Two New Features Coming Soon.

One of the main goals of Chuckaholics is to give the viewer a great viewing experience when it comes to Chuck. The mission is simple. What do viewers of Chuck want?

Sometimes we have to question how do we enhance the viewer’s experience enough to make them want to return. We love to read reviews of episodes and articles about the characters of the show, but what about listening to music or learning about characters development during story arcs. 

The first new feature was rather easy. The Board of Directors once suggested that I breakdown my Chuck music by seasons. Well i am going to take it one step further.

Chuck Music

Do you like songs like this one,

Sometime next week a new page will be dedicated to the wonderful Chuck music we where able to hear during the series. Songs like Fresh feeling will be on display. i know the site has a music player but we are going to break the music down by episode. You can call it an episode guide of music.

Many people like to ask which episode did the song play. We here at Chuckaholics will make it easy for you. Its our way to entertain the viewer as well as answer the many questions Chuck fans have.

So, enjoy the music.

The next feature will be dedicated to all the Arcs of Chuck. Articles discussing the various arcs the show provided. Some were in season and some were multi season arcs.

The Arcs of Chuck

Most people know what an Arc is within a television production, but for those that don’t we will explain.

What is an Arc?

A arc’s purpose is to move a character from one state to another. It can make a character fall or change them from what we are use to seeing.

For example, Chuck vs the Marlin to Chuck vs The Break Up would be consider a multi season Arc.

The series often used the season finale as preview of what would happen in the next season.

We watched Sarah staring into the home of the Bartowskis. Some would call it a hero stance, but I like to call it her claim on Chuck and his family. In other words, These were the people she was going to learn to be normal. They were her family. As she said, Chuck and Burbank were always her home.


Chuck vs Ala Mater to Chuck vs the Crown Vic would be a in season arc. It includes Chuck vs The Truth, Hard Salami and Nemesis.

Spoiler alert,

The Pilot also is apart of a arc. Some may argue with some discrepancies within the episodes, but Chuck vs The Nacho Sampler in season 3 and Chuck Vs The Baby in the final season  go with the Pilot. Nacho Sampler and Baby are prequels to the pilot.

It is the very reason I disagree with Sarah falling in love during the Pilot. I base it on the whole Pilot arc.

Each article won’t talk about each episode rather showcase the characters state before and after the particular arcs. I have favorites and I have I don’t like.

Another way to showcase the wonderful story that is Chuck.

In closing, these two features will be added next week. Look for them on the side menu or the main menu at the top of the page.

In the discussion below let me know your thoughts on the two new features. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter.


  1. Hey Chris…While there were lots of “prequel” sequences in many of the episodes, I’m not sure there was much in Nacho Sampler to feed into that arc, other than the fact that it was Chuck’s first asset and Sarah was remembering being assigned to Chuck…. don’t think it added anything to the arc like Baby did. And as for Sarah falling in love with Chuck…. remember, she didn’t tell Chuck she loved him until The Tooth. She replied with ,”Yes” when Chuck asked her if she loved him, and then responded with , “I fell for you after you fixed my phone and before you started defusing bombs with a computer viruses.” Not exactly…”I fell in love with you.” Maybe just semantics, but perhaps important….

    • Gary I was not saying Nacho was a great revelation, but we were able to see what the job of a asset/handler was suppose to be like.

      Chuck had burnt his asset as he was taught and trained to do. Sarah used the same phrase Chuck would use a piece of cake. However, they will both learn burning an asset is anything but. Especially for Sarah who thought she would be back on a plane in no time.

      Baby is more of a revelation into my thinking about the ballerina scene. I can’t dismiss the information from that episode without including it in the pilot. How can a CIA Agent who just had a run in with her handler and Bryce was made to believe went rogue.

      think about this for minute her partner and handler went rogue or betrayed her. So, when meeting Chuck and watching the ballerina being comforted by Chuck, It warmed her heart and made her feel good.

      It made her want to stay in Burbank. She claimed in The other guy that she fell for him sometimes between fixing her phone and defusing bombs using computer virus, but what we know of Sarah, I don’t even think she knows when she fell in love.

      Remember Carina said it best when she didn’t even know that she liked Chuck and that was four episodes in to season one.

      My theory is once watching Ellie and Devon and their interaction follow by the spark that was Lou Sarah changed. Sarah took action by kissing Chuck something that was building since Tango.I would claim it would be around the time Chuck said he would be forced to kiss her.

      After Me too, she fixed ties and hair, held his hand and even got excited when he noticed what kind of sweaters she was wearing. All these things add up to the build up that is the kiss.

  2. Does anyone really know when they fall in love? Maybe so but let’s consider Sarah’s state of mind. We’ve all said and pretty much agree that Sarah was an emotional train wreck. She managed to hide it fairly well.

    As Chris noted, she may well have no idea when it happened with Chuck. I take when she said, “I fell for you after you fixed my phone and before you started defusing bombs with a computer viruses,” as she clearly had some sort of emotional bond that had quickly developed. Even though she never said it the strong feelings or emotional bond as I called it was love.

    I don’t think she would have a reason to lie to Chuck at that moment in time. I think we need to take it at face value and give her the benefit of the doubt; if she says that’s when she fell for him that when she fell for him.

  3. Yeah…. but the line was ,” I fell for you…”, not ,” I fell in love with you…”
    Seems to be one of those things that writers do so there can be some disagreement about the actual event. Did Sarah know on the date that she was in love? Probably not, but she probably realized later that what she felt in the pilot was, actually, love. It would be tough for anyone to go back and figure out EXACTLY when they fell in love with someone, but I think that, for Sarah, the connection was made and that was what was most important.

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