BIO- a little bit of me

Since i saw other guys write about some things about themselves, well its time to put mine. Im Lynor from Philippines. Before Chuck, I’m more of an avid Korean series fanatic. I love watching Korean series. But one time around January 2014 my best friend told me to try to watch Chuck because its one of her favorite but i didn’t mind her. Some of our friends did watched it and they even push me to watch it before our vacation on February. But still on the back of my mind, i have other things to do than watch it. Come February, we went on our yearly vacation and all they did was talk about Chuck, watched every bloopers and talk about what season they love or episode. Im kind of pissed off because i don’t want them to spoil it because sooner i will watch it but instead they talk about it over and over again. I told myself that i will not gonna watch that Chuck series ever. But lo and behold, one time, during the month of March one afternoon, i just give it a try for the pilot episode. I even have some exchanged SMS convo with my best friend informing her that i am now watching the pilot episode and poooffff i just got HOOKED! I love the Vicky Vale part and when Jeff tried to say to Chuck that ninja will come back to him. So every night after my work and during weekends Chuck is the only thing you can find on my TV. Netflix is not applicable on our country anyway. My best friend is the one who only know that i am watching it. Since i got pissed off with my other friends, i didn’t tell them that i am watching it. During May, we got some get together, i informed my other friends that i already watched and finished Chuck. I finished it in one month only. And they got amazed because they watched it in months. I told them that its my lullaby during nighttime and my background music during office hours. So… Thats how Chuck get into my system. Anyhoo.. So Me and my friends now get some “Chuck time” when we got some get together or sleepover session. Even discussed what episode and we even argue on things like who love more or whats your interpretation or even share some episode that we love. They love the ending unlike me. Hehe! I always tell them that it made me sad so we didn’t watched it. But since friends loves making their friends pissed. They encourage me to watch remember sunday bec its Zac’s movie and shoot open ended too.

Anyway, i have watched friends, the prison break and big bang theory and this is the only series that i got fond with. And im happy knowing that there are some people in other country that has same passion as mine. So THANK YOU!

In my normal life, well, I’m a software developer and work in a telecom company. I love formula1 and i love to travel.

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