Chuck vs The Sensai

Episode nine of season two is a stand alone, and much needed breather after three episode of intense plot driving episodes. This episode would also mark the second Casey centric episode of the series.

Chuck vs the Sensei is a fun and also dips a little into Sarah’s feelings for Chuck. She admits to having feelings, Casey has some great one liners in this episode . Something we have grown to expect from him. So Let’s dive into Sensai. 

Main Story

The episode starts off at a martial arts dojo back in 1994. Casey and his Sensei are sparing, and Casey was not doing  well, and his sensei had no desire of letting up until Casey said yield.

Casey getting his arse handed to him

His Sensai told Casey that he was losing his calm center. Something that will turn up at the end of the episode.

Casey's Sensei
Casey’s B.A. Sensei

In present time, we see Emmett giving Casey a lecture on putting on a smile more for customers. It was killing Casey to hear this from Emmett, and you can tell because the hairs on the back of Casey’s neck were raising.

Emmett Lecturing Casey
I was hoping Casey would sock him, but we will get to that point later in the season.

CaseyMeanwhile, Morgan asked Chuck if Jill was gone, and Chuck assured him that Jill was gone. she went to the big house according to Chuck.

Chuck and Morgan talking about JillAs Chuck was finishing his discussion with Morgan. Sarah called Chuck down to Castle. Casey was already pissed off going into this scene. He was just lectured by Emmett. So, anyone would catch a sharp bite from him.

Sarah asked Chuck what he knew about the Global Launch Agency (GLA). He said GLA sent probes to all the planets, well except Pluto. Chuck said, “He was bummed out about.” the first of many funny lines from Casey also took place.

Casey: That was really true, I guess space camp is where all the cool kids go.

Beckman informed the team about what really went on at GLA. The government used them to develop weapon detection technology was developed at the GLA. She would further say they picked up intel that someone may try to break in.

Chuck still recuperating from Jill being Fulcrum was still fresh on his mind. So, Chuck stated he was looking for a little down time. Before Beckman could response Sarah said they can take it from here. At this point, Chuck was starting to break down between Jill being Fulcrum and realizing that she never slept with Bryce was a lot to take in. However, the super spies never seem to take pity on Chuck.

Sarah claimed “Maybe a new mission is what you need.” or Casey’s comical comment would suffice better.

Chuck and his Lady Feelings
John Casey: Sure thing, Chuck. I’ll just call all the criminals, rogue spies and let them know to hold on a second because Chuck Bartowski needs to sort out his lady feeling.

Chuck and his

Casey is in fine tone in this episode, and he is in no mood hearing about Chuck’s issues with Jill. He only wants to follow orders, but the truth is Chuck looked like he was beginning to feel burnt out.

Sometimes Casey and Sarah seem to forget Chuck has only been a spy for over year and his job is lot more dangerous because he does not have the skill set of the two agents, and the added pressure of the Intersect in his head.

Chuck is becoming burned out.

Casey not hearing it. Grumpy Casey

Sarah knows all about earth shattering news.

In this scene we can see the difference between the three. Sarah showed concern, while Casey was being Casey. However, Casey is about to get a rude awakening himself on betrayal.

Let’s dig into that for a moment. We have seen both Chuck and Sarah betrayed. Both times when it comes to an ex. Casey never experienced it  at this point in the story.  The only glimpse into his past was Ilsa, and while that was betrayal personally. It didn’t impact Casey professional.

Betrayal for me is more on the lines of Bryce and Jill.  It would be natural for Casey to chalk this up to typical Chuck lady feelings. Chuck’s demeanor could be precursor of things to come.

Chuck was forced to work the mission. He said he knew how to work the Surveillance System at the GLA. Thus, Chuck was on van detail and he was complaining about being in the van and on a mission, but he didn’t know the team could hear him.

Chuck in the van again
Chuck doesn’t look to happy being on a mission.

you definitely can see the pressure and grind of being a spy was starting to take its toll on Chuck, but he has a job to do and Sarah heard everything he said in the van.

Casey and Sarah were inside the GLA sweeping the facility for the potential break in. Sarah asked Chuck did he see anything, and Chuck said no, but as Chuck said no. behind Casey you can see someone sling down from the roof. The person was dressed in white ninja attire from head to toe. A really bad ass look if you ask me.

Casey asking Chuck if he sees anyoneCasey saw the zipline and pulled his weapon, but as he came to the corner. The white ninja smashed into him. The ninja broke the glass of a case and swiped a weapon. He would run off. Casey was right behind. He told Chuck to seal the doors, but Chuck was too slow., and the ninja was able to get through the closing doors.

