The Harsh Reality

Revisiting Chuckaholic’s Vision

First, I would like to take the time to welcome JD, Gary, Paul, Sarah, Andy. Clara and YStrahovski.PHILS for your contribution to the site. Your voices are what inspired me to create Chuckaholics back in January. I am proud of the work we do on this site, and furthermore working with you in making Chuckaholics a memorable site for everyone to enjoy.

That being said, I have to make point of emphasis on this site’s mission. Twitter or Facebook doesn’t give me a real opportunity to give my opinion on a Chuck Movie and or new season because there isn’t enough words that can describe what I want to say.

I am not trying to discourage the movement about fighting for a Chuck movie, but let’s put it in the harshest terms possible. If Zac can’t move the powers that be towards getting a movie started. We the fans don’t have a pray in getting through to WB. After all the show was very fortunate in getting 91 episodes to begin with.

We can send letters, stomp on their door steps, and other means of trying to get the job done, but until WB sees $$$ in considering making a movie all we can do is wait. So, instead of cursing Yvonne and Zac. Let’s  not ruin the memories we already have.

It is safe to say most people didn’t like season 5. In fact, I stop watching season 5 after Sarah puts on the Intersect glasses because my heart won’t bare to watch Charah fight and seeing Quinn erase Sarah’s memories, which for me it felt like the creators and writers destroying the Sarah character on screen.

All the work Yvonne put into Sarah Walker gone just like that. Its not fair to her or the viewer to watch such a heinous act. Now that I got my rant out of the way. Back to why I am writing this article.

Those that wish for a season 6, I am sad to say, but its not going to happen. The cast are off doing other things, and as much as Zac keeps fighting for Chuck, he too will have to return to work sooner or later, he is too good of an actor to stay at home.

A movie or even a reunion show would be more applicable. Imagine the budget they can get for a movie.The action scenes would be enhanced. I don’t want to be a party pooper because I am not saying I don’t want more Chuck memories, but we first have to take steps in order to accomplish that dream. We as Chuck fans need to stop using the word fan and replace it with family. Those that support our cause can direct message me or JD if you are interested in joining our family.

Getting Organzied

JD, I loved your article about getting organized, but there is something I have to remind you all. Chuckaholic’s mission is not just about seeking a movie or new season. Its about creating a place Chuck fans can call home.

There is difference between being a fan base and that of which becomes a family. Family stick together, and we fight for the same issues that stand before us. We show support for Zac at Nerd HQ or watch 24 for Yvonne. Adam Baldwin’s new show The Last Ship is typical Adam, but we love him because of his work as Casey.

I will help or  endorse any opportunity for Chuck fans to promote their work. Chuckaholic also invites all those that have fan pages, blogs or any other means of showcasing their passion for Chuck to join us. Use Chuckaholics as a platform. Expenses are not an issue because I take care of that. We want to create the best Chuck site, and not just for seeking a movie that may never happen.

We do it because we love Chuck, and 91 episodes offers a lot to talk about. We don’t need Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz to fix anything because in my opinion they did what they could.

It is very difficult to run a show, when you get constant budget cuts, threats of cancellations and pressure to script stories based on what the network wanted. It handcuffs the creators to deliver a show they truly want. Do you think they wanted to let CS Lee and Julia Ling walk. No, it was clear in several articles they had big plans for those characters, but cuts forced their hand.

People often complain about how season three turned out. A lot of fans have said they split after Chuck vs The Mask, but let’s put ourselves in their shoes. We don’t know what went on during creative meetings. If NBC came to Chris and Josh about making changes to the show. What choice did they have? Those that hold the gold make the rules, and if you ask me the first 12 episodes of Season Three were highly questionable on who was behind the writing or decision making.

So, remember campaigning for a movie is fine and dandy and I have wrote articles about that such as Operation Bring Back Chuck or bringing Chuck Back to life, but Chuckaholics mission is so much more than getting the movie.. Don’t lose site of the mission at hand. Chuckaholics is the home for all things Chuck, and it is already taking shape. So, follow us, join in on the discussions. I mean it when I said Chuckaholics is your toy so play,


Chuckaholics Founder


If you want to email me, I can be reached at if you have any questions or suggestions.













