Bio – J.D.

Chris asked me for a bio so you guys would know a little about me. So….. Hello, I’m J.D. and I’m a Chuckaholic. Seriously though, I stumbled across Chuck quite by accident. I knew of the show when it was on NBC but never had the chance to watch it. That is something I really regret. Fortunately, as I said I literally stumbled across Chuck on Netflix on a rainy afternoon in early June, 2014. Vaguely recalling it from the promos I had seen years earlier I decided what the heck, I’ll watch a few minutes of it. The few minutes of Chuck versus the Intersect (Pilot) turned into finishing Season 1 that afternoon/evening. I was hooked. I guess it happened somewhere between Vicky Vale and Casey thinking about pancakes.

The show just flowed. I had never seen a cast that interacted with each other quite the way the Chuck cast did. The effort that was put into the characters made them seem as real as life. If you have read any of my posts here or will be reading them you will see that I comment quite frequently on the expressions; especially Yvonne’s facial expressions and her extraordinary ability to say what she is thinking without speaking a single word.

I started doing research on the show and cast before I had finished the series and managed quite unintentionally to know the ending of the series without actually seeing it. I have only seen bits and pieces of Chuck versus Sarah and Chuck versus the Goodbye as I can’t bring myself to watch those two episodes in their entirety. Having watched Season 1 in a single afternoon and Seasons 2 through 5 in short order, with the exception of the last two episodes I’ve watched Chuck Seasons 1-5 at least 5 times. Simply put this was/is a great show.

Several people have asked me about the 51 in my name here, on Twitter, and Instagram. Its not my age as many speculate but a tribute of sorts to a TV show that got me where I am today. It represents Station 51 from the 70s TV show Emergency.

In my normal life when not glued to the TV, I am the chief fire inspector for a metro Washington, D.C. locality. I have been in the fire and rescue field for over 35 years. I also work part time as a firefighter for track services at NASCAR races. I live in the Northern Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Please feel from to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I hope you enjoy my bantering and take on things. I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Welcome JD…..As a huge fan of the series from day one it’s always great to meet new Chuck enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter whether you followed the show from the outset as I did, or just discovered it yesterday, the sheer fact that you now love it makes you a kindred sprit. I have watched (and re-watched) the show over and over (and over) again, and I just cant seem to get enough. Like you, I have great difficulty watching the final two episodes, because it 1) signified the end of 5 years of watching these characters grow and change, and 2) quite simply, I disliked the ending. No matter how hopeful, it just didn’t work for me. I never liked ambiguity in my stories, and I felt cheated. However, that being said, it doesn’t diminish my love for Chuck. I look forward to many great interactions and discussions with you over time, and hopefully one day, sooner or later, we will all be here discussing Chuck and Sarah///Live Another Day :).

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