Casey made to the doors screaming for Chuck to open the doors. The white ninja would later attack Sarah in midst of getting away. As the ninja knocked down Sarah, Chuck was able to get the doors open again. As the white ninja left the facility, Casey intercepted him at the door knocking him to the ground.

Ty Bemmett revealed to be the baddie

Casey not expecting to see his Sensai

They have a little scuffle until Casey stabbed him in the shoulder with a Buymore pen. It slowed the ninja enough for Casey to pull of the mask. It turned out the ninja was Casey’s former sensai

As Casey was telling Sarah, who the intruder was. The van that the sensai got in was driving by Chuck, who flashed on him. It turned out the sensai’s name was Ty Bennett. A NSA trainer, who taught  John Casey everything he knew, which is pretty scary if you think about it.

Bennett pulled the pen that was stuck in his shoulder, and grinned because he knew where Casey could be found.

Chuck sees Bennett approachingChuck flashes on Bennett

So, now with Emmett giving him a lecture earlier and now finding out his sensai was a traitor. It would not be a good idea to mess with  Casey. However, Chuck would never received the memo.

Would you believe all of that took place before the opening credits.   Wow, what a start to a episode.

After the opening credits, Casey and Chuck are still at it. It became a bit testy even Sarah and Beckman had to step in. What was refreshing in this episode was Chuck had a backbone. He was sparing back verbally with Casey.

Team learning about Casey's Sensai
Team Bartowski learning all about Ty Bennett from Beckman.
Casey your Sensai was BA
Chuck: Your Sensai was Bad Ass
Casey was my sensai he's a traitor now
Casey: Was my Sensai, he is a traitor
Sarah impressed too
Sarah: I heard of Bennet, but never knew someone who was actually trained by him.

Ty Bennett was a big hit around the table. unfortunately, Casey was not amused by it. He asked Beckman why he wasn’t informed that Bennett turned. GB would further state that Ty was turning other agents as well. The former sensai’s team was good and they stole a device that could be used on missiles.

Casey wanting to know why he wasn't told about TY Casey blames Chuck for letting Bennett get away Casey attacking Chuck again All i can do was stay in the van and flash

Casey in combat mode

Sarah sees her team is at odds Sarah saying cool it

Casey would turn his wrath on Chuck for not operating the GLA’s systems quick enough and further would say that he was lucky that his feelings weren’t the only thing hurting. This would cause Chuck to counter with “All I was capable of doing was staying in the van and flash.”  Sarah and Beckman could see tension rising and cooled the boys down.

Chuck is a liability

Chuck not liking what he is hearing
What I like about this scene was Chuck starting to feel comfortable in his shoes as a spy. We had yet to see Chuck wanting to be more involved on missions.

Casey would recommend Chuck be benched for this mission with Bennett because he has been proved to be a liability in these kind of missions.  Beckman agreed much to schgringe from not only Chuck, but Sarah as well.

Casey is in no mood in this episode. He is using Chuck as a punching bag because he was furious with this betrayal. Chuck was only antagonizing the situation. It would cause Sarah to speak to him about it.  I

The team at odds again

Chuck  not liking being benched
There is certainly Tension between Chuck and Casey
The country did just fine for 200 years without an Intersect
Casey: The country did just fine without an Intersect, I think we can manage without it.
Whats the matter hurt ur feelings again
Casey: What’s the matter? Are your feelings hurt?

a angry Chuck now

At the Buymore, Sarah went looking for Chuck.  She wanted to make sure Chuck was alright with being benched. It was a nice moment between the two. I never noticed before that Chuck actually puts his hand on Sarah’s shoulder. A nice display of affection Mr. Bartowski. Something Sarah didn’t seem to mind either. Charah back on the same page.

Chuck being affection I see
The bond between the two seemed to heal since Jill. It never was a problem for them to jump right back into good graces.
I would never let feelings get in the way of a mission.
Chuck: I would never let my feelings about Jill get in the way of a mission…again

Sarah explaining to Chuck Casey Feelings betrayad

Things are starting to change between Chuck and Sarah. The whole Jill saga put things in perspective. While they are from different worlds, they have had the same story sorta of. Let me explain.

They both didn’t have parents  They both were betrayed by their respective exes, and they have a common friend in Bryce.  All that being said, they are moving closer in their relationship. The friendship they have developed has begun to shape their feelings for each other. If you want more proof than wait a bit it gets deeper.