  1. Chris; as usual, I agree with you on most of what you are trying to convey. We were indeed very fortunate to have gotten 91 episodes of Chuck when by right, most programmers would have cancelled the show at the end of season 2. Very fortunate. Where I disagree is on the point of Schwartz and Fedak doing all that they could. By most accounts, Schwartz had minimal input on the show by the end of season 3, and we all know what happened that season with the whole polarizing Shaw debacle. Fedak became the show runner with season 4 and his lack of experience showed, more often than not. And the decision at the end of season 5 to make the end of the show ambigious alienated many fans and caused a lot of distrust in his ability to do anything else remotely tied to any future Chuck endeavors. I certainly would think twice before contributing to, or endorsing any venture if I knew he was more involved other than as an ep. I love what you are doing here with this site, as I have expressed to you before, and you will always have my unyielding support in furthering the cause. I want a place to call home, and this a great place to hang my hat!!

    • Aaron,

      As always your kind words are always appreciated I would love it if you could get Joe and the rest of the crew to check out my site I do give Chuckthisblog there do.

      When I talk about Freak and Schwartz I am playing Devil’s advocate.I just don’t like fans badgering them on their Twitter feeds
      it doesn’t accomplish anything

  2. This an outstanding article and I agree with everything you said. The chuck family does now have a place remember all the wonderfulness that was chuck, thanks to chuckaholics. Also I do agree that Zac and Yvonne do not control hardly any, if any at all, of the power to get a chuck movie made so we should let them live there lives and not pester them constaintly rather thank them for everything they have done. All that being said I would like to say that campaigning for a chuck movie, while it’s main goal is a chuck movie being made, I believe that it can also do wonders to bring even more chuck family members together because what unites more families than an obstacle they wish to overcome.

  3. I agree that we were very fortunate with 91 great episodes; ok upper 80s worth of great episodes. I also agree that it is a waiting game and money talks.

    I’ve always believed in the philosophy that you never know unless you try. With that said, I am agreeing again where you say we do not want to alienate anyone. Trying to get anywhere with angry and agitated people in pursuing whatever endeavor the family, as you put it, should undertake, is not the way to go. And yes I agree that we, all true and loyal Chuck fans, are family.

    But back to the philosophy, all the minor things add up. The creation of this place to gather and discuss; you took a chance and created this site. You said you started in January. You didn’t know what might happen but you put your best foot forward and 8 months later you have a site full of content and multiple discussions taking place. We are here because you tried.

    Yes a Chuck Movie is a long shot. I believe through these discussions and trying to come up with a common goal and work toward things to help achieve that goal, the family will become closer and stronger. Each new member the family gains makes the family that much stronger. Coming up with a common hashtag for Twitter will help build the family. Directing people to Chuckaholics will help build the family. Anyone simply visiting Chuckaholics, that isn’t interested in any of the movie bantering, has other great and informative stuff to read or become involved in. This site is truly all things Chuck.

    And again, you are probably 100% correct and the harsh reality is we have 91 episodes, Sarah destroyed, and an ambiguous ending. We “may be” stuck with what we have and have to accept that harsh reality. But I said “may be.” If we sit around and wait, who knows if anything will happen. But if we are respectful, considerate, tactful, and persistent, we could keep this moving along. I like to think positive. If we never get anything out of it it sure won’t be from the lack of trying. That to me makes the harsh reality a little easier to swallow.

    • Well put JD

      I am not saying don’t fight I am quoted as saying the voices of the few doesn’t move much but the voice of the many can move mountains

      All I am saying is by saying derogatory comments sent to Zachary and Yvonne is childish it won’t move things any faster by coming together and showing unity by being a family rather than a fan base over time something could get done.

      • Chris, you and I are on the same page with this. Since you mentioned things being said, I just saw yesterday a guy tweet Zach repeatedly asking him to direct message him. I also saw a guy tell Yvonne that she had been on vacation for two months and wanted to know when she was going back to work.

        What is wrong with people? Yvonne was putting in 18 hour days and some weeks 6 days a week; and she is being reminded she has been off 2 months. I think she should do as she damn well pleases. It’s her career and life to live as she wants.

        This guy probably complained about having to put in 8 hours a day himself. Perhaps he should try working a hectic filming schedule then take two weeks off and go at it again.

  4. Well said JD, and Chris. I have said from the beginning that the best thing about CHUCKAHOLICS is the ideal of a rabid, unified fanbase dedicated to family of Chuck fans here and worldwide. Families bicker, cajole and learn from each other, all the while strengthening the bond the joined them in the first place. I would never expect for us the agree on everything, because really, wheres the fun in that. But, the sheer fact that we have all gathered here is a cause to celebrate, because it is our mutual love for Chuck that ultimately led us to this place. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with mobilizing to promote a Chuck movie, or mini, or season 6 or whatever. There is however a way to do this without alienating anyone in the process. We want our voices heard, and what better place to gather to do so. We are a family, so lets get to know one another and move forward….together.

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