I guess it’s time to come out from behind the curtain of anonymity that Twitter handles provide, and try to provide a little context to my comments. My history since 2007, when Chuck first came into being, is a mash of personal and professional change. I was never a TV addict, and there were very few shows that I considered “must watch TV”, especially since the advent of inane “reality TV”. My TV was there for some sports and as an intermittent escape. Shows I did enjoy were generally the ones that most people enjoyed…MASH, Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends and perhaps Frasier.

I am actually a hybrid Chuckaholic … I did watch some episodes of Chuck on network TV, but really got to know the show on Netflix. The first episode I remember was Chuck Vs. The Tango. I do remember the theme song, and I could tell you that Zac Levi, Josh Gomez and Adam Baldwin were in the show ….but that’s about it. I would think that I watched various episodes throughout the next 2 years, since I had a general idea of what was happening, but having missed the pilot, I don’t think I ever fully understood the relationship of TB. As  have mentioned in the comments section, S3 E1 was the last episode I ever watched on network TV, and I remember very little past the first 10 minutes of that show. This winter was one of the most brutal we in Ontario, Canada have experienced in decades, so there was a lot of days where we cleaned out the driveway, walked the dog, and then had lots of free time. I came across Chuck, gave it a go….and watched the whole series in a few weeks. How I did not remember Yvonne Strahovski is beyond me !! LOL But being able to see the pilot allowed me to fill in the blanks from my previous intermittent episodes.

You see, in 2007 and 2008, I was having a lot of difficulty at work ( I was a dentist …. I was struggling with my vision and ended up dead tired at the end of the day). I had one son in University and one in High School ….and very active athletes as well. I was always very active, but I was really dragging ….so I decided to sell my dental practice. It sold in August of 2009 and I started working part time for the new buyer. As well, I started a new path for myself treating facial pain, so there was a lot of studying. A routine eye exam to get new glasses (I was doing LOTS of reading) showed i had something weird going on with my vision. But it wasn’t until October of 2010 that I actually pursued the reason I lost a bit of eyesight in my right eye. By December, I was in having a massive brain tumour removed ( as best they could). I underwent another procedure in November 2011 to try to remove even more, and even though they couldn’t get it all, I seem to be “fully recovered”. But I have lost memories, so every once in a while , I’d watch Chuck and remember only small parts of the show !!

Oddly now, I really don’t watch much TV still. If I watch something, I’d rather watch an episode of Chuck because it’s so darn enjoyable…except Season 3 !! But it’s fun discussing it with everyone, just to see what people are thinking…and feeling.



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  1. Life is funny.

    It’s really an odd journey, full of hills and valleys, detours and long winding roads. Who we are seems to be defined by where we’ve been and where we hope to go. How we see ourselves is often an illusion. I was greatly affected by my father ( in a good way )…he was my hero..a medical specialist who had immense amounts of knowledge, immense amounts of empathy and immense amounts of patience. I followed him into the health care field, but I chose dentistry as my path. I always felt somewhat inferior…but time and study brought me to the most medical of dental fields….Facial Pain and Headaches. Unfortunately, I am really my mother’s son…in both looks and personality. While I have knowledge in my chosen field ( which gets challenged every day ), I have neither the empathy nor the patience.

    Facial pain and headaches are interesting subjects. Almost everything we thought we knew, was an illusion. The tyrannical instinct of the mind to try to simplify and explain what we observe has lead us down a very dangerous path. Unproven theories, if repeated often enough, and unchallenged, lead to eventually becoming entrenched and taken as fact. When you add in the inertia from corporations and profit, challenging and changing paradigms is a very tough task. However, research is proving many of our old theories ( and thus our old treatments ) to be wrong and ineffective. It is tough…we often look at our level of success and become satisfied with it, rather than look at our failures and become dissatisfied. I chose the latter path …and it lead me to question my knowledge. I became very research based …no longer do I rely of the voice from the podium telling me what is and isn’t true…they have lead me down the wrong path before, with power and profit as their motivation.

    Understanding research is an interesting undertaking, as I have mentioned in other comments. Observable fact … the basis of good research, is sometimes not enough. It must be able to be repeated. It must be free of bias. We must be very careful with making assumptions, between what we observe and the cause. Is what we observe causative or correlative ? For example, migraine headaches have a throbbing quality. It was observed in early imaging that the blood vessels in the head expanded in a migraine attack. Since the heart was the only organ that seemed to “pump”, it was assumed that migraines were a vascular (blood vessel ) related headache. It took over 100 years for someone to test that theory…with intermittent research looking for treatments for the cerebral blood vessels. And all the intermittent research was for naught, because we found out the throbbing quality and the blood vessels were correlative, rather than causative. We should never assume…..

    So I spend my time treating patients that have been treated incorrectly for all their lives, but I don’t have a LOT to offer because the research has to catch up now. But I also fight the practitioners that still use the old treatments because they can’t bother shifting that paradigm. Those of us in this field often comment that we are tilting at windmills. Chuck was supposed to be an escape from the constant grind of the battle. It was funny, it was action packed, and it had great characters. It was actually a fun series to discuss due to the untold story between episodes …and the dialogue that went missing. In the same vein as my everyday life, there are observable facts ( Sarah killed Mauser, Sarah lied to Chuck ), and then observations that are not able to be 100% proven. ( Chuck was upset after that because…. ). So we may make assumptions about that, but they are not concrete facts. That is my only point in the whole Season 3 comment section ( which I will not ever revisit ).

    However, my real life and my escape life are now starting to cross paths. Inevitable, given my propensity for tilting at windmills.

    In Canada, we have an interesting dynamic going on in our leadership. The new young pup challenging the established leader…he’s a dynamic individual…but he’s a bit of a mystery. He is appealing to women, but he uses women as “objects” to propel his campaign. All opposition parties don’t like this approach, but the “sexist” or “chauvinist” label carries no cache anymore, since it is so 1970’s. The media and the opposition to his tactics have appropriated a much stronger label…the misogynist…due to the objectification. However, it truly does water down the actual meaning of the word, leaving us with nothing in our vernacular for those who truly do hate women.

    The fact that I would label a fellow Chuckaholic with the more thuggish of the language is totally inappropriate. My apologies. But it also indicates it is time to step back from the brink.

    I hope to drop in and observe what is happening. If we get snowed in again I’ll continue to binge watch Chuck. I eagerly await Astronaut Wives Club to see Yvonne perform her magic…as the peacock of the club, of course. And I will also anticipate her performance as the mysterious seductress in Manhattan Nocturne…a starring role which she deserves… and hopefully, without “exposing” herself too much. 😉

    Have fun with the site…’ve done a great job, Chris. See you on the flip side…..

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