Bennett's van Sarah scoping the perimeter Sarah making Casey call Chuck

approaching Limo Bennett's decoy Explosive isn't it Bennett at the Buymore

Casey and Sarah are on mission to find Bennett, when they locate a van. Sarah suggested they send a picture of the license plate to Chuck, to see if he can flash Reluctantly Casey called Chuck, while Sarah was sending him the picture of the plate. Chuck didn’t flash and the bickering between Casey and Chuck continued. Suddenly a limo arrived at the scene. Casey and Sarah ran after it. When they get to the car, the driver said the client said to bring a package, and it was in the back. Casey opened the back door, and it was a bomb. Bennett set them up. It was a decoy so Ty can enter the Buymore.

Ty asked Chuck if John Casey was working at the store. Chuck said, ” He didn’t know, if Casey work today.” Chuck walked away from the nerd herd desk, and called Casey to let him know Bennett was at the Buymore.  When he looked back at the desk, Bennett was gone.

Ty would walk up to Morgan, who was sitting on a lounge chair and asked Morgan where he could find Casey. Morgan gave him an attitude. What Ty said next was a classic line from a baddie.

Ty getting mad at Morgan's lack of respect
Ty Bennett: [after crushing Morgan’s soda can] Wise man always treats a stranger with respect, or he could be gazing on the face of an enemy.
Before Ty would rip Morgan’s head off. Chuck located Bennett, and told him that Casey would not be back at work on until next Tuesdayish. Ty was receptive of this information and gave Morgan one last mean glance.

Morgan making another customer mad Still has not found Casey Chuck telling Bennett Casey didn't work today

Bennett left the Buymore, and as Chuck was tailing him. He called Casey again. This time Casey picked up. Casey said, ” He was in no mood to talk.” Chuck would inform Casey that Bennett was at the Buymore. Bennett would catch Chuck and stick’ em in the trunk.

Casey finding out Ty was at the BM Chuck tailing Bennett Casey warning Chuck not to do it. Sarah not sure how Bennett would find the BM Bennett Grabbed Chuck Casey scared now Sarah worried about her BF Concerned Sarah Shut up and drive Casey

Casey arrived at the parking lot, where he engaged in a game of chicken with his former sensai. Sarah was nervous about what was going to go down. Casey was not in the right stay of mind at this point. All he was focused on was capturing his traitorous sensai

Sarah not liking where Casey's head is at Sarah realizing Chuck is in the car in front of her. A great shot of Sarah in her fear of losing Chuck

The last few screencaps were all Sarah. I once wrote death does not become her when it comes to the idea of Chuck getting killed. in this scene, showed her reaction to it. Sarah is beside herself at the thought of these two men colliding and in doing so killing Chuck.

Bennett vears off and crashes into parked cars, and makes a run for it with Casey right behind. Sarah runs for the trunk  to rescue Chuck.

Casey catches up to Ty. Bennett tries to get Casey to join him, but the major was not having any of it. The sensai would claim he wasn’t good enough for the team, and slingshot himself down to the lower level.  Casey watched his former sensai get away again.

Back at Castle, we get a great set of scenes. Beckman told Casey the reason they didn’t tell him was she knew Casey would make it personal, and it clouded his judgmentin protecting the Intersect. If Casey was pissed off before. He is now steaming.

He went after Chuck, saying if he didn’t have to protect him. He would kill him.

Casey ready to kill Chuck

After this scene we get two classic moment of the series. We get a patent Casey line follow by a great Charah moment.  First, Casey was seething about how Beckman took him off the case. Sarah agree with Beckman claiming he was too emotional.

It caused Casey to use a classic line

Chocolate out of Bartowski's Peanut ButterSarah admitting she has feelings for Chuck

John Casey: Can’t believe it. Beckman was out of line pulling me off this mission.

Sarah Walker: I agree with her. You’re too emotionally involved.

John Casey: [Slight gaff] This from the agent who can’t keep her chocolate out of Bartowski’s peanut butter.

Sarah Walker: Whatever my feelings might be for Chuck, I *never* knowingly endangered the asset! You let your anger toward Bennett cloud your judgement.

John Casey: Finally admit that you do have feelings for the nerd.

Sarah Walker: No. All I will admit is having feelings.

John Casey: 20 years in the business has taught me one sure thing: People – people let you down in the end.

Sarah Walker: Nice to know where we stand.

While we got treated to a very funny line from Casey, we get rewarded with more classic Charah moments.

Chuck was waiting upstairs at Orange and asked Sarah if Casey was alright. She said, “Casey is always mad.” She would also said Chuck’s instants were right about Casey. Sarah walked up to Chuck and got very close I might add.

