The Second Intersect Project Podcast Released

As mentioned last week, Chuckaholics has begun a working relationship with the people from Intersect Project. It is a relationship based on the same passion we have for Chuck. 

Chuckaholics will keep posting Paul’s Podcasts during our rewatch and if he decides to releases any other Chuck related material. You can find it on our Intersect Project page. As I mentioned before Chuckaholics is a home for all things Chuck, and I personally have no problem with fellow Chuckaholics using my site as a forum for their material. I just have one request that the material be tasteful.

The Intersect Project’s Chuck vs The Helicopter was a good listen. Paul goes in depth on distrust, which is really good point of view. It was the theme of the show.

Nothing delivers the message more then at the dinner table. Ellie, Morgan and Devon are clueless to Team Bartowski having issues in front of them. Most specifically Sarah and Casey. Chuck’s distrust was more of being lead on by Casey and Sarah in my view.

So take a listen on their podcast page for this week’s podcast and enjoy. Please note you can also find their first podcast, which was about the Pilot their too.

I also added a link below to hear the Chuck vs The Helicopter Podcast.


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