Anyway, well this episode for me is not the type of episode that I will re-watch over and over again but since we have this re-watch session and after finishing it I realized some points in this episode:

    1. Conflict.
    > Conflict with 2 agents really arise in this episode and thank God it resolves quickly. I agree with Christopher that Sarah have some angst or will not trust Casey in an instant knowing that he is the one who kill her boyfriend even though he is a rogue. And of course, CIA and NSA for sure there are competitions in both government agency.

    > Also, conflict with Chuck, who to believe with the 2 agents. At first, we know Chuck believes with Sarah even though in the latter part of the pilot episode he flashed on the assassination that Sarah did but still he chose to believe in her but unfortunately trust is not present especially when Casey of course intervene and said to Chuck not to believe with Sarah and Chuck believed Casey because of the incident with Casey’s car.

    2. Selfless Chuck.
    > This happened after Casey’s car was burned. He remembered that Sarah will have a dinner with his family and knowing about the poison Sarah did, made Chuck not think of himself but tried to save his family. Knowing his life too maybe in danger, he doesn’t care instead he go home and face Sarah. It shows one of the values that Chuck series wants to portray and give to the audience.

    3. Confusion.
    > I don’t want to spoil but I think in here born the confusion and more doubt with Chuck that Sarah will not like her. During this episode Chuck has mention many times that “if you were my real girlfriend” thing. And also after their second date, when Chuck ask Sarah that if all of this has finished their relationship will end and Sarah told them that it will be. Thus, I conclude that Chuck will never ever think that Sarah will like him.

    4. Trust.
    > If I will give one word for this episode, I will say is TRUST. I think the writers want to showcase here is how trust build between Chuck and Sarah, Chuck and Casey and Sarah and Casey. Since they are all strangers and only want to protect the government secrets they have force to be together and doing that, it has to have a rapport, reliability and trust.

    That’s all for now.
    Hoping you had a great time watching it so far.

  2. After a great pilot episode, this was certainly a disappointment, and I can see why people often ask if it’s worth it to continue with the series. Probably the weakest show in the the first 2 seasons. BUT …it helped set up the dynamics of the team …one of those necessary evils that the writers have to do.

    • Gary, I agree with you here.

      The second episode should of been next week’s episode but we will save that discussion for next week.

      I understand the need to develop chemistry between the members of Team Bartowski, but much like Charah’s relationship was built over time, so can the group becoming one.

      The word team seemed to be the theme of this episode and in particular between the two agents. Chuck was put into the middle of this problem, and he is used to be peacemaker, but to no avail especially when he let’s Casey get into his head about Sarah.

      Overall this would mark my last walk through of this episode. I only took the time to watch it for rewatching purposes. Plus my daughter seems to like watching this episode, which helps during feeding time.

  3. I think if they would have saved it for the following week, or even later, they would have lost that team building and trust dynamic they were setting up. It had to happen and I’m glad they got it out of the way early. I can also see some folks wondering what changed after the first episode.

    • One of the things about this episode that annoys me more each time I watch Helicopter is Morgan really. The fact that he was like Chuck’s shadow was annoying. Inviting himself to the dinner than entering the house through the Morgan door was a bit much to take.

      Friendship was one thing, Brothers is another, but it seemed a bit clingy to me.

      • I would have liked to punch Morgan myself. Clingy and annoying. But….. keep in mind they had been friends forever. Chuck and Morgan were closer than most brothers. I would have to surmise that Morgan had been sneaking in as well as inviting himself to dinner for many years.

  4. Since there has been a lot of good discussion on this episode, I’ll just add a few thoughts that I think might be a bit different.

    In the car scene with Sarah when Chuck asks if their thing would be over. Sarah’s ‘ah, yeah’ is hardly a resounding ‘yes for sure, I never want to see you stupid nerd again’. Her expression also kind of shows some reservation or like she’s kind of saying what she must. But as usual, Chuck is just clueless because he’s got no confidence she’d actually like him. Which is understandable, just saying…

    In the dinner scene, I finally noticed in the bathroom we actually learn really early here Sarah is not her real name. She says ‘did you actually think my real name is Sarah, I asked you to trust me, not believe me’. So here kind of sets the scene for Chuck to probably begin asking more questions about her past. Maybe didn’t mean much, but the writers put it in there.

    Otherwise, I don’t have any big issues with this episode. I agree with JD that considering their pasts the whole trust ‘shakedown’ had to happen, and better episode 2 than later. Then is would do more damage to their relationship development.

    Have a nice week everyone – see you for episode 3!

    • Daniel.

      My issue with this episode is more with Ellie and Morgan, and their over reliance on Chuck telling them everything and always need chuck to satisfy their wants and demand was a bit much.

      Ellie’s reaction to Morgan meeting Sarah first was over the top in my opinion. If she knew Chuck met Sarah at work wouldn’t it make sense that Morgan would meet her too since they work together. I thought that was obnoxious. As we go I will point out more and more on why I have disdain for Ellie, but to avoid spoilers we will save them for then.

  5. This is a great site!!! Thank you for all of the work done here. It is really fun to read all of the reviews and opinions. Episode 2 is not the best, but not the worst. Any Chuck episode is fun to watch. This is about team, and learning to know and trust each other. Two other things I would like to mention. Sarah sits down to meet Chuck’s family for the first time. No spy to start, just actual family. This is completely out of her realm. imagine the first time you took your girl friend to meet the family. Now imagine that you would be late in arriving, leaving her with your family to answer questions and, more than likely, them sharing funny stories about you. This is what Sarah is facing for the first time in her life. So when Chuck comes in the door, Sarah asks, “Chuck, where have you been?” This is said in a manner of why did you leave me in this very uncomfortable situation. It is a real life situation that she has never had to deal with. This is real family, the thing she has always dreamed of having. Chuck’s response, of course, immediately puts Sarah back into agent mode. I think that is why she got so mad at Chuck on the helipad. That was not a normal response from a government agent, that was personal. Even Casey looked surprised at how mad Sarah got. Chuck was living the normal life that she was interest in, her dreams of a “Leave it to Beaver” home. He was a good guy, and she liked him. I don’t think she loved him yet.

    Second part was the very end. Sarah was saying goodbye to Bryce at his funeral. You know when you dated someone, and they moved away. A few months later, they come back to visit their friends and you. You still have feelings for that person, but your life has moved on, especially if you have found someone else. Sarah said goodbye at the funeral. That is why I don’t think she ever would have left with Bryce after he came back the first time. But that is another episode.

    So this episode had some really significant pieces for the future of Chuck, the story: the initial building of a team, recognizing the normal life that the agents were thrust into, Sarah’s realization that it was not just a dream to be able to live that life, Chuck’s realization that he must depend and trust Sarah and Casey, and Sarah saying goodbye to some of her past. Don’t hesitate to disagree. Discussing this favorite show is lots of fun.

    • Clark,

      Welcome to Chuckaholics. Hope you enjoyed the site enough to continue the various discussions we have here on Chuckaholics.

      Once I finish my run with rewatch articles. I plan to revisit the series with a different perspective. Through music and unseen details can provide a even better episode, season and keys to future storylines.

      Yes, Helicopter is a weak episode, while I understand the episodes premises. I always want to follow a strong pilot with a even better hook episode. Helicopter does nothing for me but become a skip over episode.

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