Sarah very close to her bf
Sarah and Chuck are different now. The days of feeling awkward being close is gone.
Sarah put her hand on his
What I love about this scene is how Sarah wanted to put her hand on Chuck’s hand. It is a special moment between the two. One we haven’t seen in weeks. Well, at least until Gravitron.
Sarah has love in those eyes
Sarah definitely beginning to have more love in those eyes. It seems that Jill is an after thought. It makes the scene that more better.
Aren't you suppose to be in combat mode too.
Sarah: Casey is always in Combat Mode. Chuck: Aren’t you suppose to be in combat mode all the time.
Chuck's charms working again
Chuck’s charms always can make her heart melt.

Sarah told Chuck to leave Casey alone, and not to go downstairs. Right there we should of known that he would. He is Bartowski after all. He eventually does go down to Castle. He didn’t disobey Sarah’s request. Casey coerced him into going down to Castle.

It was pretty cool how he made Chuck flash and used his eyeball to escape Castle and hunt down Bennett.  Casey then would handcuff Chuck to the Orange Orange rail, so Chuck couldn’t alarm Sarah or Beckman, but it didn’t work because Chuck came up with a plan to get his cell phone. He called Sarah and told him where Casey was headed

Chuck called Sarah about Casey
Sarah figured out that Casey lured Chuck down to Castle.
Sarah forcing Casey to use her help.
Maybe Sarah should use this tactic on Chuck in the future.

Chuck told Sarah he flashed on Bennett’s dojo address. It was where Casey was headed. Sarah was able to intercept Casey before he went into the Dojo alone. She told him your not doing this alone. Casey didn’t have a choice with a blade at his throat.

Meanwhile, Chuck figured out a way to break the handcuffs. He thought like McGyver and froze the chain. His hopes was the chain would be frozen enough for one strike to break it. IT worked. Chuck would go over the to the Dojo too.

While Casey and Sarah were sneaking into the Dojo. Chuck arrived in his nerd herder only to be greeted with a gun to the face. Sarah and Casey also were captured and when they entered the Dojo. They found Chuck already inside.

The scene of the main story was funny and awesome at the same time. Chuck showed his progression in the spy world. He used the sensai’s own teachings against him. Ty taught Casey to find his calm center. Chuck and Sarah know Casey does not have a calm center. It was very funny, so rather then ruin it  I will use a video to deliver the scene.

The clip above pretty much sums up the rest of the Main story. The only significant scene to discuss would be the final scene when Casey thanked Chuck for saving him.  John Casey did, and the boys were amicable again.

Buymore Story

This episode’s Buymore story was actually pretty funny. Emmett  decided to bring back a old tradition of the Buymore. An Employee of the Month, which the winning employee’s picture would be placed next to the CEO of the Buymore.

Morgan was able to get the crew to not perform well because the prize would be lame, It turned out Emmett gave a 60 inch flat screen television to Skip,

Ellie & The Woodcombs

Morgan Fairchild and Bruce Boxleitner both played Devon’s parents, and decided to take the Red Eye to surprise Ellie and Devon. 

Ellie was not happy. First, Honey practically made all the wedding decisions before consulting with Ellie. She picked out the dresses. the food and even told Ellie what to put on their bridal registry,

Ellie was a trooper though until Woody mentioned Ellie’s father not being around, It set Ellie off. Another precursor of things to come.

It is amazing on two upcoming storylines they mentioned in this one episode, but hey no spoiling.

Overall Thoughts  

I am usually not too thrilled with stand alone episodes because they don’t really add anything to the story. The only signicance was Chuck and Sarah closing the gap on their real relationship a little bit.

We also saw major character development growth from Chuck. He didn’t melt under the badgering Casey was giving him all episode. In fact, Chuck stood up to him several time.

Something you would of never thought in Season One. Great Job Mr. Bartowski. Sarah wasn’t a major player in this episode.

Sarah’s admission to having feelings would be her only contribution besides being team referee.

This episode ranks high with me because of the nice mixture of comedy, action and romance. it delivered enough story to help shape Casey’s background and give a clear picture on his cold demeanor.

It also showed that not even Casey can escape betrayal. All three members have dealt with betrayal this series. It is the kind of thing that makes a team stronger.

The next episode on the list would Chuck vs The Delorean. It marks the second Sarah centric episode of the season. This time we get to meet Daddy Burton. The con man himself played by Gary Cole. A very memorable character in the lives of Chuckaholics. Stay tuned….


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